Fire and Ash Ch. 03

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As we moved into spring changes were happening around my house; Laurie had moved in bag and baggage, the women had gone shopping for a larger bed, and somehow I found myself almost a stranger in my own home.

Oh, they didn’t change everything at once – first the old couch went and a new one appeared, I have to admit that was a good thing as the old one had a lot of sag to it.

Then the coffee and side tables changed, and that was okay too after all they didn’t match the new couch. But when they started measuring my favorite chair I laid down the law and they countered that it didn’t match the couch. As Laurie put it; “Mack honey, that may have been stylish twenty years ago … but that is one sorry looking color now. Besides, I have something in mind I’m sure you’ll find acceptable – you do trust me, don’t you?”

When you’re defeated – accept it gracefully.

A few days later a delivery truck from the same high-end store that had supplied our other new furniture rolled up and the driver and his helper pulled a large paper wrapped object from the back. I stood at the curb watching as my new chair was revealed: buttery soft, light caramel leather that just glowed in the spring sun. Man, if you can fall in love with furniture I think I did.

Ash and Laurie directed its placement next to the old one (have you ever seen a chair cringe? I swear that old blue chair did – it knew it was done.) I had to admit there was no comparison.

I watched as the men unceremoniously tossed old blue into the back of the truck and drove off – I could only hope the blue chair was going to a charity and not straight to the dump.

Back in the house my two lovelies had arranged everything to their satisfaction, and as I stood there it occurred that my life really had changed quite a bit.

“This evening we’ll give the chair a test run.” Laurie smilingly informed me.

“Do what?” I dumbly asked, still trying to shift mental gears.

“You know,” added Ash; “break it in, give it a cum baptism, oil up the leather.”

Finally catching on, I gathered my laughing vixens for hugs, kisses, and thank yous. This might be a great chair in more ways than one.


We had developed a … I don’t want to call it a ritual, because it wasn’t, maybe system would be a good way to describe it … on nights when there was a lot of sex planned we would eat somewhat lightly; fish and vegetables rather than meat and potatoes, so to speak. That night it was salmon, rice and steamed vegetables with a chardonnay. Dinner was pleasant – as always – with everyone anticipating the evening; the women teasing me about what they had in mind and me returning the favors.

As the ladies cleared the table, they had me try out my new chair. Good lord, that thing is like sitting on a leather wrapped cloud! And that was the softest leather I’d ever felt. Well except for the couch, but still … It wasn’t a tight fit – in fact you could almost squeeze another person in, which of course had me thinking of the possibilities. But I sat there, head back, feet up, just relaxing with my eyes closed when the girls came in the room. “Aww, look at him. He’s so cute.”

“Maybe,” I heard Ashley reply; “but we’ll take care of that right now. C’mon Mack, wakee, wakee.”

“Leave me alone, I’m in heaven.”

“Hah! You wish! Come on, baby, it’s mama’s turn.”

Opening my eyes revealed two nude women before me; hands on hips and legs spread, their nipples glowing in the lamp light and moisture tickling at their slits. My night had begun.

Laurie extended her hand, guiding me from the chair into Ashley’s arms. I spent several wonderful minutes as we three exchanged kisses. Then they began stripping me until I was as nude as they. Laurie turned me into her arms as Ash slipped into the chair. “Now let’s begin.” She said.

She had levered the chair back to full recline and spread her legs onto the arms. “Mack honey, come get dessert.”

Who can resist a wide open pussy dripping nectar? Definitely not me! I dropped to my knees, my hands caressing her beautiful thighs, sniffing the tantalizing aroma of honey and spice from her dripping center. Now it was my turn to tease – my tongue lightly trailed down one thigh then the other. I kissed behind each knee; my fingers drew lazily along her calves. The more I teased, the greater her moans, and when she’d crossed her tolerance level she grabbed my head and pulled me to her pussy. “Eat me, Dammit, I can’t wait any more!”

Ah, but I knew she could because I teased her gaping hole with my tongue – sometimes one side, then the other, over the top (but not on the clit), then across the bottom all the way to her butt hole. When it went crazy winking at me I knew she’d run through her first orgasm. Before that had tapered off I sucked deeply on both lips at once and then drove my tongue deep within her. Her clit was an excellent path out as I drew my tongue up and over it. Only after her second orgasm did I realize she’d been holding me forcibly against casino siteleri her.

I sat back gasping for air, admiring the beautiful view before me; Ashley’s pussy literally panting as she came down, above that her breasts heaving as she fought for air, and even further up – her eyes; glazed and glowing. I had done well.

“Mack, you’ve just set a new standard in cunnilingus. Are you going to be able to match that with me?”

“Laurie honey, all I can do is try.”


We sipped wine as Ashley recovered, finally staggering over to the couch and splaying out like a rag doll. Laurie took her a glass, and then whispered something to her. Ashley just smiled and nodded her head.

I turned to wipe the large wet spot left by Ashley but Laurie stopped me; “I meant it, we’re baptizing this chair. Now do me big boy. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Once again duty called: another pussy lay spread before me, legs draped over chair arms. I looked up into Laurie’s eyes – seeing blazing lust as she waited.

As with Ashley, I started on Laurie’s thighs, calves and knees -but with Laurie my attack changed; I pushed her butt higher and went after her anus. Laurie is so sensitive there that just a few swipes has her howling, and I didn’t stop until she clamped my head between her thighs. One orgasm.

When she relaxed and I got a breath I lightly rubbed the hood just above her clit, as she arched up I sucked her clit hard against my teeth; causing her to jump. “Damn! Every time you do that I climb walls!”

“Want me to stop?”

“God no! Whatever you do … don’t stop now … please don’t stop … I’m just there – a little more, Mack, just a little … AAAHHHH!”

I’d given her that little more.

Then it was time to really have fun with her; I’d learned Laurie was one massive set of nerves in her pussy and I sought every one of them. I started by licking her cunt lips; one by one – slowly … when she released my hair I went for the clit hood – not the clit, not yet, just the hood. Tickling, licking, sucking, I had her climbing walls. And then I went for her clit itself – sucking it firmly against my strumming tongue as I shoved two fingers in and up to her G-spot … Orgasm two!

When she had relaxed enough that I could remove my fingers (and shake some feeling back) I slowly and lovingly swiped my tongue the length of her saturated pussy. Lord, there is nothing like the juices from a woman!

Laurie gave me one more shuddering climax before collapsing back in the chair, begging for a break.

Ashley dove in – first kissing, then licking my face clean, then diving into Laurie’s gapping maw, sucking juices avidly. Laurie’s gurgling moan revealed another orgasm.


Ashley brought us more wine as Laurie recovered and then the girls announced it was my turn.

Now … these two had done everything to me except renew my virginity, I was sure I could handle whatever they had in mind.


So they had me lay back in the chair – just like them – first Ashley slowly licked my cock to a nice, solid hardness, then Laurie leaned in – sucking me to rock hardness. She held my cock up as Ash climbed onto my lap and lowered herself, stopping as her pussy gripped my cock head. She rose and fell (slightly) never losing her grip. She slid down until her butt rested on my thighs. “Laurie and I have another idea …”

I couldn’t even grasp those words. Not at first. Then I responded with all my intellectual power; “Wha?”

Ash quickly lifted off me and then held my cock upright as Laurie slid into place. The velvet vise slid down – every muscle rippling across my meat – announcing her presence. She posted on me for several minutes, the velvet vise driving me to the edge of cumming. And then she stopped. “Ashley and I have been talking. We think we need a larger house.”

While I was still trying to grasp what was going on they swapped again.

Ashley licked my cock several times and mounted my hips, her well-oiled puss sliding over my pole easily. We groaned in unison as she rose and fell several times. And then she stopped. “Laurie and I believe we need a bigger house, we definitely need a larger bedroom and you need a new garage.”

I tried thrusting up, but sweet Ashley put a hand on my chest and pushed firmly; looking me in the eye she said again; “We need a new house.”

“And you think this is the way to get it?”

“No silly, we just wanted to have your undivided attention. You don’t have to agree now, just think about it later. ‘K?”

And she hopped off. To be followed by her fellow vixen, Laurie. When her love tunnel gripped my shaft I knew I was done. When you’re defeated … accept it … gracefully.

This time when I pushed upward it was met with a smile and a counter thrust. Laurie rose and fell on me; her tits bouncing, a sheen of perspiration on her skin, and her head thrown back in joy. And then she came. Damn did she come! A fully roiling, leg quivering, stomach clenching orgasm canlı casino that just seemed to go on forever. I’d have come too but her inner muscles had me in such a grip that I couldn’t. And I damn well wanted to. Laurie fell off to the side, and Ashley helped her to the couch then spun back and without a word dropped back onto my lap; one hand guiding my straining pole into her. “Come on Mack, give it to me, come on honey, NOW!”

And I did. If I have ever come that hard, it had to have been long ago, ’cause I swear to god I blacked out for a moment.

When I opened my eyes Ash was just coming down from her own orgasm – a look of happiness on her face. “See Mack, we broke in the chair.”

“I think you broke me too.”

“Nah, you’ll be fine. You’re a strong old fart.”


When women have decided on a course of action (especially two in concert) the wise man nods his head and says; “Yes dear.” I may not always be the sharpest pencil in the box at times, but I could see they were right; we did need a larger place. And the thought of a garage with lots of work room instead of the one-holer I had now … that did sound good.

Naturally these two already had a place in mind. The next day we drove just thirty minutes from our current place to a large two story house set back in a forested section of town. The sign said ‘Bank Foreclosure’ and the house and lawn had an unkempt look about them. A driveway led past the house and I could see one corner of an out building.

We walked around the property while we waited for a real estate agent, and I noticed several features; the house appeared to be less than ten years old, but hadn’t been repainted so that would have to be done. Obviously the yard was a total mess, but that could be left to Laurie and Ashley. The garage actually looked fairly large with a large double door plus a single beside it – three bays? Cool!

The realtor arrived at that point, so we did the inside tour: first down stairs then up. Tile entryway led to hardwood floored living/dining room. Stairs leading up. Half bath under the stairs. Back to the kitchen where we found tiled floors and pecan cabinets. No appliances, obviously, and everything needed a thorough cleaning. But at least all the fixtures were there. Upstairs were three bedrooms and two full baths. The tub in the master bath hadn’t been cleaned in months and the shower in the other bath was just as bad. Carpeting in all the bedrooms looked like raccoons had been camping on them and of course all the curtain rods were gone – in one room it looked as if they’d been literally ripped down.

The girls had started out talking enthusiastically about the house, but by the time they got to the master bath – silence. The place was pretty grim.

“Let’s go check the garage while we’re here.”

Surprise. A complete opposite of the house; aside from a layer of dust it was neat and complete. It even had a large air compressor tucked back in one corner. If it had a lift it’d be perfect.

“Give us five minutes.” I said to the agent. When she had returned to her car, I turned to Ash and Laurie; “Mack, we’re sorry, we didn’t realize how bad this was …”

“Never mind that, how much are they asking?”

“Three hundred and forty thousand …”

“I won’t go that much. By the way, since you two brought this up; how were you planning on paying for it?”

“The couple renting my house wants to buy it, which could be a couple hundred thousand there.”

“And I want to sell mine so maybe another two hundred thousand, and if we sell yours we would have plenty to fix this one.”

The fire was back in their eyes.

“Let’s talk to the agent.”


One advantage to being an old guy; you’ve seen a lot of shit over the years. Heard a lot too.

I offered them a laughable two hundred thousand, which the bank rejected, they came back at three twenty, and I couldn’t kick that back fast enough. I knew by this point the house had been empty almost a year, and that bank had to really want to get rid of it, so I made them another offer; repair everything to my satisfaction, including paint inside and out and I’d go three hundred thousand.

We waited almost two weeks, the girls began looking at other houses even though they’d fallen in love with the first, and I contacted a friend in the realty business for selling advice on my house.


Three months later we moved into our new home.

When you’ve lived in one place for more than twenty years you can accumulate a lot of stuff, and man I had. It took us three trips with a rental truck just to empty my house, two more for Laurie’s. Obviously Ashley didn’t have that problem.

Then there was my garage; I wasn’t going to put all that crap in the back of my project pickup for a couple reasons. First – The whole thing had been totally repainted, and I didn’t want to chip it. Secondly, it wasn’t running reliably yet; probably a vacuum leak, but I hadn’t found it, and I didn’t want a kaçak casino dead truck full of tools sitting beside the road. So I spent a day just loading the rental, then put the pickup on a dolly, and off we went.

The pickup went into the single bay – that was going to be my work side, and it took me another day to off load everything. The girls offered help, but I gave them the house to organize (as long as I didn’t trip over stuff I was fine with whatever they did), and I happily began moving tools. That was one well laid out garage! The previous owner knew what he was doing in there.


If you want to make a couple women happy, just tell them they can organize a house any way they want; I’d wander in for coffee, and they’d be in the kitchen or living room moving things around, music playing and them laughing as they tried arrangements. They knocked the spare bedroom and the office out in no time, but seemed to take forever getting the master bedroom just so. I didn’t mind; we were going to be spending a lot of time in there.


It took four days to get everything moved and the house organized, then another while we recouped our strength. But day six … We began with a leisurely breakfast – nothing major to do but admire our new home.

We strolled the property, exploring landscaping ideas, considering possibilities. We had more privacy than first realized; wooded on three sides, a small (probably seasonal) creek along the back property line and an electrical transmission line with its wide right-of-way beyond that. Other than the occasional work crew or hiker we would be to ourselves. And yet there was a store just fifteen minutes away. How great is that?

The girls wanted a patio added off the back – yep, fine with me. I’m not big on the whole grilling thing – oh, I’ll do the occasional burgers or steak, but I leave the serious cooking to others; but the ladies were talking about sunbathing on the patio … and that I was all for!

While we were walking and talking Hoover was busy sniffin’ and pissin’; leaving his calling card everywhere. At one point he stirred up a couple deer. Dog was completely baffled by them. Ash and Laurie thought they were great. I couldn’t help but think ‘forget roses’.


Eventually we ended back at the house with the girls coyly asking what I’d like to do next. Now I love my girls, but they’d been running things in the bedroom a little too much. Time for Mack to be boss.

I took Laurie by the hand, just saying; “Follow me.”

With Ash trailing, I led them to our bedroom – stopping in the middle of the room. “Stand here – Ash, go sit in that chair.” I picked up one of several scarves I’d laid on the bed, and stepped behind Laurie; “From here on you do everything I say, understand?”

She nodded, but I felt a tension from her as I covered her eyes. A new experience perhaps?

Leaving Laurie standing, I turned to Ash. Without a word I signaled that she should stand, and then I removed all her clothes. With a finger to her lips I indicated she should remain silent. Laurie was straining to hear, and the sounds of Ash’s clothes rustling to the floor must have intrigued her.

Stepping behind her I whispered in her ear; “Do you trust me?”

She nodded.

I pulled her hair aside and laid a trail of kisses from the ear down her neck and along the shoulder. My hands slid around her sides to cup full breasts. A moan escaped her lips. I shifted to her other ear; “Will you do anything I say?”

She nodded.

I laid a trail of kisses from ear to shoulder, firmly cupping breasts and pulling her against me. My fingers found the buttons down the front of her blouse; one by one I loosened them – my fingers tickling her skin. I stepped back – removing her blouse and setting it aside.

I waved Ashley over, signaling that she take my place. She cupped Laurie’s breasts, pushing breasts against back. Again Laurie moved as she felt the warm globes. Ash’s fingers gently released the front clasp of the bra, pulling it aside and gently caressing the bare breasts. Laurie shuddered and let her head fall back against Ash’s cheek.

What a beautiful sight! Feminine hands caressing another woman’s tits. Ashley delighted in teasing her bedmate; her hands caressing nipples and flesh as lips trailed across neck and shoulders. Ashley’s nipples grew hard as they dragged across the bare back before her. Every touch, caress, nibble sent both into small paroxysms of joy.

I knelt before Laurie, releasing the buttons on her shorts and pushing them over her hips. I laid a trail of kisses down from her navel, at her panty waist my fingers slipped under the material – again tickling skin as I drew them down. Of course I couldn’t pass on the temptation of skin just inches from my lips; I kissed and nibbled from belly button to clit hood as the panties dropped to the floor, and when Laurie’s knees buckled I knew she was ready for the next step.

Ashley and I guided our “prey” to the bed; laying her across, with her feet dangling, and arms spread wide. Using more scarves I tied her to head and foot posts. She kept turning her head side to side; obviously trying to make sense of all she was feeling and hearing.

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