Choosing My Sister’s Partners Ch. 01

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As I headed out to a client that day, my sister popped into my head as someone I could visit off the cuff on the way back from my job. Yeah, I’ll pop into her student accommodation on the way back and surprise her! Now that we both lived in the same city, I was making a good effort to spend more time with her, like we used to do growing up. After all, she is the sweetest girl I know, and a total joy to be around at all times. You don’t squander the chance at spending time with someone like that.

My sister and I know a lot about each other. We shared some intimate secrets in the past, and a few misadventures neither of us tell anyone about because we would both look bad. No, we haven’t had sex with each other, nothing like that… But silly things, for example, one time we were stuck in a small town near her home, and she was desperate for the bathroom. It was too late for the public bathrooms to be open, and she just couldn’t wait any longer. So, I picked her up and ran like hell to the nearby beach that had a high sided stone pointed wall between it and the street. The perfect spot to hide and let her relieve herself. I swept my large jumper off of my chest and wrapped it around her waist which prevented her exposing herself to me as she pulled her trousers down and crouched against the stone wall. Not that I don’t know what she looks like down there, we never really cared about being naked in front of each other, but this was a potentially public situation. I remember being protective and keeping an eye out for threats, turning my back and giving her privacy to sort herself out. It was all over quickly, and we weren’t embarrassed by each other in the situation, we were just glad to sort out the issue, and she was so grateful for my quick thinking. Although we are siblings, Jenna who is 23, is 12 years younger than me, so at times I did engage parent mode and move past all of my inhibitions towards her as a female, to be the one she needed when she needed me. The point is, we have experiences together that, well, only we understand.

My job was a quick fix, so I arrived at high noon on my sister’s apartment complex foyer. I buzzed her dorm and hoped she would be in for my unannounced arrival.

1 minute passes with no answer, which must mean she is out because normally she’s quick to answer within seconds. I’ll just try one more time in case she was occupied, speaking of needing the bathroom. As I go to press the buzzer once more, she finally answers.

“Hi?!” I here her bit-crushed voice through the probably way more expensive than effective intercom.

“It’s me sis!” I respond with excitement at hearing she is home.

“Ohhh, yay!” She responds in kind. The door releases and I rush in and up the stairs to the top floor where her dorm is, and where she has opened the door to stand in the doorway and welcome me.

“Hey! Glad you were here sis!”

“Bro so good to see you, nice surprise haha!” We hug closely and for a silly amount of time as usual. Standard greeting between us. But something’s different this time. Jenna smells of tears, and her eyes were a little rubbed looking. Even at the normal (for us) moment of releasing embrace, she continues to hold on with her arms around my back.

“Hey, Jenna?” Her head buries in my chest and she sobs.

“Jenna…” I look down at her pressing her tears into my tshirt, something has happened to her for sure. I say nothing more and pick her up into my arms, keeping her head against my chest so she can hide as much as she feels like. I carry her to her room, a small en suite with a single bed and a shower bathroom. I kick my shoes off, lay on her bed and cradle her while she softly sobs into my torso. Little Jenna, only as tall as my chest, yet the biggest soul in the universe, life has snagged on you somehow. But I am here now.

“Sorry.” canlı bahis Jenna finally manages to speak.

“Lil sis, you are allowed to cry, I know life is thorny sometimes.”

“It’s not even anything serious, I just, it just has been bothering me today, it’s so stupid.”

“Whatever it is, I’ll fix it for you sis. I promise you this.”

Jenna pauses to process what I’ve just said, as if it’s contextually illogical.

“Hehe, you know exactly what to say to make me laugh.” She muses with a quiet giggle.

“What? Hey you know I’m good for it sis!” I feign some misguided offense to lighten the atmosphere.

“Stop saying that Elpy, aahaha!” She laughs tearfully against my body as I stare with a confused smile, happy to see she is not too upset.

“Heh, okay, wanna tell me about it?” I stroke her back and comfort her as she lays in my arms. Her embrace is soothing and soft.

“No, it’s so stupid and embarrassing and I cried about it, ugh.” Jenna seems disappointed in what she seems to perceive as a weakness.

“I cried yesterday because I watched A romantic film, what do you wanna do hahah!” I encourage her not to feel shame for crying.

“Elpy, I just am so stupid, I can’t seem to, uhh mmm.” She stops and thinks. I wait quietly, comforting her with my big hands warming her back and shoulders.

“Like, I haven’t, mmh, so last night, a boy asked me back to his place and, I just said no thanks. I always say no. Why did I say that? I need…” She stops again. I continue to let her think, nodding my head gently to silently encourage her.

“I wanted to, but I didn’t let myself. I’m… scared.” I understood her completely.

“Jenna. You’ve been bungee jumping. Why is it easier the second time around?” I philosophise.

“Um, you know you can do it, and um, you know the adrenaline is a good feeling.” Jenna thinks about it aloud.

“Sis. I know how clever you are but I’ll tell you anyway. You need to get past your anxiety over sex. But the way you choose to do that will be key to how easy it is to overcome.” I stroke her hair softly to make her feel safe.

“Yeah… hmm. I just know I cannot say yes to it even if I want it. And I want it by now…” She seems to daydream of the experience a bit as she talks.

“I think you have identified the main issue sis. So that is your barrier, but what could the solution to removing that barrier be. There will be an answer there somewhere.” I steer her towards solving the issue if she can.

“Oh, um.” She pauses for a few seconds. “Ok, this sounds so strange, but removing the barrier means… Removing my decision… But how do I do that? Sounds impossible.” She wonders.

“I know, it sounds all kinds of weird. Hey, based on how lovely you are, I think once you have a nice male in your room, good things will happen, you know? So…” I stop, unsure of where I am going with that exactly.

“Bro, stop heheh! So typical that the only man who I can easily have in my bed is my own brother. Rgh!”

“Oh sis, there’s no one more special to me that you, but we need to find you a man to have his way with you.” I gently squeeze her against me, affirming her as an attractive young woman. There is a decent pause of silence as we lie calmly together on the bed.

“Elpy…” Jenna seems torn about what to say as she looks delicately up at me.

“Right, I am stating the obvious for sure. Um…” I stammer.

“So… You can help me, Elpy?” She leans into me and her breasts squeeze and bulge inside her clothes.

“Jenna…” She gazes up at me with fervourous intensity, only a fool could miss her sexual intention. I almost cannot resist bring my lips down upon hers. Our breath mixes and sweeps each others lips sensually as she reaches up to my mouth with hers. Just as our lips bahis siteleri touch and begin to suck I gently lift away from her, taking all of my willpower.

“Rrgg, no, it cannot be me who is your first. We have to do this for you properly, no shortcuts, okay?”

“Arrrrgh!” Jenna buries her head in my chest shamefully, for our body language oozing with sexual intimacy. I can feel her legs wriggling against mine and her chest brushing on me. She looks up at me again with a defeated look.

“Elpy, it’s not fair, I basically just said yes to you, I know you didn’t ask, but I said yes, and I am still not anywhere closer to feeling what I need. Please help me it’s not fair…” Jenna sighs deeply into my torso as we lay on the bed cuddling. I sigh and reassure her.

“Jenna, don’t get me wrong, I love you so much, it’s almost disgusting how much I love you, and I just made you a promise, that I would fix your problem. Just say the word and I’ll tell you what we need to do.” My hand drifts under her top and caresses the small of her back.

“Can you make me another promise too please?” Jenna trusts me with her need.

“Yes, but you have to promise to accept my fix to your problem.” I offer her a pact.

“I’ll do it Elpy, but… you said you couldn’t be my first… But…” My eyes widen at her clever excavation into my choice of words before.

“You have to be my second.” My heart batters through my torso and I’m sure she can hear it, feel it even.

“Sis.” I can’t help but stall at the ramification of this pact.

“Please.” Jenna sweetly begs me as she nuzzles my neck with her nose. I stroke her firmly along the top of her buttocks.

“Jenna, You are my sister, my ultimate prohibition. But… I am too attracted to your offer to refuse.”

I stop for a breath and we hold on to each other tightly with nerves jolting through my limbs.

“Jenna I have wanted this like you cannot know. You are my perfect sister. But before we… Uhhh, here is my plan…” I kiss her forehead gently as I barely contain my joy and my furious erection that fights my jeans’ crotch.

“Yes, oh yes! What must I do brother?” She is ecstatic and ready for her fate as I tease her soft skin with my fingers., sliding them over just the very top of her mounded buttocks.

“You, Jenna, only need to stay here and wait for me to find someone to bring to you. I will look well for a suitable, virile yet chivalrous male willing to lay with you, which shouldn’t be in the slightest bit difficult. Your decision is void, so any man I bring back to you will have the pleasure of your body, and you of his, unless I deem it not so for an unforeseen reason.” Jenna inhales deeply a few times, her anxiety already kicking off at the idea.

“Okay, okay, I can do this.” She tries to stay calm.

“I’ll be always nearby, I won’t go far from here at all.” I explain I am not leaving her alone throughout this. Jenna grips me and holds tight, her hands beginning to explore my back and arms more now.

“You’ll allow him to sleep with you for the night, which means you may end up having sex quite a few times with him. I’ll be on the diner couch, chatting up any of your dorm friends who happen to show up.” I tease her half jokingly.

“Those girls, I love them but they couldn’t handle you in the slightest.” She boasts.

“Jenna, when he leaves, you can settle our pact at any time. We will… have sex, whew! And then after that the pact can renew if you want it to.” I reassure her that I am committed to her sexual endeavours flourishing.

“Oh wow, I’m definitely going to be having a lot of sex now I can’t say no… Elpy this is exactly what I wanted! You know me so well I…” She moves in close and reaches to kiss me on the lips. I accept the inevitable slope we are beginning to slide bahis şirketleri down. Her breath is sweet and warm, her lips and soft like silky pillows. We kiss a few times and press each other close.

“I love you Jenna, and I am so glad I randomly decided to show up today! Hey, do you want me to have pictures of you to show to men I deem worthy, or do we keep it a mystery for them?” My sister considers my idea.

“Umm, okay but how saucy are we talking, and will it actually work?”

“As saucy as you want. You could be fully clothed, maybe some nice underwear, or naked. You could even make a video for me to prove it’s not some weird scam, saying something like ‘My brother is showing you this because I need you to come home to me, now…’ haha!” I laugh at the absurd nature of what I am suggesting.

“Sounds like a total scam bro!” Jenna jokes, but she isn’t wrong.

“Let’s just go with some underwear based body shots.” I suggest, pulling my phone out. “I’ll also take one with us both to prove to them that I know you.” Jenna nods and sits up. She has never had problems stripping in front of me, nor I in front of her. But this time we are looking at each other in a definite, sexual way. Her room is thick with our lust.

“Jenna, you are a goddess.” I comment as she pulls her top off and drops her jeans, flinging them off the end of her bed and presenting herself in her matching purple bra and panties.

“Pristine…” I wonder out loud, dragging my big hand across her stomach and along the top of her thighs as she kneels beside me. I lift my phone up and begin a few snaps of her, and she is so photogenic with her long dark brown hair, very fair skin and emerald eyes. Her breasts are between C and D cup, and sit youthfully upright and proud on her torso in the bra. As usual she is waxed clean under her panties, no change there from last time I got a glancing show of her naked abdomen.

“Ok sis, and one together for proof…” I sit up beside her and pull her into my side with one arm as I snap our smitten faces together with my phone.

“Jenna, these are stunning. You are going to get laid so much tonight.” I explain, flicking back through the photos I just took.

“Tonight?” She sounds startled.

“Yes. No point in hanging around, I’m gonna find you what I promised you today!”

“Don’t go yet…” She must be nervous that the next time I come back, it won’t be me she is going to be cuddling with.

“Jenna, if I don’t go now, I am in danger of breaking our oath… I crave you just now…” I explain in a fluster and stand up off the bed. My dick visibly buckles my jeans as I stand up.

“Elpy… ohhh, when will you be back? It’s only early afternoon now…” Jenna pines for my assurances.

“Sis, I don’t know how long this is gonna take, I don’t imagine it will be super long, but it could be a few hours. I don’t even know where to start looking!” I explain I really haven’t done this before.

“Oh, um, what about say, the coffee shop near here? If a guy is drinking coffee that’s a good sign right?” She muses.

“Depends very much on the coffee sis. Which makes your idea actually really good. I know your tastes well Jenna, so it’s as good as anything to start going off of!” I get off her bed and throw her an impressed look, I’m always so proud of her.

“All I have to do is be here, and you are gonna really bring a man? I can’t believe this…” Jenna slides off of her bed and tucks herself into my arms, really needing emotional support for what is going to happen.

“I’ll be back soon my wonderful sis, You just relax, enjoy your last day as a virgin, it’s no big deal at all and it feels great.”

“I love you bro, I’m so nervous and excited, I have butterflies, ohh, wow!” Jenna looks like she’s questioning reality a little bit.

She shows me out of her dorm, we cuddle for a long time as usual, but this time we also kiss each other very passionately and lightly, tasting each other’s lips and smelling the anticipation in the air that fills our lungs.

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