Cindy the Cure

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She sat there and the thought to herself about all the times she had sat at home and cried while he had been out doing who knows what.

She also thought of all the times she had pondered about what he was really telling her and what he wasn’t. Tonight after three years she felt it was time for him to know the the pain she had felt.

After checking herself into a motel, she walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucet to the bathtub. She needed a bath first to think and let the stress out. She also had to go over the plan again in her head to get herself ready for the reality of it to happen.

The steam and heat of the bathroom filled the air as she undressed and let herself into the tub. It was almost to hot but she went in slowly to let her body adjust to it. She could feel sweat forming on her brow as she finally slid all the way into the tub. She smiled a little as she wondered what the point of washing only to sweat while doing it was for. Her skin turning bright pink.

She thought of him again as she closed her eyes and laid her head back on the tub. She still could fill the excitement in her body as she thought of him and her having sex. He was always the one man that had known her body before she did. He had taught her so many things about herself and also what her body wanted. Hell he had taught her to be a better lover then any other man had.

She wondered if he ever thought of her sexually any more. Flashes of them together made her nipples grow hard that were peeping just above the water. Sweat from the hot mist was rolling down between them.

She saw him again in her mind’s eye as they would roll all over the bed, him practically tossing around her petite body into any postion he wanted. She shivered with excitment as she remember him pushing her head down to bring his penis into her mouth. She remembered the sweet smell of him as she had her nose all the way at times to the hair between his legs. God he had tasted so good too. Her mouth watered as she thought of all the times she had craved to slide her tongue down the length of him and then wrap her lips around the tip to taste the precum.

She knew she was getting excited in the tub thinking about it because she had started squirming. She also knew there was no time to do anything about it and quickly lifted up, opening her eyes to reach for the washrag to start washing.

After washing and toweling off she got her mind back on track thinking of her plan she needed to do and also thinking of what the after math would be like. She had been waiting for years to do this and thoughts of sex or the pain he had given her was going to make her forget her misson.

Wrapping the towel around her she headed back into the bedroom part of the motel room and sat on the side of the bed close to the phone. For just a second she got nervous as she thought of backing out and letting this go. To say it was revenge was really too harsh of a word. More like she wanted him to feel some pain. Pain that was hers that he had refused to give her when he had walked out.

As that country song says, she just wants whats hers. She laughed a little outloud as she knew her emotions seemed to change second by second. She almost seemed a controlled basketcase, if there was such a thing.

She shook herself out of her doubts and reached for the phone. The towel falling and leaving her naked on the side of the bed. Her nipples growing hard quick again from the cool air of the air conditioner.

She dialed the number and waited as it rung, her hand almost without her knowing it going to one nipple to play.

” Hello” Cindy said on the other end.

” Hi Cindy, it’s me Marie, I was wondering when you wanted to meet up today .?” She responded.

” Hmm….” Cindy mumbled outloud as she thought for a moment. Marie fingers pulled on her nipple making it even harder. She could fill little jolts of excitement running up her back as her nipple was being pinched.

” Well I have to get my hair done about twelve but I am free after that, how about three?”

” Okay that sounds fine. Do you want to meet here or somewhere else?” Marie asked but then quickly began talking again.” Wait you know Cindy I really don’t know this town very well. How about you just meet me here and we can ride together where ever we choose to go.”

There was a slight hesitation as Marie could almost fill the girls nervousness on the other end of the line.

” Cindy” Marie started saying in a soothing voice. Her nipple almost blood red as she continued to pinch feeling her pussy starting to get wet from the play. It was almost funny to know her body was all excited yet she was able to keep a straight tone.

” I promise nothing wild is going to happen. I mean that was just talk between friends, nothing more. Hell I have practically forgotten about it till I could tell you were nervous.”

Still Cindy didn’t say anything as Marie rushed in to finish making Cindy comfortable.

” Look I know you have a boyfriend casino oyna you love dearly, believe me I understand . I would never want to come in between that. Besides…” Marie finished her speech as she dropped her hand away from her nipple.” I have been totally in love like you, but was also curious about things and just had conversations about it. No harm between girlfriends.” She finished as she moved to stand up letting her hand move to her stomach and flutter over the skin. Her mind coming up with an naughty idea.

” So dont be a ninny Hon …” Marie laughed outloud ” Just trust me” She finished as her hand moved lower and lower to her pussy. Her legs spreading to allow her fingers in. She wanted to get off right now and not let Cindy know. She wondered if she could do it. If she could get away with it. The idea was enough to make her wetter. All thoughts rational went out the window as she rubbed slowly over her clit.

” I guess you must think I am silly ..” Cindy started saying as she also giggled a little. Her nervousness making Marie even more aroused.

” No Hon I understand you just needed to be reassured is all, I mean I am SURE you would never even go there with another woman. You seem like the type who talks and not plays, which is cool, maybe a watcher so to speak.” Marie told her as her fingers skimmed over the top of her clit more. She shivered again as she heard Cindy’s breathing on the other end of the phone. It was also so sweet to know in her head she was getting herself off on this conversation and the other girl didnt know it.

” I didnt say I wouldnt go there…” Cindy started, her voice betraying her pride of Marie speaking of her backing away from something different.

” No… I think you wouldn’t which is fine, there are alot of women out there who talk the talk hon but dont walk the well… you know what I mean. I am not saying its wrong or there is something wrong with you, I am just saying I dont think it would happen. Besides there isnt really anything about a woman physically that turns you on is there?” Marie said barely now able to keep her voice straight as she taunted Cindy to talk about it. She wanted to get herself off.

” Well…” Cindy started forgetting her nervousness , and starting to get just a bit frusterated with Marie at thinking she might be a chicken.

” I think women’s breast are beautiful and the way the ass curves around when they stand up straight or bend over.”

Marie couldn’t take it any more as she flicked her clit over and over again. She sat on the bed again and then laid back spreading her legs as far as she could to get totally to her clit.

“Cindy keep talking, I am just fixing my hair a bit and listening, so if I dont say anything for a moment dont worry… I am still here” She told her before her voice broke with a moan she had to held in. She was so wet that her fingers were sliding all over the place.

” Well really Marie there isn’t much I dont find beautiful on a woman, I mean if I didn’t it would be almost saying I wasn’t beautiful. I think women with long hair is great. It is so pretty when spread out over the bed in pictures.” Cindy continued not knowing that Marie was rubbing her pussy listening to her.

” I also like the way I smell down there” Cindy said in a soft tone

” How do you smell?” Marie asked, her voice breaking.

” You okay?” Cindy asked

” Sure, almost dropped the phone.” Marie quickly explained.

” Oh… well sorta musky yet there is a sweet smell that makes you want to smell over and over again.” Cindy said as Marie rolled her eyes back in her head with pleasure at Cindy’s words. Her fingers working quickly over her pussy as it made small sounds of her rubbing.

” I mean it really makes me wonder if I would ever want to taste another woman..” she continued as if getting into this conversation “the curiousity is there of course. I get sometimes really aroused thinking about it and see that my nipples get hard when I do and I get wet.” she finished saying with an almost embarresed giggle.

Marie could feel it coming , her legs were starting to shake as she grounded a little harder on her clit. She bit her tounge so Cindy wouldnt hear.

” Marie?” Cindy called out over the phone.

” Yesssss” Marie responded back wanting to groan and cry out but not letting herself.

” Oh thought you had got disconnected. Anyways I do want to say I am curious and maybe one day I will but I dont know when. I do know that when I do, I want to try it all at least once and hope I am taught well. I mean it would be so neat to let a woman take charge and teach me it all.” She said as Marie started to cum from her last sentence and from the over wet fingers working over her clit. Her body shook as heat raced up her legs and she came hard.

” Ohhhhhh God….” Marie said almost shouting.

” Marie??? Marie???” Cindy said in a almost frighten voice. ” whats wrong? “

” Ohh…ohhh” Marie said as she felt herself gush a little between her canlı casino legs.

” MARIE!!!!!!! ” Cindy practically screamed over the phone scared at what might make her friend yell.

Marie shook and shook as she tried to answer her friend. Her body tingling all over. The waves of her cumming were quick but not quick enough for her to get an answer to her friend. She rolled her eyes in pleasure as she tingled.

” Marie!!!!” Cindy almost yelled again in the phone. This made Marie swallow and hold back some from the pleasure to answer her friend.

” Sorry.” Marie said barely able to answer as she shook on the bed, her legs growing limp and falling down from the air to lay on the bed.

” I stubbed my toe ” She panted out over the phone.

” Are you sure Marie, why are you out of breath?” She asked almost getting a nervous sound in her voice.

Marie quickly got herself together before she gave herself away.

” I am out of breath from hopping all over the damn motel room sweetie, It hurt like hell. ” Marie said laughing out loud at her ability in saying a quick lie.

” Oh…” Cindy said

” Its alright Hon, I wasn’t paying attention and this is what I get trying to get dressed and talk on the phone at the same time.” She quickly explained hoping Cindy would accept the lie. Her breathing still coming quick but getting some what under control.

Cindy laughed some and Marie could tell she was taking the bait.

” I know what you mean.. Some times I cant chew gum and walk.” She said

” Well good I am glad to know I’m not the only person who isnt coordinated ” Marie said laughing as her breathing finally came under control enough to let her talk. Marie sat up on the bed as she felt her legs slide from all the cum between her thighs.

” As I was saying Cindy… Its just talk between girls, no big deal. Hell half the time it doesnt even turn me on. It just talk. Besides I could never do it with one of my friends, Seems almost like incest. And you know I love you like a sister. I just cringe thinking about it. I am more just curious if your like me in your thinking.” Marie said.

” Yea I guess…” Cindy said almost as if she was disappointed.

” Anyways.. are you coming here or should we meet some where?” Marie asked quickly to change the subject. She knew Cindy would be upset some in the thought that Marie might not find her attractive. It was her vanity. Marie also knew she was playing Cindy right into her hands.

” Yea well um.. I will come there so we can ride together.” Cindy said

” Okay I will be ready then and I can’t wait to see you.” Marie told her starting to stand up from the bed. Her legs a little wobbly.

” Me either Marie it seems we have been waiting a long time for this.” Cindy replied.

” Oh yea.. a long time ” Marie said her voice trailing as she fell deep into thought for a second.

” Okay then Marie I will see you then.” Cindy said bringing the conversation to a close.

” Okay Hon.. and Cindy… Thanks.” Marie said with a big smile.

” For what?” Cindy asked confused.

” Just for being there Hon ” Marie told her as she tried to surpress the giggle.

” Oh..” Cindy said giggling herself in confusion. ” well your welcome then” She said before saying goodbye then hanging up.

Marie busted into laughter as she also hung up the phone and thought to herself how much fun this was going to be.

Looking down between her legs she realised she was a mess again but thought it was a wonderful mess and laughed a little more as she walked naked back into the bathroom to clean up.

Later Marie waited for Cindy. It was now a quarter to three. She thought again of her plan and hoped it all worked out the way she wanted. She had put alot of effort into this and knew without the help of others she wouldn’t have never gotten this far. She thought of Sam her friend to the end. Although alot of people, practically everyone didn’t know they still talked. It was good that others didn’t. It may have caused him problems or lost friendships.

He had at all times been in agreement with her as to how things had happened in the past. Everyone needed a friend like Sam in thier lives that they can talk to and who was also with you to help even with her crazy ideas, as he had been with her over these last few years.

Without him she would never had meet Cindy. He had introduced her to Cindy on the internet. Then fading away quickly to his own internet life. Marie had never brought him up again in her and Cindy’s conversations, hoping Cindy would forget the one link that could ruin her plans.

A knock on the door brought her quickly to reality as she stood up and took a nervous breath. She had never met Cindy face to face before now and she was a little nervous and really curious on how the girl looked. It had taken months for her to talk Cindy into meeting her face to face. But she knew it would have. She had already been warned by Sam she was pretty conservative and a little kaçak casino shy. That had worked well in Marie’s plans. She needed someone somewhat naive.

” Yea hold on” Marie hollered at the door.

She quickly checked her appearence, smiling in satisfication and walked to open it for her friend.

When she opened the door she was surprised at what stood before her. In her mind she quessed she always thought Cindy as short, petite and innocent looking. Instead she was tall , almost five eleven it looked like and she looked very exotic in the face. Not quite spanish but close to it. Her hair was long and dark brown with bangs and she was slim. She didnt have huge breast but that was okay for Marie, since it didn’t matter what size she was. Her hips were full but not overly full to where she looked uneven. She looked like an everyday woman. Not ones you see on magazines but ones you see walking down the street heading for work or school.

Marie guessed she made Cindy more out in her mind then she should of. Although she was not displeased with how Cindy looked. She was very pretty and knew she would turn heads. She just pictured her more beautiful for reasons she didn’t want to think about at the moment.

” Hi” Marie said as she noticed she was getting the look over also from Cindy. She could see what she looked like in Cindys mind. Short, about five four and dark hair also, although hers was cut to reach her shoulders. She didnt have bangs like Cindy. Her hair was all one length. Her breast were large for her size. A D cup, her hips small. In some ways they looked a like and in others they didnt match at all. A ironic thought floated in her head. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it. She shook her head almost as if shaking the thought from her mind.

” Hi” Cindy said. Shifting some on her feet showing she was nervous.

Marie closed the gap between them and hugged her friend. At first Cindy stood stiff then slowly hugged her back. She was really nervous.

Marie gave her one last tight squeeze and let her go, stepping back to allow Cindy into the room.

” Come on in” She said as she turned to head back to the middle of the room ” make yourself comfortable, while I gather a few things and we can go get something to eat and get to know each other “

Cindy stood at the door for a few moments, hesitating as she looked in the room. Finally stepping in after a few seconds and turning to shut the door. Marie shook her head. She just hoped Cindy relaxed so they could have fun, cause she didn’t know if she could do this all night trying to make Cindy comfortable.

” So …did you have a good trip?” Cindy asked as she walked a little stiffly to the bed and sat down.

” Yea it was fine… a little tiring though” Marie responded as she gathered certain objects around to put in her purse. She could feel Cindy’s eyes on her but she never turned around to look back at her. She let her friend study her for awhile knowing she needed this time to evaluate Marie. Marie kept on adding things to her purse, even things she didn”t need to make the time stretch some.

Finally when Marie couldnt find any reason at all to put anything else in her purse she turned around to notice now Cindy was looking around the room. Marie wondered what was going on in her friends head.

” You ready” Marie asked as she bent over to put on her coat knowing it had been a tad chilly outside this early afternoon.

” Yes ” Cindy said as she jumped quickly off the bed and almost ran to the door of the motel room. Marie swallowed a giggle as she followed Cindy to the door and out of it. Turning to make sure it was locked and then looking at Cindy.

” Where is your car hon?” Marie asked as she waited patiently for Cindy to lead her.

” Oh… sorry its this way” she said as she guided her toward her car a few parking spaces down.

Marie followed quietly and tried to think of something to help her friend relax. She had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

Sitting in the restaurant Marie noticed that the more Cindy drank the more she talked. She had been watching her friend drink four beers down before and during dinner. She hoped she didnt get drunk cause it wasn’t in her plans.

” You know Marie…” she said after taking another swallow from her beer.” Your a real pretty woman” Cindy told her. Marie had noticed all through dinner she had been watching her as she talked about her life, her boyfriend and her thoughts on different things that affected her each day. Marie wondered if she needed the drinks to relax herself before enjoying herself.

” Thank you hon” Marie answered back. ” your a pretty woman yourself.” She commented as she also took a swig of beer. She hoped her mind wouldnt go further into drunkness then the slight buzz she was starting to get.

Cindy blushed at her compliment and looked down to take a bite to eat of her food.

” So…. Cindy… what would you like to do tonight” Marie asked as she pushed her some what empty plate away.

” Um… I don’t know really there isnt anything to do but go to bars in this town and i really don’t like going there.” Cindy said as she pushed what food was left on her plate around .

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