Dreaming Of…

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For the past few years I have thought about many things that I had once considered taboo. I had just turned 18, a few weeks before, when I started being able to focus on the thoughts that would sometimes keep me up at night.

I had lived a very sheltered life, going to a private school, and relying on my parents for almost everything. I had a few friends, both guys and girls, but not any that I could talk to about anything of a sexual nature.

I had had only two boyfriends in my short life, neither of them having done more then perhaps a chaste kiss at my door after a date. I had longed for something more, something more forceful, arousing. I found myself frustrated with the people with which I had contact, none of the boys that I knew aroused those feelings in me.

I started looking for older guys, men that I thought would be able to fill that spot inside me that was crying out for fulfillment. I met the older guys at the mall, outside bars and clubs, where I would just happen to be. I would pay close attention to the older friends of my friends’ siblings. I found that a lot of the men found my attentions arousing.

I had worried that I would be considered cute, or adorable, I could handle that, only if I was considered desirable at the same time.

My friend nicky had an older brother, he was 27, and I found that I was attracted to a few of his friends. At first I had been a little hesitant of acting on it, a fear of being seen as a little girl. I used the fact that I appeared older to my advantage. One of the friends that I met, his name was mike. Mike was tall, maybe 5’9, athletically built. He had brown hair and golden eyes.

He was 28, and I even found his age a turn on. The next time I knew that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he would be at nicky’s house, I planned a sleep over with her. I wore my sexiest outfit that I could put together out of the clothes that my parents would by me. I put on a black kilt, used for field hockey, and rolled it up so that it was a few inches above my knees, daringly hinting at the ass that it barely covered.

I paired that with a tight white tank top and no bra. I had my blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, which showed off my green eyes better. My 36c breasts were firm and perky beneath the tank top, and I was ready to see if I could entice mike

Nicky and I did the usual things that we did when we hung out, but nicky got tired before I did. She told me that I could watch tv downstairs until I was tired, so I went. Nicky’s parents weren’t home, but her brother and a few of his friends were in the basement. I went downstairs and flipped through the channels. I found that nicky’s parents had all of the cable packages, so I used them to my advantage. I

I had just tuned into a relatively steamy porn movie when I heard the basement door open. Afraid of being caught I changed the channel. I was lying on the couch watching cartoons when mike came into the room. He was surprised to find me there, and he said hello. I asked him to sit, and watch with me. He looked me over before he answered. As he did I couldn’t help but notice that my nipples puckered under his gaze, visible without a bra through the tank top.

I pulled my legs up to give him room to sit without realizing that I was giving him a great view of my virginal white cotton panties. It only took a moment for mike to sit beside me. He took the converter from me and started güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri surfing. He came across the same porn movie that I had glanced at earlier and he stopped. He slid his eyes to me, checking my reaction. He asked if I minded if we watched this, I didn’t object.

The screen showed a blond being fucked with a large black dildo while she jacked the guy off. I couldn’t help squirming a little as I imagined the feeling of that large cock inside me. Mike noticed my wriggles, but he didn’t say anything. The next scene was a young girl dressed in a private school uniform being fucked doggy style by an older man. I heard a moan, before I realized it was me, it was turning me on. I glanced to mike’s crotch thinking of how big he could bee, how it would feel when I saw the bulge in his pants.

In response to his arousal I slid my hand under my skirt and pressed it against my crotch which was getting hotter and wetter by the minute. I slid my hand under my panties and started fingering myself as I watched the screen. Mike turned and saw where my hand was and stopped watching the movie. He was watching me, where my fingers were, the movie forgotten. He asked me if I liked what I was seeing. I told him that I was really turned on, i’ve dreamt of being corrupted by an older guy for a while now.

I heard him swear, and ask me how old I was. I think he was thinking that because nicky was 17, then I would be too. I told him that I had turned 18 the month before and he smiled. My hand had stilled its motioning when I had stopped watching the movie. When I started watching it again, my fingers began moving again.

Mike put his hand on my knee and moved it up my thigh to the hem of my skirt. He took the hem, pulled it up and güvenilir bahis şirketleri tucked it into the waistband of my skirt. He told me that he wanted to watch what my hand was doing. After a few moments of watching me he started to tell me to do certain things. He told me to put two fingers in, to pump faster, to pinch my clit, to pump slower. I couldn’t help the moans from coming, I was so hot, so wet, my fingers were sliding around with all of my juice.

Mike had started palming his crotch as he watched me. He used his hands to take off my tank top. He watched me fingering myself. My breasts were bouncing with my movements, in tune with my hips as I thrust them against hand. I should have been embarrassed but I was so hot. I wanted him to touch me, and I told him. He told me that I had to do a little something for him first.

He unzipped his pants, and moved the elastic of his boxers, freeing his erect 8″ cock from its cotton prison. He told me to take the hand that I had been using to finger myself and to put it on his cock. I moved and slid my wet hand to his cock, and moaned at the silky feel of it. He told me how he liked to be touched and I did as he told.

After a few minutes of stroking him I had an undeniable urge to taste him. As I knelt over to touch my tongue to the head of his penis, he pushed me away.

I was a moment away from asking him what his problem was when he told me that he heard nicky’s brother coming up the stairs. He pulled down my top, and my skirt. I watched him as he gingerly placed his swollen cock back into his pants.

I smiled as I hastily changed the channel. Mike and I were sitting watching the cartoon network, when nicky’s brother came in. He told mike that he had to go grab some cigarettes so he was in charge until he got back.

As nicky’s brother walked away, mike leaned over and said that he hoped I was cooperative. He was in charge now, and he liked giving orders…

I heard the front door close moments before I felt mike’s hands on my breasts…

To Be Continued…

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