Consummating With Beckah

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Chapter One

I would never admit this to my friends because I don’t think any of them would understand. Oh, they most likely have the same feelings that I do; there have been many times recently when I have seen the look of intense desire and want on their faces when they looked at my daughter.

But I doubt they would understand that I, her own father, was attracted sexually to her. I couldn’t help it and I can’t even explain why I wanted her except to say she was just so attractive that it was hard not to want her. I can’t even count the times I have masturbated with the image of her sexy face in my head, imagining her lips wrapped around my cock or her legs spread wide while I fucked her sweet young pussy.

Even though Beckah is eighteen I haven’t seduced her like I have fantasized since her eighteenth birthday.Even though I was aware that my daughter was sexually active I also knew that a beautiful girl like her would undoubtedly want a young man closer to her own age. And, also, one who wasn’t her father. Just because I lusted for her didn’t mean that she had the same incestuous impulses toward me. And attempting to seduce her would only cause trouble.

Those were the thoughts that ran through my head when I considered seducing Beckah. Still, those thoughts didn’t deter me from fantasizing about fucking her sweet mouth and pussy while I jacked off. Sometimes, while making love to my wife, I would pretend it was my daughter’s cunt impaled on my hard, seven-inch cock. Since Debbie and Beckah look a lot alike it wasn’t difficult to imagine that I was actually fucking my daughter.

One night a few weeks ago while my wife worked her usual late shift, I was sitting in the den watching television when Beckah came through on her way to the kitchen wearing a tee shirt that was too short and revealed much of her soft, flat tummy, and tight shorts. Her long slender legs were bare as well as her perfect feet. I could see the nipples of her small tits pushing against the cotton garment as she walked by my chair. Immediately, my cock began to twitch with desire.

After she returned to her room giving me a good look at her small, well-rounded ass, I hurried to the bathroom and quickly slipped out of my robe. My cock was hard and I groaned softly as I wrapped one hand around the fat shaft. I began to pull on it, slowly and evenly, while I began to imagine Beckah taking it in her mouth, then her sweet pussy.

In my mind’s eye, I could see her soft, heart shaped face as she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. She was kneeling in front of me with her face at cock level, one hand cupping my cum-swollen balls, three fingers of the other wrapped around the shaft while she devoured the bulbous head. She was naked and, though I had not seen her tits, I could imagine them small and firm, with fat, hard nipples.

Three minutes into my fantasy there came a soft tapping at the door. I groaned softly as I continued to slowly stroke my cock. I knew it was Beckah and I stared at the door, half wanting her to open the door and catch me sitting naked on the toilet while I masturbated. It would have embarrassed me but in my present state of mind it would also have been hot. But I just didn’t have the courage to expose myself to my daughter – accidentally or otherwise.


“Yeah, baby, I’m coming.”

“Please, hurry! I need to pee!”

I hurriedly pulled the robe back on, flushed the toilet and stepped to the door. I looked down and saw that my hard cock was noticeably tenting the front of my robe. I wanted to wait a few minutes until my erection was gone but Beckah was knocking on the door again. Instead I pressed a hand against my hard cock and opened the door wide.

In my daughter’s haste to get into the bathroom we were forced to turn sideways facing each other. The doorway is narrow enough that it was a bit of a squeeze for the two of us at the same time. At the moment that we were face to face I had to move my hand behind me and, to my horror, my hard cock slipped through the robe and pressed against my daughter’s lightly tanned tummy.

She looked down and gasped. All seven-inches were pressed tightly against her tummy in the tight confines and when she finally looked up at me her pretty eyes were wide with shock. And, as I had known, I became immediately embarrassed. But I couldn’t move for a moment; we stood there with my hard meat laying against my daughter’s soft tummy, the bulbous head oozing precum as she stared at it.

“Oh, shit,” I breathed. “I-I’m so s-sorry.”

“It’s ok, daddy,” Beckah murmured softly.

I slipped through the door and hurried to my room. I closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed, my face still red and burning with embarrassment. I sat there for a long while with my eyes closed as the shame beat relentlessly at me. The shame came not so much from Beckah seeing my hard cock but that there was no denying that I had been in the bathroom jacking off.

Then, suddenly, as that thought came to mind, the embarrassment casino şirketleri evaporated only to be replaced with lust again. The idea that my daughter knew that I had been jacking off was a powerful thought that had my cock hard and throbbing again. And she had actually looked at it, as it lay pressed against her tummy. The images flooded my head and before I knew it, I was naked again and stroking my cock

I looked at the door while I jacked off, whishing that Beckah would come in. I wanted her to open the door and see me jacking my cock. In my mind, as I stared at the door, I could see her walk toward me and kneel down between my legs, then take my meat into her warm, wet mouth. I could once again look into her eyes while she made love to my hard, throbbing cock.

All at once, as the passion in me built higher and higher and I became more out of control, I impulsively left the bed and opened the door, It’s crazy what I’ll do when I’m this aroused but I stood in the doorway of my bedroom staring down the hall toward Beckah’s room while I masturbated. I wanted her – no, willed her – to come into the hall and catch me jacking off. The sensations that flooded me was so intense that it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingle in my cum-filled balls and I knew I didn’t have long before I exploded.

My hand was a blur on my cock and my balls bounced wildly between my spread legs. My breathing was harsh and ragged in my throat, my pulse quick and my whole body a mess of frayed nerves as I wildly jacked my cock. At one point my legs trembled so violently that I had to lean against the door jam.

Suddenly, I stiffened and groaned. With a soft moan, and my teeth clenched, my cock exploded and sent ropes of thick seed onto the hardwood floor of the hall. It seemed to go on forever before the powerful wave of the most intense orgasm of my life finally abated. I had never done anything like this before but standing exposed in the hall where my eighteen-year-old daughter could walk out of her room and catch me was so hot.

Gasping, my legs about to give out on me, I stepped back into my room and closed the door. I nearly fell on the bed. I lay still for a long while as my brain buzzed with what I had just done. And I couldn’t get my daughter out of my mind. Finally, I crawled from the bed, got a cloth from the bathroom and cleaned up my seed from the floor.

Chapter Two

The next day was Saturday and my wife was off work until Monday at four. Normally, I putter around the house on Saturdays; mow the lawn, do minor repair projects and anything that needs to be done, so I can rest on Sunday before starting another workweek. But, since I had the next week off for vacation, I debated, while standing in the shower under a hot spray of water, about putting off chores until Monday.

Debbie normally gets in about twenty minutes after midnight on the nights she works and stays up watching television until three in the morning. So she usually doesn’t wake up until eleven o’clock or so. Beckah is also a late sleeper, which gives me a few hours in the morning to myself before I get busy around the house.

I had just sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the paper when the swinging door opened and Beckah came in, dressed and ready for the day. I looked at my watch and noticed it was a quarter to nine, which was very unusual for my daughter to be awake at that time of day. And, I’ll admit, that I had hoped to delay seeing her for a few hours until I could gather the courage to talk to her about what happened in the bathroom the night before. It probably shouldn’t have been that much of a deal; the fact that she had seen my hard cock and had known that I’d been in the bathroom jacking off was not an earth shattering revelation. But, in my way, I thought I owed her an explanation.

“Hi, daddy!”

“Ah, you’re up early.”

“Yeah, I’m meeting Cindy and Gloria at the mall,” she said as she got a cereal bowl and spoon. “Cindy’s going to the annual Country Club Dance and Gloria and I are going to help her pick out a dress.”

“You’re not going?”

She looked at me from the counter by the refrigerator with a bemused expression on her face. “You know I don’t do bluebloods. I wouldn’t give a nickel for a dozen of those snobby bastards.”


Debbie hates it when our daughter curses but I learned long ago it’s a lot easier to pick one’s battles when dealing with young people. Beckah doesn’t use bad language that often but it still twists my wife’s panties in a knot when she does. I, on the other hand, just ignore it.

“So, what are your plans for the day?” she asked, placing a bowl of cold cereal on the table and sitting down across from me.

I shrugged. “I’m still debating that. Since I’m on vacation next week I may wait until then to mow the yard.”

“The grass will get higher if you wait,” she grinned.

“Oh, well.”

We sat in companionable silence for several minutes while she ate her breakfast and read the casino firmaları comics. I drank my coffee and read the editorial page, though my mind wasn’t on it. I kept trying to think of how to approach last night, or even if I should. Beckah seemed in good spirits and untroubled by what happened in the bathroom. Then, suddenly, that option was taken out of my hands.

“Can I ask a question?” Beckah said, as she pushed the empty bowl aside.


“Do you masturbate often, daddy?”

After living with an extrovert for eighteen years, who isn’t shy to speak her mind, I shouldn’t have been surprised by her question. And, her pretty eyes bore into me as she waited for an answer. There was no question in my mind that my daughter’s query was a result of last night. Sitting there watching her for a moment, I couldn’t come up with one reason why I should lie about it or refuse to give her an answer. Besides, Debbie and I have taught Beckah that her opinions are just as important as others.

“Sometimes,” I admitted with a sigh.

“I know that’s what you were doing last night,” she said. Beckah’s expression and voice were frank as she stared at me. “I know you and mom can’t get together because of your schedules.”

“That’s true enough,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“And I’m sorry I interrupted you.” There was a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. “You didn’t even get to cum.”

“I…you know, maybe we shouldn’t be talking about, well, this kind of stuff,” I said, feeling the heat of embarrassment warm my face.

“Why not?” She looked at me for a moment, and then burst into laughter. “You’re blushing, daddy!”

“Baby – “

“Why can’t we talk about sex?” She pushed a strand of loose, dark brown hair from her face. “I mean sex is a normal function that most people love to engage in.”

“Yes, Beckah, I agree with you but I’m also your dad.” It was a weak argument but it was all I had.”

“And just because you’re my dad we can’t talk about sex? I would expect that argument from mom, but not you.”

She had me there. The fact is Debbie is not very adventurous regarding anything sexual and the simple reason is that she has more hang-ups than an eighty-year-old woman. I on the other hand am open minded enough that I can at least consider some sexual situations. In short, I’m probably a little kinky.

“Ok,” I said finally with a grin. “You’re right.”

Beckah grinned mischievously. “So, now that we’ve established that you do like to masturbate, what do you think about? Do you have fantasies that you entertain when you’re jacking your big cock?”

I stared at my daughter for a moment. I was surprised by the candor of her questions. How could I tell my beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter that my one and only fantasy involves having sex with her? I could see that going over real well.

“Well…I just think about, you know…”

She grinned. “You think about fucking someone at work?”

“Beckah!” In spite of the shock her question caused, I still chuckled. The sound of my voice, however, betrayed the surprise I felt.

“Oh, c’mon, daddy!” she giggled. “I won’t tell anyone. Who were you imagining when you were stroking your cock last night?”

I didn’t answer. In fact, I averted my eyes for a moment as my brain desperately searched for a way out of this mess. My problem with her question was that I simply could not give an answer because to do so would reveal that I was sexually attracted to her. I have never lied to my daughter before and I didn’t want to start now. I found myself in a Catch 22, not wanting to tell the truth and not being able to lie.

Suddenly, Beckah gasped and I looked up. Her eyes were wide, the expression on her pretty face shocked as I looked at her. A hand covered her mouth as she stared back at me. I hadn’t realized at the time that the look on my face was so transparent but it was more than obvious that my daughter had already solved her own question.

“You were thinking about me,” she said softly.


“You were thinking about me while you jacked off.”

There wasn’t a hint of anger in Beckah’s voice, only surprise as she spoke. I was more than simply embarrassed – I was completely humiliated. At that moment, while my face burned a bright scarlet, I wished I had been able to lie to her. But that was something I couldn’t do.

Then she started laughing and that made me a little self-conscious because I didn’t know the reason behind her laughter. For all I knew my daughter was laughing because her dad was a complete idiot. I think she saw in my face the awkward way I felt and she quickly reached out a hand and touched my arm.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” she said seriously. “I don’t mean to laugh. I was just taken by surprise.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t know what I was thinking last night when I was, well, masturbating.” Even though I tried valiantly to recover from an awkward situation I’m sure my voice betrayed me. “You just assumed I was thinking of you.”

“Oh, güvenilir casino c’mon, daddy,” she said softly. “I could see it in your face.”

I just looked at her, and then I finally shrugged and sighed. “Ok. I was fantasizing about you.”

“Really? But I’m your daughter.”

“I know and I’m sorry,” I said, a clear and distinct tone of remorse in my voice.

“Don’t be sorry, daddy,” she said quickly. “I wasn’t judging you – actually, I’m flattered that you would have sexual fantasies about me.”

“You’re not angry?”

“No!” Then she laughed. “If my own dad is attracted to me, then other guys are, too.”

“Well, I’m not sure if that’s any kind of measuring stick,” I said slowly. “But, trust me, other men are very attracted to you.”

In a way it felt good to confess to Beckah that I was sexually attracted to her, yet I was certain at that moment that it might prove a little awkward for the both of us from then on. For example, every time she was in the same room with me she would know that I was copping looks at her. Every time I went to the bathroom she would most likely wander if I was jacking off and thinking about her. That confession might just change our relationship more than we bargained for.

“So, tell me, daddy,” Beckah said breaking the silence. There was a small smile on her pretty face. “What did you think about before I interrupted you? What was I doing to you?”

I shook my head and grinned. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Oh, very!” she laughed. “Tell me.”

“Well…you know…you were on your knees between my legs sucking my cock.”

“Oh, my. You are a naughty daddy.” Beckah smiled at me and I saw that mischievous look in her pretty eyes again. “Did I do a good job?”

“Yeah. You always do, baby.”

“I guess I interrupted you before you could cum in my mouth.”

I didn’t respond at first. I had never had a conversation like this with my daughter before. And, true to her nature, she was as bold as she had always been with any topic of conversation. Hearing her comment about me cumming in her mouth was new to me and I realized that my cock was hard and throbbing under my robe.

I told her, then, what I had done in my bedroom after the incident in the bathroom. I even told her about opening the door and standing in the hall while I jacked off. Her eyes widened and I saw the tip of her pink tongue slip between her lips for a brief moment.

“Damn! I wish I had come out in the hall!” There was a thin trace of lust in her voice as she said this. Then, quickly, she added, “I mean, I’ve never seen a man masturbate before and that would have been hot!”

“Well…” I sucked in a huge breath before going on. I was about to say something that I knew should probably be left unsaid. There was no way of knowing how she would react and I didn’t want to offend her. “That’s why I was standing in the hallway. I wanted you to see.”

We both sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Beckah sat looking at me with that frank expression I had come to know very well over the years. I was afraid, as I sat there in the heavy silence that I had indeed said too much. Then, she surprised me.

“Will you do it, now, daddy?” she asked in a soft, barely audible voice.

I looked over my shoulder at the kitchen door. “Your mother – “

“Is asleep.”

Beckah walked around the table and leaned against the wall facing me. I had never been into exposing myself and I was a little ill at ease at first but looking at my daughter’s face, remembering all of the times I had fantasized about her, all of the awkwardness evaporated. I opened the robe and spread it open so she could see my hard cock.

“It’s so nice!” she exclaimed breathlessly.

“You really like it?” I asked as I grasped the fat shaft and began to stroke slowly.

“Yesssss!” she hissed excitedly.

I can’t even begin to describe the pleasure that ran through me as I looked at my daughter’s face while she stared at my cock with wide, eager eyes. Her beautiful lips parted slightly and the tip of her pink tongue slipped out. Her breathing I could tell was as erratic as mine. My balls rolled slowly from side to side while I jacked off, pulling on my cock with slow, even strokes that felt so good.

“Take your robe off, daddy,” Beckah said in a husky voice. “I want to see you naked.”

I complied and saw the look of approval on her face, as she looked at me naked.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen you naked,” she said softly. “You are a hunk.”

“Thank you, baby. You like looking at daddy’s cock?”

“Oh, yeah! It’s so big and gorgeous!”

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here naked for my little girl and jacking off.”

“Oh, I can’t, either!”

I spread my legs and arched my back a little, pushing my cock forward a bit. Beckah’s eyes were glued to my meat, watching me with an intense eagerness as I masturbated. I had never done anything so hot in my life like this and I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to sit in that chair all day and let my sexy little girl watch me beat off.

“Oh, yeah! Jack it, daddy! Jack your big daddy-dick!”

“You like that?”

“I love it!” she exclaimed with desire. “This is so fucking hot!”

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