Dominant Wife Serves A Master

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It all started so innocently my wife and I have been swingers for a short amount of time. We started going to this swing club and we got to be good friends with the owner. He was a single man in his early thirties and he would invite us to all of his parties at his house. His name was Peter and his Slut Whore’s name is Tina she would do anything he told her to do. One time at her 23rd birthday party he made her suck 23 cocks in a row and she had to swallow the cum too. I saw Tina nude quite a bit but the wife and I have never seen Peter nude.

Tina’s pussy lips were real long and you could tie them in a knot she loved to show people her pussy. So back to the story, Peter invited the wife and I to a private party, my wife told me that we was going to the party. Let me explain something to you my wife is a very Dominate woman she loves to control men. She has got me trained to do anything she asks. Yes just like Tina I am a Slut Whore and my wife loves it, she wouldn’t have it any other way. The day of the party my wife had shaved my cock and balls she also inserted a blow up butt plug in my ass, she had that baby blew up as big as it would go I had a hard time walking with that monster butt-plug up my ass.

But I have learned in the past that it is better to have your asshole ready so when it comes fucking time I will be able to enjoy the fucking I am getting. My wife was getting bahis firmaları ready when she came over to me and said stick your tongue in my asshole and see if I taste good. She bent over and I rammed my tongue as far up her asshole as I could get it, MMMM it taste damn good. She pulled my face out of her ass and told me to stand up and bent over, she let the air out of my butt-plug and the butt-plug dropped out of my now loose ass.

She stuck two fingers in the Vaseline jar and packed my ass good with Vaseline she said no telling how many times I might get fucked tonight. I was hoping I would get to eat a lot of pussy tonight but you can never tell. When we got to the party my wife had me on a leash and Peter had Tina on a leash. It was funny because I didn’t see any body else! And then Peter said glad you could finally bring your pet with you Slave Cindy. Bring him right on in here and let Tina tie him up, as Tina tied me up I could hear strange noises coming out of the other room that my wife and Peter was in.

Then I heard my wife say to Peter that it was all right to fuck my ass tonight and when they came back into the room my Dominant wife was on a leash and she was holding Peter’s cock in her hand. She looked at me and said look at this big cock, this is the size cock I need from now on. A man size cock that will make me cum when he fucks me. I have been fucking and kaçak iddaa sucking Peter’s cock since the first time we met him, remember that night. Tina took you to the store to get some wine and while you was gone I got introduced to the biggest cock I have ever seen.

Don’t you remember when I let you fuck me and cum in my pussy that night and you was so proud of yourself for cumming so much, well most of that cum was Peter’s. Now I’m addicted to Peter’s cock and I worship it more than anything. I just can’t cum hard enough when I fuck you, but there is good news too…… I cannot take this massive cock in my ass I am just to small, I have tried and tried but it won’t go in. Peter spoke up and said that is going to be your only sexual outlet your wife’s asshole.

And since I can’t fuck her asshole I’m going to be fucking yours and your beautiful wife will lick my cum out of your ass and feed it to you. Also when I am fucking your wife you will be licking and sucking on my asshole and balls, DO YOU UNDERSTAND. Yes Master I understand I am not good enough to fuck my wife’s pussy, do I get to eat your cum out of her pussy? Yes and anybody else’s that I decide for her to fuck.

You will be the clean up boy and when you do a good job you will be able to deposit your cum in her ass. Now get over here and get acquainted with my cock your wife will show you how I like it to be kaçak bahis sucked. My wife wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started the tongue action she stopped for a minute and told me to suck on his balls while she made his cock harder, when he was ready to cum she took his cock out of her mouth and stuck it in my mouth and jacked his cock off. Cum had started shooting out of his cock and I swallowed all I could, my wife seen that I couldn’t hold any more cum so she slipped it in her mouth and swallowed the rest of his thick cum It was good tasting cum and it went down my throat easy.

Then he told my wife to keep sucking on his cock till he was hard again. When his cock was hard he had my wife get on her knees and he told me to get beneath her and suck on her cunt while he was fucking her. He was fucking her hard and pre-cum was leaking out of her love hole right into my mouth. He was fucking her hard when I felt his balls draw up tight and cum started pumping into my wife’s pussy, he pulled his cock out and sperm was streaming out of her pussy right into my mouth, her pussy was so gapped apart I could see her uterus hanging out.

I licked her clit real good and cleaned her ass up to where the cum had ran down in between her ass cheeks. I never thought I would like to serve a Master and Mistress sexually but I am having a great time. And sometimes they let me and Tina fuck and suck each other, when we are good slaves and do everything right. It makes me horny now to think of my Dominant wife having too serve a Master.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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