Edith Ann

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Everyone says that Edith Ann and I make a strange couple and yes, I guess, I have to agree. Even the way we met was unusual; my sister entered me in a ‘Bid on a Date With’ charity auction. I agreed only because my sister told me I had no choice. The night of the auction, I had car trouble and was so late I was auctioned off sight unseen and Edith Ann won me on the minimum bid. When I finally got there, my date was gone and that left only my sister to describe her. She gave me the following account of my soon to be date. Edith Ann had mousy brown hair that she wore unwashed in a ponytail. Her horn-rimmed glasses did nothing to hide her dull brown eyes and although she is was over eighteen, she was still battling acne. As far as her figure, she is a large girl with wide hips and thighs and yet she has very small breasts. After listening to all this I asked her what was her best feature, she grinned and said,

“The only thing attractive I can say about her is that you only have to go on one date with her.”

As my sister says ‘A deal is a deal’ so I decided to get it over with and go on my date with the girl who purchased me.

I picked her up at her apartment and sure enough, Edit Ann was just as described. She was dressed in what my mother used to call a house dress, meaning something you didn’t go out in but wore around the house. I then noticed she was wearing saddle shoes and socks, I was just hoping to take her to a movie, then maybe a hamburger and home. Edith Ann would have none of that, she told me the restaurant she wished to go to and even the club where she wanted to go dancing. All I could think was my sister was going to owe me big time.

After a thoroughly humiliating evening, I hoped to drop her at her door and at last be free from this shrew. However, Edith Ann had different ideas and grabbed my arm to drag me inside for ‘coffee’ (she made bahis firmaları the universal finger sign for quote). Her apartment was a mess dirty dishes and empty pizza boxes all over, stains on the rug and even dirty clothes in a pile. I knew the only way to get the night over with was to play nice and wait for my escape. She sat next to me on the couch and began kissing me; I have to say her lips were very soft and kissable. I soon found myself returning her kisses and I began to become worked up. When she invited me into her bedroom I thought, why not, I mean once aroused what man my age would turn down sex no matter how a woman looked. Her bedroom was worse than the front room with the bed unmade and visible stains on the sheets. She told me to lie down and while on my back, I watched as she undressed me. When she got down to my erection, she grabbed it harshly giving it a couple of jerks. Once I was naked she began to undress herself, I found I was getting into it and I couldn’t wait to get inside her, and then she took her dress off. Oh, my god she had on big girl panties and a K mart bra, I swear she looked just like my mother. Once that picture entered my head all thoughts of sex were gone, I even lost my erection. She pulled off her panties and just threw them on the bed then she climbed on after them. She took a hold of my limp penis,

“What’s a matter boy you lost your stiffly, don’t you worry I don’t need it hard.”

She sat astride me like a cowgirl on a horse; she reached under her big belly with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart. She placed my limp dick between and began to rock back and forth. She took my hands, placed them on her butt, and instructed me to hug her buns. Next, she placed her knees on top of my arms locking them in place. We stayed like this until she groaned in climax.

“OK honey, I’ve had my pleasure now it’s your turn.”

What kaçak iddaa she did next changed my life forever. Edith Ann reached over my head to grab her panties and as I watched, she turned them around in her hand until she found the crotch. As she turned them inside out, I could see they were damp from her juices and yellow stained. With one hand, she placed the wet crotch on my nose instructing me to sniff her panties. The smell was acrid but musky and the thought of what she was doing so erotic my erection returned.

“I knew my panty boy would love the smell, here have a taste.”

She took the crotch off my nose and put it to my lips I timidly stuck out my tongue and she rubbed her panties across it. I then opened my mouth as she instructed and she put them in my mouth and I sucked her scent out. Next, she pulled the now thoroughly soaked pantries out of my mouth and put the leg holes around my ears so I was now wearing a panty mask. I had never felt so humiliated and yet so aroused and my erection, now hard and aching for relief worked itself up inside her. She rode me until I came like a sailor on leave.

On our second date, we went to a nice quite dark restaurant and took a booth in the rear. She had me slide in first and then scooted right up next to me. During our meal, she kept rubbing me, at one point slid down my zipper, and reached inside my pants. Just before dessert, she excused herself and went to the ladies. Our choices were being served just as she sat back down. She told me she had my special dessert in her hand, and then she reached up and rubbed her panties in my face. She then laid her panties on the table in front of me and then ate both of our desserts. When the waitress came up to our table Edith Ann said to me,

“Oh sweetie, you have something on your lip, let me get that for you.”

She then picked her panties up from the kaçak bahis table and wiped my mouth with them. I couldn’t stop myself from sticking my tongue in them and getting just a little taste of her nectar. I looked up and saw the look of disgust on the server’s face.

“Back off bitch this is my panty boy; go find some other woman’s boyfriend to steal.”

When her disgusted look turned to shock, I was so proud of my Edith Ann, to show my support I said,

“Honey did you get it all?”

“Just another little spot, right here,”

she put her panties back to my lips and I made a big show of kissing them. I was so embarrassed and so turned on I had a giant erection and thought I might cum in my pants right on the spot. As we were leaving, I remembered we left her panties on the table, I told Edith Ann I would go get them. She told me she left them as a tip for the bus boy and then pointed. I looked over to see a young man sniffing something as he cleared our table. As I raced home so we could make love she would repeatedly stick her finger under her dress and then rub it under my nose. As soon as we got inside her place I begged her to fuck me and she complied. She pulled down my trousers then pushed me on the couch and mounted me.

As time went on I began to crave Edith Ann, I couldn’t get her out of my mind, and she merely had to mention her panties to get me to do anything. When she left town to visit her mother, she left me a pair to remember her by and I masturbated nightly with my nose buried in them. I would think about that waitress watching Edith Ann rub my face in them and the humiliation would make me spew. She called me when she got back to say she had a surprise for me and after I begged her to tell me, she said that the whole time she was away she never changed her panties. She said these extra ripe panties were too special just to let me have so I would have to earn them. I could feel myself salivate as I told her anything she wanted I would do. Right then I knew I was hers and I wanted nothing more than just to be her panty boy forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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