Emerson and the Lion Ch. 05

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{Emerson & the Lion}
Part 5

Now that we can hear that sound
Now that you can hold me down
You can pull me under
You can raze everything to the ground
Everything I can arrange
Every part of me you change
Just hold me together
Tell me you’ll always want me to stay

It’s shaking the sky
And I’m following lightning
I’ll recover if you keep me alive
Don’t leave me behind
can you see me, I’m shining
And it’s you that I’ve been waiting to find…
-“Shine” by Years & Years

We got up with the sunrise the next morning. Ali had packed two giant rolling suitcases for the both of us, and they waited expectantly by the door. He’d packed a bag for Kadir too with his food, bowls, and the toys I liked to play with him. We took a quick shower and Ali put me in a long-sleeved tight thermal burgundy top and some grey jeans that ended in the elastic band at the ankles that guys are all about these days. He had on a grey long-sleeved t-shirt that clung to his muscles with a low, scoop neck and some burgundy pants. He always had to show off his hard work.

We looked like young father and adopted son in our matching outfits and how he always had a hand on my back or shoulder. In a way it was quite fitting.

Before we left, Ali gave me a box. Inside was a simple leather wallet. It contained my new identification card. It was thick with gold trim. His family crest was in the corner. Below my picture was his picture, a thick smile across his handsome face. My name was printed with his last name attached to the end. Emerson Hamad sounded very confusing. The wallet also had an ATM card for my new bank account back home. It had my American name on it.

He took the wallet back and slipped it into the smallest travel bag along with my cellphone. I didn’t even ask to hold on to either, knowing he would say, “You have no use for them when you’re with me.”

He rolled our suitcases out and loaded them in the back of the SUV and then came back for me and Kadir who was milling around in the yard doing his business. Ali grabbed a few small bags of things and handed me my stuffed lion and a small blanket for the car as he pushed me out the door.

Samir and Caleb were by the car. Caleb held up a pillow with a smile when he saw me carrying the blanket and my stuffed lion. Samir was putting their bags in the back and then went to open the back door for Caleb. He climbed in and Samir closed the door and then went to close the back of the SUV with a button on the remote.

Samir hugged me good morning. Ali loaded me in next to Caleb and Kadir laid down at my feet with his head up on the seat for attention from the two of us.

As we pulled out to the main road, Ali told us we were going to a resort for a few meetings he had. It would be important for us to have the henna tattoos to mark that we were taken and by whom. Younger men who were out roaming alone without the markings were assumed to be open and looking for sex.

It would be dangerous for us to go out alone but even worse if we weren’t marked. A boy who was marked was not allowed to roam freely at the resort without his chaperone or owner. He wouldn’t be touched sexually, but security would be alerted and he would be escorted back to his chaperone who would administer appropriate punishment. This was to protect the marked boys but also allow the free men to engage with each other without worry.

As he and Samir had business to attend to, he wanted to make sure we were comfortable and looked after. Caleb translated all this and then excitedly signed, “That sounds hot!”

“No!! Why would we want to go there? We will have to stay in the room the whole time?” I signed to Caleb who spoke for me.

“Ali says we will have our own private villa with a pool and we only have to stay there while they are in meetings. Otherwise we will be able to enjoy the waterpark. They have a waterpark!” Caleb translated. He was getting way too excited for this. “Ali says he only has a few meetings each day and promises you won’t get bored for long.”


The resort was over the mountains and through a border checkpoint. Caleb and I had fallen asleep in the back of the SUV and were woken up by soldiers who made us get out of the vehicle. Ali lifted me out and set me sleepily on my feet as I leaned back against the side of the SUV.

The soldier leaned down and started speaking, but then stopped and looked up at Ali who must have interrupted to tell him I am deaf. The soldier looked at me with suspicion. Ali lifted my shirt up and over my head and I felt his finger swipe across the tattoo with his name on it. When Ali let my shirt fall back down, I caught the soldier eyeing me with more than national security on his mind. He gave me a smile and a wink. It felt super creepy.

He said something over my head and Caleb came around and looked at me.

Caleb signed the soldier’s question. “These men say you and the other light boy, are their personal canlı bahis property. Do you affirm that you are his property and accept his responsibility for you during your time in this country?” I quickly nodded, thinking that was a really strange question. The soldier made me speak and I croaked out a very dry “Yes” and nervously backed into Ali’s waiting arms.

The soldier adjusted his machine gun and ruffled my hair with his hand before nodding for me to get back in the SUV. Ali gave me an apologetic look and a kiss as he buckled me in and then closed the door.

Back on the road, Ali explained that it was illegal for unowned white Europeans and Americans to come through this kingdom since a bitter trade dispute many years ago resulted in abandonment of western relations. The kingdom still made tons of money off of oil and off its large resorts that were nearly free of any “annoying” English speakers. The soldier hated having to use English to verify our situation, but it is their pleasure to see English speakers degrade themselves and be owned by an Arab.

So now we were headed to a resort that didn’t like us, or at least me and Caleb, in a kingdom that didn’t like us. Yeah I definitely wish I’d seen a brochure for this place before heading here on vacation. But I knew we would be safe with Ali.

Caleb and I fell asleep sharing his pillow and my blanket while Kadir stood up to look out the window, wagging his tail happily.


I woke up with Ali shaking me gently. Caleb had put his head on my chest, Samir lifted him off of me and I sat up, scooted to the edge and was lifted up into Ali’s chest. We were parked in front of a one-story mediterranean style house with white stucco and intricate tiles forming rings around the walls. Ali carried me down the path as I had one arm around his neck and the other hugging Ali-cub, the stuffed lion. Kadir ran around the small grass area stretching his legs and peeing on anything that looked interesting.

A man about six inches taller than Ali with huge muscles came out and went to bring in our suitcases. He was dressed in a small pair of white satin shorts that hung low on his waist. Samir was behind us. He had one hand on Caleb’s shoulder as Caleb hugged his pillow and followed us into the house.

The common area was one large room with a kitchen to the left, a dining table for 6, two large couches, and a huge flat screen tv on the wall. It was decorated in arabian style with large rugs, oversized curtains pulled back to show windows and a sliding glass door at the back. The entryways were that swooped up arch design that ends in a sharp point at the top.

There were two large bedrooms and two smaller ones. Ali carried me to the largest one all the way at the back with corner views of huge mountains behind us. He laid me on the bed and went into the bathroom to the toilet. He left the door open and I saw him whip his dick out and let go of the journey’s build up as the servant came in wheeling our bags. He placed them in the closet and opened them to hang up our clothes. He didn’t look at me at all.

Ali washed up and slipped his shoes off as he jumped on the bed beside me.

“Alone at last,” Ali typed to me on his phone and pulled me into his chest.

I nodded towards the servant in our closet unpacking our things. Ali shrugged and typed, “Trust me, he’s seen the whole spectrum of odd behavior. If he bothers you, I can have him stay out of sight. He is here for guests’ viewing pleasure, maybe more. But I have no need of his physical services. I’ve instructed him not to touch you or Caleb as well. I don’t think Samir would be interested either.” He gave my butt a squeeze and kissed my cheek.

We changed into some workout clothes. I had on a small thin tank top that showed off most of his name on my chest, light running shorts, and nikes as we headed out. Ali slung a bag of clothes for our after workout.

Caleb and Samir were splashing around in the pool. Ali wanted some alone time with me. We walked behind the house and I saw the view. We were on a hillside overlooking about 100 other villas similar to our own. At the base of the hill was a large building and the waterpark. I saw several big slides that looked like fun.

We went out the back gate and down a dirt trail that went behind other villas and wound down the hill. At the base, we got to the big building. Ali pointed to a map on the wall showing restaurants, a nightclub, meeting rooms, movie theater, bowling alley, the gym, and a convenience store. This place had it all.

Inside, it looked like a mall. Everyone was male from the employees to the guests. Ali had told me not to look anyone directly in the eye and always keep to his side with my eyes on him or the floor. He guided me through a long tile walkway and into the fitness center where he checked us in.

We saw all kinds of pairs of guys working out together. There were older guys with older partners, older with younger, young with young. They were mostly Arab, but bahis siteleri a few Asian and African as well. I was the only blonde one and it attracted eyes. I kept looking but then quickly darting my eyes to Ali’s shoes. He put his arm around me as he lead me to our machines.

Our area was private and out of sight of the main area. We started on side by side treadmills and did a quick 5 minutes of light running. We got off and he showed me the stretches he wanted me to do. When we finished, he put me back on the treadmill as he started with the weights.

When I was drenched in sweat and looking at him with pleading eyes he finished his last lift and came over to put me through the cool down routine. My machine finally came to a stop and Ali laid a towel down on a yoga mat for me and I collapsed on to it.

Ali laid down next to me on his side and rubbed my tummy. He leaned over to kiss me, and his sweat dripped down my already soaked chest. It felt kind of weird doing stuff there in the open, but no one was walking by.

Sensing my hesitation, he reached for a towel and covered his lap with it. He took my hand and rubbed it down the front of his shorts. I felt him, ready as ever, as he guided my hand and bit softly on my ear.

He slipped my hand inside his waistband and down over his throbbing prize. It was wet and warm from the workout. I leaned into his neck. His cologne mixed with sweat and hit my nose. I don’t know why but there’s something about the way he smells when sweating that drives me to him. I bit and kissed the nape of his neck and he squirmed, rubbing his cock against my hand as I gripped him firmly.

He pushed my head down, under the towel. His shorts were pushed down and I put my lips on the head. Down here, his scent was more powerful. It overwhelmed my nose and my eyes started to water as he pushed into me.

His cock rubbed my tongue to clean off the workout. I tasted a little bit of his piss from earlier. It was water, a bit of coffee which made it bitter and I gagged a little. I’m sure he heard me, but he had pressing business with my mouth and wasn’t letting me up. He pet my hair, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth.

He started sliding it in and out, not too quickly, but deep. His head pushed against my throat, making me “Uhhh!” each time. I had to breathe through my nose which didn’t help as it pressed against his steamy pubes. He had my head and his lap covered with the towel which just held in the smells.

As uncomfortable as it sounds, I was rock hard in my shorts. He couldn’t reach my hole from our position, and I knew better than to touch my dick, so it would have to wait. Right now was about him. He started sliding in and out of me faster as I clamped my lips closed in a tight circle around his shaft. My tongue was working circles around his dick as my throat massaged the tip.

He didn’t last too long, maybe from the excitement of being out in the open. He pushed deep into me when he started to erupt and it filled my mouth and shot down my throat. I swallowed it all, and coughed on his cock as some of it went down the wrong way. He was bucking into me to milk the last of it with his hands clamped onto my head.

He laid back when he finished, pulled me up to his chest. I reached down under the towel and squeezed his cock, pulling it softly. The last little bit of his juice trickled out onto my fingers and I brought them up and sucked them clean.


We made our way through the locker room with Ali covering my eyes. There must have been a lot to see in there. He guided me into a small private restroom with a shower stall.

He lifted my shirt off and kissed at my nipples, then traced his tongue over my tattoo with his name. He brought my dick back to attention quickly and pulled me into him as I rubbed it against his stomach. He slipped off my shorts and reached behind to turn on the water as he leaned in to kiss me. I pushed up his tank top and he raised his arms, allowing me to slip it up. He’s taller than I am, so he had to help me with the last few inches.

I pushed his shorts down to the floor and his cock, half hard, pounced at me. He reached behind me and cupped my cheeks in his hands, lifting my butt as the rest of me followed. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck as he backed into the shower, warm water pouring between us.

He backed up against the tile wall of the shower and then set me down on my feet. He turned me around and pulled me back against his chest. His hard cock rubbed down between my cheeks as his hands explored my chest and tummy.

He let one hand slide down and he gripped my cock. It was the first time he had ever held it like that. I leaned back against him and he started to fist it.

It made me want to move my hips, push my cock into his grip, but he pulled me tightly back against him, holding me still. I knew instinctively he wouldn’t want his cub emulating fucking. My pleasure was to come from him inside me. I felt confused as bahis şirketleri he jerked me off, but I went still and allowed him to explore me. It was his right.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t last long. He had his head down over my shoulder, watching his own hand rubbing me off as he kissed and nibbled on my neck. His other hand covered the right side of my chest. He held a nipple between two fingers and started twisting and pinching it roughly. He alternated between the two nipples, working them into little angry puffs.

He started jerking my cock and twisting my nipples harder. I was confused by the mix of pleasure and punishment. Was I supposed to have cum from sucking his cock? I squirmed and whimpered, but felt the cum rising in me. I was close, why was he making it hurt?

The pleasure side of me won the battle and I started shooting thick ropes up my chest, fighting against the shower stream. My cum went up and the water dripped it back down, but some of it stayed. My body twisted and jerked in his tight grip and he gave an especially painful squeeze to my other nipple.

I came down in his arms and relaxed against his chest. He brought his fingers to my lips and I sucked my own cum, cleaning the fingers thoroughly. He traced his other hand around my chest, scooping up the remains of my juice and fed them to me as well.

I turned to face him, looking confusedly into his eyes. “Ow,” I mouthed and he let a little smile break across his lips. He mouthed, “baby,” and gave me a kiss. He rubbed body wash and shampoo all over us and paid extra attention to my hole, cleaning me for later use.

We got cleaned up and headed out in matching shorts and crisp, white tank tops leaving the dirty workout clothes and the bag in the little restroom. My tank top had his name written across the front in black leather applique that matched the script of his name on my chest. Ali signaled a worker who collected our things to be washed and sent to our villa.


We went back to the mall area and and got a table on the patio of a juice bar on the top level. The sun was intense but they had shade and blowing misters. Ali ordered us juices and checked emails on his phone while stroking my hair.

In the corner there was this pretty good looking arab guy, maybe a year or two older than Ali. Beside him was this shorter, fat, older asian man with a hand in the younger guys lap. The arab one had these loose basketball shorts and a tight black tank top. The older guy was rubbing on his package and saying something to him. The arab guy didn’t look especially interested, but he did nothing to stop the older guy. The older guy pulled up the right leg of the basketball shorts and was reaching under there now.

I nudged Ali and pointed at them. He very quickly reached over and pulled my chair beside his so that they were out of view. He shook his head at me and put his arm across my shoulders to pull me into his side before going back to his emails.

The waiter came back with two juices in beautiful blue tinted glasses. He set them in front of us and then set a tray of meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruit in front of us with a small basket of flat breads. It looked awesome, but then he set a small bowl in front of me of salad with a sparse amount of grilled chicken on top. It looked dry and tasteless.

I signed [NO, NOT WANT] and pointed at the bowl. I was feeling like a dog getting the same chow at every meal.

Ali looked confused, but gave a gentle smile and patted my back. He lifted his cell phone and typed out, “It’s good for your tummy. This has the right mix of vegetables so you have energy but don’t feel too full. I had a nutritionist look you over and review your health and blood samples when you were out. He said this mix is the optimal healthy balance for you. You do get variety at breakfast when your body needs a solid meal.”

“But every other meal?” I typed back, “I’m not a dog.”

Ali started to type back, but then set his phone down and jumped out of his chair. He looked like he’d just seen a ghost. I felt a strange hand on my head, petting my hair. I turned to see that someone had walked up to my right.

I looked up and saw two large brown eyes staring down at me with a warm smile as though he knew me. I stood up, backed towards Ali, and gave a him a cautious smile. He was maybe a few inches taller than Ali and had lighter skin. His black hair was gelled back in a more grown up look with an expensive pair of gold sunglasses crowning the top. Soft pink lips were framed by a trimmed beard shaved down to his jawline and around his mouth. He was stacked hard with thick muscles and an air of power.

Ali pushed me gently to the side and gave a forced smile and reluctant handshake to the man. He pointed to the chair across the table and the man sat down. Ali took his seat again and pushed me down into the chair between them.

The man had on a tight polo shirt that showed his muscular chest and just enough buttons open to expose a few black chest hairs. He slid forward a bit and leaned back against the chair showing a not too subtle bulge in his tight khaki shorts. It was hidden by the table so Ali couldn’t see it. He gave it a few tugs when he noticed me looking.

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