Confessions of a Hotel Manager Ch. 01

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Hello there, you can call me Lisa (not my real name) and I’m a lady in my early 30s. I’m pretty tall, standing 5’10” in stocking feet, and have a have a tight toned athletic body.

So I work as a manager in a major upmarket chain hotel in London, its name and the names of those I mention will be changed throughout to protect identities.

As you can imagine we see all sorts of things and deal with our fair share of odd, annoying or aggressive individuals. It’s for this reason some of the other female managers dread the late shifts. I’ve never minded them too much and indeed there have been some great stories, one of which I’ll tell you now.

So it was a few months ago and I had my feet up in my office taking a break with a cup of tea when the phone rang. It was one of my bar staff, suggesting I came through, he thought a customer was going to need an intervention. I sighed and told him I’d be right there. Getting to my feet I checked I was presentable in the mirror: smart black court shoes, buffed to a high shine; tan stockings; black suit, skirt dropping over my knees; white blouse and topped off with a company colour cravat. I wore minimal makeup and had my brown hair cut to fall to shoulder length, tucked back away from my face. A professional look for sure but the suit was well enough tailored to show there was a reasonable body beneath it.

I arrived behind the bar and quickly spotted the problematic customer. He was a bulky bald man, probably early 50s, the usual business type. He had a shadow of stubble on his cheeks and his clothes were rumpled, obviously he’d been having a long day before he got back here. As I watched the girl he was talking to gasped and slapped him across the face before storming off. He swung back round on his bar stool and morosely ordered another drink. I gave the barman a nod to serve him while I went to talk to the girl he’d been with, the barman who’d called me said this was the third or fourth he’d had the same response from.

She seemed a nice enough girl, if a bit dim and shy. After a couple of minutes she finally admitted what he’d said. He’d asked her (and presumably the others) to go back to his room and sit on his face. I had to fight to keep a straight face at the poor girl’s look of shock and horror. If that was all he was after at least he was honest and direct. I apologised to her for the embarrassment and offered her a drink on the house.

Back at the bar our businessman had his eyes on a new target, I stepped in quickly before we had another slapping. “Excuse me sir, I hear you’re harassing our female patrons.”

“Harassing?” He slurred, a strong German accent evident in his speech “I am merely trying to find a companion. None of your ladies are accommodating.”

“Our ladies? I think you may have the wrong idea sir, this is not that canlı bahis sort of establishment” and I wasn’t lying. Hookers didn’t hang out in our bar, it was too expensive and out of the way (not that the staff didn’t know any, I was sure). “I think it’s best I take you back to your room now.”

He muttered a little to himself then knocked back his whisky and got to his feet, somewhat unsteady.

We got to his floor without incident. I could tell he was eyeing me up in the lift and I wondered if he was going to try anything. As we walked down the hall he was a couple of steps behind me and I could feel his gaze on me, taking in my firm legs and tight round bottom.

At his room I used my master key and held the door open. He stumbled and ‘fell’ against me, taking the opportunity to cop a feel of my hard thighs as he did. I pushed him back against the wall, holding him up with an arm across his chest and saw the glow of delight in his eyes at being manhandled. I tutted disapprovingly at him “now then, that wasn’t very nice was it? Behave now and stay here” I patted him gently on the cheek. ” Oh, and have a shave for goodness sake. No wonder no-one wanted to sit on your face with that stubble” I left him blushing and let the door swing shut behind me but not before noticing the blood was rushing somewhere other than his cheeks as well. I grinned to myself on the way back to my office, we got all sorts but that was the first time me telling a guest off had given them an erection.

Another cup of tea and some paperwork later and my mind drifted back to him. It wasn’t that he was particularly attractive, a somewhat podgy bald middle aged man, but there was something about the way he’d reacted. Working shifts can be tricky for relationships and I’d gone a while without getting my needs seen to. My mind kept providing images of his bald crown peeping out from between my thighs, making it hard to concentrate on the weekly sales figures.

I went to the toilet and caught myself paying a little too much attention to parts that didn’t need wiping. ‘Fuck it’ I thought. Back at my desk I called up his details on my computer. He checked out in the morning, good. I picked up the phone and dialled the room. He answered, confused as to who’d be calling at this hour. “Mr Gruber, have you shaved yet?” I asked, craning my neck to make sure no one was approaching the office. “You haven’t? You are a bad boy. I expect you to take care of it. I’ll be with you shortly.” Instructions given I’d committed myself to it. I guess it’d been in the back of my mind since I’d found out that was what he was after. Well, I hoped he lived up to it.

I did my rounds of the bar and told the staff I was going on my break. I got in the lift and headed for his floor. I had butterflies in my stomach, was I really about to mess about with a guest while on bahis siteleri duty? I forced them down as I strode down the hall. I took a deep breath and let myself into his room. He scrambled to his feet from where he’d been lounging on the bed looking at his laptop. When he saw it was me he relaxed and smiled “I have shaved miss.”

I crossed the room to stand before him, examining his face. “You’ve missed some shaving cream there” I pointed out and he scurried into the bathroom to tidy up. I took the opportunity to slip off my shoes and shed my jacket, cravat and skirt. When he came back out of the bathroom I was sat in the chair beside his bed, looking at his laptop. “Does your work know what you watch on this thing?” I teased.

“Does your work know what you do here?” He countered, leaning against the doorframe in his robe.

I put the laptop to one side and rose to my feet to square up to him. We were much of a height, even if he had half as much again bulk as me, and my eyes bored straight into his. I grabbed his chin and brushed my fingers over his jaw. “Much better, nice and smooth. I recommend you shut that smart mouth though, no one likes a seat that talks” he shut up with a smile still ghosting around his lips. I directed him to the bed, one hand grasping his robe before he passed so he had to shrug it off. He lay as directed, naked on the bed. I stepped up and settled down kneeling across his face, my hold-up covered legs bent either side of his head and my panties hovering above him. They were nothing special, boring old navy cotton ones, but he was fixated upon them. I grabbed the tv remote and delicately lowered myself onto him. As my panties brushed his face he let out a lusty sigh, which was a rather nice sensation as it swirled over my cunt. The round globes of my arse sat on his cheeks with his nose pressed against me, pushing my panties into the cleft between my buttocks. I shuffled about a bit, getting comfortable and making sure he was able to breathe before flicking through the channels.

Unsurprisingly there was nothing on. I watched 10 minutes or so of the news, just enjoying the warm body I had trapped beneath me. I needed more though, I didn’t have all night before I had to get back to work. I picked his laptop up again, bringing back up the video he’d been watching when I’d came in.

In it a tall, bronzed and ripped young man was lying naked on an office desk. A woman in a smart business suit and stockings was standing over him, skirt hitched up to her waist and rubbing her pussy through her panties. As I watched her damp patch I felt myself start to get wet as well. I watched her squat on his face and rub her wet panties over him.

I mimicked her motion rubbing myself against my businessman, imagining I had the film’s fit young Adonis with his long firm cock beneath me. I changed bahis şirketleri position and pulled my panties aside. “Lick my arse” I instructed him as I tucked my hand down the front of my panties and started teasing my clit. Say what you wanted about his physique elsewhere, his tongue was top notch. He rimmed me like a champion, swirling round my hole and penetrating me. I pushed back as he did and rode his tongue while I slipped a finger inside and started fucking myself.

Soon I slipped another finger in and they slid in and out of my wet snatch. My juices were flowing heavily now, his tongue probing my arse as I imagined riding the muscular figure in the video. My breath started coming more raggedly as the sensations built, the edge of the taboo from exploiting a guest taking my pleasure up another notch. My fingers pumped in and out, I threw my head back and panted as I rubbed my crotch against his face.

My orgasm rolled through me like a wave, shaking my body and sending my pussy frothing. I moaned long and deeply as I gushed my juices out, soaking my panties and running over his face. I quivered, sending further rills of cum out to cover his face with a sheen of my intimate essence.

I dismounted his face and climbed off the bed to stand on my shaky legs, the power of the orgasm leaving me weak. I put a hand against the wall to support myself as I removed my panties and used them to soak up as much of my juices as they could. I dropped them on his naked chest where they landed with a squelch. “Enjoy them while you finish yourself off” I told him as I headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

A few minutes later after seeing to the necessary intimate cleansing and a tidy-up to ensure it wasn’t obvious what I’d been up to when I got back to work I left the bathroom to see Hans with my sopping panties covering his eyes and his hand working his cock. As I watched he arched his back and came with a groan, a long stream of cum spurting from his slit and splattering across his belly, followed by a couple of smaller shots and a dribble that ran over his fingers. “Hmm, not bad” I said, thinking he really had a rather nice cock underneath his otherwise unimpressive body. But it would have to wait, I’d been away a while as it was.

He pulled the panties down to rest on his chest. “For you, I should do better, such a gusher. You are done?” He asked in his broad accent, eyes alight and breathing deeply.

“I have to work” I told him, pulling my skirt back on and stepping into my shoes. “Next time you can give me a better performance. And don’t hassle the girls.”

“No miss, next time I will demand to see the manager at once!”

I smiled and laughed, leaving him lying on the bed covered in both our cum and sniffing my soaked panties.

So that was the first time I had sex with a guest but not the last. Hans has been back a few times since and has been much better behaved. But work goes on and the stream of strange and sexy stuff happening keeps on going. Maybe next time I’ll tell you what the maids get up to.

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