Empty Rooms

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Part I – Prelude

“Bing! Bong!”

The doorbell jolted me out of my Sudoku puzzle trance. I quickly tightened my robe around me as I made my way to the front door. I was expecting a caller, but it was a little earlier than we had agreed – about 25 minutes early.

I opened the door to the smiling face of what looked at first glance to be a teenager about 5 foot nothing, short blond hair, nice shapely body under a sweater and t-shirt combo with a short, tight black skirt, black fishnet panty hose, 3 inch spike heels and a poorly painted face.

I recognized her about the same time she recognized me. I knew her as a waitress from the small Chinese restaurant that I frequented on occasion – more often now that my wife had died.

“Hi!” she said brightly, “Mrs. B sent me.”

“Uhh…” I stammered as I tried to catch up with the conversation. This girl, whose name was Bobby I recalled, worked in the family oriented restaurant not far away and was a friend of the proprietor’s daughter. The daughter had just graduated a year ago from high school and was now going to college and Bobby was taking a year off to earn some money to go to college too.

“Err…” What was confusing was that Mrs. B. was the owner of an escort service that I had called earlier that day.

Bobby’s smile slipped a little as she asked, “Can I come in?”

“Um.. yeah, sure.. absolutely… come on in!” I stepped aside and Bobby entered. I closed the door after she had stepped in.

“You seem surprised.”

“Um… yeah. Well I wasn’t expecting… um… someone I know… and um… so young…” I had said to Mrs. B that I wanted someone young, but young to someone like me at age 57 didn’t mean jailbait. I was expecting someone in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

“I’m 19 and almost 20. That’s old enough isn’t it?” Bobby said with a concerned look on her face.

“Yeah… well sure… Look, would you like a drink? I would!”

“Sure, what have you got?”

“Just about anything you could want – I am going to have some Scotch.”

“Ok, I’ve never had it before, but I’ll try it.”

” Are you sure? I have beer, wine, coolers whatever…”

“No, the scotch is fine, thanks.”

“Go on in and sit down in the front room. I will get your drink and we can chat a bit.”

Bobby put her purse on the table by the door and went to find a chair while I went to the kitchen to get the drinks. It gave me some time to think about the situation.

My call to Mrs. B. had brought up a cute young thing, but so young and I knew her slightly. She was wearing too much make-up and high heels that really didn’t suit her, but the tight black skirt and t-shirt outfit showed her bust and hips to good advantage. She certainly was cute with her short blond hair and her little mouth like a small O in middle of her round face. Those lips would be stretched tight around my cock. But so young.

My call to Mrs. B. had been in desperation. My wife had passed away after my early retirement at 55. The funeral had been quick but the change in lifestyle had made me numb and I had stumbled through life trying to find something to latch onto. One day while surfing the net I had come across a list of escort services in the area. Today I had called just to see what it would be like. Along came Bobby.

Mrs. B. had asked some questions about preferences. The only ones I said I was keen on were young and shapely. Someone not too jaded with the profession. Along came young, shapely, naive Bobby.

I took the drinks into the front room. I had poured about an ounce for Bobby and a triple for myself. “Here you go,” I said, handing her her drink. “Careful, it’s strong. This scotch is quite smooth but you will probably want to sip it slowly.”

I took a small sip to follow the larger one I had taken in the kitchen. I watched as Bobby sipped a little of the drink and swallowed it down. Her eyes widened a little but she licked her lips with her pink tongue and commented, “It is strong! But I like the way it sort of burns on the way down.”

“So how long have you worked for Mrs. B.?” I asked.

“About two weeks. I have only had two clients. They both wanted blow jobs so it wasn’t too hard. I haven’t had any other calls though there may be a pool party this weekend.”

“What got you into it?”

“Well. I don’t make much at the restaurant, though the tips are sometimes good – like when you come in,” she smiled at me, “and I have been having sex for about 4 years now and have let a number of boys get in my pants. I have always enjoyed sex and when Mrs. B. approached me I thought why not try it.” She sipped her scotch again. “It has been Ok so far though those two guys didn’t care about me, they just wanted to get their rocks off.”

“So you haven’t had much experience in the business.”

“Nope, but Mrs. B. gave me a number of pointers and makes me go to a doctor once every month and gives me a week off once a month. She also lets me keep any tips and pays me half of what I get. I casino oyna guess you said you want me for the whole evening so that will be $300. She said she was giving you a good rate ’cause it is your first time.” She paused. “So what do you want me to do?”

“Let’s get the money out of the way first. There is an envelope on the table by the door. You can pick it up with your purse. Is there anything that you won’t do?”

“Well… Mrs. B says I have to use a condom always even though I am on the pill ’cause of disease and I hate condoms. But I haven’t found anything else yet.” She took a sip of her drink and looked at me fiercely, “Oh, If I tell you stop something ’cause it hurts, you have to stop.”

I smiled. “I think that can be arranged. Now what do you say, before we start, you do two things for me. Get rid of those silly shoes that you can’t walk properly in, before you break an ankle. Then go into the bathroom, lose the panty hose and wash your face. That is some of the worst makeup I have ever seen.”

Bobby giggled. “Ok. I don’t like it either, but Mrs. B says it makes me look older.” She bounced out of her chair, nearly falling in the 3 inch high spike heels and headed to the table by the door. There, she removed the shoes, put the envelope in her purse – which was big enough to hold a change of clothes – and padded off down the hall to the bathroom.

I sat back and finished my scotch. Then I took a deep breath and began to wonder what I had got into. Bobby was younger than my daughter.

When Bobby returned she looked much better. Gone was the garish purple lipstick, red rouge and green eyes. She was walking barefoot and seemed to bounce across the floor instead of teeter. “Is this better?”

“You bet!” I smiled at her. “And now, can you dance for me?” I got up and went to turn the lights down and put some slow oldies rock songs on the stereo. I sat again and continued, “Something slow and sexy. Run your hands all over your body…”

Bobby smiled and closed her eyes. She slowly began to sway to the music. Her hands remained at her sides for a moment, then began to play with the hem of her short skirt. Slowly she moved her hands up her sides, pulling her tight skirt up so that I could almost see her panties – if she was wearing any. Then her hands dropped the skirt and moved further up, crossing over each other at her belly button. Then she was hugging herself with her arms pressed tightly against her breasts.

She turned now, so her back was to me. I could see her hands slowly caressing her back and shoulders. One hand came up and caressed the back of her head and her neck, the other went down and caressed her shapely bottom. With a small flourish, she spun around and her hands went back to her belly button. Slowly both hands rose to fondle a breast each. They slid over her top then back down, then cupped, held and presented them to me as she leaned forward a little.

I think I was drooling at this point. I know I was as hard as rock.

One hand continued to fondle a breast while the other slipped up to her face and began to caress her cheeks, her eyes, her hair and ears. One finger extended from her hand and her mouth opened in invitation. The finger went in and came out, moist and wet.

Still she fondled her breast. The moist finger moved down across the other breast and down across her belly button, and under the waist of her skirt. Bobby’s hips had never stopped the gentle swaying motion, now her feet moved further apart as her hand disappeared under her skirt. I heard a sudden gasp as she obviously touched herself.

Just then, the song ended and another slow song began. “Take off your sweater,” I whispered.

With some reluctance her hand came out of her skirt and fumbled for the hem of her sweater. Her other hand slid down her body to cross over the first and grab the hem on the other side of her waist. Slowly, hips still swaying to the music, she lifted the sweater over her head and off, revealing a tight white t-shirt. Through the t-shirt I could see the outline of a black bra caressing her breasts and barely holding in the nipples that pointed at me.

She tossed the sweater in my direction from high above her head. It landed, warm and soft, in my lap. Her hands slowly came down to straighten her hair and skim over the skin of her face and neck – down to play with her breasts again. One hand dipped lower still, seeking and finding the waist of the skirt. Again I heard a gasp as she touched herself.

“Take off the shirt…”

She looked at me and licked her lips with her pink tongue. Then once again her hands crossed at her waist and she drew the t-shirt up. The clear expanse of her taut young stomach appeared slowly, her belly button, the bottom of her ribcage, her sternum, the bottom of her black lace bra. She paused here, with her elbows locked in the shirt, hands holding the bottom level with her mouth. She looked me in the eye as if to ask if I wanted her to continue. I nodded, unable to speak.

The shirt canlı casino rose again, uncovering the whole bra. Her elbows squeezed her breasts together and lifted them within the cups of the bra. Lifting her shirt off her head shook her breasts down to bounce lightly into place as she freed her hands. The shirt drifted into my lap, again soft and warm. She shook her head to rearrange her hair as she brought her hands down her face and down her neck. Now she was caressing the flawless bare skin of her chest; now pinching the nipples of her breasts through her bra. Again one hand slid lower over her bare stomach, down past her belly button and into the hem of her skirt. The other hand slid into her bra and cupped one sharply pointed breast.

“Show me how wet you are…”

The hand at her waist band dug deeper as she spread her legs a little further apart. Her eyes closed, she took a deep breath and her mouth became a little circle. I could see a simple in – out movement of her hand below her waistband. Then she slowly removed her hand from her skirt and showed me three glossy, dripping fingers.

“Lick them…”

Her eyes widened. She missed a single beat of the music, her mouth opened as if to speak…

“Clean them off… with your tongue…”

“I never…”

“Clean them – it won’t hurt,” I said with a smile.

She looked at her fingers, still glossy and wet. She slowly reached to her mouth and touched the end of her tongue to her finger tip. She tasted herself then licked again, a bigger slurp this time.

“It tastes sort of salty…” another lick, “not too bad.” All three fingers went into her mouth as she sucked her own juices.

“Do it again.”

The hand went back under her waistband. Again I could see the in-out movement beneath her skirt. This time the hand came out and went straight into her mouth. She licked and sucked on her fingers as she looked at me. Her other hand was still stuck in her bra, massaging her breast.

“Lose the skirt,” I hissed.

Bobby moved both hands to her waistband. One hand went behind her to where I knew there was a short zipper. The other hand smoothed the material in the front of the skirt across her pubic region. There was a slight movement in the waistband as the button came loose and as the zipper was opened. Bobby spread her legs a little and slowly turned around to the music. The skirt slid down an inch or so exposing the top of her black lace panties. She bent at the waist when I could see the zipper. She bent all the way over so she could look at me between her legs. By moving her ass around, she caused the skirt to slip lower and lower over what I could see now were black lace boy-shorts.

Bobby’s hands were gliding over the skin on the backs of her legs and down to her ankles. She wiggled her ass again and the skirt slipped another inch. What an ass! Smooth, so smooth and round. The play of muscles under the skirt emphasized the tight buns that were hidden now only by the tightly stretched lacy covering of her boy-shorts.

Her hands reached up and pulled the skirt down to the floor. She stood and stepped out of the skirt. Turning, she flicked the skirt into my lap with her toes to join her other clothes. She smiled as her hands kneaded her breasts beneath the matching black lace bra and she pushed her hips out toward me. Then one hand slipped into her panties to once again come out covered with juices.

She offered the glistening fingers to me then quickly brought them back to her own mouth to suck on.

I put her clothes on the floor beside my chair. “Come here. Straddle my lap. Put your hands on my shoulders and keep them there.”

It was my turn now. I brushed my fingers lightly over her skin. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down her arms and back to her shoulders. Then up and over her face, behind her ears, through her hair, around her neck, down her chest – carefully skipping her bra – over her stomach, and down the parts of her legs I could reach. Not a blemish to be found, no tattoos to mar the beauty of her naked skin.

“Turn around now, put your hands on the arms of the chair.”

Again, my fingers lightly brushed her skin. Shoulders first, arms, neck, ears, hair, neck, upper back, miss the bra, middle back, miss the boy-shorts, upper thighs and knees. Again, no tattoos, no blemishes. Beautiful.

I put my palms flat on her lower back and rubbed upward until I came to her bra strap. I slipped the catch and continued to rub upward. I could feel the weight of her breasts as they were released from the confines of the cups. I pushed the straps down off her shoulders onto her arms.

Bobby moved to get rid of the bra. “Don’t move!” I said, “I’ll get it.” She relaxed.

I moved my hands up her arms and massaged her neck muscles for a few moments. Then I slid my hands down under her arms and around her chest to cup her newly freed breasts from below. My thumbs and forefingers found her nipples and I pinched them lightly. I heard her draw a quick kaçak casino breath as she threw her head back and pushed her breasts into my caressing hands.

I could get lost in the feel of those breasts. They were not huge, but just a nice hand full. They didn’t sag at all. The nipples stuck out proudly. And the texture was delightful – not too soft and sagging, but not hard like implants – just that firm fleshy feel of youth.

I wrenched my hands away from those wonderful orbs to slide them down her arms to the ends of the bra straps. I lifted her hands off the arms of the chair and removed her bra. I tossed on top of her other clothes.

“Suck me now, slowly, gently, I don’t want to come yet.”

Bobby slipped down to the floor as I unwrapped the robe from around my waist. My iron hand poker popped up between us as she turned and licked the tip. She looked up at me as she licked the head of my rod. Round and round and finally into her mouth. The first time she took me deep into her mouth I thought I would come. I wasn’t going to be able to hold off.

“Oh, fuck it, make me come… I am just about there…”

More delightful licking; a quick suck on each of my balls. Once again deep into her mouth. Twice more and suddenly I was coming – spurting cream into her sucking little mouth – shot after shot – more cum than I could recall in years – the most intense cum since I was 20. I closed my eyes in satisfaction and collapsed deeper into the chair.

Bobby swallowed and gently licked the remaining juices from my cock and balls. “Was that good? You sure came fast.”

“Holy shit! Was that good! The best! I just hope I can get it up again.”

“I can help,” suggested Bobby, as she began to suck again.

Gently, I pushed her head away. “I need to rest for a bit. How about if I do it for you?”

“What? You want to eat me? No one has done that for me yet.”

“No one?”

“Nope. Usually I would suck my boyfriend off and he would finger me or we would do it missionary. Once I got on top of him but there isn’t much space in the back of a car.”

“Wow, another first! So get up here and sit on the edge of the chair. I will kneel between your legs now. But first, let me get those panties off!”

Bobby stood and I reached to grab the waistband of her boy-shorts. Quickly I slid them down her legs, baring her lightly downed, blonde pussy. The hair was matted with her juices. Her panties were soaked. We awkwardly changed place so she could sit and spread her legs. I knelt on the floor between her feet. I reached up and grabbed her head, drawing it down to me, I kissed her lips, tasting my cum in her mouth, then moved down to her breasts. I sucked each nipple for a moment or two before slowly dragging my tongue down through her bellybutton to the top of her bush.

My hands were running up and down the outside of her thighs, up her sides to her breasts. My tongue found her slit about the same time as my hands reached her nipples – which I began to squeeze. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, purposely staying away from her clit. My left hand massaged her breasts while my right slid down to join my tongue in her slit. I found her opening and quickly inserted two fingers into a very wet slippery cunt. My tongue found her clit and she moaned loudly. I thrust three fingers in and out, increasing the tempo of my tongue as I did.

Bobby was vibrating on my hand, I could feel her back arching and her hands pushed my face harder into her clit. I wiggled my little finger to soak it into the copious quantity of pussy juice as her back arched and she moaned loudly. I pinched a nipple hard, drove the three fingers in hard and as deep as I could, bit down on her clit, and plunged my slippery little finger into her asshole.

She exploded. Her butt came off the chair seat as several spasms went through her legs. Her hands nearly crushed my head into her clit and her head went back so that she was suspended only the back of her head and her heels on the floor. I continued to lick her clit until she folded up in a foetal position on the seat cushion and pushed me away.

I sat on the floor with my back to the chair, resting my head on the arm.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! That was awesome… totally fucking awesome… oh my god! I’ve never cum that hard before… oh my god.”

How to make an old man feel good.

Two arms slowly crept around my neck and a soft set of lips kissed my ear, my cheek and my nose. My pecker was beginning to rise again. Bobby whispered in my ear, “Thanks, that was great…” She kissed my lips, once again tasting herself.

“There is more to come. What say we take a warm shower, have another drink and test out the bedroom?”


I stood and offered her my hand to help her out of the chair. She pulled herself up and gave me a hug. The feel of her naked breasts pushing into my chest kept me at half mast. We disengaged and I steered her down the hallway to the bathroom.

Some years ago, I had enlarged the bathroom to include a soaker tub and a walk-in wheelchair accessible shower. There were three shower heads at one end, a seat at the other and a handheld spray. My wife and I had found it wonderful for showers for two.

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