Cleaning up Bob’s Mess

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I am going to write about my first experience during the most sexual year of my life. I was out of control that year but really loved being dominated by men and lived with an older guy who had a girlfriend. It was summer and I was going to be a junior in college and most of my friends had already graduated so I desperately needed a roommate to split my apartment costs. A friend of my ex roommate also needed a place to stay so we agreed to rent a place together. Bob was not a student but worked in town as a manager at a local retail store and he was 28 years-old compared to me who was 20 at the time. Bob was about 6 foot 6, white, lanky, had blond, wavy hair that he wore kind of shaggy and was very fit because he had been a swimmer in high school and in college. His girlfriend, Brenda, who was absolutely gorgeous, lived about 4 hours away and a senior in college, so he didn’t see her all that often. He talked to her on the phone every day and she would come down and stay with him every other weekend.

They both were well aware of my sexual lifestyle and knew from my ex-roommate that I had lots of sex with men. It was the first week and as I was prepared to go to classes the following Monday, I learned there was a problem with my student loan and I would not be getting the money that I expected. I knew I would have no way of paying for rent even though I had signed a full year’s lease. I spent an hour at the financial aid office and I knew that I was going to have to get a job while I attended school. That afternoon when I returned, Bob was walking around with a towel wrapped around his waist and I walked into the bathroom as he was brushing his teeth. I was ashamed as I told him the news. Bob seemed like he was in shock a little and proceeded to take a shower.

Bob came out of the shower while I was sitting on the couch playing video games. He was on his phone with Brenda while he had a towel wrapped around his waist and his shaggy blonde hair was soaking wet. He looked good and I would be lying if I didn’t say I thought about his cock while he stood there. Bob hung up the phone and then surprised me when he grabbing his package through his towel and said, “Damn, I am so horny. It has been over a month since I fucked Brenda because we missed our usual visit last time. We usually have phone sex or something but lately we’ve been so busy, I haven’t done anything, including jacking off. I’m about to bust.” I just laughed but felt a little strange because I really haven’t gotten to know this guy very well and this was already a pretty personal conversation. I knew he was leading to something and I was very interested.

We continued to make small talk about sex (I can’t really remember exactly what we said) and the conversation turned to Bob asking me questions about my sexuality. I felt comfortable enough to tell him that I consider myself a bisexual (even though he already knew but wanted to hear me say it). At that time, I had given many blowjobs and had anal intercourse some but not often.

Brenda had a great idea of how you can pay your half of the rent this school year,” Bob said. “You have no money and I have enough to pay for the apartment myself. You said you are bisexual and my girlfriend lives far away. Why don’t you stay here and take care of my sexual needs when I need it and you can live here all year.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was just like the shit you read in a magazine forum. I have to admit that it did sound exciting and I was intrigued. I casino oyna did enjoy sucking dick and I knew I needed a place to live so it didn’t take long for me to agree to “pay” him in other ways. He asked me if I jack off very often and I said, “Probably about 2 or 3 times a week.”

“What do you jack off to?” he asked.

I replied, “Mostly internet porn but sometimes I just get the urge and use my imagination.”

Bob said, “That is hard for me to jerk off to my imagination. I usually need some type of visual. I have a couple of fetishes that really get me going and those really drive me crazy.”

“What are they?” I asked.

“Well, the first one is I love to see girls deep throating a cock and the fetish that is my all time favorite is I love watching girls eat cum. Just to watch someone clean up spunk, swallow it and actually enjoy it really gets my cock stirring. Somehow it makes me feel dominant or something,” answered Bob. “If you pull up my porn sites now, they are all centered on those two subjects.

Bob then surprised me when he said, “Listen, I know it’s a little quick but I was thinking you could really help me out if you got me off right now. Brenda said it would turn her on. During our adventures, I won’t tell anyone and you can also get yourself off. I will not do anything to you but maybe all this will be something new that really gets your rocks off.”

“I was hoping maybe we could start out with you cleaning up my cum by eating it off of me after I jack off.” Bob continued. “Brenda will swallow it after I cum in her mouth and lick it up a little but doesn’t really like the cleanup like I hoped she would.”

I thought about it and I have to admit, it aroused me. This might work out pretty well, I thought so I asked, “How do you want to do this?”

He lied down on this real solid coffee table and told me to come over to the end of it facing him. He removed the towel and I was taken back by the length of his dick. It wasn’t overly thick, but it was very long and smooth with a large mushroom head. He also had huge, saggy balls which were equally as smooth. His dick was already starting to get very hard as he was talking and it stuck up against his defined abs, well past his belly button. His smooth hairless ass was hanging over the end of the table and he said, “Would you mind rimming me while I jack off? Brenda won’t do that that either but I my previous girlfriend would do it and I loved it. Once I shoot my wad all over my chest and stomach, I want to see you clean it all off.”

I had sucked a lot of cock in my day but I had never rimmed a guy. I nervously walked over and kneeled down and scooted myself up to his freshly showered asshole. It was smooth, puckered and I leaned in and inhaled to make sure it was clean. It did smell good. I thought it either smelled like mint flavored soap. I really can’t remember which one it was. Even though I had never licked a man’s asshole, I was really getting turned on which was proved by my own hard on inside my pants. Bob brought his knees up a little bit more as I leaned in, used my thumbs to spread his cheeks and started to slowly lick around his anus. I took my time and concentrated on the inside of the cheeks first rather than the hole. I was licking and darting my tongue all around his smooth anus while the only sound I could hear was the smacking sound of Bob beating his own meat. I hoped I was doing him right and it was feeling good. I was now getting really horny and got brave enough to stick canlı casino my tongue on his asshole. It was no different than eating out a girl so I really started getting into it. I was flicking and licking it pretty seriously. Bob was now moaning as he beat off.

As time went along, Bob was starting to breathe harder as his hand was really pumping up and down on his long dong. I later found out it was at least 9 inches long and maybe a little longer. He starting talking dirty like I was his girlfriend which I found very erotic, “That’s it baby, stay in there. That feels wonderful. Stay in there and keep tonguing that hole. Ooh that’s it. You’re gonna make me shoot quickly and you are going to have a huge mess to clean up. Remember, I haven’t cum in a couple of weeks.”

Hearing Bob talk like I was his woman made me all the more aroused. Bob had his knees up by his chest as he lay on his back with me really licking his asshole. I tried a few techniques that I have used on pussy like swirling my tongue around the opening for a while, then darting my tongue in and out his hole in a way that I was actually penetrating him. He really liked that.

“Hold on,” Bob commanded. “I’m pretty dry. Why don’t you come up here and suck on it a little bit and get it lubed up with your slobber.”

I stood up and he moved his hand out of the way. That was the first time I put Bob’s beautiful cock in my mouth. He did have tons of precum oozing out but I really let my saliva run down the shaft as I sucked the head. I think I may have even spit on it but I’m not sure.

“That’s good enough,” Bob said. “Get back in there and let’s do this right.”

I knelt back down and went to work on Bob’s butthole once again. I was no longer nervous and wanted to really give this guy a great rimjob. I obviously couldn’t see him but I could feel and hear his hand start back up on that dick. It had more of a wet, sloppy slapping sound. This continued for about 10 minutes until the smacking sound was broken by Bob’s voice.

“That’s it.” he grunted. “I’m gettin close. Stay with it. Stay in there. Oh yea baby. I’m going to give you plenty of lunch today. You won’t be hungry all evening after you slurp this shit up.”

The more vulgar Bob spoke, the nastier I felt. I was leaking precum in my pants with my hard on.

While I was tongue fucking his asshole, my nose was right up against his taint with his saggy balls resting on the bridge of my nose. As he stroked himself, his balls were actually bouncing up and down on my nose. I sensed he was getting close, so I grabbed each thigh of his and pulled him closer to just see how far I could actually get my tongue up his ass. Just as I crammed my tongue deep in his asshole, he began to scream in orgasm.

“Oh you mother fucker, stay in there just like that!” Bob screamed and grunted as he came.

Since I had my tongue buried in his asshole, my nose was pressed very hard under his balls and against his taint. With each squirt, I could feel his muscles contract against my nose. Even though I could not see him cum, I could feel the power of each shot. After about 8 to 10 contractions, they stopped.

I pulled my tongue out of his ass and stood up to see him laying on the table, his half hard dick still in his hand, him panting heavily like he had just ran 4 miles, and a mess on his neck, chest, and stomach like I had never seen before. Bob said that he had not come in a long while and after seeing this mess, I knew for a fact he wasn’t lying. kaçak casino

I had never seen so much cum. Even after watching countless porno movies, no porn star had ever shot that much goo! There was seriously so much that I had to do a double take just to make sure it was real.

Bob was starting to calm down and doing his ‘feel good’ shivering when he said, “I will tell you that people say it tastes much better when you eat it warm so you need to get to it pretty soon. I will also tell you since this is a fetish of mine, Brenda makes me do all I can to make it taste better and that’s why I eat so much fruit and pineapple. She read it on the internet.”

I did notice there were cans and cans of pineapple in the cabinet. In addition to the amount of his spunk all over him, what also really stood out to me was how thick it was. I was no stranger to eating cum and even thick cum but I swear it looked like someone had splattered a large container of tapioca pudding all over this man. He still had his hand on his now softening cock and there was a large glob of cum on his hand between his thumb and index finger. He raised his hand up to my mouth and I slurped it off in one big gulp and swallowed. Bob was right, his cum did taste good. It was sweet with a hint of saltiness. It reminded me of a salty sweet tart. I then grabbed his prick by the base, squeezed lightly, and ran my hand up to the head keeping my grip. This caused all the leftover cum that was still in the shaft to pop out the pee hole and coagulate right there on the head. I leaned in and placed my lips over it like I was giving it a kiss and sucked it right up.

Now I had to decide how I was going to lick the rest of this mess up. I could smell the foul, musk of man goo that needed to get it cleaned while still warm. I decided to start with the spunk furthest away from the shaft and work my way to it. The furthest pile away from the shaft was on Bob’s neck. You could tell this was the first blast to come out of him when I had my tongue buried deep in his asshole.

Now because of the thick density of the cum, I really didn’t need to put my lips against most of it, I just used my hands to pick it up with my thumb and first two fingers and eat it like oysters. Bob lifted up his chin so I could get all of it off his neck. It was warm, creamy, and tasted surprisingly good.

Bob said, “That’s it baby. Eat that shit up. I told ya that it would taste good. I don’t want any of it left on me. I want it so clean that I will not need a towel when you’re finished. I want to be able to get straight up and put on my clothes.”

As I am eating this clumpy, warm spunk with my fingers, Bob’s dick began to harden again because he was so turned on by this sight. Some of his cum was so clumpy; it didn’t slide down my throat very easily. After about 5 minutes of eating this man’s delicious cum, the only part left was the liquid residue. I then placed my lips on his stomach and started slurping it up like his own personal shop vac. He had some cum built up around his pubic hairs and I just moved around cleaning up ever last drop. The final bit of spunk was trapped under his now hard cock and his belly button. I carefully lifted it and cleaned out his belly button before finishing up on his shaft.

Bob was now all clean and was supporting a very hard cock from watching the clean up. I had to go to the bookstore or I would probably have given him a blow job to extract some more of that delicious, warm, thick cum. I grabbed a coke out of the fridge to wash the remaining cum down my gullet and he told me how great it felt as I headed out the door. I knew if all the sexual days were as exciting as that, it was going to be a great year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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