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“Mike! Mike!” Jacob grumbled as he stumbled up the stairs. Unless traffic was completely ideal, something that never happened in Sunridge during rush hour he was already going to be pushing his luck. “Mike!” He was normally excellent at waking up and getting out of bed, the only reason Jacob had even noticed his son wasn’t up and moving was because his breakfast was getting cold on his plate. “Mike!” Something made Jacob stop at the door before he pounded on it to wake his son. He had no idea what made him just open the door, slowly and quietly instead of banging on it like he would any other time he wanted to wake his son.

“Right there, right there, fuck me Mike, fuck me!” Jacob didn’t recognize the blonde woman riding his son. She didn’t look much like Sara, not that he’d ever seen her in the buff before. He also didn’t spend enough time looking at the women his son brought home to notice that this woman had a much more generous bust than Sara or that her ass looked a lot firmer. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Her long blonde, a shade darker than Sara’s, hair was draped down over her shoulder blocking Mike’s face from view. It didn’t stop the young woman from noticing him though, the expression on her face was shock but she didn’t stop the sensual roll of her hips on Mike. He met the young woman’s blonde gaze for all of a single second before quickly backing out of the room, closing the door as silently as he could manage and stealing back down the stairs. As soon as he was back in the kitchen he turned the volume up a few notches on the television. He was careful not to turn it up enough that Mike and his friend would hear it but more than loud enough that he could pretend not to notice the young woman when she snuck out the front door and Mike came in with a long practiced stupid look on his face and instead of pressuring him for an answer Jacob fully intended not to notice anything out of the ordinary.

A few minutes later Mike came dashing through the room. “Sorry can’t talk running late.” He managed to spit out. He was shaving with his electric shaver and still feeding the belt through his loops when he bumped comically into a door that he didn’t have a third hand or the eye to hip coordination to open. It took Mike almost a full second to process the information well enough to stop fussing with his belt and open it whipping the door shut in the same motion as he slipped out. Jacob could hear Mike peeling out of the driveway and down the street.

“Oh to be young and horny.” Jacob mused finishing his bowl of oatmeal. Fortunately he hadn’t even gotten a chance

Barefoot the woman, more a girl really, didn’t make any noise as she glided down the stairs. Jacob didn’t even notice her until she padded into the kitchen wearing one of Mike’s football jerseys. The difference in their sizes made apparent by the way her bare shoulder was slipping out of the shirt’s neck. “Sorry, my clothes are in the washer. . .dryer. . .something. There was an accident.”

“Oh sorry.” Jacob “I didn’t mean to. . .” Jacob stammered slightly. He couldn’t imagine why staring at this young woman made him feel like a clumsy teen. It wasn’t normally a problem for him to look a woman in the eye, even an attractive one. With her though he couldn’t figure keep his eyes on hers, they kept wandering down to her full pouty cherry hued lips, or farther down to her breasts. Even that loose fitting jersey did nothing to conceal the womanly curve of her hips and it only came down just far enough to keep Jacob guessing on if she was wearing anything beneath it.

A troubling thought. Not because he was concerned about an attractive girl walking around with no bra and possibly no panties but because he shouldn’t be thinking those things about her at all. He was old enough to be her father. Probably older than that really, he’d been thirty nine when Jacob was born.

“It’s okay, I’ll just. . .” She giggled and walked to laundry room, aware enough of how short the jersey was that her hands were both on the hem holding it in place while she made her way across the floor. She let didn’t have a choice but to let it go to open the front loading washing machine.

Jacob didn’t mean to steal casino oyna a glance at her. He’d turned because he heard the machine open, at least that was what he tried to convince himself even while he drank in her bare pert buttocks staring out from his son’s jersey. Jacob found he was compelled to stand up and walk his bowl over to the sink. It was to clear the table and not because he wanted to get a closer look. The sink being near the laundry room was something that had been defined by the architects and it couldn’t wait until she was gone because. . .because.

She glanced over her shoulder when she pulled her clothing out and met his gaze for an embarrassing second before they both turned away. “Sorry about that!” She squealed dumping her clothing in the dryer and randomly spinning the dial before scampering back out trying to hold the shirt down to a point that would preserve her modesty.

“No, I’m sorry.” Jacob mumbled staring down into the sink and washing his bowl out. “I didn’t mean to-”

Good God she smells like peaches! The sweet aroma coiled around him like one of those ridiculous cartoon serpents. Jacob couldn’t remember if it was from the one with fox shooting arrows or the one with the orphan raised by a panther but the snake had swirly hypno eyes and sang a soothing song that lulled you into doing whatever it wanted. The only difference here was she didn’t seem to be doing anything but standing there being delicious. The only desires floating in Jacob’s head were his own.

“This is just so embarrassing!” They both said in unity before meeting eyes again.

“You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed by. . .oh God I don’t even know your name!” Jacob admitted returning his attention to the now bowl that was now overflowing with bubbles.

“Trish. . .well Patricia but the only person who ever calls me that is my father and usually when he’s pissed off about something. Which is always. He’s gonna read me the fucking, excuse my French, riot act when I get home.” Trish said shrinking slightly at the thought. She looked so vulnerable that Jacob had to consciously resist the urge to run over and wrap his arms around her. Partially because he knew that the urge wasn’t entirely driven by the need to protect, the option of cupping that ripe rump and squeezing her breasts against him had nothing to do with comforting her. “So I’m not calling you Mr. Mike’s Dad until I get out of here?”

“Mr. Delane. . .just call me Jacob.” He smiled. He hadn’t noticed that the sink was filling with water until it started spilling across the partition over filling and spreading over the sink prompting him to turn it off. “I meant to do that.”

“Sure you did Jake.” Trish teasingly smiled. Jacob stood for a moment staring at the sink before submitting to the fact that he was going to have to reach in and pull the stopper out and make a bigger mess in the process. “Sure you did. I’ll just leave you to clean this up okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” It felt like the temperature in the room dropped several degrees and a breath he didn’t know he was holding was able to escape the moment she was blissfully out of sight. “Wow, glad I somehow dodged that bullet.” Jacob thought aloud and wandered into the laundry room to fetch the mop and bucket.

The sweet scent of peaches was even stronger in the laundry room where the warmth of the dryer was intensifying it. He could feel it coiling around him again threatening to work it’s will. If Trish had still been around he might not have been able to keep from doing something embarrassing. Jacob managed to wrest free of its coils and start mopping up the mess. Fifteen minutes later he realized he’d spontaneously decided that the entire kitchen needed to be mopped.

“Is it safe to come in?” Trish asked standing on tiptoe at the boundary between the living room carpet and the kitchen’s tiles.

Jacob glanced up at Trish then quickly back to the floor. Standing there in the doorway the morning sun was shining through the jersey giving a perfect silohette of her body forcing him to look back down. “Yeah, you’re fine. I mean you’ll be fine.”

What the fuck Jacob? She’s just a girl not the end of the canlı casino world! He didn’t mean to stare at the woman tip toeing through the kitchen over to the laundry room. He couldn’t keep from stealing another hungry glance when she bent at the waist again and retrieved her clothes. If she noticed him looking she didn’t give any indication, she just spun in place with the practiced grace of a dancer.

Trish made it almost halfway to the living room before she slipped. Jacob went to catch her and managed to get one hand directly beneath her rump before losing his balance and tumbling with spilling the bucket of dirty sudsy water over the floor soaking and her freshly washed cloths in an instant.

“Are you okay?” Jacob asked. His hand felt like it was on fire pinned between her rump and the floor.

“I think so. I only hurt my bu-” That was when she noticed where his hand was, and it wasn’t on the jersey either. He had flesh to flesh contact and she leapt up like she’d been burned and promptly fell back this time landing bare assed on his chest. “Sorry!” Crawling backward off Jacob’s chest did get her off him, it also slid the jersey baring her breasts before she could pull it back into place. From there she just sort of slid over to the carpet trying desperately to keep everything concealed while Jacob stared.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare.” Jacob muttered. It had been hard to keep his eyes off her before but with the jersey now clinging to her like a second skin it was impossible.

“Well then why are you staring? It’s kind of embarrassing.” Trish’s voice didn’t sound embarrassed though. She sounded playful, jovial even.

“It’s hard not to.” Jacob replied. The jersey wasn’t quite covering her ass anymore which finally broke his gaze in a sudden fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“You’re embarrassed about being bare assed!” Jacob managed to gasp between fits of laughter. Trish reddened slightly clapping her hands up to cover her face but when Jacob’s laughter continued she gave in and started laughing as well.

“Well you think it’s hard not to look at me.” Trish said sliding her legs wide open. “But I think you’re hard because you’re looking at me.” She giggled. “Or is that a banana in your pocket?”

Jacob looked down then bit his lip. “I don’t even have pockets.” He hadn’t really noticed that he’d never changed out of his pajama bottoms. The fuzzy cotton wasn’t really the kind you worried too much about being seen in. . .unless you were aroused. Then they didn’t so much conceal as call attention to you.

“Yeah I noticed.” She smiled and peeled the jersey off and tossed it to Jacob. “Well since I had another accident I need to wash my and dry my cloths again before I get out of here. You want to throw yours in since you’re wet and dirty now?”


“You deaf or something old man? I asked if you wanted to put your clothes in the washing machine with mine since I need to wait around anyway.” Trish ran one hand down her stomach finally stopping just shy of her pussy.

Jacob swallowed hard. “I thought you said that.”

“So you go put them in the wash and I’ll go start the shower.”


“Did I stutter?” Trish asked pausing mid turn.

“No.” Jacob still hadn’t gotten up off his back.

“Good. Now hurry up or the water won’t be the only thing cold when you get there.” Trish said before skipping out of sight her youthful body bouncing in deliciously tantalizing way.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Jacob muttered aloud. The sweet scented serpent slithered its way into his brain and without his consent had him stripped down to nothing heaving their clothing into the washing machine. He felt like a kid taking the steps two by two on his way up to shower.

The bathroom was already filling with steam when he stepped in. It made her look like a goddess partially concealed behind the mist and beckoning him with a crooked finger. Jacob could feel her pull physically. It was like it was like she had her hand wrapped around his erection. “Oh my, Mike’s not the big man in the house is he?” Trish’s lips curled back into a delighted smirk. When he was close enough kaçak casino the imaginary grasp was replaced with a very real hand gripping his cock and pulling him into the shower and in for a quick kiss along his stubble coated jaw. “Mmmm, so manly.”

Instinct took over and Jacob’s hands gripped the woman at the hips gliding down beneath her pert buttocks and lifting her up and pinning her against the tile wall and his body. Trish’s legs wove around the mature gentlemen crossing at the ankles. Her arms did the same with his neck anchoring her to him. It only took a few moments of careful twisting to slip his cock into Trish.

“Fuck.” Trish leaned forward her wet hair flopping down over Jacob’s shoulder while her lips hungrily traveled the length of his shoulder, along the underside of his chin and finally meeting his lips. His tongue thrust into her mouth with the same urgency as his cock invaded her lower greedy lips. The world melted away for Trish after just a few glorious moments with the older man and with his slow deep rhythm inside her. John had her sandwiched between him and the wall, and she could feel the pressure building inside her. It felt like something swelling inside her threatening at any moment to burst and take her with it. Her legs squeezed round his waist and her arms tightened around his neck and finally her walls cinched down on his cock. While every other part of her body was coiling her mouth fell open and a scream escaped her.

“Don’t think you’re done yet little lady.” Jacob growled in her ear. Trish felt like jelly in his grasp unable to do more than comply while he turned her around. Her face and breasts were pressed against the glass wall of the shower stall while her hands supported her weight on the built in bench.

Trish was in a daze with a big dopey grin painted on her features when a loud squirting noise caught her attention. The sound was immediately followed by something cool oozing down the crack of her ass down to her anus where Jacob started massaging with his thumb. “What are you-“

“Shh. Trust me.” Jacob growled watching her expression. “You’ve done this before haven’t you?” When Trish shook her head nervously Jacob’s smile grew even wider. “Then relax. You’ll like this.” His thumb slipped in prompting her to rise up onto toes before easing back down. Jacob slowly worked his thumb deeper into her until he felt her relax again. “Shh.” He coated his cock in the white and green shampoo and pushed the head up against her slowly pushing against her. One hand moved to reach across her chest palming one of her breasts and pulling her up against his chest, the other slid down her belly and then lower until he found her clit teasing it while easing his cock in through the back door.

Trish kept her hands in place while Jacob pushed at her from behind. Instead of screaming she pinched her lips between her teeth keeping the sound from escaping as he pushed and pushed. Her mouth fell open without any sound escaping when he finally pushed into her. It didn’t hurt, she just felt full, so full of cock. Every single ridge seemed to send a separate sensation to her brain. “Oh my, you’re. . .” Trish’s voice trailed off at the same time Jacob started pumping against her.

The hot water cascaded down their nude bodies. Jacob’s hips steadily pumped in and out of young Trish, each time pushing completely into her before pulling back till only the tip remained inside her before surging back into her. Trish found herself reaching back to wrap one arm around Jacob’s head pulling him into a kiss and bringing a foot up to the stool so she could push back against him.

Jacob’s grip tightened suddenly and what had been slow deep strokes shifted to quicker shallow thrusts. He broke the kiss uttering a long low animalistic growl. Then he pulled her against him pushing until every inch of his cock was buried in her and he held there while he came.

Trish whimpered as Jacob filled her more than she even thought was possible. She whimpered a bit each time his cock pulsed inside her flooding her with a more of his semen. “See that wasn’t so bad was it Trish?” Jacob asked as he pulled away from the young woman.

“That was incredible. If I knew Mike’s dad was such a stud I would have let him take me home for a date the very first time he asked me.” Trish replied sitting down on the bench and staring up at Jacob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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