Clipping an Alpha Girl

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“Oooh! Okay short stuff, what’s it gonna be,” I said into a mostly empty glass of vodka and orange juice.

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking, Jeeze,” the short blonde grumbled. “I dare you to…take off your bra.”

The raven-haired girl sitting in the beanbag next to her suddenly got very red. She leaned forward and her long hair hid her face. “Um…can I do a different one?”

Elly (a.k.a. Short Stuff) shook her head a little but seemed to think better of it. “Nope! Come on, Gwen, you still have your shirt on. Anyway, it’s only us girls.” Well, it was true as far as it went. However, when we started playing, I had opened the window blinds—you know, just to add a little excitement. It was the third floor, but still. At a college it wasn’t out of the question that someone might look up at just the right time.

Gwen’s face turned even redder, but her hands reached under her shirt. The movements were obvious since it was so tight. She took a breath and slid a cute bra with red polka dots into view. Covering herself with one hand, she quickly hid the bra behind her, and soon she sat with both arms across her chest.

“See? That wasn’t so hard,” I slurred. You’d think—” I stopped mid-sentence. “Ohhh!” I put a hand to my mouth and tried not to giggle, only partly succeeding. Gwen looked over, quickly realizing what I could see from where I sat. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

The others looked at her curiously. A devilish smirk played across my face. “I think she should have to put her hands behind her back to prove she did it!” I blurted. Gwen gasped, but the others nodded and agreed. I figured she would do it; she was the sort who would basically do anything if she was pushed a little. Sure enough, her hands slowly drifted behind her.

“Ohhh,” came the dawning realization. The shirt fit more loosely now. It was clear that her bra had been filled with a lot of padding—like, a lot of padding. I giggled a little more. Could the poor girl could even fill an A cup? Gwen quickly covered her chest again.

My roommate Safiya frowned at me. “Hey now, that’s not very nice.”

“Yeah,” Elly put in, “Not everyone is smuggling cantaloupes under their shirt like you. How many times have you been arrested at the supermarket, anyway?” I stuck my her tongue out at Elly and wiggled my shoulders in a way that caused my much bigger breasts to jiggle—I had been without my own bra since last round.

“Anyway, it’s Safiya’s turn,” said Ella. “Truth or dare?”

Safiya was a second-generation Egyptian girl. Calm and reserved by nature, she and I made an unlikely pair. We got along well enough, but as it was only a few weeks since we had arrived on campus, it was early to tell how it would turn out. She had never played this before and was clearly starting to have her doubts. If it weren’t for the alcohol, she probably would have quit when the clothes started coming off. Her own panties had been one of the first victims.

“Truth,” she said. Pssh, newb.

All the girls protested, even Gwen, until she acquiesced. “Fine, fine. Dare then. What’s the point if—”

“What’ll it be, Gwen?” Elly was practically bouncing up and down in excitement.

Gwen thought about it for a moment. “I dare you to…take your skirt off,” she said quietly. She was always quiet.

Safiya’s jaw dropped. None of the other girls were actually showing anything private yet. Gwen clearly wanted to divert attention from herself. Now Safiya was looking even more nervous than Gwen. She quickly pulled her skirt down and put it beside her, closing her legs tightly together.

“Oh no,” I protested. “Same rule as before. You gotta show us.” Seeing the agreement on the other girls’ faces, she stood up, forgetting entirely about the window—yay, alcohol. She turned around quickly.

“Good enough?” Even through my beer goggles she looked a little uncomfortable.

“Nope,” Elly laughed. “Spread ’em!” Safiya hesitated for a moment but finally shrugged and did as she was told. Her legs spread wider, revealing a pussy that was clearly swollen and wet.

“Ooh, somebody’s a little excited,” I teased. But something looked off. “Hey wait, what’s up with that?” My finger was pointing at Safiya’s pussy. Her legs were spread wide enough that her outer lips had parted like a blossoming flower. The alcohol had blurred my vision, so I leaned in to get a closer look—almost close enough to lick. And then I realized what I’d noticed. “Oh my god, where’s your clit?”

Two other sets of eyes bugged out. The girls crowded in for a closer look. “Holy shit!” exclaimed Elly. She actually reached up and touched the spot where her bud should have been—and I thought I was drunk! Safiya jumped back in shock, and we ribbed Elly long enough for Safiya to compose herself and sit down.

“So spill it,” said Elly.

She eyed us up quietly for a moment but finally just shrugged. “Okay, fine. Cindy would probably have figured it out eventually anyways. Last summer, my dad insisted that I casino siteleri go get it done. It’s the custom where I come from. Actually, it should have been done years ago. Mom put him off for quite a while.”

“I’ve heard of this,” Gwen said. “Female circumcision, right?” Safiya nodded, but Gwen looked puzzled. “But it’s not done there anymore. I saw it on the news.”

The brown-skinned girl shrugged again. “My dad called getting ‘clipped’, but yeah, same thing. Well, I’m sure the government would say that. Even if it’s true, my parents haven’t spent any real time in Egypt for twenty years. How would they know?”

I stared. “And you went along with it? Just like that?”

“We had a huge argument, but…” She opened her mouth again, but nothing came out.

It was so awful, but then…why was I so excited? “Wow. So um…can you still…like, orgasm?” Every single girl was blushing, but nobody looked away. I squeezed my thighs together for a nip of pleasure, but I don’t think anybody noticed. To think, the girl across from me couldn’t even do that much!

Safiya looked down. “No, not so far. It doesn’t feel the same down there anymore. I don’t think I can.” I chanced a look at everyone else and was a little shocked. Gwen’s nipples pitched obscenely big tents in her t-shirt, and there was actually a wet spot in Elly’s panties. Were all three of us excited by this?

“This is kind of embarrassing. Can we move on now?”

“So why did your mom cave to your dad after all that time?” I asked as though Safiya hadn’t said anything. I smirked. “Did they catch you fooling around?”


“Omigod, they did, didn’t they? Was he hot?” I asked.

“Did he have a big schlong?” Elly put in.

Gwen giggled at that. “You’re such a perv.”

Safiya smiled. “It wasn’t a he.” The group stared at her, trying to process what she said in our alcohol-soaked brains.

“Ohhh,” Elly said.

“Nice,” I laughed, leaning hard on the ‘c’ with a hissing sound.

“What?” said Gwen. And then: “Oh!”

I gave my red mane a sexy toss and struck a pose. “So you like the ladies, then?”

Safiya just smiled, but she gave me an appraising look. I didn’t mind. I liked ladies too. And men. Not sure which I liked more, come to think of it…but right at this moment, definitely ladies.

Before long, we all ended up too drunk to focus on playing Truth or Dare, or any other game. And not too long after that, Gwen half carried Elly back to their room across the hall.


Over the next few days, I found myself immensely aroused by what had happened at the party. I lay in bed one morning after Safiya had gone to class, happily teasing my newly shaven pussy. I had done everything I could since the party to arouse my poor roommate. I loved the notion of turning on a girl who couldn’t do anything about it. She said herself that she can’t cum! I thought gleefully.

I’d love to see her try, though—god, yes! Squeezing my large breasts, I tried to picture Safiya lying on her bed, rubbing the spot where her clit used to be, getting more and more frustrated every time she touched the little scar where the doctor had removed her cum button. Maybe I could set up a camera without Safiya noticing and just let it record all the time! Then I could review the footage while her roommate was in class.

I was so close—so close! I was half-tempted to stop myself right here, just to see how it felt not to get off, but I just didn’t have the self control. To be honest, my clit had been so demanding lately that I found myself doing this two times a day, or even three. What would it be like, I wondered, not having my own button? It’s really big, so it would feel very different not having it. Getting as horny as I do all the time, but unable to… And then I tipped over into orgasm.

After I recovered, I ordered a discreet-looking video camera stuffed inside a teddy bear.


I rushed back to her dorm room from the cafeteria, long red hair streaming behind me. I was sure today was the day!

Since I got the camera, I started sleeping in the nude hoping to excite my lesbian roommate with the thought of a naked girl in the bed beside hers every night. By the glances I was getting, I was having an effect. So this morning when I got out of bed, before I dressed, I pretended to lose my bra. I crawled around the floor in the buff, stretching and striking as many sexy poses as I thought I could get away with. By the time I “found” my bra, a stolen glance at Safiya’s chest revealed two nubs in her shirt that hadn’t been there moments ago. Bingo! My roommate had been on the verge of saying something but seemed to change her mind at the last moment.

Now I wanted to see what happened after I left! Reaching the room, I tossed my backpack into the corner and myself into my desk chair. A few clicks and I was connected to the footage my teddy bear camera had been streaming into my computer all day. The footage of myself looking for the phantom bra canlı casino made me laugh, although the view wasn’t particularly good; I had trained the camera on Safiya’s bed, not my own. Still, the looks she was giving me were pretty promising. You could even see her nipples slowly rising.

Then I left for class. At first it seemed that I hadn’t been as successful as I thought. Safiya sat on her bed facing toward the camera, just staring into space. But then she reached up to feel the nubs that poked through the simple gray t-shirt she was wearing. The feel became a tease; the tease became a squeeze. Finally she burst into action, jumping up and stripping off her clothing.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, pumping my fist into the air. I lifted my skirt and immediately jammed my hand into my panties.

Safiya, meanwhile, had stripped down to her panties. The simple dark blue garment revealed an even darker patch of wetness over the crotch. Then those came off too, revealing her unusual pussy. The swollen lips had parted like the before in her excitement, once again revealing the empty space where her little nub should have been. Looking more closely, I thought it looked as though she had never had a clitoris at all. Then, zooming in, I caught sight of the scar. It was hardly noticeable. But what a big difference it made!

The middle eastern girl lay down on the bed, touching herself all over but avoiding the scar of her missing clitoris. She teased her inner thighs, dragged a finger slowly up and down each of her labia, coming back at last to squeeze her breasts. Then her right hand drifted downward, seemingly without her knowing, and touched her scar.

She gave a frustrated grunt that nearly sent me over the edge. The hand came back upward, and now both hands were working her breasts in earnest. I could hear the panting captured from the teddy’s tiny microphone. The girl’s face and chest took on a reddish hue in her excitement. As her arousal grew, she focused solely on her nipples, squeezing harder and harder.

Little whines were now escaping her lips in time with very intense squeezes of her nipples, and they slowly rose in volume and desperation. Her right hand suddenly abandoned its nipple and flew back to her pussy, rubbing vigorously where her clitoris ought to be. She was clearly pressing very hard, trying to excite some deep remnant of nerves that might have survived her circumcision.

Finally Safiya let out a desperate whimper. “Damn!” she exclaimed, punching the bed with her fists. Her finger slowly crept back to the scar, rubbing it gently. “I need to cum so bad,” she pleaded, panting.

I had cum three times during that display. With a little editing, I copied the exciting segment and saved it to a more permanent home. When Safiya made it back a few hours later, the nubs still announcing her still unsatisfied arousal through her t-shirt made my own pop out in sudden excitement.


I was excited to get back from class and check the recording after Safiya left. The poor girl had been playing with herself more and more frequently in the four weeks since I had started recording her. I had been shameless, hardly ever wearing a bra or panties while in the dorm room. Safiya had been masturbating almost daily lately. She has yet to ever cum from it, I thought cheerfully. In fact, you could say that I had cum more often from Safiya’s masturbation sessions than she herself had!

One thing did bother me a little. As much as I enjoyed watching the homemade videos, the times I had cum the hardest was when I imagined being circumcised myself. It was humiliating to admit, but the thought did get me going, even if I wasn’t sure why. Was it because I knew how torturous it would be for me? I played with my button whenever I could get away with it anymore, sometimes even avoiding my friends in favor of an orgasm or three. I wondered if it felt so good because my clit was so big.

Lately I had even started imagining ways I might lose it. Like maybe I had bet it in a game and lost, or my parents caught me masturbating. I even imagined being Egyptian, like Safiya, and going through what she did. Just thinking about it had made my panties moisten. What was wrong with me?

When I walked through the door, I immediately knew something was wrong. Safiya was glaring at me, red-faced in rage and humiliation. She was sitting at my desk. What was she doing there?

“I can’t believe you!” Safiya shouted at me. I raised her eyebrows but didn’t know how to respond to that, so the pissed off girl continued. “How could you…how could you do this?”

A glance at the monitor and my heart dropped. It was one of those videos. My favorite, in fact, in which Safiya really went crazy trying to cum. She was so frustrated that afterward she whined “I’m so horny,” over and over while she helplessly rubbed her empty slit. I opened my mouth, but my voice died in my throat.

“All I wanted to do was look something up because mine was updating. And then I saw your kaçak casino recent file list. There was one called…I can’t believe it…”

I could fill in the rest. The file name was “Safiya so horny haha.wmv”. Safiya always respected my privacy and never touched my things. Besides, I usually locked my computer when I left the room, and it would lock in fifteen minutes even if I didn’t. She must have come back right after I left.

“I…I’m sorry,” I said.

This enraged her roommate. “Sorry? Sorry? Really, that’s all you have to say?”

“I…know I shouldn’t have.”

“No shit you shouldn’t!” I winced. Safiya never swore, except in the peek throes of her sexual frustration. “I’m so gonna get you kicked out for this! At least! If you put any of these on the internet…oh God…”

My brain froze. I pictured trying to explain it to the dean. “No, I didn’t, I swear.”

“And I’m just supposed to believe you, right? How did you even…There!” She interrupted herself as her eyes fell to the teddy bear. “I always thought that thing was watching me!” She picked it up as I just stood there mesmerized by her anger. She found the zipper in the back and then the camera hidden inside. “I can’t believe this. So kicked out,” she said, tears coming now. The silence lingered.

“Please Safiya,” I said at last, quietly.

“Please what?” she sniffed.

“Please don’t report me. I’ll do anything you want.”

Safiya didn’t say anything for a while, apparently to stricken to respond. But eventually the gears appeared to turn, and her eyes narrowed.

“Anything, huh?”

I nodded, heart still pounding.

“You have no idea what it’s been like. How frustrating it gets. And you teasing me all the time. But I’ll let it go on one condition,” she said.

“Anything,” I said a little too eagerly.

“You get clipped.”


“You know. Circumcised.”

My mouth dropped, but the look on Safiya’s face was frighteningly serious.

“Come home with me for fall break. My father will know where to take you.”

My muddled mind latched onto a thought. “I can’t go to Egypt. I don’t even have a passport.”

“I didn’t go to Egypt either. There are places you can go, safe places, even in this country. If you know where to look.”

I tried again. “I can’t just, you know. Do that.”

Safiya shrugged. “Why not? I did. But you don’t have to. I can always just report you instead.”

I was stunned. “Wow, you’re really serious.”

“Yes, I am,” the girl confirmed. “Look. Ever since that party, you’ve been teasing me with your body on purpose, knowing I couldn’t do anything about it. And then I would hear you playing with yourself at night—it was really hard for me. And now this. I like you sometimes Cindy, but you’re out of control. You deserve this a lot more than I did.”

Out of control? Whose business was that but mine, anyway? Still, she looked like she was ready to go to the dean right now. They really would kick me out. And then what would I do? I took a deep breath and tried to reason with her. “Would your father even do this for a, um…someone like me?”

Now Safiya laughed. “You mean a white girl? Are you kidding? He would jump at the chance. Besides, he would be happy knowing that my roommate was also clipped. He’ll even pay for it. Trust me.”

Could I seriously do it? Safiya looked ready to turn me in. Maybe it was a heat of the moment thing. If I agreed now, maybe I could talk her out of it after she cooled down a bit. I hesitantly told her I would have it done.

“I’ll call father. Fall break is in two weeks. Hopefully that’s enough time to get it set up. Otherwise we’ll have to wait for the next one.”

Don’t worry, no rush, I thought to myself. Two weeks to save my clit. Great.


I slowly opened my eyes. Where was I? I was staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Around me was a sparsely decorated bedroom containing little more than the bed, a closet, and a nightstand. I was…

I had gone home with Safiya, that’s right. The girl’s parents were nice enough. A little stiff maybe. But there was something about her father. And then…

We got into the sedan. They…blindfolded me? I remembered not being able to see as the car turned this way and that. Why would they do that?

There was…a building. It wasn’t marked but looked like a doctor’s office. Was I sick? I didn’t feel sick.

There had been a waiting room, but I hadn’t seen it for long. I followed the young lady to the rooms beyond.

The room. It had one of those chairs they use for gynecological exams. I stripped down and sat on the chair. I had been afraid, hadn’t I?

The doctor came in. He injected something into me, said it was preparation for something. I said something like, “I changed my mind. I don’t want to do it.” He said he would talk to…who? My father? That didn’t make any sense.

The door opened, and I sat up startled. Safiya turned on the light. “I heard you,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

“What happened?” I stretched and scratched her head.

Safiya laughed. “Wow, you really don’t remember, do you?” Seeing my puzzled expression, she continued, “Here, let me show you.”

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