Cocky Med Students Pt. 01

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The first day of medical school was an incredible feeling. For my entire life, I had dreamed of becoming a doctor, and now it was finally happening. After graduating at the top of my college class, I was now heading to my dream med school. At age 23, I felt like I could conquer the world.

My girlfriend Sarah felt the same way. We had spent countless nights studying together in college, and she had now been accepted to the same med school as me. Sarah was as smart as she was beautiful. Standing tall at 5’10”, she had long, flowing, red-brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her face was cute but well-defined and her hourglass figure was accented by big, voluptuous breasts.

I was lucky to date a girl as hot as Sarah but wasn’t too bad looking myself. At 6’1″, I had blond hair, blue eyes, and boy-next-door good looks. With a relatively toned and fit body, I stayed in shape by playing basketball in my spare time. I wouldn’t have much free time in med school but aspired to stay fit by playing intramural sports.

On the first day of med school, Sarah and I attended the traditional white coat ceremony. This is where we donned our lab coats for the first time, thereby becoming physicians-in-training. It was also the first time we were able to meet all of our classmates all in one place. Everyone who applies to med school is an ambitious and attractive bunch, but our school had the best of the best. Everyone seemed fun, witty, well-traveled, and in really good shape. It would be an amazing four years hanging out with them.

The only kid who seemed at all annoying was named Xander. Whereas Sarah and I were both 23—a slightly young age for med school—Xander was only 19. A child genius, he had skipped a couple grades of high school and had just become the youngest student at our med school. Xander was relatively short—just 5’6″—with brown eyes and dark brown hair. With parents from Iran, Xander’s skin had a dark tan hue to it and he had strong facial features with a square jawline, deep-set eyes, and prominent eyelashes and eyebrows. All of this together caused some girls to think that Xander was fairly handsome despite his young age and small size.

As I stood next to Sarah in my white coat, excited for our big day, Xander came over and interrupted. He didn’t talk to or look at me, but told Sarah that she looked “stunning” in her white coat and that he was “pleased” that they were classmates. I was flabbergasted that this teenage punk had hit on my girlfriend in front of me, acting as if I didn’t exist at all.

To his credit, Xander had no particular reason to know that Sarah and I were dating. We knew who he was just because the school had published an article about its “youngest ever” med student. Acting like a local celebrity, Xander clearly wanted to make sure that Sarah knew who he was.

After the ceremony, Sarah and I went to sign up for extracurriculars. Although we wouldn’t have much free time in med school, I signed up for intramural basketball. Sarah signed up for dance and yoga. Together we hoped to stay in shape while spending many nights studying while also making time for dates and sex.

The sex with Sarah was amazing. A total freak in bed, she’d always strip naked and beg to suck my dick, which I happily assented to every time. Sarah could suck dick for hours and was outstanding at giving and receiving oral pleasure. She was also as kinky as they come—begging me to tie her up or asking to do the same to me. Once I blindfolded her and handcuffed her to the bed. She loved when I fucked her that way and moaned with pleasure as I traced an ice cube around her massive breasts. Sarah wasn’t just big-chested; she had a massive double-F size cups. I loved grabbing those big melons as I fucked her, caressing them in my hands. Sarah even let me play with them as I gave her anal—a specialty of hers that she was incredibly good at. An all-around knockout, Sarah gave me mind-blowing sex on a daily basis. Even as we studied for long hours, we’d take a break to fuck in the library, in the science lab, in the bathroom, or wherever we could find a few minutes to be alone.

Med school was no different and we had just moved in together, so we could now have sex all the time. I couldn’t wait for all our adventures to come and knew that med school would be one of the greatest experiences of my life.


A week after the white coat ceremony, I went to the gym for the first game of intramural basketball. This was an informal pick-up game designed as a shoot-around to help us form teams. About 10 guys showed up, so we easily split into two teams of five.

It was clear from the beginning that I was the best basketball player on my team. While most of the guys were in decent shape, they had clearly spent a lot of time studying and didn’t have many skills on the court. I therefore took point guard and did most of my team’s shooting, scoring, and rebounding. I only passed to someone else amsterdam shemale if they were wide open with an easy shot.

Xander ended up on the opposite team and seemed quite bad at first. Because he was only 5’6″, I figured he wouldn’t be very good at basketball. But what he lacked in height and rebounding ability was made up for by the skill set of a true point guard. With me guarding him, Xander dribbled between his legs and around his back at ease—constantly leaving me on my toes about where he might go. He also had a mean jump shot. If I left him alone, Xander could drive to the rim or shoot a three.

Most of Xander’s teammates weren’t so good either, and the game largely came down to me and him. It must have looked odd to anyone walking by that I was guarding Xander, since I was taller than him by seven inches. But Xander’s quickness kept me off balance. This 19-year-old kid from Iran clearly had some moves.

Seven inches taller and equipped with twenty more pounds of muscle, I was also a lot for Xander to handle. Although he tried to guard me with his short, outstretched arms, I just turned around and backed him into the post. From here, I could either go for a hook shot or a layup, scoring almost at will.

The only problem was that Xander’s threes were weighing us down. Whenever I got two points, he’d score three, and his team was now five points ahead with two minutes left in the game. Staring at Xander as he tried to defend me, I popped up and nailed a three-pointer. With Xander’s hand in my face, I drained it right in front of him.

“Take that,” I said, cockily.

Xander’s team still had a two-point lead and he took the ball. Charging down the court like a freight train, he blew by me and scored a layup. Four point lead to them.

With a minute left, I dribbled down the court and faked a pass to a teammate. No way I can trust them, I thought. Instead, I took Xander to the rim and jumped up for a layup. To my surprise, he jumped with me and reached for the ball, but I was just too tall. Even though he jumped as high as he could, I easily scored over his head. Now we had a two-point game.

Xander charged down the court and popped up for a three. But this time I was ready and jumped up as high as I could. With my outstretched arm, I swatted away the ball and blocked Xander’s shot. As the ball bounced loosely towards half court, I sprinted after it and scooped it up. With no one guarding me, I threw it down for an easy layup. Tie game.

At this point, there were ten seconds left in the match, and I was confident that we could push it to overtime. Xander dribbled slowly down the court; seemingly in no hurry at all. As the seconds ticked by, he faked a pass to a teammate. Even though I knew that he wouldn’t give the ball away at this crucial moment, I fell for his fake. As I lost my balance for a brief second, Xander pulled up and drained a three-pointer in my face. I must have looked like an idiot as this short, skinny kid made a jump shot over my 6’1″ body. Even though I was much taller than him and more athletic, he won the game and made it look easy.

Xander’s teammates rushed over to celebrate the win. High-fiving each other and cheering, they now all wanted Xander on their team. I just walked by myself back to the locker room to change.


Back in the locker room, I pulled off my sweaty clothes one-by-one. Even though I tried my best, I had been outclassed by a short and scrawny teenaged kid. I now looked forward to showing him who was boss in the locker room.

I’m not gonna lie and say that I have the biggest cock around, but I’ve always been fairly proud of it. Plenty of girls have complimented me on it over the years, and Sarah is obsessed with it. That’s why she begs me to suck my big, throbbing dick and bury it deep inside her pussy and asshole.

Because I’m a shower instead of a grower, my man meat looks even more impressive in the locker room. It typically hangs down about four inches and looks pretty thick. My balls are also fairly sizable, which adds to the impressiveness of the overall package.

As I stripped naked, I waited for this 19-year-old punk to make his way to the locker room. Because his locker was right by mine, I knew that he’d have to come back to pick up his clothes. And sure enough, only a minute after I stripped naked, Xander was right there behind me.

“Nice game!” he said, smacking his towel against my butt. I felt the string on my butt cheek and was shocked that he did this. I’d last been in middle school when someone slapped me with a towel, but I rolled with it and laughed it off anyway.

“You got lucky this time!” I joked. “A short guy like you must not be used to playing with the big boys.”

At that moment, I turned around to face Xander so that he could see my dick. I wanted him to know what this “big boy” really looked like. When I turned around from facing my locker, I saw that rotterdam shemale Xander had already taken off his shirt and shorts. He was now standing in a jockstrap and looking right at me. Just as I planned, his eyes scanned down to my crotch and took a nice, long glance. This kid was actually speechless as he stared at my big, four-inch softie.

Breaking the silence, Xander finally chimed in. “I always play with the big boys,” he said. “And I usually fit right in.”

Still looking right at me, my 19-year-old classmate slowly pulled down his jock strap. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of looking at his cock but was also curious at how small it could be. Based on Xander’s size and scrawniness, I suspected that it might be two inches long at best. But as Xander slowly pulled down his white jock strap over his brown, tanned skin, my eyes started to deceive me. Instead of seeing a short guy’s little penis, I saw what appeared to be a man’s dick on a boy’s body.

Inch after inch of massive Middle Eastern meat unfurled from Xander’s jock strap. His undies were halfway to his knees before the entire shaft was revealed, complete with a thick, uncut head on the end of his cock.

Xander looked up at me as his jock strap fell to the floor, but I stayed silent as I stared at his dick. “What do you think?” he asked, point blank.

“Ummm…” It was clear that this teenager had me tongue-tied. “What do you think?” he repeated.

“It’s fucking huge!” I blurted out.

“What?!” Xander asked. “I meant what do you think about IM basketball?!”

My mind recovered just enough to hear his words. “Oh,” I said, feeling embarrassed. Still staring at Xander’s low-hanging dick, I tried to recover. “IM basketball is huge in…how fun it will be.”

Xander smiled and said that he thought so too. Grabbing his towel, he asked if I was going to shower. “I don’t think so,” I replied. While I never missed a chance to show off my big, flaccid cock in the showers, I didn’t want to be seen next to this super-short, horse-hung stud. His cock had me beat by two inches at least, was a whole lot thicker, and looked practically insane on his short, wiry body. Although mine was nothing to scoff at, Xander’s dick had me beat in every way.

“Your loss,” Xander said as he turned around. His small, firm butt now walked away from me and I could easily see his balls and low-hanging manhood swaying between his legs. Glancing down at my own four-incher, I thought for the first time that it looked a little small. Still covered in sweat, I put on my clean pair of underwear and hurried back to my apartment. Even on the walk back, I couldn’t put out of my mind that this 19-year-old kid had such a massive cock. Not only had he beaten me at basketball, but he had shown me up in the locker room as well. The ego boost he received would likely be used against me for the rest of the season, and our first year together at med school had just begun.


I didn’t mention to Sarah what happened in the locker room but did tell her that I lost the game. “Don’t worry, baby,” she said. “I’m sure you’ll win the next one!”

I wanted so badly to fuck Sarah and reassert my manhood, but we both had our first big test the next morning. Even though we often fucked during study time, Sarah insisted that we both buckle down and do a good job. We had so much to memorize that we both needed to stay up all night. No time for sex or to reassert my manhood—I’d have to do that tomorrow.

Sarah and I absorbed as much information as we could and felt fairly prepared the next morning. Not only was this our first exam but it would also be our first “practical” exam. At our med school, the professors wanted us to get the hardest things out of the way first, so they wanted us to get comfortable seeing patients right away. Our teachers assigned us each a “small group” that we’d work with to walk through the steps of a physical exam.

To our surprise, Sarah and I were randomly assigned to the same group, as well as one other name that looked annoyingly familiar to me. Xander, the prodigy teenager, had also been assigned to our small group. The three of us would review the procedures of a physical exam with a 30-year-old resident named Sofia.

Like Sarah, Sofia was devastatingly beautiful and I felt lucky to be in her group. She was Latinx with long, brown hair, a perfectly proportioned face, and over-proportioned breasts. They nearly burst out of her white lab coat as she gave me, Sarah, and Xander instructions about what to expect.

“We’re first going to review all of the rules and procedures,” she said. “Then I’ll quiz you on each part of the body.”

“Finally, we’ll perform the physical exam on one another since we don’t have any models or actors. You’ll be doing this throughout med school, so you need to start getting comfortable with each other’s bodies.”

I didn’t really understand the last blog shemale thing Sofia said because I was mostly focused on the quiz part. Over the next 60 minutes, Sofi drilled us on different procedures and techniques used in physical exams. Even though Sarah and I had stayed up all night studying, it was clear that Xander had mastered more of the material. He even knew obscure medical terminology and ethics rules that would be foreign to most 19-year-olds.

During the anatomy quiz, I felt more confident, since I had just taken an anatomy class at the end of college. But here too I missed a few answers while Xander seemed to know every single one. Even when Sarah and I got things wrong, Xander was johnny-on-the-spot with the right answer. Sofia seemed to eat it up and thought Xander was truly the whiz kid that the school claimed him to be.

After two hours of testing, in which Xander scored the highest, Sarah scored the second highest, and I scored in third, we moved on to the practical examination. Sofia said that we’d take turns performing common tests that every doctor needs to know.

“We’ll start off with something easy,” she said. “A breast exam is something that women need every year to check for lumps and abnormalities. A patient can even do it herself if she has proper training.”

“We’ll draw straws to see who does each exam,” Sofia continued. “It actually doesn’t matter who does them as long as everyone learns and pays attention.”

Following Sofia’s lead, the rest of us wrote our names on little scraps of paper. “Because Sarah’s the only woman here, she’ll be our first patient,” Sofia said. I felt uncomfortable about that but Sarah looked as calm as could be.

Sofia randomly chose between me and Xander, pulling his name out of her hand. “Okay!” she said. “Xander will start by giving Sarah a breast exam.” To my chagrin, it looked like this cocky little kid was now going to see my girlfriend’s breasts.

As if this teenager was already a physician, Xander explained to Sarah that he recommended that they perform a breast exam. Despite being about to see this 23-year-old hottie’s enormous breasts, he remembered the rules in the textbook about how to make her feel comfortable and explain the pros and cons.

“It’s best to diagnose any possible breast cancer early,” Xander said, “so I highly recommend this exam.”

“Okay, doctor!” Sarah joked as she took off her white jacket and shirt. My smokin’ hot girlfriend was now sitting on the exam table in only a bra as this young, cocky whiz kid asked her to take off her bra.

Even with Sarah’s bra on, it was obvious that her boobs were simply massive. As I mentioned, Sarah needs double F cups and her tits look absolutely huge compared to her thin, toned body. As the rest of us watched on, Sarah unclipped her bra and put it on the table. Her enormous breasts now hung out for all to see.

If Xander was surprised by the size and beauty of Sarah’s chest, he didn’t act like it. Calm and poised, he played the role of a doctor perfectly. Putting on his gloves, Xander asked if he could touch my girlfriend’s breasts.

“Go ahead,” she replied. Xander then gently touched her right breast and started feeling it for lumps. Slowly and firmly, he squeezed every inch of her tits, ensuring that he did a thorough job.

“Good technique!” Sofia complimented him. “Make sure you feel every part of them and don’t miss any lumps.”

Xander kept fondling Sarah’s tits for the next few minutes as Sofia gave him pointers. “Give special attention to this region here,” she said, pointing to the lower left of each boob. “You really want to make sure that the underside doesn’t have any abnormalities.”

Sarah just sat there as this 19-year-old explored every centimeter of her chest. Although I had fondled, licked, sucked, and fucked her tits countless time, even I hadn’t paid them this much attention. Xander looked like he was caressing, studying, and memorizing every curve and contour of her incredible rack, stowing it in his memory for later use. But after Xander spent 15 minutes feeling every part of Sarah’s boobs, Sofia congratulated him and told him the exam was over.

“You may put your bra and shirt back on,” he said to Sarah, as if he were a real doctor. I was relieved that Sarah was putting back on her shirt and pissed that this cocky kid got to see and feel them. But because it was all part of our practice exam, I couldn’t show any emotion and had to act calm and in control. Sofia didn’t even know that Sarah and I were dating. To her, we were just three new med students, and Xander was so far the star of the class.


Sofia drew my name to conduct the next exam. After Xander had performed so “excellently” on the breast exam, I was eager to perform for the class. But my heart dropped a bit when Sofia announced the name of the next exam: the testicular exam.

There are generally two types of testicular exams: the self-exam and one performed by a physician. Because we were training to become physicians, Sofia explained that we needed to practice the latter. But this meant that I’d be conducting the exam on the only other guy in the group—Xander.

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