Daddy Calls Me Little Girl

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Daddy usually calls me “baby girl”. When he calls me from the other room it’s, “Baby girl, bring daddy his drink.” Or, “Baby girl, what are you doing in there?” Sometimes, it’s, “Baby girl, it’s time for bed.” That is one of my favorites.

Sometimes he calls me “little one”. I love that name. When he calls me “little one” I know I’m in for a treat. It means he wants to do something sweet for me, or wants me to do something sweet for him. He calls me little one when he wants me to cuddle with him on the couch to watch a daddy show. I always fall asleep cuddled up next to him. I think he likes it. I know I do because he is always so warm. I get lost in him.

He also calls me little one when he gives me a bath. Sometimes he will get the water all nice and warm and put some sweet smelling soap in the bath. He will light some candles and put on some soft music. He will call to me, “Little One! It is time for your bath.” I just love the sound of his voice. And the anticipation of my bath always gives me a tingle, down there.

He has other names for me. Some are a little naughty. He tells me I’m his Baby Bitch when he uses me. When he takes me and uses me for his pleasure. Sometimes I won’t even know that he is going to do it. Sometimes, I wish upon wish that he will, and I will do everything I can to tease him and bait him into it, but I never really know when he will.

He calls me sweetheart when I’m feeling sick or sad. He will ask me, “Sweetheart, what’s the matter. Come here and let Daddy make it all better.” Or, he will say, “Sweetheart, I know you don’t like it, but you have to take your medicine.”

Sometimes, when I’m naughty, he will just call me by my full name. First. Middle. And Last Name. When he does this, I just know. I’m getting a spanking. If I run or hide, I know I’m getting it ten times worse. I don’t know how Daddy’s hands can be so soft sometimes and so hard when he is spanking me. I think it hurts his feelings a little to spank me, because he always rubs my tender bottom after my spanking. Sometimes he will rub softly until my tears go away. Sometimes he will touch my little pussy when he is rubbing my bottom. I love that SO much. Daddy is so good to me.

Today, Daddy has had a long day at work. I know because he has only sent me a few texts. Normally he will text me sweet, sometimes naughty, little messages all day. I know just what to do for my Daddy when he gets home.

You see, Daddy has a few rules for me.

I will be clean and fresh for him. I have to bathe daily and wash my hair frequently.

I must be shaved smooth. No hair around my pussy or my little asshole

I will wear one of my butt plugs at all times and can only remove it to use the restroom.

I can never wear panties when Daddy is with me. Unless he says otherwise.

Natural makeup only. I’m no one’s slut. Except Daddy’s

Daddy allows me to masturbate when he isn’t around, but I can’t cum without his permission.

There are a few other rules, but they aren’t important right now. I was going to tell you about how I take care of my Daddy when he has had a long day at work. So, I’ll give you a little ‘play by play’ of our evening.

Daddy will get home and I’ll meet him at the door with a kiss and a hug. He will ask me, “How is my little girl? How was your casino oyna day?” He is always so sweet to me. Always asking about me first. Then he will go into the bedroom and take of his uniform. My Daddy is a Paramedic. He spends his day saving people’s lives. I’m so proud of him. I’ll come in and sit on the bed while he is getting ready to take his shower and tease him a little bit. I like to sit on the edge of the bed and let daddy have a little glimpse of my bare pussy. I make sure to wear one of the tiny see through teddies he got me. Oh, boy that was an adventure. We almost got kicked out of Victoria’s Secret. Daddy said they want to keep it a secret.

It always makes me so wet watching his cock get hard knowing it is because of me. I love it when he gets flustered and forgets what he was saying. I love knowing I have what my Daddy wants. He will climb into the shower, and I’ll keep talking to him. Sometimes I’ll just jump in with him, but tonight, I don’t want to because I’ve fixed my hair and my makeup just the way he likes it. I have my jeweled butt plug in, and I’ve spent most of the day masturbating, but not cumming. I almost can’t wait for Daddy to get out of the shower.

He will get out, and I’ll watch him as he towels off all the water. God, I love how sexy he is. His thick back, his muscular legs, and his swollen cock are all on display for me. I have to have him. I will stand behind him while he is shaving and press my body to his. I’ll feel my hard little nipples pressed against his back. I’ll smell his shaving cream, and I’ll feel my cream leaking out of my pussy. When he starts to shave I will reach around and start stroking his cock. I love how it grows in my hand, and I love the smile on my Daddy’s face.

I won’t be able to resist any longer. I need my Daddy’s cock in my mouth. I will kneel beside him and pull his hard cock to my mouth. I love that he has a little precum already dripping from his little hole. I love to lick it, feel it on my tongue and taste it. I love how Daddy tremors whenever I press my tongue into that tiny hole trying to get every little drop of his precum, but I just have to feel his cock in my mouth. It is always so hard for me. Hard and soft at the same time. It just makes me want to feel it against my teeth, so I give the head a gentle bite.

I want to feel it in my throat. I know Daddy wants it too, because he is holding my head with both hands and slowly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I can feel him griping my hair and pulling me closer and closer to him. His cock is going deeper and deeper down my throat. It is so fantastic. I can cum just from knowing how much he needs me, and how much I can give him right now. I can feel Daddy getting close to cumming. I love when he cums in my mouth or down my throat. I can feel his cock swell and pulsate. I can hear his grunting and feel his grip on my head and hair tighten. But, tonight he pulls away.

I look up at him and what to know why he stopped. I think he can read my mind, because he just says, “Tonight baby bitch, I want to cum in your perfect little ass.” He couldn’t have said anything sweeter to me. I love my Daddy so much. My body belongs to him, and every hole is for his use and pleasure. I live to surrender to him because he lives to love, protect and provide for me. I am his because he is canlı casino mine.

He gently lifts me from the floor and carries me on his hip with my legs wrapped around him. He takes me to the bed and puts me down gently. My little teddy is up above my waist, and I can see the hungry look in Daddy’s eyes as he pushes my legs back and hungrily licks my little pussy. Oh God, I’m in heaven. Some girls complain that their boyfriends are too rough or have no idea what they are doing. Well, not my Daddy. He is an expert pussy eater. He is so soft and so solid at the same time. Somehow he can press against my pussy and my little clit with his tongue in a way that is solid yet soft at the same time.

He likes to hold the big flat part of his tongue on my clit and lick my pussy hole with the end of his tongue. He does this until I can’t stand it anymore then he will sink his tongue as far into my pussy as possible. It really is amazing how long My Daddy’s tongue is. He will do this until I am literally dripping wet then he will put a finger inside me. Oh. My mind just went blank for a second. He will get his finger really wet and then put a second finger in me. He knows just how to curl his finger to touch a special spot inside my pussy. He uses his other hand to press down from the outside, and I know he wants me to pull the top of my pussy back. He told me once it was so he could better taste my little clit. But, OH MY GOD it is always so incredible. He will lick my exposed clit, vibrate the fingers inside me and push down a little with his other hand until I cum so hard I’m lost. Everything just disappears and I’m just floating in a warm cloud with no sound and no light and just nothing.

Finally, I will start to float back down, and I will feel how wet I am. I will feel my Daddy licking all my come off of me. I feel so fantastic now after a whole day of teasing myself just to the brink of orgasm. I wanted it so bad so many times today, but I knew that If I waited, this would be my reward. How can any man be so, so much, and he is MY Daddy.

I know what is coming next. Daddy is going to want to feel my wet pussy on his hard cock. He will start by rubbing the head of his cock on my swollen lips and clit. He will build me back up to wanting to cum again and then he will plunge his cock deep into me. It is always so easy for him even though he is so big and my pussy is so tiny. He always gets me ready to take his hard cock, and I love how he fills me up. I love his weight on me. I feel so safe in my Daddy’s embrace. I feel completed by him, by his weight and his big cock. Slowly he will start to rotate his hips. It is difficult for me to describe the motion, but it is like the motion you make to hula-hoop except much slower and more deliberate. I feel every inch of his cock. I can feel his weight on me and his pubic bone rubbing against my little clit. It is a safe, secure, fabulous feeling. I know that this is the way Daddy normally cums, so I also know he is going to stop this soon so he can make it last longer.

And, of course, I’m right. Daddy rolls off of me, taking his swollen cock with him. Daddy will look at me and say, “Little one, sit on Daddy’s cock. Let me look at you.” I love this position too. Somehow Daddy is able to contract his muscles in a way that puts his cock at just the right angle to kaçak casino hit a spot in my pussy that always makes me cum. Unfortunately, it always happens so fast. Sometimes I can barely get him all the way in before I’m cumming. But, tonight he has already given me a huge orgasm, so I can hold off for a while. Well, not for a long while, I am only human. The best part about being on top of Daddy is I can see how much he loves me in his eyes. I can see his hunger and his desire. His hands are so soft on my body, on my breasts and my stomach. And Daddy loves kissing. I’m surprised I didn’t mention that before. He loves to kiss me. He plants little kisses all over my body and deep wet kisses that take my breath away while he is making love to me. He likes to bite when he is fucking me, and there is a difference let me tell you.

I can tell he is close, but I know what he really wants. He wants to cum in my ass tonight. He will tell me to lie on my stomach and arch my ass into the air. I think he does this just because he likes my ass so much. But, I always do what Daddy wants. And of course he rewards me. I can already feel him spreading my ass, admitting my pretty little plug. He will slowly remove the plug while rubbing my swollen wet pussy, and then he will lick me from my clit to may asshole. It is exquisite. I can feel how much he wants me. He tongues my asshole probing deep with his tongue. He gets me even wetter than I was before, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

He will lick me until I tell him I want him to fuck my ass. He will actually make me say it. It is so dirty. It embarrasses me every time I have to say it, but Daddy demands it. So I will tell him, “Fuck my ass Daddy. Fuck your little girl’s ass. Fuck me and make me yours.” If I make him believe I want it he will reward me. He will fuck his baby bitch’s ass. This is when Daddy likes to bite. I can feel the tip of his swollen cock push against my little asshole. I can feel him start to put his weight into it. Oh God, it hurts. I want him to stop, but I don’t want him to stop. Thank god for that pretty butt plug. I wouldn’t survive this otherwise. Oh, God. It is finally in.

That is much better. It is actually starting to feel right. Like my buttplug. I can feel him start to slide deeper and deeper into my tiny asshole. I can feel him rocking back and forth and going deeper and deeper with every thrust. I have to touch my clit. I can get my hand under me and rub my clit while he is pounding me. I can rub my clit while he is fucking me. It is so intense. I can feel the heat building in my pussy and flowing like waves through me. I can feel Daddy’s cock pistoning in and out of me. I can tell he is getting close because he is biting the muscle between my neck and shoulder. Oh God, he is like a wild animal fucking me, claiming me as his. I know he is about to cum. His breathing has changed. He is taking short quick breaths, and his thrusts are smaller. I can feel his cock get harder and feel it pulsate. I know he is cumming inside my ass. Oh God, just knowing he is coming in my ass is pushing me over. I push on my little clit hard and cum with Daddy.

I feel his weight press me into the bed. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I’m suddenly aware that we are both covered in sweat, and I don’t care in the least. I’ve given my Daddy everything. I am his Baby Bitch, his Sweetie, his Little One and his Little Girl all at the same time. I am my Daddy’s and he is mine.

Wait, I think I hear the garage door opening! Daddy’s Home!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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