Enslaved by Pirates, the Capture

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You know those slave auctions that people do for fun, where you stand up and people bid a fortune for you, and then you cook them a meal or clean their kitchen or walk their dogs… that sort of thing? Well, I thought that was the only sort of slave auction there was. I didn’t realise the other sort of slaves got auctioned these days, the sort that have to please their masters in other ways At least not people like me. But that’s what happened when you sail into the wrong waters.

My father was a super millionaire and I lived on a yacht. Honestly. I was a twenty year old princess and I lived on a yacht. I had everything I could ever want.

I even had a girlfriend.

I should explain that. Harriet had been my companion for about a year. She’s from a wealthy family too, my father’s brother’s daughter in fact, but her parents packed her off to live with me – because she wouldn’t get married. Harriet has long black hair, and beautiful smooth hands. Her tongue is pierced with a single white pearl. Her breasts are small, pert mounds with fat, luscious nipples, and her stomach curves so beautifully it gives me urges to stroke it with my tongue. All of which should have told me I fancied her, but I was a little naïve.

At least, until my twentieth birthday.

My parents died some years ago and I inherited everything. My uncle, Harriet’s father, is my guardian, but we don’t see him much. He’s an unpleasant man, hugely fat with bad teeth and bad skin. Harriet says he has a maidservant who has to suck his cock before breakfast, and that sometimes he makes her suck his dinner guests whilst they eat. I can’t stand him, he once came to visit me on the yacht and wore these dreadful little swimming trunks, and the tip of his cock kept poking out, and I was horrified…. but he looks after my money for me, and pays Harriet her allowance. In return we write him a letter once a week, painful schoolgirlish stuff – Dear Uncle I hope you are well…’ You can imagine. It isn’t Dickens.

Harriet and I had become really good friends. I could tell her everything – about boys I fancied, about music I liked, about films I enjoyed. We’d do our makeup together, try on each other’s clothes… she’d brush my hair. I loved her like a sister.

And we were physically close. We weren’t always as intimate as we became on my birthday, but I often had bad dreams about my parents, who had died mysteriously when their boat had been lost somewhere near the Azores, and we slept together. Harriet would often stroke my breasts as we curled up in the night, sliding her hands under my silk pyjamas and gently playing with my nipples. Every so often, as I lay there half asleep after a particularly bad dream, she would slide her fingers slowly and carefully into my pyjama bottoms, between my legs, and gentle and sweetly caress my plump virgin clitoris with her gentle fingers, stroking canlı bahis and comforting me until a surge of warm orgasm rose up from my groin and engulfed me wish lovely shudders, and as that happened she would slip one finger in between my labia, into the moist warm place that was mine, and penetrate me , fingering me so gently as I came in spasms.

Then I would sleep. I loved it. She would never let me do the same to her, and although it sounds selfish I just got used to it.

On my twentieth birthday, though, things changed. Harriet offered me a massage, something she often did. I loved her smooth hands on my skin, on my back, my bottom and my legs, but on this occasion as she oiled and smoothed my olive skin an imp of mischief took hold of me and I rolled onto my back. My two small pert tits stood in the air and I gazed at her mischievously.

‘I think you should do those.’

She smiled and said nothing but her hands began to caress my breasts, to circle my nipples, to knees and rob my virgin tits, and I realised I loved it. I closed my eyes and moaned, and a moment later her lips had closed gently round one rosy nipple, and she started to lick and suckle on it like a baby.

Electric shocks shot through me from my fat pink teats to the centre of my stomach. I wanted her on my tits. I wanted her to suck them and play with them till I begged for mercy. ‘Oh my God, “I whispered, ”oh Harriet, do it more…’

And the suckling grew. Soon she was feasting quite wolfishly on my raw, tender jugs, both teats swollen and used as she roughed them, caressing and loving them, licking and tickling them, but also tugging and squeezing, twisting and chewing them, if you could rape tits that’s what she did. She was getting rougher and rougher, tugging and stretching my teats till I moaned in pain and pleasure, and then as I writhed and my pussy came alight her fingers parted my pussy lips, and she was probing between them, seeking my muff, fingering the virgin tissues, probing exploring, caressing my clit…

I was lost. Now her lips were on mine, her tongue between mine, exploring and teasing as her fingers spread me and worked me, tweaking my labia, rubbing the hood of my clit round, and round, rhythmic and lovely.

I kissed her back, my fingers feeling for her, plunging roughly into her wet pussy and she pulled away, suddenly, and looked me in the eyes.

‘May I eat you, Layla?’

Her fingers probed me and filled me with fireworks, ‘oh God yes, please …’

She lowered her mouth onto me, my beautiful Harriet, never taking her eyes from me as she commenced playing and tonguing and caressing my soft wet cunt, spread open for her like a moist and hungry flower. I shuddered as she took the whole of my fat, swollen clit and its hood into her mouth and suckled on it as if it was milkshake and she must drink it dry, her gums and teeth bahis siteleri form and hungry on me, sucking, throbbing, pulling my clit between her teeth as I began to moan.

God, it was glorious. She fed and fed as she fingered me, and I begged for more, spread and open and desperate as she took a long slim candle from beside her bed and pushed it slowly into me. She was mouthing my pussy as I felt the pressure on my hymen, terrible and gorgeous, as she made gentle firm regular thrusts into me and guzzled and feasted on my lusting, desperate muff. I thrust my hips up, into her face, into the candle as my inner part gave and the long slim waxen rod penetrated me, and she left it there as she fed on me and I came, roaring my thrill, shudding and twisting, my juices pouring out, longing to be taken, and taken, and taken again.

‘Og Harriet let me be your slave…’

After that she let me suck her lovely tits, at last, drawing her fat nipples into my mouth, feeling the glorious knobbly hardness of them as they erected at my suckling, playing and teasing as she arched and moaned, and finally letting me slip my own fingers into her moist pussy and probe and spread her, feeling the warm tissues inside, then plunging three fingers together, roughly inside her, fucking her with them as I fed off her tits like a baby.

It was only the beginning. From that point, night after night, Harriet taught me to love her pussy. Soon I really was almost her slave, I couldn’t resist her fat juicy knob, her beautiful pussy lips. I would lick and feed and play and tease, and she would fuck me with the candle and call me her servant.

We came and came that night, and for many nights after, lapping and sucking and playing with one another. We couldn’t keep our hands off one another. Even by the pool she wold be on my teats, I’d be fingering her. All the crew knew. Sometimes I’d see them watching us. I guessed they were talking about it, but I didn’t care. Or I thought I didn’t care…

The night the pirates boarded us I couldn’t sleep. Harriet had handcuffed me, which I loved, and then as he had me helpless she had clamped bulldog clips to my titties and pulled on them as she sucked, and I moaned and cried. I was so lost in it, her fingers pushing my wet pussy, her mouth on my throbbing clit, that I didn’t notice the engines stop.

We were somewhere off the coast of West Africa, I knew. It was winter in Europe and we usually go down that way for the sun. And then the doors of my state room burst open and life changed for ever.

A man stood in the room. He was tall, incredibly handsome, with coal black skin, wearing camouflage trousers, his chest gleaming in the night, a pistol in his right hand. He stared at us, at me spread naked, handcuffed and wet, with my nipples clamped and my eyes alight with lust, and Harriet, knelt over me, her beautiful arse facing bahis şirketleri him, her mouth wet with my juice, her pussy hot for what she knew I would do to her next.

For a moment we all stared at each other, then the man started to laugh. Before we could react he had slipped his hand into his waistband and drew out the most enormous long black cock I had ever seen.

‘Oh my God….’ Said Harriet, staring at me in horror, ‘oh no, oh please don’t, oh…..’

As I watched in fascinated horror he pulled Harriet’s hips towards him, spread her, slapped her arse, placed himself at her opening, so wet with my slaiva, and slowly sank his long black cock slowly into her precious, soft, aroused, near-orgasmic cunt. I saw her eyes open wide in shock as he drive right in, long and hard….

“Oh Christ, oh my God… Oh no….’ and she thrust back at him, and I realised right then that she wasn’t just a lesbian.

‘You beg for my fat prick honey..’

‘Oh God, please no…’

‘Beg…’ and he had her hips in his hands and he drew back, cock poised to drive into her again. I watched in fascination, realised I wanted to see her fucked…

Her eyes were glazed, her lips half open, her tits erect, her back arched.

He looked at me. ‘Shall I fuck her hard, or soft?’

Harriet looked at my horrified face, and she started to laugh, ‘oh Christ fuck me. Your knob feels like heaven…’

As then, I watched he fucked her like a bitch, mounting her and banging into her soft pussy, in and out, spreading her sweet wet tissues with his fat black shaft, plunging in and out taking fast deep strokes as he grunted and whispered, ‘fuck yes…,’ she begged and pleaded for more.

I lay horrified and aroused, my pussy still wet from her lips, my nipples clamped, by wrists handcuffed… waiting my turn.

Thrust slow, mount and fuck her fast, then slow, then fast – his long dark shaft abused her tight pussy, his big hairless balls banged her arse, and he reached round and pinched her tits as he fucked and she screamed with pleasure.

Now he was going hard and fast and brutal, and I could see as she started to cum. I could see it in her face before he did. Her eyes fixed on mine in a strange expression as with a sort of triumph she started to thrust back in her own rhythm, and I could see the shudder work its way through her and him as she sank in glorious orgasm, over and over again, onto his thick shaft, shuddering and spasming and cumming like a complete slut. And as she collapsed on the bed her pulled her to her knees and started to jerk his enormous cock, so that as he exploded she took it in the face.

And to my shock she opened her mouth, and kneeling before him she began to suck him clean like a slave. ‘Good bitch,’ he said as she gobbled and fed, licking and sucking his huge dripping tool, ‘excellent Harriet, you’ve done well.’

That’s when the terrible truth began to dawn. He didn’t just mean she’d fucked like a whore. She knew him. This was expected. We had been boarded by pirates, but at least one of us had known exactly what to expect.

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