Couples Camp Ch. 20

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Brad woke as the rays from the late day sun shone in his eyes; turned to get away from the glare he discovered he was alone. Brad yawned as he directed his gaze to the empty doorway expecting to see Brooke emerge from the bathroom any minute, but the silence was never broken and she never came out. Brad’s level of concern grew, as he realized Brooke was not in the room, and sat up noticing she had left a note on her pillow.

Dear Brad, I just couldn’t wait to tell Kim. As soon as you wake up please come join us at the fire so we can all talk about our plans. I love you and can’t wait to call you my husband.

Brad’s mind was set at ease, just knowing where she was, and reading her words, calmed him. The adrenaline rush brought on by his concern however rushed through his body forcing him up out of bed. Brad made his way to the bathroom grabbing some clothes on his way. Anxious to join Brooke and discover what plans she was making with Kim, he quickly got dressed and headed out the cottage door.

Brad walked up to the circular seating area, surrounding the fire pit, as one of the camp employee’s was stacking wood inside the large round center, getting it ready for the nightly blaze.

“Hey there buddy.” Nick called out as Brad approached.

“Hey man, what’s going on.” Brad responded to his new friend.

“We were just talking about your wedding, buddy. Congratulations man, I’m excited for you guys to get married here at the lake.” Nick joyously congratulated as he stood up to greet him.

Brad shook his hand in recognition of his best wishes and took a seat in the open spot now empty next to Brooke.

“How was your nap baby?” Brooke asked as she leaned over giving him a kiss hello.

Nick returned to the semicircular seat, only this time next to Kim who was sitting on the other side of Brooke.

“The timing couldn’t have been better Brad. The end of summer fling is in a few days and we usually have a big party outside at the theater. We can put a few things together and you guys can have your ceremony first and then we can just make the party your guy’s reception.” Kim said sharing in Brooke’s obvious excitement.

The four sat there as the sun quickly fell in the sky casting its red glow across the lake. The temperature falling as the shadows of the redwoods grew longer. Nick suggested Brad and him go get some drinks to bring back while the girls continued making their plans for the wedding as one of the camp staff lit the fire, helping to ward off the cool mountain air now sweeping over the resort.

Brad and Nick got along well chatting as they walked towards the bar, leaving the two women alone. Nick questioned him about his work and the two shared details of their lives outside of the camp. It was a strange feeling, knowing Nick was fucking Brooke and yet the two of them seemed to be becoming friends, as Brad found himself genuinely liking Nick. The longer the two talked the more Brad understood why Brooke had been so attracted to him. The fact Nick was a good lover was obvious, but this was the first time Brad was getting a good look at his charisma and humor. By the time they got back with the drinks they were both laughing sharing their humorous observations on life.

“What are you two laughing about?” Kim asked as they approached with drinks in hand.

“Oh nothing,” Nick mocked, as he handed her, her drink.

“Well guess what, Kim is going to be my maid of honor baby.” Brooke cheerfully announced.

“That’s great babe,” Brad said as he handed her a drink.

Brad sat there listening to the two make plans to get a dress at the resort and have a bouquet made by one of the guests that was a florist. The food and music was already planned for the resort party so not much needed to be done for the reception at all, but the ceremony itself was a little bit more complex.

“We need a few things for the ceremony, but I just want to make sure you understand what you are doing Brad.” Kim said leaning over giving Brad a sober look.

“What do you mean? I mean I love Brooke and yeah I want to marry her, the sooner the better.”

“You don’t mind sharing her with others?” Kim questioned.

Brad was thrown off balance by her question. The directness was a bit of a shock even if the acceptance of her continued behavior wasn’t. Brad knew he was marrying a woman who enjoyed sex with more than just him, and the vision of her extracurricular affairs began to replay in his memory.

“I just want her to remain a part of my life. If that means I have to accept her sleeping with other people, well then so be it. “Brad said trying to sound confident in his declaration.

The visions of Brooke being fucked by Nick, Logan and Ron not to mention the faceless herd of dicks offered up to her, replayed in Brad’s mind, causing a bulge to quickly form in his pants. The lack of a steal restraint allowed the blood to rush unrestricted, hardening his flesh beyond its limits. Brad’s dick felt as if it was going casino siteleri to explode, the swelling causing a painful distraction as he tried to sit still.

“Well ok then.” Kim said, smiling as she first looked at Brooke and then down to see Brad’s reaction to her question.

Nick let a few minutes pass before suggesting that he and Brad excused themselves from the discussion, standing nearer the fire, and continuing their own conversation away from the matrimonial strategy.

Another trip to the bar, and a few plates of nachos later and the two couples found themselves retiring for the night.

“I can’t believe Saturday will be a whole month.” Brooke uttered laying in the dark next to Brad.

“I know, in some ways it feels like we just got here in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago.” Brad agreed pulling the sheets up.

“Three more days baby, three more days until we are husband and wife.” Brooke gleefully pronounced.

“Tomorrow Kim and I are going to go get my dress, you and Nick need to get your suits and Kim is going to help me get everything else ready.”

“Nick? Why does Nick need a suit?” Brad questioned.

“Well he’s the best man silly.” She responded unquestionably.

Brad thought about it. Since Kim was the Maid of Honor it made sense that Nick would be the Best Man, and since the two of them had hit it off so well, why not.

“Ok, well that makes sense.”

Brad lay there somber at the thought of having to leave Pine Lake but excited at the prospect of a life of adventure with Brooke. Gradually his hold on reality gave way to a deep slumber and he fell asleep.

The next morning Brooke woke early getting ready for her long day of preparation. Brad woke at his normal time, rolling out of bed and heading to the bathroom as he did every day.

“Don’t forget, you need to get your suit, and make sure you are to the Cantina by six for dinner ok. If I don’t see you till then baby, I love you.” Brooke said kissing Brad before rushing out the door.

Brad was only half awake as the door slammed behind her, he finishing his morning routine and heading off to his daily exercise. Brad returned to his room and jumped in the shower washing off the accumulated sweat from his workout, and got dressed for the day.

Brad was just finishing getting dressed when he heard a knock on the door. It was Nick.

“Hey buddy, you ready? Let’s do this.” Nick proclaimed as Brad opened the door to discover who it was.

“Yeah I just finished, let’s do it man.” Brad said surprised at Nick’s arrival but excited at the prospect of having a partner in crime.

Brad and Nick agreed on a style of suit they had and thanks to the helpful staff they agreed to get them altered before the day was over. Brad and Nick spent the rest of the day just hanging out and getting to know each other better, having lunch together and inspecting the theater area that was already being set up for the upcoming party.

“Hey man I need to go grab some gifts I got for you and Brooke, so why don’t I meet you at the cantina later for dinner?” Nick insisted nearing the end of the day.

“Gifts, you didn’t have to do that man.” Brad responded surprised at the revelation.

“It’s nothing big buddy, I’ll meet you there, ok?”

“Ok sounds good.” Brad agreed as he considered what to do with his free time.

Brad took a walk along the lake as he pondered the journey he was embarking on. The idea of marrying Brooke wasn’t at all scary to him. The thought of her in his life was the most comforting thing he could imagine. The concern was if he was going to be able to keep her satisfied. Would he be able to make her happy, and keep her from leaving? Would he be able to provide her with the life she wanted and he wanted for her? Would he be able to compete with her expectations of what a man should be? The questions bombarded him leaving him to wonder if he would be able to measure up.

If there was one thing he had learned from Coupled Camp it was that he could handle anything that was thrown at him. Anything he needed to do to keep her happy he could do, and anything she wanted he could figure out a way to provide. Maybe he wasn’t the best man in the world but he would make sure he was the best man in the world for her.

As the sun once again made its way lower in the horizon, casting the shadows of the tall redwoods over the lake, Brad made his way to the cantina to meet his soon to be bride for their final dinner before becoming husband and wife.

“Bradley, good to see you, how’ve you been good man?”

“Mr. Walker,” Brad responded, shocked to see his boss.

“Oh It’s Ed to you young man.” Edward bellowed giving Brad a friendly pat on the shoulder.

“Congratulations Bradley, I am thrilled to hear you’re getting married.”

“Well thank you sir, but how did you know about that?” Brad asked worried about what his boss new of his time at the lake.

“Listen young man, canlı casino I knew all about Brooke’s plan long before you. Now let’s go join the others, shall we?” He boldly exclaimed pushing Brad’s shoulder encouraging him to head towards their table.

Brad followed closely beside his boss, contemplating what he had heard. What plan? What was he talking about? What the hell did Mr. Walker, his boss know about Brooke’s plan? What plan?

“Oh honey, you’re here.” Brooke lovingly declared, as she saw the two men approach.

Brad was shocked to see they had pulled a few tables together allowing for one large get together, much different than the usual two to four seat tables the Cantina normal had. Brad took his seat next to Brooke, still stunned at what his boss had said.

Brad sat to the left of Brooke; to her right was Nick, followed by Kim. On the opposite side of the table were Michelle and her husband Ron, seated next to Brad’s Boss Edward and his wife Eva.

“Well this is a surprise, for sure.” Brad said still bewildered at the whole situation.

“First off all Brad we are all hear to congratulate you and wish you both well.” Michelle began.

“I’m sure you have a few questions about the last few weeks, but I want to assure you before I tell you, that Brooke here is an amazing woman and you are lucky to have such a lovely woman care so much about you.”

“Yeah I agree, she’s fantastic and I love her very much.” Brad interjected.

“Oh I know you do Brad and trust me she loves you as well.”

“But I think it’s important we get a few things out in the open before we move on. First of all Brooke contacted us online inquiring about our couple’s packages. She was especially interested in what we like to call our Commitment Package. After we got a few specifics from her we decided you two would be a perfect fit for Couples Camp. Especially once I found out you worked for Edward here.” Michelle chuckled as she continued her presentation.

Brad was confused, she knew his boss?

“Oh that’s right you got married here didn’t you Ed?” Brad exclaimed remembering what his boss had said.

“We sure did.” Ed smiled as he turned to his wife recalling their stay.

“Well Edward and I have been partners for many years now, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem you taking the time off, although he was awfully concerned what he would do without you there. Turns out your quite the consultant, but that’s another topic all together.”

“Anyway Brooke here told us about your low sperm count, and how it was affecting your confidence moving forward with your relationship.”

Brad sat there with his mouth open, listening to Michelle trying to understand what this all meant. His boss Mr. Walker and Michelle were partners? Did that mean he worked for Michelle? Brooke had told them about his low sperm count?

“So I bet you wondered what all the shots where for, well I am pleased to tell you both, your low sperm counts are no more, at least not the sample I collected from you yesterday. The testosterone shots we have been giving you helped raise the count and you should have no problem now, but just in case we’ve frozen the rest of the sample, for insemination later on if needed.”

Brad was speechless. The topic of having kids often created arguments between him and Brooke but not because they didn’t want them, because he was afraid he could never give her any. The fact that problem might have been solved opened up the possibility to him and the vision of fathering her children flooded his imagination, only to be replaced by the memory of her being filled with the baby batter of Nick and Logan repeatedly over the last month.

“I can tell by the expression on your face you are worried about Brooke already being pregnant, well I have some more good news for you. She never stopped taking her pills. I know we lied to you about that, but it’s been proven to increase sperm count if a man thinks he must compete for his mate’s egg. The combination of testosterone and your own bodies evolutionary drive to reproduce, coupled with the buildup in your chastised situation all worked to help produce positive results.”

Brad was speechless. He was trying to figure out whether to be angry or elated at the news of his deception. He was relieved to know Brooke hadn’t thrown caution to the wind, risking getting pregnant by another man, but at the same time he felt deceived. The whole time he had been there it was a test. He knew they came there to improve their relationship but the revelation that it was this involved of a plot was a great surprise.

“I know it’s a lot baby, but just know I did it because I love you. I wanted you to have your confidence back. Like you where before you found out your count was low. I wanted you to realize what we have and commit to me forever.” Brooke pleaded.

“I didn’t know I was gonna like it so much, but I think you understand that.” She giggled looking at Kim and Nick.

It took a few kaçak casino minutes for Brad to process everything, and recognize Brooke had done it all to try and deepen their relationship. The insecurity and loss he felt in first grade was an illusion to get him to let go of his past and embrace a new way of looking at their relationship. A month ago he was just looking to come home and lay around. Now he couldn’t imagine that life of apathy. He couldn’t invasion going back to a boring apartment and the occasional movie night, now he wanted more. The excitement they had this last month, did bring them closer together as a couple, but it also lit a fire in them to explore life. Brad remained quit as the server set the plates on the table.

“Well this looks delicious like always.” Ron piped in, breaking the long silence.

Brad looked down at his plate, admiring the fine cuisine. This was a far cry from the meager meal he used to have to eat in the kitchen, and disappointedly realized it would all be over in another two day. The four couples enjoyed their meals, making small talk and joking as the food disappeared.

“There is something else I would like to talk to you about Brad,” Michelle once again began.

“I could use a good business consultant like you; in fact I have been looking for someone for a while, and when I talked to Edward about you he had nothing but good things to say. That’s why Ron here, or should I say One, got to know you. Ron my lovely husband is also my best investigator.” Michelle grinned patting him on the knee.

“I need someone I can trust Brad, someone that can clean up the books and find the leaks. Someone that can spot the problems and get them fixed. You think you would be interested in something like that?”

Brad was dizzy with all the things being thrown at him so quickly. The prospect of leaving Ed and the firm he had become so comfortable with was scary but the thought of the potential was inviting.

“I, uh I don’t know.” He stuttered.

“Well I know it’s a lot to take in but let me tell you this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You would be staying in some of the finest resorts and eating in some of the finest restaurants in the world. I expect results, but I also take exceptionally good care of my partners. Michelle snickered looking over at Ed.

“That she does.” Ed bellowed

“I sure will miss you good man, but I understand, a partnership like this is something that changes your life.”

Brad absorbed his boss’s words. The idea of traveling the world in luxury, staying in fine hotels and dining like this every night was something he had never considered a possibility, but now was being offered up like a warm cognac on a silver platter.

“It sounds amazing, it really does, but, it’s just that, well I’m sorry I just can’t.” Brad stammered.

“Want to spend my life with Brooke and I can’t see myself off traveling around with her waiting at home for me. I just couldn’t be away all the time like that.” He said confident he was making the right decision.

“Oh you miss understood; Brooke would be traveling with you.” Michelle clarified.

Brad turned to Brooke to see her huge smile. She knew what it meant to him to be offered such an opportunity. The ability to experience the best life has to offer while he got to do what he was so good at meant a lot to him, but having her by his side means everything. This was an opportunity to have it all.

“I tell you what, I’ll sweeten the deal. If you accept, I’ll treat you two to a honeymoon at my resort on Maui.”

Brad didn’t need to ask, he could tell by Brooke’s expression she was as excited as he was. The honeymoon, the new career, the new life, all of it was just so amazingly overwhelming.

“OK Yes, Yes I would love to.” Brad cried out.

“That’s better.” Michelle laughed.

“Well I guess I’m looking for a new consultant.” Ed roared raising his glass to toast.

“The best of happiness, honor, and fortunes keeps with you both.”

Brooke and Brad spent the rest of the evening laughing and sharing their hope for the future with their new group of friends. They all enjoyed the evening, eventually ending up huddled around the fire in the center court, before deciding to all retire early. The day ahead was going to be a long one, as most wedding days are, and they all wanted to be able to fully enjoy it.

“Ok I’ll meet you first thing in the morning at Michelle’s room and we can get started.” Kim said as they all stood to go their separate ways.

“Ok, got it, and Nick will come get Brad, right?” Brooke asked.

“Sure will,” Nick responded.

“Ok see you tomorrow.” Brad added.

Brooke and Brad both tossed and turned all night, anticipating their impending nuptials. The unrestricted blood flow and soft touch of Brooke’s skin woke Brad up more than once as the covers pushed up from his nighttime erection. This was the second night in a row he was free but hadn’t gotten to make love to Brooke. The torture of his abstinence nagged at him, as the heat from her body brushed his skin. Tomorrow they would marry, and the thought of once again making love to Brooke only this time as his wife fed the flame of Brad’s desire.

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