David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 14

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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called ‘pervert’ but I could not prove it.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional ‘Punishment Rules of the School’ as applied to ‘Peeping Toms’. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the ‘whole’ school. This is part fourteen of my sorry tale.)


In their dormitory I lay motionless with my head under Veronique’s pleated tartan school skirt, exhausted and relaxed. I shut my eyes and heard her say something to me which I did not quite make out. She lifted up her skirt and underslip and repeated it.

“C’est maintenant onze heures et ce sera des ‘lumières-dehors ‘sous peu. Vous pouvez rester avec nous pour la nuit mais vous devez choisir avec qui vous dormirez,” she said.

This time I understood her to say that it would be lights-out shortly and that I could stay there with them but I had to choose with whom I would sleep.

I surveyed the room and was greeted my many smiling faces. Many of the girls by now were wearing pyjamas and nightdresses. I felt slightly miffed that I had not witnessed them undressing, but I suppose I could not complain, as I had seen them all naked in the changing room earlier. The showering session seemed like a long time ago.

I looked around the room and they all appeared breathtakingly inviting and enticing, but, emerging from the bathroom, I saw a tall black-haired girl displaying angular features and a prominent aquiline nose.

She stood in the doorway where her white knee-length nylon nightdress, with the light from the bathroom shining behind it, appeared almost transparent. She strode like a ‘cat-walk’ model towards me, her hips swiveling at every step. She had an austere, aristocratic, almost animal expression which was emphasised by her unplucked dark eyebrows and high cheek bones.

“Est-ce que Louise, vous souhaitez dormir avec M. Peeping-Tom, et avez le sexe avec lui ce soir?” enquired Veronique to Louise Bazaine, asking her if she wished me to sleep and have sex with her that night.

Her face remained expressionless but replied that she would like me only for sex, but showed little enthusiasm. She looked me up and down in a casual, almost off-hand, way. She glowered at me and walked to her part of the room.

A few minutes later a bell sounded announcing ‘lights out’ and I followed ‘the model’ to her bed near the door. She pulled back the crisp cotton duvet and slid in. I joined her but was aware that she was taking up most of the bed. Our cool limbs touched.

Throughout the dormitory the bedside lights were switched off, one by one, until the entire room was plunged into darkness except for one small light shining in the bathroom at the far end of the long attic room. Louise smelled of perfumed soap and toothpaste. I lay next to her listening to her breathing. In the gloom I could see her eyes staring at me, flashing, waiting for me to make a move.

Within seconds I was on top of her and we were kissing, our mouths locked, with our tongues wildly delving and exploring. I ran my hands over her body and tugged her nightdress up to her waist. She pushed her pelvis up so that I could ease the slippery nylon up to her breasts. We continued kissing while I fondled her upper legs, thighs and stomach. I avoided touching her between her legs but teased her, scratching her inner thighs, but stopping just short of her waiting vagina.

From the next bed, I noticed a pair of eyes watching us. In the half light I saw someone get up, run over and whisper something to Louise.

She said “Oui,”under her breath, between kisses, and the bed creaked behind me as someone else got in. Immediately I felt cool hard nipples on my back and long slender fingers gripping my now fully erect penis. A long leg was draped around my waist.

The girl, who had joined us in the bed, knew exactly how to stimulate male anatomy because within minutes she was wanking me at high speed, judging mysteriously that I was aroused enough to attain an orgasm. My kissing increased in pace. Louise groaned as I pushed two, then three fingers inside her dripping labia and wiggled them slimily about.

She attempted to say something to me, through our kissing, but it came out as gibberish. She moaned, swore at me, and then pulled me back into her face. Our kissing increased in rapidity with my fingers stimulated her clitoris, almost to ‘crisis’ point. One hand held my head as she forced bahis firmaları her tongue brutally down the back of my throat.

Once again it appeared that both these girls were venting their pent up sexual frustrations on me, a mere ‘Peeping Tom’ in their eyes. I was again in a kind of ‘French schoolgirl’ paradise, savouring every sound, touch and smell from these gangling beauties lying to each side of me under the huge king-size quilt.

I continued with my fingering of Louise’s now slimy labia and readied myself to enter her but this was to be denied. Out of the blue I felt the red hot sensation of seminal fluid gathering inside me, and welling up. Immediately I emptied myself in seven vigorous thrusts all over ‘the model’s’ thighs, pubic hair and stomach. She groaned and swore at me, with the realisation that I had not penetrated her. The visitor in our bed began to lick my ears and continued wanking me, clearly intent on making me stiff once more.

I lay on my back with Louise curled up against me to one side, my fingers still stimulating her. The stranger, whom I could now make out to be Eloise Larocque, lay against me on the other side. I spread my legs and continued to finger Louise. She reluctantly pushed me away and told me, breathlessly, in French, that she was too sensitive and was unable to achieve an orgasm. She swore again.

Easing my arms around their shoulders I pulled them towards me. In the darkness I listened to both of them breathing against my neck. Eloise’s curly hair lay across my chest as I nudged her playfully with my chin. I felt tiny flicks of Louise’s eyelashes tickling my cheek and her hair spread across my neck and chest. Two hands caressed my stomach and cupped my balls. Two pairs of legs were spread over mine, trapping them, squeezing them and easing them apart.

Cool hands began masturbating me once more and in the darkness my penis stirred again. They both licked my hardened nipples which had become ultra sensitive to their attentions. I stroked their shoulders and backs, straining to move my hands under them to stroke their buttocks. The weight of their bodies proved too much for me so I concentrated my caresses on their hair and necks.

Eloise turned her face towards me and we began kissing, first gently and tenderly, then intensely and ferociously. I was aware that Louise had slipped further down the bed and was now applying kisses to my stomach and thighs. My erect penis twitched wildly seeking her mouth and it took no time at all before she began licking my shaft. First she nibbled it as if she were savouring sweet corn, then she sucked the end as if it were a lollipop. By degrees I could feel myself getting ready to ‘come’. She sucked me into her warm mouth and groaned.

Slowly I felt my strength gather for my next climax. After ten solid minutes of incessant wanking, with the two of them taking turns with their hands and mouths, I felt seminal fluid ‘well up’ again. A sudden urgent intensity gripped me as pumped my penis in and out of Louise’s mouth. It seemed as if these feelings would last forever until I felt another orgasm rise inside me, and it was all over in five powerful thrusts. I filled her mouth with warm slimy semen and once again lay back exhausted.

Eloise ceased kissing me and allowed me to get my breath back. I lay there panting in the gloom with my hand on Louise’s head, holding her firmly by her hair until she had licked every last globule off my penis and scrotum.

I had evidently reached the end of the line as far as orgasms and masturbation was concerned. Every ounce of sexual strength had been drained from me and I craved sleep, long refreshing sleep. It was clear however that the ‘night was still young’ as far as these long legged beauties were concerned and it took little time before Eloise moved up the bed and swung a leg over my head, so that my face was pushed firmly into her derriere.

She remained sitting on my face with my nose rammed against her anus which smelled unpleasantly fetid and sweaty. She pulled her buttock cheeks apart, pushed down then released them so that my nostrils were pinched. I struggled for breath and was forced to breathe through my mouth which was now filled with pubic hair. She was facing my feet with her full weight on my mouth and nose. I struggled again to breathe and tried to push her off, but I was hopelessly embedded between her legs. I was now at her beck and call.

” Léchez-moi entre mes jambes lèchent ma ‘chatte’,” she hissed ordering me to lick her between her legs and on her ‘pussy’.

I could do nothing but obey if I was going to be allowed to breathe. Meanwhile Louise once again was exploring my genitals with her tongue. My penis remained flaccid despite the urgency in her administrations. I was utterly and completely empty of semen. My testicles felt painfully dry and all my body needed was sleep, because goodness only knows what was going to happen the following day. I remembered that tomorrow would be a Saturday.

I kaçak iddaa fell asleep despite the nudging from Eloise above me, and Louise’s tonguing on my flaccid appendage. Nothing could have disturbed my slumber as I drifted off unaware of the prodding and poking inflicted on me by the still rampant and energetic nineteen-year olds.




The next morning I was awakened very early by low sunlight streaming in through the east-facing dormer windows. It must have been roughly five o’clock or so. No one seemed to be awake, and next to me I felt the heavy breath of the two sleeping girls, their faces and long hair in my neck and over my chest.

My penis had become rock hard again, and I stretched and rubbed it sensuously against their outstretched knees where their legs lay across mine. I unhooked my right arm from Louise and reached down and began to masturbate. I hoped that they would awaken and join me, but they appeared to be sleeping very deeply.

As I looked around the room, I noticed that Sophie Amyot had stirred from her slumber, and was smiling at me, and waving me over to join her. Gingerly, and with great stealth, I disengaged my other arm from under Eloise’s head and slid upwards, this time trying not to awaken them. I managed to extract most of my lean and puny body from between them when Louise groaned and placed her sleeping hand heavily on my genitals.

I stopped dead and waited. There was no further activity so I lifted her fingers off me, one by one, feeling the deadweight of her hand and eased myself out, and off the bed. I tiptoed quietly to Sophie’s bed where her arms and lips greeted me eagerly as I slipped in beside her under her large feather duvet.

Immediately her tongue was halfway down my throat and my hands were up inside her pink floral nightdress which smelled of talcum powder and scent. We said nothing as we savagely kissed each other more and more ferociously. We were like two feral animals locked in combat.

She shut her eyes as we rolled about on the bed, me on top, then her on top, writhing and twisting, seeking more and more pleasure from each others mouths.

My hands, which now gripped her buttocks, pulled her closer to me so that neither of us could breathe easily. Her breath came out in small gulps and little gasps; she was clearly out of control and totally uninhibited. I felt her between her legs and her dampness confirmed that she was ready for ‘sexy things’ as they had described it earlier.

I told her that she was sexy and beautiful and she smiled and savagely kissed me further.

I slipped one finger, then another, into her vulva, and slid down the bed so that my face was buried between her legs. She centred herself in the middle of the mattress and spread her legs fully. I set up a slow pace savouring her clitoral area with my tongue. I breathed in her vaginal perfume and pushed and pulled my fingers inside her increasing the speed. This continued for several minutes until I could hear little muffled ‘mews’ from her, as she tried in vain to remain silent. She looked down at me, with her mouth open; her furrowed brow indicated that she was expecting more.

She smiled at me and there was urgency in her expression.

My fingers were slimy and sticky as I pulled them out and eased myself upwards replacing them with my erection. Slowly I slid into her, feeling her grip me with her young vaginal muscles. My penis felt red hot inside her. Gradually we built a slow, easy pace and I felt full of energy from my restful few hours as I slid in and out of her, kissing her and licking her ears, neck and breasts and staring into her big dark brown eyes.

She moaned and groaned, holding her breath and gasping, then moaned again. For what seemed like ten minutes we continued jerking on toward our orgasms. We attempted to keep quiet but this proved impossible. Soon the bed was swaying and creaking, and Sophie moaned loudly. I put my hand over her mouth but she pushed it away. Again she moaned, this time in lots of little moans and gasps.

“Oh, oh, zut, zut, zut, oh, oh , ah, ah,” she cried out to her classmates in adjacent beds.

On and on, we jerked and bucked, as all around us girls in nightdresses gathered to watch us making love together. Soon most of the dormitory was awake while we continued with our fervent fucking. We continued on and on for many minutes. My buttocks jerked wildly as I eventually reached the point of no return. I clenched my teeth, shut my eyes, shuddered and released a vast volume of semen into her. I grunted vociferously as thick spurts of ‘cum’ entered her and flooded her vagina.

I eased out of her, and collapsed onto her heaving breasts, looking into her smiling eyes.

Without warning I was dragged off to another double bed where some scarves and belts had been crudely fastened together had been secured to the four corners.

Several girls, in their white lacy cotton nightdresses, forcefully held kaçak bahis me, and tied me down on my back so that my head lay near the foot of the bed. The ties were tightened so that I could hardly move. Panic overcame me, now that I realised that I was completely at their mercy with neither Matron, nor the headmistress, at hand to oversee the ‘proceedings’, whatever these might prove to be.

A girl stood behind me, with her back to me, and lifted up her floral pink nightdress and sat full on my face so that my nose became embedded in her pubic hair. She rearranged her nightdress over me so that I was concealed from view from my chest upwards. Almost immediately another girl began wanking me, starting at a snail’s pace, then furiously pulling and tugging on my penis. Other hands stroked my legs and stomach. Above me I looked up to see a pair of firm nipples jutting outwards creating a ‘nightdress tent’ above her smooth flat stomach.

She vigorously began to wipe her vaginal opening over my face in intense jerks and long rocking movements. The musky sweet female smell of her strong sexual secretions filled by nostrils as I licked and probed her with my tongue. The bed shook from side to side and all around me I could hear the sounds of French voices, talking and giggling.

I could just about make out shadowy movements of the other girls through the semi-transparent nightdress, as they walked past the windows of the attic dormitory. Above me her breasts began bouncing up and down and jiggling from side to side as she slowly, but surely, approached her climax.

“Oh mon Dieu ceci est si érotique, si sexy,” she squealed as she spasmed, shuddered and orgasmed over my slime-soaked face. She was pushed off me, and I could see that it was Lysette Pelletier whom I had just pleasured. I noticed also that it was Yvette Duchesne who was now busy frantically milking me.

Another pair of legs appeared over my upturned face, up came a pale blue nylon nightdress and another derriere was firmly lowered onto my mouth and nose. The nightdress was then rearranged quickly and neatly around and over me.

The bronze thighs and coarse black pubic hair made me think that it was Paulette Auclair who was sitting on my face. Her vagina had a strong fetid, almost putrid, rustic smell. She clearly had a strong natural odour which she didn’t disguise with perfumed deodorants.

She slid her labia over my nose, first in slow smooth movements then in long fierce movements, using it as a masturbatory aid. Soon I was bathed in her juices which covered my face and began to gather in my eye sockets and mouth.

Her sliding movements gave way to more aggressive pelvic jerking as she pushed herself onwards for what seemed like ten minutes of incessant masturbation. My body ached as she forced herself down on me over and over again. I felt that my face was being used as a dildo, just a sexual aid, and that this girl was determined that she would achieve her slow and powerful orgasm. From deep inside her I felt her climax welling up. Then I felt her shudder, then shake violently as she orgasmed on me, and over me.

I was on the brink of ‘coming’ when the wanking suddenly stopped. It was now Yvette Duchesne who stepped down the bed and straddled my face with her slender thighs. Almost instantly she was grinding her vagina into my face. Under her ivory nylon lacy nightdress I watched her breasts move in time with her thrusting and sliding. Her pubic hair became trapped in my teeth as I attempted to lick her clitoris but her writhing was too energetic and I pushed out my tongue and licked anything which slid over me.

“Oh, OH, OH, ceci est si plaisant, n’arrêtez pas, this is so pleasant, do not stop,” she continued, spitting out the words, while I spat out pubic hair.

Around me, her thighs thrashed and gripped my face. Her bouncing reached fever pitch as, above me, the sea of lacy nylon was tossing her tits from side to side. Her breath was coming out in little gasps as the bed jolted about noisily. Someone had resumed wanking me and, fortunately, I felt that the rhythm was the perfect speed and strength to make me ‘come’.

In less than five wonderful minutes I spurted out the entire contents of my testicles while Miss Duchesne continued rocking on me and spasmed viciously on my face. The air was full of the scent of sex and the atmosphere was electric. It must have been around six o’clock in the morning and I already felt I had been in the school for a week and not just a mere day.

Another girl lifted her pale green gingham nightdress and swung her legs over my face. I think it was Angelique Brongniart.

“Ouff,” I told her, ” Not so heavy with those buttocks,” I pleaded. It was unheeded as she planted her arse crack directly over my nose, pulled her cheeks apart and released them trapping my nostrils and leaving me to fight for air.

She was sweaty between her legs as she clearly must have only just woken up. She was quite rough with me as she bounced up and down on my face. I stared up Angelique’s delicious nightdress captivated by the delightful movements of her pert nipples bouncing about under the loose material. She swore loudly as she ‘came’ on my face.

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