Danny Wants Me Girly Pt. 02

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It has been a while now since Danny and I first linked. It is like I have entered into a complete new world at a time when I was downright depressed and at the bottom of my tether.

Sweet dear Danny has changed all that, I am so very happy again and he knows I will do anything to make him happy and satisfy his every need.

And since he asked for me to be Lorraine for him something significant has happen to me regarding self-learning and I know now just how much my female hormones have always been present but kept trapped.

When we begin to enjoy our regular sessions he loves for me just to be all sweet girly ass for him. Has me garbed in whatever is his flavour of the day, sometimes girly and other times he likes me to wear his fresh spunked boxer shorts and enjoy rubbing me up between my legs as I am bent over his lap on the settee. It is heaven to feel the residue of his cum being massaged into my hole, in preparation for the delightful fuck to come. Then he arranges me how he wants me next, not a word is spoken just the expression and his methodical prompting and I know then what he wants to do with me.

He is laying spread out on the red casino oyna pile carpet and it is heaven to crouch over his face and gradually tease and crouch down until he is able to sink his face into my crotch, rubbing his nose and his mouth into the spunked boxer shorts. Then he has me change into the girly Lorraine underwear which pushes back and camouflages my male parts and then my anus becomes his sweet scented Girly vagina and there he is, deep in between my thighs again, his face smothered with squirt cream he has just squirted inside me.

I adore the feelings he gives me with his busy tongue and mouth, he cannot get enough of me, I adore to hear his grunts and moans of pleasure as he sucks and licks me all over my ass and between too, as his hands busily nudge, stretch and squeeze me with the occasional firm slap which sends me into a fervour of a deep frenzy, pouting my ass out and shaking it for him.

He asks me to be his slut and I happily take the part, it is easy to do that with Danny. Just to enjoy his pleasure with mine as he wipes his hot cock over my face and ribs its head into my mouth cheeks, starching and bulging them as he orders me to suck canlı casino him dry. Sucking cock and being garbed in his Girly delights for the day makes me feel so sexy and right for him. I enjoy sucking and licking his body and relishes the scent and taste of fresh massaged and sucked cock, bunched his balls as I take him deep throat and it feels so gorgeous I don’t want to let it out. I can hold my breath for six minutes so dear Danny gets the very best out of my deep throat fucking.

A little more sucking and firm wanking and his soon spurts for me like a proverbial volcano on full firing and I love the taste and feel if his cream splash onto my tongue, I adore letting him see his cream in my mouth as I swallow it down and feel its sticky warmth run down my throat and away.

I feel it is part of Danny inside me that will be there for the day and later, when we part, I will still feel his fuck there deep up inside me and I will still cherish the taste and scent of him in my throat.

Next time he wants me in a tight plush black minis skirt and white top. His moth closes to mine and I feel like I am a woman as his hugs me tight and French kisses only the way kaçak casino Danny can do, his tongue delving deep into my throat suggesting what he would like later. I have perfumed myself in the French variety which really turns him ion big time and I see his swelling emerge in his jeans as I do what he likes me to do, wiggle and move like his Girly, giving him a teasing glimpse up my skirt as I sit and allow it to ride up to reveal my black stockings and red suspenders. I open a little to let him peep up my skirt a little more so he can see my Girly plum red thong which I know he will want me to rub into his face when I crouch over him and he sucks through to taste my sweet wet warm pussy awaiting his fuck.

He takes me across his lap and spanks me soundly with the paddle he has marked slut, I feel the hurt but then the utter pleasure as he massages my fresh spanked red ass with lubricant oils which feels so heavenly. Then his fingers work my orifice, gradually stretching and deepening as I cry for his deep hard fuck.

Then I feel heaven inside me, working deeper and deeper up me and it feel so gorgeous to have that length of fresh sucked throbbing cock wedged deep inside me as I work my rectal muscles to squeeze and pleasure him and we enter that certain world of our own when only the two of us matter and we are as one.

Danny is my heaven of earth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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