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In 1817, a good friend of mine, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, suggested that if a writer could infuse “a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative.

I’ve infused some truth into this story (scientists think about 42% of men with sickle cell disease will get priapism at some time in their life). My main male character suffers a bout of priapism, a persistent and painful erection of the penis that lasts more than four hours.

The cure used to relieve this condition is where I need your indulgence. Zero percent of scientists recommend the treatment our ladies use.

All characters having sex are 18 or over. This was a slow build. If you can give it some time, you will be rewarded just as the protagonist was by awesome sex with two attractive women.



“Class! Settle down,” Mrs. Wagner called out loudly.

The youngsters were restless. Their attention span was waning in the last minutes of class. The teacher had one lesson left to impart on the final day of vacation bible school.

“Repeat after me,” the thirty-eight-year-old high school English teacher and volunteer summer church school teacher said. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The six year-olds dutifully repeated the phrase.

The teacher said, “That is an excellent motto to live by don’t you think? Respect others. Be kind. Be honest. Be truthful. Be gracious. Alleviate pain and suffering when you can because that’s how you’d like others to treat you, right?”

The bell rang and the little kids ran out of class laughing and screaming with excitement. When the classroom was empty, one boy could still be heard chuckling. It was Ethan, her classroom assistant. The eighteen-year-old lived on her street and was also a member of the congregation.

“What are you laughing about?” Betsy Wagner said pretending to be annoyed. She fanned herself with a manila folder.

It was hot and the classroom was full of stagnant, humid air. You’d think this would be the last place a high school teacher would be, spending her summer vacation doing more teaching, but Betsy loved children.

She’d hoped by now that she’d have kids of her own, but after twelve years of marriage, she hadn’t become pregnant. Her other options for having a child didn’t look viable. She and her husband couldn’t afford in vitro fertilization and the various adoption agencies they had talked to all had long waiting lists. That explained why Betsy grabbed every opportunity she could to spend time with children.

Ethan said, “I have to congratulate you on completing your tour of duty without strangling one of the kids in your care. You had some brats this year. And I want to commend you for reaching for the stars.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your presentation on ‘The Golden Rule’. Most teachers dealing with kids who are just learning numbers and the alphabet would be satisfied to tell them the rule and explain it to them as simply as possible. A regular teacher would say something like ‘be nice to others because you want people to be nice to you’.

“You have higher expectations for the little munchkins in your class. You want to get across the concepts of being truthful and being gracious and you even went so far as to tell them to alleviate pain and suffering? Do you think any of them know the meaning of the four syllable word ‘alleviate’?”

Betsy smiled. She got his point. She chuckled and playfully said, “I do go above and beyond normal expectations!”



Ellen, Ethan’s mother, and her daughter Emma walked across the street. Ellen knocked on Betsy Wagner’s door. When she answered, Ellen said, “I was planning on going with you tomorrow to help set up the summer camp for the kids. There’s an emergency at work and now I can’t get away. I’m sorry.”

“I understand,” Betsy said graciously. “Do I still get the crew?”

“Yes. Ethan, Emma and Skyler can go.”

“Don’t worry,” Betsy said. “The four of us can knock down cobwebs, clean and air out the cabins and have the summer camp ready for the kids.”

For most people, that would’ve been the end of the discussion. Plans change. People adapt. Life goes on. Things were more complicated for Ellen and her family. Her son, Ethan, had sickle cell.

“Are you comfortable having Ethan there?” she felt obliged to ask.

“Mom! Really!” Emma said. “He’s not an invalid. He’s got sickle cell. And not even the worst form.”

Emma took a deep breath and quickly and mechanically said, “Normal red blood cells are disc shaped and flexible. They move easily through blood vessels, taking oxygen to every part of the body. Sickle cells are shaped like a crescent moon or a sickle. They are more rigid and sticky. They get stuck in blood vessels and slow or stop blood flow. This means the oxygen doesn’t get to where it’s needed. This can cause pain and can harm organs, muscles, and bones.”

Ellen sighed sadly. She was sad that her son had this genetic condition and she was sad because it canlı bahis impacted all their lives negatively.

When her son had a pain episode, it became the focus of the entire family. Everything else was put on hold. Trips, birthday parties, even Christmas had been upstaged and ruined by his illness.

His disease also had a large impact on his life. It was isolating. It made him different from his classmates. He was often sick and due to the anemia that was another aspect of the disease, he was weaker and tired easily. He couldn’t keep up with the kids his age and do all the things they did. Being known as the “sick kid” hadn’t helped him with the girls.

Emma said, “She’s seen him when he’s had one of his episodes. He has to rest, take aspirin and then he gets better.”

Ethan periodically suffered painful blockages of blood vessels and he got more than his fair share of colds and flu. With rest and over the counter medicine, his strength and health returned.

Compared to other people with sickle cell anemia, he was lucky. He had a mild version. The first couple of times he had a pain crisis, his mother took him to the emergency room.

The doctors told her his bouts weren’t life threatening. They said what he needed was rest and moderate care which could be provided at home. Since then, his mother had given him the care he needed and saved the family from big medical bills. Other people with more serious versions of the disease required hospitalization when they have a spell.

Ellen said, “Emma, you and I have nursed him through colds and when he’s in pain. Not everyone is comfortable or prepared to deal with it.”

She turned to Betsy and said, “I’d understand if you’d rather Ethan not go.”

Betsy had come from a large family. As the eldest daughter, she’d helped her mom care for the younger kids and her grandparents who lived with them. She wasn’t squeamish about blood and vomit.

She said, “I’m okay with Ethan. It’s only for a few days and Emma will help.”

“Thank you,” Betsy said sincerely. “He was so looking forward to getting out of the city.”


The next day, Betsy, Ethan, Emma and Skyler, Emma’s best friend, hopped into Betsy’s SUV and drove to the camp.

Hours later, they pulled into the campground. It was a beautiful, secluded place with a half dozen log cabins. Betsy got out and looked at the picturesque scene. The panoramic view included thick woods, a peaceful, blue lake, and majestic mountains.

“Oh! It’s so beautiful up here!” she said.

The others spilled out of the car. Ethan stretched and groaned. “Ahh. My aching bones.”

His older sister teased him. “Stop complaining. You’re being a big baby.”

“Emma, be nice,” Skyler said. “You know your brother’s condition causes joint and muscle pain. I’m sure a long car ride doesn’t help.”

Emma said peeved, “I know. We all know.”

Emma was a good sister. She was helpful and supportive of her brother, but at time’s she found his illness wearing. She punched him in the arm and said, “He’s not some infirmed, helpless soul. He can take a little ribbing from his older, wiser, and extremely beautiful sister.”

Emma laughed. Ethan cried out, “Ouch!”. The others ignored the siblings.

Betsy said, “Grab something. We need to take all this stuff inside.”


Two days into the trip, they had made great progress in getting the camp ready. Unfortunately, Ethan became ill. He was having a pain crisis. A blood vessel had gotten blocked and he hurt.

“Emma, please tell your brother dinner is ready,” Betsy asked.

“Butthead! Dinner!” she hollered.

Betsy gave her a hard look and said, “You know that’s not what I meant. Go to his room and get him.”

Emma tossed her long blond hair, winked and gave her a playful smile to show she was messing around. She went to her brother’s bedroom. She knocked and walked in.

“Ethan, dinner is ready,” she said in a calm, polite manner. She was met by a groan.

“Awl. No food. I’m sick.” her brother moaned.

Emma recognized he was in pain. She crossed the room, knelt by his bed and said in a caring way, “What is it?”

He didn’t look good. He was pasty and sweaty. He groaned and said, “Pain. My belly hurts.”

Emma put a hand on his forehead and said, “You don’t have a fever so it’s not an infection like the flu.”

“Oh. Oh,” he moaned incoherently. Then he rolled over onto his stomach and either fell asleep or lost consciousness.

Emma returned to the kitchen and explained to everyone, “He’s not coming down. He’s in pain. He’s having one of his episodes.”

“What should we do?” Betsy asked with concern. Emma and Skyler were only twenty-year-old college students. Betsy felt she needed to be involved since she was the real adult here.

“Make him as comfortable as possible,” Emma explained. “Aspirin. A heating pad and massaging the area helps.” “Does anyone have a heating pad?” Betsy asked.

“I saw a hot water bottle in the bathroom closet,” Skyler said being helpful.

“Please get it, fill it bahis siteleri with warm water and meet us upstairs,” Betsy directed. “I’ll get some aspirin.”

“I’ll get a glass of water,” Emma said.

The women went their separate ways and met in Ethan’s bedroom. He was lying on his back. Betsy said, “Ethan, I have some aspirin for you. Please sit up.”

The college girls helped him up. Betsy gave him the medicine and some water. The drug was an anticoagulant. It would thin his blood and hopefully eliminate the blockage. He swallowed it and moaned, “My belly hurts.”

They let him lay down.

“Let’s give him the hot water bottle and massage his belly,” Betsy said.

Emma pulled the sheet down and they all saw his big, hard cock because he was naked and erect.

“Oh!” Betsy cried out in surprise. Skyler giggled and said, “Ethan, we can see your dick.”

Emma teased her friend, “He’s wanted to show you that for years. He’s had a crush on you.”

Skyler gave it a good look and said, “If I had known he had such a big one…”

“Stop it you two,” Betsy commanded. “This is not the time for jokes.”

The girls accepted the rebuke and were quiet.

Betsy took the hot water bottle from Sky and said, “So we should put this on his belly?”

They all knew that was the plan. The problem was his dick was in the way and no one wanted to touch it. Betsy sighed and bite the bullet. She reached out, lifted his cock up and slipped the bottle into place. No one volunteered to massage him. She pulled the sheet up and the three women left the room.

He dozed off and on for the next couple of hours. Emma and Betsy took turns checking on him. They refilled the hot water bottle and put it against his abdomen. Every time they looked in on him, he had an erection.

Emma checked on her eighteen-year-old brother a little after ten o’clock. He was the same, in pain and out of it. When she came downstairs, she said to the others,

“Ethan’s resting. He’s zonked out. Do we need to be worried about his dick? In Viagra commercials, they always say ‘If you have an erection for more than four hours, you should see a doctor’.

“It’s been about four hours. Every time I checked on him, he was hard. He is erect now.”

“Same when I looked in on him,” Skyler said.

Betsy had seen his hard-on all night long too. They were all worried.

“God! I can’t believe we’re having a conversation about your brother’s penis,” Betsy said embarrassed.

Emma blushed and said, “It’s those damn, funny shaped blood cells causing trouble again.”

“What did you mean?” Skyler asked.

Emma said, “The sickle cells get stuck and block blood flow. It can happen anywhere in his body. It happened to his spleen. No one knew. It was damaged and had to be removed. Men who have sickle cell are at a higher risk to get priapism.

“Sky, you know how guys get erections. Blood flows into their penis making it big and hard. It happens when they get aroused and even while they sleep.”

“Yes,” Skyler said. The twenty-year-old wasn’t a virgin.

“The big problem with sickle cell is the oddly shaped blood cells get stuck. They can block blood vessels and impede blood flow. I’m guessing my brother got an erection and it never had a chance to go down because his sickle cells are blocking the exits.

“The doctors told us this might happen. They said it is a serious problem and he should be taken to the hospital if he was hard for four hours.”

Betsy said, “Skyler, bring the car around. Emma and I’ll get Ethan dressed and bring him outside.”

Skyler went outside while Betsy and Emma dressed Ethan. Minutes later, Skyler ran upstairs and screamed, “I can’t get the car started!”

“What?” Betsy said.

“It won’t start. Something’s wrong. Maybe the battery’s dead. What do we do?”

“I don’t know,” Betsy said distraught.

Emma said, “We have no phone, no cell service, no internet and no close neighbors. Without the SUV, we aren’t getting him to the doctor.”

Emma started to cry. Skyler asked, “What happens if the erection doesn’t go away? Will it burst?”

“No,” Betsy said. “But it can causes problems with the way it functions in the future.”

“You mean he’ll end up with one of those weird, crooked cocks,” Skyler said hysterically.

“Yes or maybe one that doesn’t work at all,” Betsy answered.

“We have to do something!” Emma shouted.

Betsy had put Ethan’s pants on. Skyler attacked his belt buckle and zipper. She stripped off his pants and underwear. She grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it.

“Sky!” Betsy cried out. She was shocked by her action.

Skyler said, “I’ve never met a guy who kept an erection after orgasming.”

She spat on her hands and began beating him off. Betsy’s jaw dropped. Emma stared horror-struck.

“Ouch! Stop! That hurts,” Ethan cried. He was going in and out of consciousness. The pain generated by her hand abusing his penis had brought him around.

Skyler said, “Ethan, you’ve had an erection all evening. You need to come.”

“You’re bahis şirketleri being too rough,” he whined. He pulled her hand away.

She stopped masturbating him and he stopped complaining. He lay quietly on the bed with his eyes closed and his dick still as hard as steel. He lost consciousness.

The women were concerned. They looked at each other wondering what to do.

“We have to do something,” his sister said. “Ethan could lose the ability to have kids.”

Betsy concurred, but she didn’t know what to do. She mumbled, “Ethan isn’t able to masturbate and we can’t give him a handjob.”

Skyler leaned over the bed and took his dick into her mouth. She began to blow him.

Betsy was shocked. She said, “Skyler, you can’t do that.”

Skyler pulled off him and said, “I know this is extreme, but we can’t do nothing. Why don’t you two leave the room? I’ll deal with it.” Skyler resumed sucking on Ethan’s dick.

Emma was overwhelmed by it all. It was too much for her. She stood and said, “Thank you, Sky. You’re a true friend.” She left the room.

“Stop,” Betsy said. “You shouldn’t be doing that. I’ll do it.”

Skyler stopped and said, “Are you sure?”


Skyler held up his cock for her. Betsy crawled onto the bed and enveloped Ethan’s cock into her mouth. She took her job seriously and conscientiously blew him. Skyler stayed and watched. She noticed that Betsy knew what she was doing. She showed serious skills.

This went on for many minutes. Ethan’s cock remained engorged. The women began to worry that their plan wasn’t going to work. He wasn’t responding like a normal guy getting a BJ. He didn’t groan in pleasure. He was silent, likely unconscious again.

Skyler was determined not to fail her friend and Ethan. She stood and stripped off her shorts and panties. While Betsy gave him head, she straddled his face and placed her pussy on his mouth. She rubbed her sex on his face.

Betsy noticed movement and looked over. She saw what Skyler was doing and thought, “God bless her. How humiliating that must be for her.”

She studied the younger woman’s pale white, naked ass. It was petite. “Look at her cute little butt. It’s as smooth and sleek as a dolphin,” she thought as she sucked Ethan’s cock.

Ethan snorted. His sister’s friend was blessed with long, beef curtain pussy lips. They interfered with his breathing. He opened his mouth to breath and his lips found her shaved pussy and he tasted her tang. Like a baby sucking when a nipple is placed against his lips, Ethan automatically began sucking on her over-sized labia and licking her cunt. He moaned like any man who gets a chance to eat pussy.

“Mmmm. Mmm.”

The women were encouraged by the sounds he was emitting. They redoubled their efforts. Skyler was pleased that she was able to get him to eat her. At first, it was because she was sure it would get him to come. Later, she was pleased because he was doing a good job. She couldn’t suppress her moans of pleasure.

“Oh. Yeah. Lick my clit.”

Sky was getting hot and bothered. She pulled her top over her head, unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. It helped with her over-heated state. She also liked that she could now easily pinch and pull on her hard, sensitive, pink nipples. She plucked her nips and gasped and moaned often.

Betsy chose to ignore the college girl’s mewing and Ethan’s grunting. She focused on getting the eighteen-year-old off.

The hope and enthusiasm of Skyler and Betsy began to flag when five minutes later, Ethan had not come. He’d also gone silent. Skyler’s pussy was weeping all over his face. Betsy’s jaw was hurting. She had been sucking his dick a long time.

She thought, “We have to get Ethan to come. Skyler has put her modesty aside and is doing everything she can to help. My jaw is aching. I can’t keep this up much longer and honestly, I think if a blowjob was going to make him climax, he’d have shot his load by now”.

Betsy made up her mind to take it to the next level. She stopped sucking Ethan and she began removing her clothes. Skyler felt the bed move. She looked over her shoulder and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Oral sex isn’t getting the job done. I’m going to have intercourse with him.”

Skyler worried that might be a problem since Betsy was married. She said,”You don’t have to. I’ll do it.”

Skyler lifted off Ethan and turned around, still kneeling on the bed. She faced his feet and was going to crawl over and mount him. Ethan prevented her. He reached out and grabbed her. He didn’t say a word, but he pulled on her hips and brought her snatch back to his face. His tongue snaked inside her cunny.

“Oh!” Skyler cried out in surprise and pleasure.

Betsy was now naked. She was an attractive woman with soulful brown eyes, dirty blond locks and pronounced tan lines. She looked like a normal thirty-eight-year-old woman who cared about her figure, but who wasn’t a fanatic. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t slender either. Her ass was nicely rounded and her tummy doughy.

Her breasts sagged. However, it had nothing to do with age. They’d sagged when she was sixteen. That’s just the way they were. Her husband and other guys who got to play with them didn’t seem to mind. She had learned to accept them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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