Does Happily Ever After Exist? Ch. 04

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Peter was surprised when the doorbell rang. Snow was beating against the window. He had canceled all his appointments for today due to the blizzard that the weatherman had predicted and seemed to have arrived. He threw another log in the fireplace he had installed then fixing his sweater and jeans walked over, opening the door. Jeff stood there dressed pretty much the way Peter was except he had a heavy coat on. “Hi.” Peter said moving back so he could step into the room.

“I hope I’m not bothering you.” Jeff said as he took off his coat while Peter closed the door.

Peter shrugged. “No…I was just checking out some of the Christmas specials. You know with Christmas only being a week away.”

Jeff nodded as he hung his coat on the back of one of the dining room chairs before turning back to Peter. Peter thought he was handsome with his face red from the cold. “Michael said you canceled for tonight because of the weather.”

Peter nodded again. He stared at Jeff, wondering what he was doing here. Michael had said he would pass the message on. “Um…What are you doing here?”

“Um…Well…” Jeff looked at the floor then launched himself into Peter’s arms, pushing the other man up against the door as he kissed him deeply. He ran his hands up under Peter’s sweater, his cold hands sending shivers through Peter’s warm flesh.

Peter shivered as Jeff’s cold hands moved up over his chest. He kissed Jeff back while wrapping his arms around him. He felt Jeff’s arms move around him until he was holding him tightly. Finally Jeff pulled his mouth away looking into Peter’s stunned eyes. “I love you Peter.” He said softly.

Several emotions moved through Peter’s eyes in a matter of seconds: Shock, surprise, and then finally joy. Peter pulled Jeff against him again, kissing him hard as he ground his crotch against Jeff’s. “Mmmmmm…” Jeff moaned pressing himself tightly against Peter’s body.

Peter slowly pulled his mouth from Jeff’s kissing the other man’s face and neck before looking into Jeff’s eyes. “I love you to.” He said hoarsely.

Jeff pulled his arms from under Peter’s sweater and taking his hand in his, led him towards the bedroom. They didn’t bother closing the door behind them. Jeff just led his love over to the bed. Once there, he pushed Peter down until he was sitting on the edge of the bed while Jeff dropped to his knees between Peter’s spread legs.

Peter rested his arms behind him on the bed, lowering his upper body as he watched through love and lust filled eyes as Jeff worked at his jeans. When they were open, Jeff reached his hand in until he had a hold of Peter’s hard cock. “Oh baby.” Peter moaned closing his eyes as Jeff pulled him out of his pants then slowly stroked him. “Feels so good.”

Jeff watched his hand jack Peter for a minute before slowly lowering his head and touching his mouth to the tip of Peter’s cock. “Oooohhhh…” Peter cried bucking up with his hips.

Jeff wasn’t going to rush. He had spent all day dreaming of this. When Michael told him that their date tonight had been canceled he knew he had to tell Peter how he felt. Now here he was holding the man he loved.

He ran his mouth slowly up and down the side of Peter’s hard shaft, making the other man sigh in pleasure. “Oh baby. Please. Take me in your mouth.” Peter begged pushing against Jeff’s hand.

Jeff looked up into Peter’s eyes then lowered his mouth again until he had the head of Peter’s cock in his mouth.

“Ugh…” Peter whimpered when he felt Jeff’s mouth enclose him. His arms slipped out from behind him until he landed flat on his back on the bed.

He pushed himself up long enough to pull his sweater over his head, and then lay back on the bed enjoying Jeff’s mouth moving up and down over him. “Oh baby.” He moaned running his hand through Jeff’s hair.

Jeff kept his movements slow, lightly touching Peter’s shaft with his tongue as he kept up his up and down motion. Peter was whimpering in his throat as he bucked up against Jeff’s sucking mouth. “Oh god, baby, it feels so good.” Peter tightened his hand in Jeff’s hair, pushing the other man’s head forcefully down over him as he bucked casino siteleri up. “Suck me.”

Jeff let Peter fuck his face for a minute then pulled his mouth away. “Ugh…” Peter cried in dismay as Jeff moved his mouth. He pushed himself back up on his hands, looking at Jeff through lust filled eyes as he watched the other man strip.

He pushed his own clothes from his body then moved back on the bed until he was lying in the middle of it. He held his arms out to Jeff, as Jeff moved slowly onto the bed, his own hard cock slapping against his chest as he moved. “Come here baby.” Peter whispered softly.

Jeff moved up over the bed until he was even with Peter’s crotch.

Peter’s eyes widened as Jeff suddenly straddled his hips, positioning his cock against the entrance to his ass. As Jeff pushed himself down, Peter pushed up until they met in the middle. Peter cried loudly as he felt Jeff envelop him. This was the first time he had ever had unprotected sex and the feeling of Jeff’s bare ass against him was driving his cock crazy.

“Oh fuck…Ride me.” He cried as Jeff slowly lifted himself over Peter only to slam back down taking him deep inside him again. He brought Peter’s hands to his bare chest. Peter pinched his nipples as he slowly rode him.

“Oh god…It feels so fucking good.” Jeff moaned throwing his head back as he felt Peter fill him then leave him only to fill him again. “I have wanted you bareback for so long.”

The two men soon set up a rhythm. When Peter bucked up with his hips, Jeff pushed down on him. When Peter pulled back, Jeff raised up. Both men were crying out in pleasure as they slowly moved together. Peter pushed himself up again until he was able to reach Jeff’s chest with his mouth. He wrapped his arms around the other man’s moving body as he licked at Jeff’s nipple.

“Agh,” Jeff cried holding Peter’s face against his chest even as he thrust his ass faster onto Peter’s hard cock. His own cock was leaking precum like there was no tomorrow.

Peter bucked his hips up hard, burying himself deeply up Jeff’s ass even as he locked his mouth on Jeff’s nipple sucking deeply on it.

“Oh fuck me.” Jeff cried riding Peter’s body harder and faster. “I need to cum baby. Make me cum”

Making sure to keep himself buried up Jeff’s ass, Peter lifted the other man so he could move to his knees. Jeff wrapped his legs around Peter’s waist as he felt Peter lift him. Then he cried out as he was suddenly on his back on the bed with Peter pounding into him like there was no tomorrow.

“Fuck mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee…” Jeff cried wrapping his hand around his own shaft, stroking it fast as Peter fucked him fast and furiously.

“Oh baby, your ass is milking me.” Peter cried as he kissed Jeff deeply, his own cock probing deep into the other mans guts. “I can’t hold back much longer.” He closed his eyes trying to hold onto his control until Jeff came. But it was hard, the cum was already boiling in his balls as he pistioned Jeff’s ass.

“Give it to me baby.” Jeff cried jacking his own cock so fast that his hand was a blur. His feet were braced on the bed, as he pumped his body up hard against Peter. “Give it to me baby. I need to feel you erupt inside me.”

Peter let out a loud growl as he let himself cum. He felt his cum splash all over the insides of Jeff’s ass. Then suddenly it was like a vice was gripping him as Jeff came right along with him. “Oh Fucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk…” He screamed burying himself completely.

When he was spent, he collapsed against Jeff’s cum filled chest. The two men kissed passionately as they rubbed Jeff’s cum into their bodies.

After a minute or two, Peter pulled away, his dick pulling from Jeff’s ass with a soft plopping sound. He watched as his cum splattered over his bedspread then looked into Jeff’s love filled eyes. “Come on lover. Let’s go have fun in the Jacuzzi.” Peter said holding out his hand.

Hand in hand, the two men made their way to the bathroom. Peter turned on the jets for the Jacuzzi then they climbed into the hot water, holding each other close.

“How long have you known?” Peter asked gently stroking canlı casino Jeff’s chest.

Jeff lifted his head to look into Peter’s eyes. “Since the first time you fucked me up the ass.”

Peter smiled at the memory. It had been the second date. Jeff told Michael that he wanted Peter to fuck him up the ass but he was scared. Peter had helped him relax then reamed out Jeff’s hole with his tongue until Jeff suddenly exploded all over his chest. Peter had lubed him up really well then moved slowly into him. It wasn’t a long fuck but one that Peter still remembered with fondness. “Yea…I love fucking that sweet hole of yours.”

Jeff kissed him softly then moved his mouth seductively over Peter’s chest as he reached under the water until he had his hand on Peter’s semihard cock. “I want to fuck you baby.” He growled against Peter’s ear. “I want to shove my cock deep inside you.”

Peter groaned as he closed his eyes. Between Jeff’s hand on him and his words, his dick was rock hard. “Here?” He asked huskily.

Jeff nipped at his ear, “right here, right here where the water can coat our bodies. Move up on your knees lover and lean over the side of the tub.”

Peter opened his eyes, looking into Jeff’s lust filled ones. He kissed the other man softly, and then pulled out Jeff’s arms.

He moved over to the other side of the tub, and then moved to his knees as he leaned over the edge. He watched over his shoulder as Jeff moved up behind him.

Jeff didn’t waste any time; he just rubbed his cock against Peter’s willing hole, and then slammed inside. “Oh fuck.” Peter grunted as he was suddenly impaled on Jeff’s love stick. He gripped the edge of the tub even as he pushed back with his hips.

Jeff wrapped his arms around him, holding him tightly against his body as he slowly pulled out then slammed back in.

Peter whimpered in pleasure as Jeff reamed his ass hard and fast, almost violently. He moaned when Jeff bit at his neck, even as he pulled at his sensitive nipples.

Jeff and Michael were the only dates that Peter had who knew that sometimes he liked to be fucked roughly. He felt like Jeff was trying to tear his ass in two with his ferocious thrusts. He was howling in pleasure as Jeff pounded him.

“You like that you little slut?” Jeff growled in his ear as he plowed his cock hard into Peter. “You like me tearing that ass of yours with my hard cock?”

Peter was panting so hard that he wasn’t able to answer until Jeff grabbed a hold of his hair pulling hard. “Aaggghhhhh…” Peter cried in pain even as he shot his seed against the bottom of the tub.

“Fuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…” Jeff screamed releasing Peter’s hair as he gripped his hips painfully and buried himself completely inside him as he to let go.

Peter whimpered in joy when he felt Jeff fill him without the latex between them. “Give it to me baby. Coat my insides with your wonderful juices.” He cried gripping the side of the tub hard.

After they were done, they left the tub. Dressing, they curled up together on the couch. Peter made them dinner then they cuddled some more. Later that night they made love again then cuddled in the bed. “Jeff…” Peter said softly with his head resting against Jeff’s chest.

“What is it love?” Jeff asked sleepily as he stroked Peter’s hair.

Peter lifted his head. “Where do we go from here?”

Jeff looked at him. The dimness in the room making his eyes seem darker then they were. “What do you mean babe?”

Peter pulled himself gently out of Jeff’s arms. “I mean, you are planning on going back east to finish school and I’m a male prostitute. It doesn’t exactly make the best of arrangements for a relationship.”

Jeff lifted his hand, running it over Peter’s face. “I had decided a while ago that I’m not going back this year. Didn’t you notice that I stayed with Michael, even after classes started?”

“Yea, but I thought you were just waiting for winter term or something.”

Jeff shook his head as he lowered his hand, taking Peter’s hand in his. “No…I realized that I’m not cut out to be a lawyer. I was going to talk to Michael about just kaçak casino attending a school around here for something else. Then I met you.”

Peter locked their hands together. “That doesn’t help the fact that I’m a male prostitute and …”

Jeff put a finger against his lips. “I know. You love me but you’re not willing to give up your job…Are you?”

Tears filled Peter’s eyes as he shook his head. “No I’m not. I love you more then life itself. I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms. I never thought I would fall in love. That was one of the reasons I picked this as a career. You let the men have your body, they pay you. No strings, no emotions.” He sniffled. “Then I met you and everything changed. You were more then a trick, you were a person. A person I have come to love very much. But…”

Jeff pulled him back against him, resting Peter’s head against his chest again. “But you aren’t ready to give this up yet. I can understand that.”

Peter lifted his head. “So we either just don’t see each other, or you have to accept the fact that your lover will be having sex with other men.”

Jeff was quiet a minute, his hand moving slowly up and down over Peter’s back. Peter lifted his eyes to his face watching him apprehensively. He didn’t want to lose Jeff now that he had found him but he didn’t think he could just give up his job.

Oh it wasn’t the money; he had enough saved up to support him and his mother for the rest of their lives. It was more then that. He enjoyed what he did. He enjoyed seeing the joy on the men’s faces as he made them cum with his ass or his mouth.

Jeff finally lowered his eyes till they met Peter’s. “Do you love me?”

Peter nodded, “with all my heart.” He hated that his voice was breaking.

Jeff cupped his face. “Do you love me enough to let me watch?”

Peter looked at him in surprise. “You want to watch me have sex with other men?”

Jeff nodded. “I love you Peter. I am not ready to let you walk out of my life. I can’t guarantee how long I will be able to stand it. But I do know that I got turned on watching you and Michael together. It may just be with him. It may be with any man. I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to lose you. So if having to watch you with another man is the only way I can keep you then I will, because I know I wouldn’t be able to sit in the other room knowing you are having sex without me.”

Peter thought about it. Some of his customers had expressed interest in having another man watch them when they were together, but it wasn’t something that Peter had been interested in. But having Jeff watch him? He felt his cock rise at the thought. “Well I can’t guarantee that everybody will go for it…”

Jeff shook his head. “It’s all or nothing Peter. Either you let me watch you with your tricks or I walk out of your life now.”

Peter pulled out of his arms, his body shaking in sudden fear. “What do you mean walk out of my life? You would still…”

Again Jeff shook his head. “No, I wouldn’t come with Michael anymore. There is no way I can stand to have sex with you but not have you in my life. I love you to much and in the end I would end up resenting you. That isn’t something I want to do.”

Peter gripped his hand painfully. “I’ll quit then.” The thought of Jeff not being in his life at all terrified and devastated him.

Again Jeff shook his head. “No, cause in the end you would resent me for making you give up something you love.”

Tears filled Peter’s eyes. “Baby, there has to be a way.”

Jeff wiped his tears away. “There is, you let me watch. If your customer can’t handle that, then you give them up. I know there are plenty of men out there who liked to be watched.”

Peter thought about that. He knew of at least two of his favorite customers who wouldn’t go for it. Was Jeff important enough to him to let them go?” He looked into Jeff’s eyes. As he stared at him, he knew. “Okay.” He knew that even if it meant him losing some of his better customers, Jeff was worth it. He could live without the men who wouldn’t let Jeff watch, he couldn’t live without Jeff.

Jeff pulled him back into his arms, kissing him gently. “I love you baby. It will all work out in the end.”

As Peter wrapped his body around his lovers, he prayed that Jeff was right, because he wasn’t so sure.


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