Enchanting Yucatan Beach Romance

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Brett and his hot young wife Sherry planned for a long vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. They had a number of outings and relaxation days planned. They would tour some local sightseeing areas, spend time on the beach, visit some ruins, and enjoy a beach side bar and restaurant and enjoy the fresh seaside breeze. They decided to have at least one day to themselves individually.

Early one morning, they had breakfast on the restaurant patio sitting at a table overlooking the beach during a spectacular and colorful sunrise.

Finishing up her wonderful breakfast, Sherry leaned over and kissed Brett, “Honey I am going to spend the day shopping the local gift and clothing shops with a couple girls I met yesterday. Are you comfortable spending some time alone?” She knew he could spend hours watching thong bikinis with great tanned asses. She would bet that he would walk to the nude beach, and she knew he could enjoy the whole day just doing these things.

Brett was still enjoying his breakfast, “Sure, I love the scenery, and might go for a swim.”

A few bikini clad ladies started out for the beach to swim before the day got too hot. Brett really enjoyed looking at the nice asses. Almost in meditation watching the pretty bikini clad women, the sunrise, and the waves rolling in against the beach, with the azure waters behind them. Out in the bay he could see a cruise ship and a few private yachts. To the side of the bay he could see some fishing boats leaving.

“Buenos días señor,” announced Séneca, an indigenous local man Brett had met the day before while drinking on the patio.

“Hola.” Brett knew very little Spanish. Brett remembered meeting Séneca the day before. He had been wearing white captains shorts when they met and proposed, “How about underwater cave exploring?” He made the action adventure sound thrilling, and described pristine cool fresh water and smooth sandy beaches, inside of caverns no less. He said he could be like a private tour guide and show an underground beach no one else knew how to get to.

Séneca said, “Mr. Brett I remember talking to you yesterday. You were very interested in snorkeling, and we were talking about where the best places are. You sir have the opportunity of a life time here for an underground river snorkel adventure. I was thinking about you as I planned my outing for today. How fortunate you are that we meet again. I can show you some wonderful places that no other tourist will be able to see. I have all the equipment you need but if you have your own snorkel, we can go get it. I have a camera and can take video and pictures and send them to you after you get home.” While talking excitedly he put his hand on Brett’s arm, and then over his hand as if for emphasis. Brett was a secure married man and the sensuality did not bother him.

Brett enjoyed talking with Séneca getting the flavor of his emotional conversation and the passionate ways he described things. He first got Séneca’s attention yesterday when inadvertently staring at his body of perfect fitness, and skin tone, with just enough masculine hair. His body was slender and almost smooth. He wore a bikini bathing suit that prominently displayed his manhood package, and his ass cheeks. Brett replied, “Sure come on and let’s go get it, and I will leave a note for my wife.”

They entered the hotel room and Brett took out his favorite snorkel. He wrote a note to his hot wife, Sherry, that he would be going on a snorkeling action adventure trip. He did not think of saying how long the snorkeling trip would be.

Séneca said, “Why don’t you go ahead and put on your swim suit here so you don’t have to carry anything.”

“Great idea,” Brett replied. Brett undressed and stood completely naked in front of the stranger’s observant eyes. Brett considered it to be like getting dressed in a locker room, and didn’t think anything of it, but did glance at Séneca’s colorful bathing suit with his cock and balls displayed in the tight thin material. Brett was straight but was compelled to look.

Brett went to the bathroom to pee and Séneca looked in Sherry’s drawer. He looked at her pretty panties and started to take a souvenir pair, but decided not to.

While talking about what a wonderful day it was, they took Séneca’s jeep and headed down some curvy coastal roads to a safe parking area by a ranger station. Séneca hoisted his pre-packed knapsack and they headed off down a trail to the water’s edge, but kept following the trail until it went off into the jungle. Soon they were on a barely passable trail over roots, rocks, and between vines, that finally led them to the entrance of the Río Secreto. They took a break outside the entrance which was covered by jungle growth. Séneca seemed to be looking around as if to make sure no one else discovered the entrance. Brett was out of breath from hiking up the trail, and Séneca let him rest and regain his breath. Séneca put an arm around Brett’s back as if in concern, “You going canlı bahis to make it?” He pulled Brett closer to him, “Take your time, catch your breath.” He kept his hand there for a while and then let it slide down as he pulled it away. He felt the suppleness of Brett’s lower back and side, soft but firm.

After another laborious trek, clambering mostly downhill, they came to the waters edge. Brett had to take another break.

Séneca showed by flashlight that they were at a dead end of the trail by a dark pool of water.

Séneca said, “We are almost there. Come on. We need to stay in close contact with each other because it is easy to get lost, and no one would be able to find you. Here let’s take off our trunks and put them in this knapsack, it is tradition and shows respect to the spirits. Do as I do.”

What could he say? Brett took off his trunks and watched as Séneca took off his, exposing his entire package to Brett, who was fascinated by the size and shape. Séneca put both of their trunks in his waterproof back pack, and affixed a headband flashlight to his head. As they entered the water he motioned Brett to hold his side, and likewise he draped an arm around Brett’s lower back. They snorkeled naked side by side to the edge of the water by the rock. It occurred to Brett that he had no clothes, did not know how to get out, and that no one would ever find him if he got lost. At the surface Séneca said, “The passage is about two feet below the rock surface under water for about five yards. We need to swim as one, so do as I do.”

They took several deep breaths together and then went underwater side by side. Séneca wore the waterproof backpack so they had to go a little deeper. Séneca let his hand down and started holding Brett by the ass cheek. Not knowing why, Brett also held Séneca by the butt cheek, and held on as if his life depended on it. Séneca was a clean man and so Brett did not mind. A couple times his fingers slid over Séneca’s asshole, but there was no response from Séneca, and it was only momentary.

It was fascinating underwater, but it seemed to take forever to cover the distance. Finally they emerged into a cavern and surfaced. Brett gasped for air and did not let go of Sénecas ass cheek as they looked around with Séneca’s headlamp. Brett could see an underground beach and they started slowly toward it.

Séneca said, “This is a pristine beach. The underground river connects to other caverns, and I believe I am the only one who knows about this beach. It is pure and clean.”

“Wow,” Brett exclaimed while looking around at the clear water and the cavern walls coming right down to the water. There were stalactites, and flowing rock formations. Without the flashlight it was pitch black, and almost deadly quiet except for the sound of flowing water. They got to their feet and walked out of the water onto the beach.

Unconsciously he was still holding Séneca by the butt cheek. Séneca was still holding him the same way but he realized Séneca’s finger was casually resting on his asshole almost on the verge of pressing in. He was not gay and paid it no mind and started to turn his body more as he looked around. After all this was a different environment not to be spoiled by pre-conceived notions.

Séneca took his backpack off. He opened it and took some items out. He took a large beach blanket out and laid it out on the ground. He took out six large candles and set them about ten feet out to the sides.

Brett helped spread the beach blanket, and helped light the candles with a lighter that came from the pack.

Séneca took out several cameras with tripods and set them in the sand and turned on the cameras. He took out a thermos with a mixed drink already cooled down and filled a two plastic tumbler cups.

Brett took one cup and drank some. He was thirsty, but was amazed at how refreshing the drink was. It had sort of a tropical flavor. Brett could taste some alcohol in it but couldn’t determine the other tastes. Brett felt as pristine as the environment, and began feel euphoric.

Actually, Séneca had spiked the drink with meth, Viagra, and some herbs known locally to enhance sex.

Séneca encouraged Brett to walk around the beach area, and explore a little from the candle light which seemed so bright in the formerly pitch black cavern. He noticed Brett’s cock was getting heavy, and Brett was looking over Séneca’s body with infatuation as if he had a crush.

Brett walked along the beach and enjoyed the feeling of public exhibition, public nudity and the wonderful feeling of the cavern air on his skin. By discovery he was now an exhibitionist and also a voyeur watching Séneca’s body in his every move. It felt so good walking around bare footed in his birthday suit.

Séneca watched Brett’s bare ass and naked body as he walked looking around. Séneca walked over to Brett by the waters edge. As they stood reverently looking over the peaceful scene of water, Séneca held bahis siteleri his arm around Brett’s waist, and let it fall over the small of his back and slowly down the crack of his ass, until he held the firm ass cheek in his hand. The ridge of his index finger was laying against his butthole, and his finger tip was feeling the hairs and pliant skin at the base of his ball sack.

Intuitively Brett cupped Séneca’s ass cheek. As they stood there, Séneca turned some and Brett’s hand that was cupping his butt cheek was now cupping his scrotum from the front. Brett was fascinated by the feel, and the curves of Séneca’s crotch. After a while he brought his hand from behind the scrotum wedged between ass cheeks, up following the beginning of his cock root up between the balls, and up the shaft. Brett found himself fascinated by the feel of the cock, of giving a little bit of a hand job. It was like foreplay, but also a bit of exploring, a bit of adventure.

Soon Séneca nodded toward a limestone rock formation covered with soft algae. Still holding Séneca’s cock Brett sat his bare ass down on the soft algae covered limestone. The formation had the shape going from a sawhorse to a lounge chair shape with perfect smooth curves formed over the ages. Séneca drew closer and stood in front of Brett who was enthralled by the statuesque form, and smooth clean skin. Brett was still holding the cock in one hand, as Séneca put a hand on the back of Brett’s head. Brett reached around with his other hand and held Séneca’s ass. Séneca pulled Brett’s head to his chest and hugged him, running his fingers gently through Brett’s hair. He turned Brett’s head so that Brett’s face rubbed against his chest. Brett could feel the chest hair on his lips. Séneca rocked Brett’s head against his body such that it was like Brett’s lips were kissing him.

Soon Brett did start kissing, as it seemed to please Séneca, who was still caressing Brett’s hair. Brett realized Séneca’s cock was getting hard, and the head was getting closer to where he was kissing Séneca’s chest and stomach. Séneca started pushing Brett’s head lower. Soon the cock head came against his lips. At first he kept kissing Séneca’s stomach even though the cock head was starting to rub against his face and lips.

Precum was forming at the head and started to wet Brett’s lips. “Lick the nectar Brett,” said Séneca in poetic soothing syllables. His voice was romantic and compelling.

Brett never even thought that he was sitting in the nude, licking another man’s cock for the first time. He wasn’t gay and the thought never occurred to him.

Brett licked up the precum. It tasted good. It was his first time tasting precum.

Séneca pushed his cockhead around Brett’s lips and a little deeper until the flange of his cock was starting to go in. “Lick it,” Séneca said.

Brett had never done such a thing but it was an enjoyable experience, and he licked the head that was in the front of his mouth. It was addicting, and Brett was fascinated by the feel on his tongue and lips, and the taste. The cock in his mouth was alluring. “Suck it,” Séneca said gently. Brett started sucking the cockhead with no real purpose other than it felt natural. Brett realized his own cock had gotten hard, he was turned on.

Starting to suck it he tasted the shaft, felt the velvety cum vein, and felt the pulse with his lips enclosed around it. Brett had never been so close to another man. It was comforting to be in the embrace of another person willing to share himself. Séneca had a romantic and hypnotic effect on him. Without saying so he felt a romance developing. The thought of gay action did not occur to him. Mesmerized by the cock in his mouth he fondled the ass while he sucked the cock. It was his first time interracial oral.

Soon Brett was rewarded by streams of dick nectar. He slavered his tongue around the head, let the cum pool and spread on his tongue. Then he spread it all around the inside of his mouth and cheeks with his tongue. He savored the taste and suck massaged the cock as it began to shrivel. As it shriveled he was able to keep the whole cock in his mouth, savoring the feel and taste. It gave him a secure sense of feeling.

After a while all the cum dissolved, melted in his mouth, and he had a sense of satisfaction of feeling natural and of pleasing another. This was his first time tasting cum, of swallowing cum, and to his surprise he felt good about it. With a sense of happiness, he slipped the cock out of his mouth and kissed the head feeling the softness on his lips. Brett licked up and down the shaft, and all the way down between the balls. He savored the different feel and taste of the ball sack. He kissed the skin, and started to suck the balls, gently pulling some of the skin into his mouth to suck, and finally taking the whole ball in his mouth, one at a time and sensuously sucking them. He had never even thought of sucking balls, but now he enjoyed it, giving him a sense of closeness. bahis şirketleri He felt the pubic hair tickling the inside of his mouth, and his face. Brett licked down the edge of the pubic hair below the nut sack, and reached as far back as he could licking the perineum, and kissing as if to find the end of the cock root and the prostate.

Séneca turned and let Brett lick the side of his hip, and turned more until he could kiss and lick the side of his firm butt cheek. Brett was amazed by the firm feeling, and the good clean taste of the butt skin. Taking his time, Séneca turned some more and Brett was licking up and down his ass crack. He never realized licking a butt crack could be so fulfilling, and erotic. He could develop a fetish for it.

Séneca bent over such that his cheeks spread some, and exposed his asshole to the delight of Brett. He was enchanted and captivated by the glorious hole. It was indeed a glory hole. Soon Brett was ravishing the anal doughnut with his tongue, and rimmed it all around, and poked the tip of his tongue in it, to get the feel and the taste of the clean skin, and the wrinkly surfaces around it. It was kinky but he loved it, and gave a kiss to the asshole.

Brett could not remember being so adventurous since his college days. It was great outdoor sex, and in a public park.

Séneca said, “Now there will be a little discipline for you, but first let’s have another drink.” Séneca poured two more spiked drinks for them. As they stood there, Brett’s hard-on was standing straight up, with a drop of pre-cum on the top. Séneca took a finger and captured the drop winding the resulting string around his finger and lovingly brought it to Brett’s lips. Brett licked and sucked his own precum off the finger. He felt sexy.

They walked around in the reverent candle light with their drinks in one hand, sharing the beauty around them, and each placed the other hand on each others butt cheek to fondle. Brett had never had such an affair and he felt affectionate. The drinks were strong, and Brett felt drunk as well as high. His cock was hard and Brett would do anything now.

Séneca said, “now if you make love to it, my cock will start to get hard. Now will be the perfect time to learn how to deep throat. Not too many people have the opportunity to learn the right way.”

Brett looked at the enticing lovely cock. The body behind it was handsome and glamorous, with adorable muscles. Séneca took a small tube with a spray top, and sprayed something in the back of Brett’s mouth, and sprayed some on his cock. “It is cherry throat lube,” he explained. “This time start sucking while it is still not fully hard and a little flexible. Put it to the top back of your throat, and see if the head will slide in just to start. Open your throat wide, and press forward rocking gently. You will feel it start to slide in. Go about it slowly but keep going, giving your throat a chance to relax now and then.”

Séneca was a seductive, glamorous man. The feel of his cock in Brett’s mouth was stunning, and tantalizing. Swallowing his cock would be worth it just to get closer to his handsome body. It was thrilling to feel the cock go deeper in his throat. Brett was amazed that he had to open his mouth all the way wide as the base of the cock brought the pubic hairs to his nose, and the balls to his outstretched tongue. Brett managed to control his gag reflex, and Séneca let him relax and adjust his throat on his fully swallowed cock. Séneca was pumping with short strokes keeping it all the way down Brett’s throat pulling out just enough for Brett to catch a breath.

After maybe ten minutes Brett could feel the cock pulse and expand, getting harder, and finally received a gratifying volley of squirts down his throat. Séneca held Brett’s head on it until his cock began to deflate. With his head all the way down to the pubic hair while the cock deflated, Brett savored the feeling and the tastes. The musky smell from Séneca was now intoxicating.

“Now,” Séneca said, “you are going to lay face down over this rock formation, and relax.” Séneca took some cord and tied Brett’s arms out to the sides. He slid a cloth under Brett to capture his cum. “Your body is so inviting,” he said as he rubbed Brett’s firm ass. “You have an appealing ass, and a cute gorgeous butthole.” He kept complimenting Brett on his charming personality, and splendid form, elegant bare back, and divine bewitching asshole. “Did I say you have a lovely shapely ass?” Séneca was a magnificent radiant man and full of compliments.

But now Brett realized he was tied and bound by a stranger, ropes on his arms, and now leather straps on his legs with the meat of his legs spread on the formation, and his ass pointed up. Séneca took a small whip out and spanked and whipped Brett’s ass. “This is just to get you used to a little pain, but not much.” Brett trusted him. Now Séneca’s hands were caressing his butt, feeling it all over, and up and down his butt crack. Séneca’s finger rested on Brett’s asshole. They had done that before so he had no objection. In fact he wanted to please Séneca. Gently and slowly Séneca pushed and worked his finger into Brett’s asshole with no discomfort to Brett.

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