Cherry’s Jobbing Spree Ch. 02

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Cherry jobs to a nerd

A couple days later, Jake the trainer called my niece. He said his son wanted a shot at Cherry but his ex-wife would be there to referee as it would take place in her gym. He said how they had a full size wrestling ring. I thought it seemed suspicious but my niece wanted to go so I got my keys and went to warm up the car as she got ready.

Cherry forgot to mention what the special stipulations were so imagine my shock when I was sitting in the car as my young niece came click-clacking out to the car in stiletto heels, dressed like a street walking whore. She had her make-up all done up in a zebra print tube top that barely held in place over her big jugs and a short black leather mini skirt; almost her entirely fit, toned body was on display. Her legs looking like they were carved out of fine marble and her abs, though still forming, clearly had definition and finally her firm arms, supple with the light curve of feminine muscle. My niece wasn’t a body builder but resembled the women on those reality exercise shows-usually the too-hot female host.

I typed the address that Cherry got from Jake in my gps and arrived at a plain brick building, almost like a warehouse. There was a security gate and when the guard asked our names he said he was very happy to meet us. I saw him eye-banging my niece as she was anything but bashful, thrusting her chest out and batting her eyelashes. I raised an eyebrow but he handed me a guest pass to put up by my rear view mirror and raised the gate to let us into the underground parking garage.

We went inside and were greeted by a cute brunette at the counter. I said we were with Ms. Brandon’s party. She smiled and pushed an intercom switch telling the woman “The slut is here, ma’am.” I was shocked at not only the woman’s curt attitude but how matter-of-fact she was about it. The intercom clicked back, “Send her slutty ass in then, Courtney,” a cheery voice answered. Courtney came around the counter, she looked stunning in a pair of lycra booty shorts that hugged her fine ass, and slid a keycard she had attached on a clip to her tank top in front of a black square by a sign saying “No Admittance.”

Right this way, they’re waiting inside. “I would say you could get changed in the locker room but you’re already pretty fucking slutty enough,” the girl said with a bright smile as if she were just saying “have a nice day.”

I was stunned by the incredulousness of the situation until Cherry pulled me by the arm, as if I were her lost old grandfather, and followed Cherry back behind the plain looking keyless door. We navigated our way past the showers and several rows of lockers with benches between them, towards the sign marked “ARENA” in big red neon letters.

Cherry and I came out to a room the size of a high school gymnasium, with rows of empty bleachers and a full sized pro-wrestling ring. Standing in the ring was a tall but incredibly skinny lad. He had jet black hair; oily and combed almost like Clark Kent while wearing a pair of black speedos. He was maybe 6’4″ tall, probably between 18-20 but looked like he weighed no more than 120 pounds; just skin and bones. Not even like he was fit, he had no muscle tone, just a lanky scarecrow.

There was an incredibly tall dark haired woman standing by the ring, casually talking to the lad. She had to be almost 6’5″ and was as gorgeous as a supermodel but what I noticed more than anything was that she wore black leggings with a leather bustier that seemed to be painted on her voluptuous body. Her breasts pushed up out of the top making a pair of mountains on her chest. Her long black hair was silky and flawless as was the rest of her ivory skin. She walked over to Cherry, smiling brightly.

“Nice to meet you,” she said with this look in her icy blue eyes that resembled a lion about to dine on a weaker animal. Cherry shook the amazon’s hand and I was in awe of her body. Not just sexually but she looked like she could be a professional athlete. Not some gross body builder pumping iron all day but her every curve was solid as if she were some ancient Grecian bronze statue come to life.

“This is my son Jeremy,” she said, motioning with her head over her shoulder towards the ring. “I’ve been training him but he doesn’t have your experience,” she said with that same cheery voice, then her eyes narrowed and she reached out, quick as a cobra, and latched her fingers onto Cherry’s nipple casino siteleri through her tube top. “I trust we won’t have any problems because I will be refereeing and I want him to enjoy himself…any way he wants, you understand me, whore?” she hissed while pinching my niece’s nipple with such intensity that Cherry had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Cherry nodded her head and the giantess twisted my niece’s nipple 180 degrees, causing Cherry to almost fall to one knee but she held herself up by clicking back on her heels, in the process pulling her own nipple out longer.

“I asked if you understood?” she almost spit this last word out and Cherry meekly squeaked out a “Yes, Miz Brandon.”

“You will address me as Mistress, you understand, bitch?!” she almost shouted this word under her breath and Cherry shook from an intense orgasm as she tried to catch her breath to stammer out, “Y-y-yes mistress, I unders-s-t-t-a-a-and,” and looked like she would almost pass out as her eyelids fluttered a few moments.

“God you really are a slut,” the giant woman said with almost a sneer as she released my niece’s nipple in disgust and put both hands on her own hips while Cherry gasped quietly.

“If you put up a good performance today than you and I will have fun next week,” she smiled once again, then gave Cherry a gentle pat on the cheek.

“Okay honey, do a last minute stretch and after you’re ready we’ll begin.” The tall boy waved from inside the ring and pulled against the top ropes to stretch out his back muscles, though probably relieving the pre-match tension. I almost had to hold Cherry up as the dominatrix walked back toward the ring, her knee-high boots clicking on the pavement before she climbed up the steps and stepped through the ropes. She shook her ass a little in my direction, giving me and Cherry the slightest winks. Cherry was almost numb, hobbling as if she were a zombie or still in a dream as she climbed the metal ring steps on the opposite side from Jeremy and almost tripped getting into the ring from her stiletto heels.

The amazon took her place in the middle as referee, blew the whistle that dangled around her neck, and the match began; the kid came out with his dukes up. Cherry was still in that dreamy state, her eyes not even focused on nothing as she stared out into space. The boy had his defense up like he expected a sucker punch or something and it was a good ten seconds before he shot a weak punch to Cherry’s abs. She barely budged, almost like she didn’t even feel it so the kid did it again and, aiming a harder punch as he really put his shoulder into it and Cherry let out a small grunt but continued staring off into space.

He grabbed her by the hair and arm than went like to whip her to the ropes but pulled her back and knocked my niece on her back with a short arm clothesline from his twiglike arm. He did a little hop and dropped an elbow down on Cherry’s breast, squishing it in her tube top. This finally brought her back to reality as she screamed and held her boob, rolling onto her side. He got up and kicked her with his sneakers in the ribs. He did this twice until a third kick knocked Cherry onto her back. He sat down on her stomach, pinning her arms to the mat with his knees and shot straight punches at Cherry’s face. He landed about three, to the cheek, one to her lips, before the amazon stepped in. She went over and blew her whistle, the boy stopped.

“Jeremy,” she said consolingly instead of an admonishing tone. “Punching to the face isn’t allowed, maybe once or twice but not this way.” She took his wrist gently and opened up to his palm. “Slapping is perfectly fine, you have to use an open hand; that way it’s legal,” she said with a bright smile.

“Here, let me show you,” she said and turned slightly as she bent down to one knee and cracked Cherry hard across my niece’s face with her open palm. The blow was extremely loud and even from my seat in the bleachers I could see it rocked her head to the side.

“See?” she said “And a backhand is legal too, but again, open palm.” She then backhanded Cherry with the same hand, on the other cheek, my niece’s face was bright red and a little blood appeared on her pouty lips. The boy did as he was instructed and slapped Cherry about four or five times, back hands too, until his hands hurt as he held one in his other hand, blowing on it. Cherry’s face was red but not messed up really.

He canlı casino slid back and pulled down her tube top, exposing my niece’s big rack.

“Wonderful, Jeremy,” the amazon said, patting the boy’s shoulder. “A woman’s breasts are very sensitive, remember it’s legal to punch anywhere below the neck so you could use her breasts for speed bags..,” she demonstrated by balling up her fist and uppercutted Cherry’s left breast so hard it almost flopped into my niece’s face. She yelped in pain and the amazon, grabbed Cherry by the chin, holding her face so she could stare into her eyes. “Don’t make a sound until I tell you, slut, I’m teaching my son, is that understood?” she said sternly.

“Yes mistress,” my niece said obediently.

“Good slut,” she said and gave Cherry a nice hard slap across her face as a reward-I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw her smile at such rough treatment. The boy started taking practice punches at my niece’s breasts as she flinched but bit her lip to keep from making noise,

“But don’t forget,” the amazon said to the boy. “A woman’s nipples are incredibly sensitive and if the right technique is used, can make a woman not only submit but also grovel.”

She took Cherry’s left nipple and twisted it in a complete circle. My pretty blonde niece’s mouth opened into a large “O” shape but she would not make a noise even as the dark haired amazon stretched the nipple up as if it were made of silly putty. Cherry arched her back, having no choice but to follow or else suffer in intense pain. She was using her left hand to yank Cherry’s nip but when my niece began to lift up, the amazon struck with lightning speed, whipping out her right hand to crack Cherry hard across the face with a stinging slap that made my niece drop her back to the mat and close her eyes as they welled up with tears. Holding at the breaking point, she let go and Cherry let out an audible gasp.

Standing with anger, the woman bent down at the waist and backhanded Cherry twice, yelling, “I said not ONE…NOISE!” Cherry only groveled like a scolded puppy. She turned to her son and told him to try. He twisted my niece’s other nipple completely around as Cherry’s face took on the familiar “O” shape; the boy grabbed the other and sat back, yanking with all his might. Cherry’s entire body trembled as sweat mixed with the tears ran down her face in rivulets. The boy lost his grip and my niece’s nipples snapped back to place as she bit her tongue to keep from gasping though she still lay there; trembling.

“Don’t forget the breast claw, it’s a vital tactic when fighting women,” the amazon said and knelt down to dig her nails into Cherry’s right breast. The boy followed suit and they tag team squeezed her big boobs as her heels pounded on the mat; Cherry put two hands over her mouth to keep from screaming. Finally when they were done, the woman grabbed a fistful of Cherry’s hair.

“A woman’s hair is the key to controlling her during the match. You pull her around by it and it keeps her off balance.”

This time the boy didn’t need a show-and-tell, he stood up, getting off of Cherry’s tummy, and took a fistful of her blonde hair from his mom, yanking Cherry to her feet, but keeping her bent over. He pulled her close and started slamming knee lifts to her toned tummy. She grunted, overselling them but soon his knees found her tits, crushing them against her chest. She tried to cover up but he only started kneeing her stomach again, by now it was taking its toll as her head was yanked up by her hair. He slammed one more knee into her breasts and when Cherry went to cover up, he yanked her arm away and pulled it behind her back in a hammerlock. The boy got behind Cherry, she felt his bulge poke her in the crotch and knew he could feel how wet she had gotten during her breast abuse as he yanked her head back by her blonde hair as she obediently stayed bent over.

He let go of her hair for a moment, took her arm from the hammerlock and pulled it straight up, like she was asking a question. He torqued it painfully, bending the wrist down as if she were trying to scratch an itch between her shoulder blades. He kicked her in the back of the knee and stepped over her shoulder as the pain had sent Cherry to one knee so she was sitting on her haunches. As Jeremy straddled my niece’s shoulder, he reached down and pulled out his long, skinny cock.

“Say you submit and suck me off, slut,” he kaçak casino said as he bent my niece’s arm so painfully she thrust her chest out to relieve the pressure while aiming the head of his dick at Cherry’s lips.

“I give! Please stop, I’ll do anything you want!” she screamed, overselling the simple hold. I knew she could easily get out or simply flip the boy over her back like it was nothing. He was a stick figure, I couldn’t understand why she was losing so easily like this as if she weren’t trying to fight back.

The amazon blew her whistle and said Jeremy was the winner by submission. He immediately grabbed Cherry’s hair and pushed her face down on his boner. It was long, like his dad’s but incredibly thin. Cherry could only take half the length before she was choking on it. The amazon came over and took over, grabbing Cherry’s hair to force her face down more.

“Swallow it, whore!” she yelled, making Cherry gag as now two thirds of the boy’s dick were down her gullet. The boy began squeezing and fondling my niece’s big tits. “No Jeremy,” the amazon said. “Treat them rough, remember you’ve won, you have to make this slut learn who’s boss.”

The boy began squeezing Cherry’s boobs roughly, twisting and crushing them in his fingers. Cherry’s anguished cries came out in a gagged baffle of shrill squeals as her words were muffled by his long shaft.

“Ugh, I’m cumming…,” the boy began to groan as the amazon brought my niece’s blonde head up and down, going faster as she wailed when Henry twisted her nips and roared as he thrust his hips up, burying himself completely in his opponent’s mouth.

“Don’t spill a drop,” the amazon growled as Cherry shook her head and seemed to manage to swallow the boy’s load. He held himself there as Cherry dutifully cleaned his cock, milking every drop from the kid’s balls, almost enjoying it as the amazon had let go. He used her hair to dry off his dick than spit in Cherry’s face and slapped her hard, so she fell on her back on the mat. He walked off to the locker rooms, not even glancing at me; strutting like a world champion.

“It seems my husband enjoys your ass as much as my son enjoys your mouth,” the amazon said, leaning over my niece. “That means I get to enjoy stomping that pussy and making you my bitch,” she smiled down at Cherry and she paused before leaving the ring.

“You’re not allowed to touch yourself until we have our match, is that understood slut?” and my niece nodded solemnly.

I helped her up and by the time she got into the locker room both the boy and amazon were gone. Cherry sat down on a bench, still trying to catch her breath from the brutal face fucking. She looked up at me and asked if I could do her a favor. I said sure, thinking she meant help her into the shower or get some non-whorish clothing.

“Anything,” I said. She looked down and said, in a low voice, “Please fuck me.”

Now training my niece to be a sexfighter years ago, we have been intimate on many occasions but after just witnessing her impossible loss to a boy she could’ve beaten with one hand I had to ask why.

“Please, I am so horny from that match and she said I can’t touch myself…,” she paused than added, “if you won’t than I’d need to find some stranger in the gym but I prefer it be you.”

I patted her head and said no problem. She unzipped my pants and had my still stiff cock out and was warming me back up with her mouth-since I get aroused anytime I watch her wrestle-licking and sucking me eagerly. When I was fully hard, she got up, dropping her mini skirt and matching zebra thong to the floor then bent over, bracing herself against the lockers. I think she might’ve cum as soon as I put it in, since she had been dripping wet.

I pounded my beautiful niece’s tight pussy hearing her moan and groan with every thrust. I spanked her tight ass and asked if she liked being a slut. She said she did and started to hump back harder. I pulled her hair and asked her why she was such a slut.

“I don’t know I just need to be used, it feels so good…please don’t stop,” she moaned lustfully. I pounded her until she finally had a loud screaming orgasm and collapsed to the floor, her legs giving out. She looked up at me, through those same eyes she entered the arena, with that fog of lust after the amazon woman made her cum with a nip twist, and said, “Please use me uncle Stone, I need it all the time if I can’t play with myself.” She spread her legs open and I bent down to mount my niece on the floor.

I couldn’t believe she had turned into such a nympho overnight but we kissed as tender lovers while we fucked on that cold linoleum floor.

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