Fantasy Cum True Ch. 2

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When I feel the pressure of the handcuffs I start to get worried but when I turn around I see your secretary. I immediately relax. She is a fairly attractive girl. She is a tall girl – same height as you, nice firm breasts and a blonde hairstyle that makes you wonder if she wakes up like that or has to work on it. Overall she reminds you a bit of Courtney Love. She sits me down on the chair and proceeds to tie my feet to the chair as well. She bends down to kiss me and then pulls back and laughs.

She pushes me right up to the desk and then proceeds to turn you over. You look up at her and smile. She positions you so that you are on your back with your head near me as I am next to the edge of the desk. You look at me with a mixture of fear and excitement. You have mentioned to me about the possibility of having a sexual encounter with a woman. You then gasp as you feel her mouth make contact with your pussy. She starts to eat you and your eyes begin to roll back in your head.

I can lean forward without my hands and kiss you. You kiss me hard and fast as you realize that you are Cumming rather quickly. casino oyna I keep kissing you until you rip your mouth away to look down and see this woman going to town on you, licking fingering biting – doing just what a woman knows how to do to get a woman off. You let your head go back down as you cum – I look down to see her smile as she gets up – your juices on her lips. She smiles at me and tells me that I taste good – reminding me that I had just Cum in you just a few minutes ago.

She then comes around and pushes me back a bit and just stands there – her pussy just inches from your mouth and tells you to return the favor. You are not sure at first but she just smiles and says that to do what feel natural -do to her what you like To have done to you. This meanwhile is driving me nuts – I am hard and throbbing – a little precum even dripping out but I can get no relief. I do notice however that as she bends over you – it exposes her pussy to me as well. I lean in and can just touch with my tongue. You lean back and see me and smile. You ask me if you like what you see and I say oh god yes – I ask you do canlı casino you like what you are seeing and you just smile and nod…

I resign myself to kissing the soft skin of our friend’s ass as you go back to work. I can see you really getting in to this and it is not long before you are seeing your first woman orgasming on your face. She walks away and asks you how you like the taste – You smile and say it is very nice. You do however look a little tired. She leans over to you and whispers in your ear(ever done a woman with a strap-on) you shake your head no but your eyes light up. She then whispers (has he ever asked you to) you nod and she smiles. She stands up and turns to me to say – Put the strap on in – time for you to go to school.

I can feel my cock twitch and she grabs it and squeezes playfully before helping you “strap it on”. You stand up and grab your new cock. You smile and say this feels nice:-) She again whispers to you and you walk over to me and shove it in my face. You tell me to “suck my cock make it nice and wet for me”. I look up at you and do my best to imitate you, circling it and kaçak casino nibbling it. She stands behind you and massages your breasts causing you to moan a little. She then moves to the other side of the desk – facing me and bends over and tells you to enter her from behind. You go behind her and look at her pussy while she looks at me. You start to slowly slide it in but it isn’t long before you Is doing a steady rhythm. You grab her hips and look up at me.

I am watching in open-eyed amazement. Yu smile and actually start to moan a little. The strap is rubbing your clit and is turning you on. I ask you if you like and you tell me it feels great – a big turnaround. She is lost in orgasmic rapture and can only moan – Fuck me hard fuck me harder. You are slamming full force now – and she cums hard and loud….. After she is done you pull out and she motions to me. You present the cock to me and tell me to clean it of her juices. I go to work my cock leaking tons of precum, licking the strap-on that is attached to your pussy.

As I am finishing the cleaning I feel my legs being undone – my arms are freed. I mad grabbed by her and pushed over the desk. My ass is exposed to you as she sits down on the desk. In front of me – her pussy inches from my face. She looks at you and says – Part 2 Hun – do him now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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