Commander Feanaur

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I find you huddled on the ground, not moving hardly except for your shaking. This planet, Hoth, is very cold. How did you get here, and why arent you dressed in the proper clothes.
I come over to you and pick you up. I bring you to my quarters, which are in the base. I lay you down on my bed, putting the blankets over you. I then start a pot of Hothi Tea, which is the strongest and most tastful tea in this galaxy.
When you awake, I say to you. “Hello.” You jump up and curl up to the back of the bed. “No. I am here to hurt you not.” I say, assuring your safety.
“Who….who are you?” You ask sheepishly.
“I am Commander Feanaur Dur Ithil-Hir of the Sith fleet stationed on Hoth.” I answer. “I am the Leading Officer at this base and the second in command to Darth Malak, who serves the Emperor of the Imperial Command.”
“Are…are you a Jedi.” You ask.
“I am.” I answer. “And, now it is my turn. Who are you? How did you get here? I can see you are a Kath by race, but of what planet?”
“I am Neko Saphire, and I come from the planet of Kathent.” You answer me. “I got here on the carrier that had arrived just three days ago. I got left in the cargo hold when I was supposed to get off on the planet of Dantooine.”
“So, you were a stow-away?” I ask.
I go and get the pot of tea and pour two cups. I give you one and you drink it quickly. “So, now that you are here what do you wish to do? Understand that I cannot let you out of this house, for if any other sees you, there will be only two options. Either become my minion, or become a prisoner. So, you must stay here until you make casino siteleri a decision. But feel free to make this home your own. Eat and drink your fill, for I have plenty.”
“But, you are a Sith. Why are you so kind to a Kath like me?”
“I was not always a Sith, I was once a Vampyr, from the planet of…..Kathenet.” I explain. “I knew a woman there, by the name of Kikoo Zhar; she was a Kath. When she was killed by Rebel Forces, I became a Sith, then quickly rised in the ranks and train under the Emperer Himself as a Jedi of the Dark Side.”
“So, you like us Kath?” You ask, nievee.
“I do, though you have allied yourself witht he Rebel scum, I forgive you all. In fact, I am trying to form a treaty to have the Kath ally themselves with us.” I said.
“Yes.” I say. “Now, I have buisness to attend to at the Headquarters, so I have to go. But I will be back when the night sky turns to light. Feel free to do as you wish. I do ask that you stay out of my closet, for that is where I keep my weapons, and you are not permitted there.”
“Ok.” You say as I disappear out the door, trench coat and cape following me.
When I return, you are on my bed, naked and wide awake. “Come here, My Lord.” You say. I do as you wish.

part 2

We go to the Headquarters and I talk to the Officer in charge of census. I ask him. “Can you get me a form 43? I need to sign this one in.” He comlies.
A few minutes later, he comes out with a sheet of paper and a metal pendant with my Crest on it. “Here you are Commander.” He had a smile on his face. He knew what he had just witnessed canlı casino me gaining a new servent. But he had no idea that this servent was not to be a common mistress, but a respectable lover.
The form looked like this:

Owner: Commander Feanaur Dur Ithil-Hir
Name: Neko Saphire
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Home Planet:Kathenet
Servent ID number: 9*9909

I filled out the form and handed it back to the Census Officer. He took it and scaned it to his computer, then put it in a cabinet labeled : Commander Feanaur under the sub-lable of: Servents
“Why is there a whole droor of servent forms, Commander?” You ask me as we enter the door to my home, wondering why there are so many.
“I have over three hundred slaves.” I answer, sitting down on the couch. “Some are on this planet, some not. They are free to do as they wish, but if I call them in to do me a service, they must be here. I have only two servents working here, besides you. One is Jhah Areen; she is a Human from Tatooine. The other is Kono Lona; she is a Jawa from this planet. They work in the Census Offices, doing what they were trained to do. You are the only one that actually lives with me, training under me personally.”
“So, I am your favorite?” You ask.
“You are my favorite, the only one who is to have my respect like you have it.” I answer. “You are to wear my Crest on your clothes, along with the symbol of your rank of Jedi Trainee.”
“You are going to train me to become a Jedi?” You ask excitedly.
“Yes, I am.” I say to you, smiling. “I am going to give you the job of commanding a slave. Her name is Arana, she is a Human kaçak casino from Kashyyyk. She is three years older than you and she is not willing. She will be a problem to handle, but if you can train her to do your will by using the force, you may keep her as your own.”
“Yes, Master.”
I move closer to you, then grasp onyo you in an embrace. You reach around me and hold onto me tightly, biting my neck with your Kath teeth. The blood begins to trickle.
I pull out of the grasp and take off your vest, exposing your ample breasts. I then take off your pants, seeing your black lace panties. I lick at your clit with my tongue, taking off my pants at the same tyme. I then take off my shirt, holting my licking for a few seconds. I go right back at it, eating you with ferver, wanting your juice in my mouth.
I feel your hips buck up and grind into my lips, pushing your pussy into my face. I push my tongue into you, worming it in and out of you. I feel your legs tighten and you flower begin to squirt hot fluid in my mouth. You cum into my mouth, making me drink the sweet liquid.
I get up and kiss you on your lips letting you taste the juice that you have created. I then push my cock into your flower, quickly and powerfuly, letting you know I am your master.
You gasp in momentary shock, then begin to move your hips with the motion. You let me bite your neck and breasts, making blood flow down. I lick it up with a hunger, being a Vampyr by race. I drink the red wine of your body, feeling the intoxication of your love.
As I push in one last tyme, I grab onto your shoulders and burst my cum into your pussy, pushing it inside of you. I pull myself out of you and let you lick our cum clean from my cock, a bit of blood there as well, from the force of the love.

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