Colour Blind

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When I was younger my father got a job offer he couldn’t refuse and up and moved our family. His new job paid him well, so we lived in a large house in a very rich neighbourhood. The fleet of fancy cars my parents owned barely even could squeeze into our massive garage. We pretty much had everything and then some when it came to material goods, but otherwise we were kinda poor. My parents had each other so maybe they didn’t notice, but my siblings and I were socially starved.

Our entire town had only a handful of black families which gave me pretty slim-pickens when it came to finding a man. I did not have any issues with dating outside my race, but it seemed 90% of the people who lived in this town did. I’d see a lot of cute guys at my school, but none of them wanted to talk to me. It wasn’t that the other girls were all that much prettier, I just didn’t have enough of an Aryan look.

I was pretty voluptuous for an eighteen year old girl, further adding to the mysterious lack of attraction. Boys like big tits right? I already had a pair of DDs, and a booty to match. In a perfect world I’d blend in with blonde hair and blue eyes, but in this one I had brown hair and hazel eyes. The colour may have not been preferential to the guys at school, but I took ridiculous care of my hair, it was the best it could be.

I had gotten rather bored of playing with myself and wanted the real thing. I couldn’t convince any guys around to hook up with me, but maybe I could trick them? I had seen these videos on the internet where guys would get sucked off anonymously through holes in the wall. The guy was blocked out from seeing the girls face. the only visual contact belonged to the girl, so she could see the dick. Usually the actress would just suck the guy, but she had full control and could even fuck him if she really wanted.

I watched a ridiculous amount of these videos, trying to work up the confidence to try it myself. The girls were acting, but their performances were really convincing. They made it canlı bahis seem that this was super enjoyable. I had been a spectator for long enough, I was up for giving it a shot, but where could I go? As well as not having boyfriends, I also did not have many friends period. I didn’t know a good spot myself, and couldn’t talk to anyone who knew where I could go.

Most of the videos were set in the back rooms of adult bookstores, so I figured my only option was to go exploring in one. There was this particular shop I had in mind. It was downtown, far from where I lived, reducing the chances anyone I knew would see me go there. I decided I would go the next weekend to see what I could see.

Thankfully it was fall, so when I wore a big jacket to help disguise myself, I was not too warm. I also put on a huge pair of sunglasses, to help cover my face. It looked kind of silly, wearing sunglasses at night, but I thought it a necessary aspect of remaining incognito.

With my identity disguised I set off for the city core. I cabbed my way there, making sure to tip the driver enough to keep his mouth shut, but not too much that he would remember the fare. The store was part of a network of others located in a strip mall, so when the taxi dropped me off outside it wasn’t known for sure which I planned to visit.

I walked through the door and into the main area. Different adult movies lined the many rows of aisles, and were well lit by the bright overhead lights. Against the walls of the stores were displays of different goods, toys, lingerie, lubes etc. Towards the back centre was the main checkout. A man stood behind the desk and manned the register. He looked to be in charge, so I decided he was the one to ask about these mythical booths from the videos. I grabbed a random movie and walked up to the counter to engage the employee.

“Hi there.” He greeted me. “How can I help you?”

I smiled, “I was wondering if you had anywhere I could preview this.” I gestured the film.

“Absolutely, we have bahis siteleri a number of rooms in the back for doing just that.”

He directed me through a bead door in the corner and said there would be a row of rooms past it. He told me I could go into one of the unoccupied booths. I thanked the man before continuing to explore.

I pushed aside the beads to enter the hall. It was not very well illuminated and carried the familiar stench of sex. I found a free stall and entered.

The dimensions were not huge, they were just enough to house the chair in the corner and the television screen on the wall. Sure enough the videos from the internet were somewhat truthful, on the walls were cut out circular holes. I pulled out the chair to a good viewing position and popped in the DVD.

The action on screen was rather hot, and coincidental. A hung white guy going at a curvy black girl. Hopefully this was a preview of what I had in-store. The action on screen had got me feeling very warm, so I reached down my jeans and started to rub. The actions of my hand caused me to emit a series of loud moans.

My sounds identified me to the booth next door, soon a great white cock entered my room through the hole connecting the two stalls.

“Why don’t you try this one?”

The voice alerted me to my visitor.

“Oh my! That is one huge cock!” I remarked.

I found complimenting the man on his size was a good place to start. If I told the man how hard he was, it just made him even harder. A win-win situation.

I gripped the large white shaft and began stroking the man. I could hear him groan from across the way, I guess he enjoyed my hand.

“Put it in your mouth.” He ordered.

I conceded to his wishes (they were inline with my own) and wrapped my lips around the mammoth head.

He let out an even louder groan on contact. I had very full lips and was used to being told they felt heavenly when cushioning a cock. He tasted delicious, I equally enjoyed the sucking.

I bahis şirketleri took my hand off the shaft so I had the room to move my lips deeper. He just felt so good in my mouth and throat. It was difficult to release him, but my wet pussy wanted some penetration, I had to try.

“How bout some pussy?” I asked.

Did I even need to ask? I was so used to the racial shunning, I almost forgot the man could not see me.

“Of course.” He grunted.

I stood up, turned around, and rubbed the prick against my butt. I looked back to admire the contrasting skin for a second. He didn’t know he was being rubbed on a big black ass, just a big cushy one.

I was fully slick after the rubbing, so I started to guide the prick inside. I matched the volume of his moan as he entered my snatch. I couldn’t decide who enjoyed this more, but I knew he felt great inside of me. I pushed back on the dick and found a good rhythm. My ass slapped the wall, we were almost drowning out the sounds of the film I had started earlier.

I could hear and feel the man was already about to cum but I implored him to stay true. I was not yet finished enjoying him and I wanted to have an orgasm as well. The humanitarian within urged him to hold his wad until I had climaxed.

I soon felt my pussy beginning to tense up. Jolts of pleasure shot through every nerve in my body, I let out moan after moan. The man could feel this too, letting himself go as well. The simultaneous orgasms just added to each other, well it did to mine at least. I loved that gushy feeling of getting a cream pie. This man also happened to fire a tremendous load. By the time he was finished launching, I was totally full. He pulled himself out and back into his room, leaving me there dripping and alone. I cleaned up and got dressed again. I popped out the DVD and left the booth.

I made my way to the main checkout and told the clerk I liked the video enough to rent it. I took my movie and left. I hailed a new cab and returned home.

Once home I retreated to my room. I started playing the movie, rubbing myself, and thinking about how satisfying my experience had been. The only negative was the duration, I’d have to spend a little more time there when I went back.

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