Digital World Ch. 02

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Digital World Ch. 02
Jenny felt like shit. She sat and sobbed her heart out. She’d been talked into doing this sodding photo shoot by her boyfriend. Mark should have been here, to chaperone her, protect her from the evil filth that had plundered her body, deprived her of her dignity and made to feel a useless slut.

Her pussy ached, having been stretched to capacity, fucked then fucked again. Her briefs were soaking wet with the remnants of several loads of cum which had been ejaculated inside her over the last few hours and she felt drained, both physically and mentally. It was dark outside and the cab sped through the streets like a bat out of hell, the amber glow of the street lights adding to the horror that replayed in Jenny’s own mind. She adjusted her seating position, the discomfort from her well used pussy and the semen the flowed from it made her feel as though she’d had a dose of the runs and shat in her panties. The unmistakable aroma of spunk filled the cab like a noxious cloud and she felt miserable. How the fuck had she gotten herself into such a situation.

Being talked into posing for photos initially seemed OK, but then to do topless, then nude, then lewd photos. She shook her head in disbelief. She should have said no and just walked out before the dildo experience. And what the fuck was in that lubricant? It made her feel all tingly and warm. Against her better judgement, it had got the better of her and, consequently, subjected to having her pussy raided by total strangers, none of whom she’d have been intimate with, even if she weren’t already in a long term relationship.

She recalled how the creep from Uni had been behind the entire thing. It transpired that the creep (or rather, the creep’s wealthy and influential father) had an indirect connection with a relative of Mark’s. Apparently, the worked for one of his businesses and a function was being thrown in honour and family members had been invited. It just happened to coincide with the photo shoot. Jenny sighed to herself at the stupidity of it all. It all seemed so far fetched, yet it had happened. And despite her education, her strong willed manner and scepticism of some people, she had still gone along with it. “Stupid cow!” she said silently to herself.

She closed her eyes briefly, images of the creep having his evil way with her resonated around her mind like an echo. Images of his ugly, pot marked face and manic smile replayed itself over and over again, haunting her until she opened her eyes. The street lamps played their own tricks on her, conjuring up spectral images of the creep, his tiny dick and the painful vinyl penal extension he’d strapped to himself like some perverted lesbian. Her flesh crawled at the thought.

Jenny tried to change the subject in her own mind, trying desperately to think about Mark coming home, their forthcoming holiday, the excitement of travelling to Spain, some warm sunshine, clubbing, drinking, swimming, sun-bathing, exotic foods to try, maybe some wind surfing or other water sports to try.

The cab drove over a pot hole in the road and the bump caused Jenny to bounce a little on the seat, despite being strapped in by a seat belt. The sudden jolt caused pain in her rectum, having had a plethora of things inserted over the last few hours. Shit, that hurt!

She tried to recapture the holiday dream, the realisation that she’d left her bikini behind at the warehouse shocking her back to reality. There was no way she was going back to collect it. She’d have to buy a new one. And a totally different design, she wanted to erase all memories of today.

But would she be allowed to?

That scum had recorded video footage of her in a whole range of compromising positions, making her do things against her will but looking like she was a willing participant. She feared that he’d continue to use this power against her.

He’d started by making her suck his miniscule cock. She’d been repulsed at the idea but figured that if she hurried it up and made it feel good, it might not last long and she’d be released. The creep had other ideas, however.

Despite the amount of money his family had, they hadn’t spent much of it on dental or plastic surgery for him, that amount was evident. His pop marked facial features, discoloured teeth and tatty clothes made him look like some down-and-out. Sure, many students at university were on a limited budget and looked a little poor, that was one of the obvious traits of being a student. A perk, maybe!

Sadly, this creep had a bad attitude to go with his overwhelming but well hidden wealth. He’d stated that he could have penile extension surgery and the surgery would cost daddy several thousand pounds but he’d declined the offer because he didn’t like pain. Or, more to the point, he didn’t like to endure pain, although he could dish it out in much the same way he could dish out cash to attract friends.

He’d rammed his tiddler into Jenny’s mouth, his hands holding her ears and forcing her head into his groin, his rough pubic hair against her face and nose making it difficult for her to breathe. She’d forced her head away from his momentarily, her breathing heavy as she gasped for air.

“Look guys” the creep had shouted to those around him, “She’s turned on my by dick. You can tell by her heavy breathing!” he laughed, forcing himself back into her waiting mouth. Jenny had tried to finish the creep off quickly, sucking with all her might that she feared her face might cave in with the pressure. Her tongue again darted over his circumcised dick, trying desperately to bring him to the boil. The creep, for whatever reason, responded very slowly. Jenny discovered later that he had a hormone issue, hence his tiny penis and difficulty in obtaining and maintaining an erection. This was going to be hard work.

Creep had decided that he was going to punish Jenny for her unnecessary remarks earlier and he’d got Omar to throw what looked like a padded sandwich box over to him. He’d unzipped the case whilst still inside Jenny’s mouth, her eyes looked at him suspiciously. “What the fuck was he planning?” she wondered to herself.

He released her with both hands and quickly opened the case and removed an offensive looking dildo, ribbed and knobbled and looking like a bar of peanut brittle, long straps with Velcro and a matt black colour. Furthermore, it looked very rigid, not ply-able like some plastics. This was vinyl, no flexibility, canlı kaçak iddaa just rigidity. He removed his penis from her mouth and she noticed it was hollow, allowing his own tiny dick to fit inside before he strapped it around himself. He’d obviously done this before, judging by the speed of it, and within seconds, he was waving it about in front of Jenny’s nose like a jar of smelling salts. Jenny noticed the clean plastic smell like it was new and she guessed she was the one to take its virginity. Jenny pondered what sexual experience the creep had enjoyed (if enjoy was the word and, if so, if both or all parties had ‘enjoyed’).

The creep had grabbed her head again and forced the very hard dildo back into her mouth and it grated against the roof of her mouth, causing her to screech in pain. He thrust himself into her, neither of them enjoying the experience, she feeling nothing but pain, him feeling nothing as the action created little sensation to his entrapped tool.

He drew the tool out and ordered Jenny to lay on one of the beanbags, he himself getting a second beanbag to place under her hips, allowing him easier access to her pussy, the lips red and swollen with abuse. Her natural lubricant was drying up, the excess stimulation from the medicated lubricant wearing off, the remains of the other guy’s sperm was all there was. As the stimulation had subsided, her pussy was also contracting and the creep’s sudden and forceful violation of her vagina caused Jenny to jump, wincing in agony as the dry vinyl forced it’s way painfully into her.

She relived the pain as she sat in the taxi, her face scrunching up as the memory struck, feeling the pain again in her pubic area. She recalled how the creep had fucked her with his plastic penis and how he’d verbally abused her. He’d called her a tart, a slut, a bitch, a whore, a cheap slapper and a whole host of other terms which Jenny had shut her ears to, not wanting to take in any more than she had to.

Yet strangely, as the creep had begun to feel aroused, he’d been more friendly; complimentary almost. He’d said she was beautiful, gorgeous, had lovely legs, sexy eyes, wonderful tits, horny pubic hair, and so on. Jenny was having trouble in her own mind, knowing where she stood with this creep, one minute she was the hero, the next minute, the villain.

Jenny never stopped thinking about Mark, his rugged good looks, his sexy body, his love and affection, even his manner. Sure, Mark could be a total dick at times, selfish occasionally like attending this family function today. Yet she wouldn’t swap him for the world, he was her world.

Jenny wondered if she’d ever told Mark that. They’d been going steady for ages, they’d pledged their affection to each other but she couldn’t remember if they’d actually quantified their affection. Love. She almost laughed at the thought. How could any one love her when she was being fucked like some cheap slut by this creep?

Jenny knew she was attractive, and she dressed to accentuate her lovely figure, needing only a minimal amount of make up. Mark had told her than when you are as pretty as she was, she needed very little assistance. She smiled inwardly when she remembered how she’d playfully slapped Mark when she’d asked him what would make her sexier and he’d replied by telling her to put her ankles behind her ears!

She felt the cab slow down for a red traffic light and she gazed out of the window, a light drizzle adding to the misery, like the world was weeping with her. People with brolly’s walked by, Jenny observing but not really seeing. Her mind was back in the warehouse, the place where her dignity had been removed and discarded like a pair of old socks.

She sub consciously rubbed her chest, recalling how the creep with yellow teeth had taken her delicate nipples into his foul mouth and sucked on her like some famished infant, frustrated he was unable to make her lactate (how sad. The creep had actually believed he could produce milk from her tits by fucking her!) and how he bit hard into her nipple, sucking simultaneously and finding only blood. Omar had needed to pull him off of Jenny, explaining to him he was wasting his time and just to give her a good fucking. Creep had other ideas and kneaded her tits with his hands, rough and vigorous like he was making dough. Jenny had been in tears, mostly physical pain but also an element of humiliation. How could one human being do this to another, what had she ever done to him other than refuse to go on a date with the creep. She remembered her catty comments earlier and how he’d told her she’d pay for that.

Jenny gulped inwardly. His kneading of her tits went on relentlessly, despite her obvious pain and discomfort. Richie kept the camera rolling, his limpness perking up again and Jenny knew that before she left, Richie and probably Omar would want seconds. She’d resigned herself to the fact that she would, once again, be subjected to further unwanted intimacy and humiliation.

The creep removed his tool from her and re-entered her, each time without lubrication and, each time, with a great amount of pain. Jenny was almost screaming in pain now and the creep kept the pace going.

“Listen to her screaming, lads…” he shouted joyfully, “……she’s really loving it!”

Omar and Richie ignored this creep. They were paying him large sums of money and they were happy to accept it but they didn’t necessarily approve of his approach.

He pulled his plastic tool from her and thrust again, his knee slipping on the bean bag and the vinyl penis rammed against her rectum, entering her with force. Jenny yelped like a puppy dog as the rugged tool entered her, again without lubrication and she looked down at the bean bag. She saw blood but at this stage, couldn’t decipher if this was from her arse or her tits. Either way, she was in fucking agony.

Omar stepped up as the creep went to re-enter her arse.

“Keep to her pussy if I were you” he said. The creep stared at Omar.

“Why don’t you keep your fucking nose out of it?” he replied. The creep was a mere 5’6″ or so, Omar and Richie both in excess of 6′ but the creep felt brave, mostly because of his bank balance.

“If you’re brains were the size of your dick, you’d know you were hurting the poor lass” Omar replied, sizing up to the little squirt.

“And who’s paying your wages today?” the creep announced. Omar’s blood began to boil and Richie stopped filming.

“You stop pinbahis now or I’ll make you” Omar barked. The creep went to thrust back into Jenny’s arse but the big black porn actor pulled the creep off of her, throwing him across the room and into a tripod holding a light. The structure toppled and fell, the bulbs exploding like a fire cracker.

“You fucking scum” the creep said, rubbing his side which had impacted on the tripod. He looked and noticed his toy penis was broken, the rigid plastic not ply-able enough to withstand the impact and severing. A severed penis, albeit a dildo, made Richie wince at the thought and he drew in breath sharply.

“You can kiss goodbye to ever working in this industry again” the creep shouted as he stood, picking up his toy cock and stoking it, almost as though the action would give it an erection and become whole again.

Omar approached the creep and towered over him in an intimidating manner.

“You reckon?” he wagered. “I don’t care how much fucking money you’ve got, I aint stooping to your level……..” he barked. “…..and, if Richie and I don’t get paid, then we’ll just have to take it out on you.”

“Oh yeah?” replied the creep. “Like how?”

Richie smiled.

“Like this” Omar said, grabbing the creep and forcing him to the floor, Omar’s power and weight advantage was too great for the creep to deal with. Richie knelt behind him and the creep could feel the size and heat of Richie’s throbbing erection against his own arse.

“How’d you like to experience what the girl experienced?” Richie said, his deep Jamaican accent making him sound really sinister.

The creep begged for his own arse to be spared. He promised them double, no. Treble the wages he’d promised. They teased him for a bit before frog marching him upstairs to the control room, making him open his attaché case and paying cash there and then.

Richie then took the DVD which had been burnt and asked the engineer to delete the files on the hard drive. The creep would have no evidence of what had happened.

Jenny was still crying when Richie and Omar returned. They nursed her gently until the sobbing stopped. They’d told her what had happened and how the creep was being regally ejected from the premises, that all evidence had been removed and the only evidence was the DVD disc in their hands.

She went to reach for it but Richie pulled it back towards him.

“Uh-uh” he said, shaking his head.

“This is mine. For personal use” he said. She looked at him, his face ice cold, his eyes showed no emotion.

“Please?” Jenny begged. You mustn’t let anyone else see it. No one must know. Not my boy friend or anyone.

“If you want it, you need to do one more thing for me” he said. Behind his eyes, she could just make out the beginnings of some compassion.

“What do you want?” she said apprehensively. He looked down at his massive erection. Her gaze followed his. No words were spoken but she knew what he wanted.

Her pussy felt sore, her arse felt like it was on fire, her tits throbbed painfully and she was totally fatigued and spent. Trickles of cum stained her velvety thighs and her pretty blond hair.

A fire engine screaming past the cab on blue lights brought her back to the present. They were still stuck in city centre traffic and a little way from home. What she wanted now was a long hot bath and a few stiff vodka’s. Maybe some chocolate would make the world a bit better, too.

Jenny clutched her hand bag tight, the DVD disc within. As soon as she’d had her bath, the disc would be smashed and put in the bin, after she’d warped the shards over a candle flame. She wanted no evidence left at all. Nothing.

The disc had cost her dearly. Richie had needed fucking again and she’d reluctantly agreed with two conditions. Firstly, she would keep the disc and, secondly, they mustn’t fuck her arse. The bleeding had almost stopped and Omar had told her it was only a haemorrhoid that had burst. Jenny had felt disgusted until Omar convinced her that most people have haemorrhoids but very few have problems with them. Omar had also talked his way into fucking her again and they’d been more gentle than the creep although it was just sex. No love, no passion, just a need to cum.

Richie and Omar both took turns at either end, one in her mouth, the other in her pussy. She felt filthy with these two well endowed, strange black men being intimate with her in a way that very few people had. This was Mark’s territory, no-one elses. But for the sake of her dignity (what dignity, she’d asked herself?) she’d agreed. Jenny was not racist, she had some very good black friends within university but she’d never consider dating a black guy. Certainly not fucking a black guy. Now, here she was not with one, but two big black guys who were fucking her pussy and mouth.

They’d found the medicated lubricant again and were plying her pussy with bucket loads of the stuff, working it into her love lips. She rebelled initially but the tingling returned, arousing her against her will. She tried to concentrate the mind, telling herself that she was not aroused, did not want sex. Her mind visualised non sexy things, gory scenes from Holby City, cooking recipes, the football scores as they come up on the tickertape, deep sea fishing with her uncle, anything she could. No matter how hard she tried, her nerve cells responded to the lubricating gel and the two black guys and their expert actions. She wanted to tell them to stop but the first gigantic cock to enter her pussy had her begging for more, deeper, faster.

Jenny’s mind wanted to stop, to sleep, to rest her weary body, her aching cunt but her body rejected her motor signals, bypassing the synapses so she bucked back, allowing deeper penetration, deeper cock. The sucking slurping sound of their cocks entering her with the lubricant echoing around the warehouse. The engineer in the control room could only record the sound bytes, the cameras having been disabled by Richie earlier. But he was able to capture her voice.

“No, please stop. Oooooooh, deeper. Yes. Oh. Stop. You mustn’t. Please stop. Oooh, fuck me. Fuck me now!”

Jenny couldn’t control herself and Omar and Richie fucked Jenny, her pussy accommodating their length and girth.

“Oh, fuck me. I want you both inside me. Now” she barked, not realising what she had said. Richie withdrew from her mouth and laid on the floor, his head on a beanbag and Omar withdrew and shuffled her across pinbahis güvenilir mi the floor to Richie. She crawled on her knees until she was over Richie’s hips and Omar helped lower her onto Richie’s big cock, smearing her pussy with lubricant as he did. She gasped as he entered her and found it strange that Richie was holding her hips still, his strong powerful hands supporting her weight so only the tip of his cock was inside her. Omar had smeared lube on his hand and was massaging Richie’s cock and his bollocks before he lubed himself. Nodding to Richie, Omar then placed the tip of his erection against Jenny’s waiting pussy lips and she felt Richie lower her body onto him. He seemed even bigger than before in this position, she recalled thinking. Inch by agonising inch, she was lowered onto Richie’s erection before she felt a slap on her buttocks. She recognised it was a scrotum but Richie was lying down. She wondered how his balls could be slapping against her buttocks.

Big black hands engulfed her tits and she noticed they were Omar’s hands, as Richie still held her hips. Fuck! They were both fucking her. They were both inside her. She remembered vaguely her earlier sentence. They’d taken her at face value and were both fucking her.

It felt enormous but it didn’t hurt. She assumed she was in so much pain, she couldn’t feel anymore. Or was it the lubricant?

Either way, they fucked her, their cocks moving in unison inside her, her breathing becoming laboured as her nerve cells were treated to an experience very few ladies get to enjoy. She felt sick yet horny. She felt like she wanted to curl up and die, yet strangely invigorated. She wished Mark was here, that it was Mark inside her. Fingers manipulated her nipples, other fingers masturbated her clitoris. Bollocks smacked against her arse, the slapping noise, the slurping noise and their breathing noises echoing around the warehouse, causing the engineer a series of challenges to record the sound cleanly.

“That’s it baby” Richie urged. “Ride me baby. Make me cum. You do want my cum, don’t you?”

Jenny grunted.

“Richie wants to cum inside you and so do I. We’re going to cum in your warm sweet pussy” Omar weighed in. Jenny grunted some more.

“You want us to cum, don’t you?”

Jenny shook her head, her mind telling her ‘no’.

“Yes. Cum inside me. Fill me with your sweet black spunk” her voice said which surprised all three of them. Still she shook her head.

“I mean, no. Stop.” A short pause. “No, fuck me. Cum inside me. Fill me. I want your spunk. Fill me up. Fuck meeeeeeee!”

Jenny’s dirty talk had sent her over the top, a wave of orgasm flushed through her, her face reddening before paling again. Still the two black studs fucked her. Richie’s fingers masturbated her clitoris some more.

“Stop it, Richie, I’m coming, Oh God, I’m coming……..fuck me……..fuck me……..fuck………….”

Jenny reached her second climax, her muscle contractions rubbed both Richie and Omar’s dick’s against each other, her pussy climaxing and releasing love juices down her vagina, moistening their erections with warmth. Omar climaxed half a second before Richie, their cocks pumping deep into her, filling her for the second time today.

Omar removed himself, Richie gently lifting Jenny off of his cock on which she’d been impaled. Richie went for a cigarette, Omar finding Jenny some of her clothes and thrusting some money in her hand.

“That’s your share from the creep” Omar said by way of explanation. Jenny had dressed and found her bag with her mobile phone to call a cab. She stuffed the wedge of notes in her bag with the DVD and had hovered by the front door until the cab arrived, not bothering with goodbyes, just glad to be out of the place.

Her memories faded as she looked up and noticed her cab was pulling into her street. She reached for her bag and clumsily spilt the contents. The cab pulled up and applied the handbrake.

“That’ll be £26.40 please” the cabbie said, his accent had a tinge of Asian in it.

Jenny scrabbled around, picking up some of the note’s she’d dropped on the floor. She found two twenty pound notes and thrust them into the cab drivers hand.

Her neighbour Charlie, an older guy with a bald patch, was just leaving the apartments when he saw Jenny’s cab. He pointed to the cab and she nodded. Charlie had always given her the creeps, he stared at her and probably wanked every night thinking about her. He’d always tried to enter into conversation with her but she felt really uncomfortable around him especially the way he stared at her breasts.

“Keep the change” she said to the cabbie, diving out of the cab and into the drizzle, changing places with the neighbour, Charlie, who jumped into the taxi. Jenny rushed into the apartment, switching on as many lights as possible and putting some music on, trying to regain some normality. The front door locked, she ran a bath and lit a couple of candles to relax the mood. She pulled a WKD from the fridge and drank straight from the bottle. She ached all over. Jenny undressed and dropped her semen soaked undies into the bin. She wanted no reminders of today at all, she thought to herself as she soaked gently in the bath, the scent of ylang ylang and lavender filling the bathroom from the bubble bath. She downed the remainder of her drink she laid back, her body and mind relaxing. By all accounts, Omar may have been right but she still though she was too young for piles!

She wrapped herself in a towelling robe and wandered back to the sitting room, calling by the kitchen for another cold WKD.

She opened her bag and looked at the wad of bank notes. How much had she been paid? She didn’t know and didn’t care. It was enough to pay the cab, a new bikini and underwear that she’d lost or discarded and maybe buy Mark something nice. Mark. Where the fuck was he?

“Talking of Mark, he’d better not see this” she said out loud to her self. She rummaged through her bag. Where has the DVD gone? It wasn’t in her bag. She looked on the floor, on the sofa, down the back of the sofa. She went back to the kitchen and looked in the fridge, in the bin, back to the bathroom. She retraced her steps but she couldn’t find it.

Meanwhile, Charlie had found something small and shiny on the floor of the taxi. He picked it up and saw it was a DVD. He put it in his raincoat pocket. He’d have a little look at that later on. And what was that strange smell? It smelt like spunk. Charlie put his hand in his coat pocket and touched his cock which was beginning to get erect.

“Tell you what driver, can you turn round and take me home please” he said. Something told him this DVD might be worth watching sooner rather than later.

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