Chelsey and Dad

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


It was about 9 o’clock in the morning. I was dragging the vacuum cleaner along the hallway upstairs. I always did the carpet in Chelsey’s room then the carpet in the hallway. I opened the door and backed in with the vacuum and turned around. Chelsey was on her bed, on her stomach, and completely nude with a pillow between her legs under her hips and her butt in the air. The curtains were closed and her bedside light was on. I don’t know why I noticed that.

She said, “Dad! You’re supposed to knock!”

“Oh! I’m sorry,” I said. “I thought you were in school. I’m sorry.”

As I got out the door and was closing it I heard her say, “Today is Saturday. I don’t go to school on Saturday.”

I got myself down the stairs and kept cleaning around the house. Chelsey got up and had breakfast. I didn’t say anything and she didn’t either. No disgusting looks. I finally said, “Good morning.”

She said, “Good morning,” and it was cheerful.

I took a great sigh of relief. She finished breakfast and went to wash clothes. I knew sooner or later I would have to apologize again. It was the first time I ever knew she did sex things. She went out with a friend of hers to shop for clothes and came back in time for her afternoon tv show. I waited until it was about over and sat on the loveseat where I usually camped out. The arms were slanted out on each side so you could lie on a slanted pillow with your feet up on the other slanted arm and I had a place to put my paperwork when sitting up.

I said, “Chelsey, I do apologize for interrupting you. I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing.”

“Dad,” she said. “It’s ok. My fault. I shouldn’t have been doing that. I guess I should apologize to you.”

“No,” I said. “Don’t apologize. You were doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing. Everybody has orgasms. The whole human race. Everybody you ever saw or will ever see does that. I do that. Lots. It’s built into you, before you were born. That’s how the human race keeps going. Don’t apologize.”

“You mean you’re not mad at me,” she said.

“Of course not,” I said. “Do that as much as you want. Try not to shake up the neighborhood. Chelsey, I didn’t see all that much. Maybe the side of a bulging breast and nude all over but nothing I wouldn’t have seen with your bikini on except no strings tied. I liked your bottom rising up and seeing across both buns maybe. They’re normally hidden with your bikini. Your toes were curled up backwards. Everything else was underneath. Everything did shake around when I startled you.”

“Dad, enough,” she said. “I got it.” She was smiling at me.

“Ok, sorry,” I said. “I guess I got carried away there. Anyway I am sorry I breached your privacy.”

“And I don’t scream and carry on,” she said. “They’re mostly quiet and short. Just a few seconds and I get stiff then everything is normal. That’s why the pillow. That’s almost as much fun as the other. I like to do that for longer. Do you really do that too, a lot?”

“Well, I guess a lot for me.” I said. “Youngsters can do it more. Of course I don’t use a pillow. I want to say if there’s anything I can do let me know but I don’t think I should say that.”

We both smirked at each other. The crisis seemed to be over.


The next evening she came in and dragged a chair over in front of me and said, “Dad, something happened. Something different that I want to talk about. When I had my, uh, you said orgasm so can I say orgasm?”

“Of course Chelsey,” I said. “You can say all the sex language. Whatever you normally say or use or hear.”

“Ok,” she said. “I do say all the sex words just not to you. When I had my orgasm it was way more. A really high one and it took a long time to get over. It had to be because you saw me. I was thinking about that at the time. Do you think we could do that again? I want to see what happens. I don’t mind if you see me nude. I think that’s what does it.”

“How do I know when to drag the vacuum in the door?” I said.

“No,” she said. “You don’t have to…”

She saw me smiling and stopped. She said, “Got me. Would you think about it and let me know?”

“I will,” I said. “Why don’t you try it again and see if the same thing happens.”

She blushed. I guess this was all a little over the top for her. I leaned over to give her a peck on the cheek and she instinctively kissed me right on the lips. First time for that in a very long time. She put the chair back and left. I didn’t know about all this. I had to think on it. My suggestion should put it off at least for a day or two.

The next evening she said, “I did. It was the same. A really big orgasm. It was way more than normal. It’s a wonder you didn’t hear me. Did you think about it?”

I thought about it. I already saw her nude on her stomach so nothing new there illegal bahis if she was ok with it so I said, “I would be very happy to assist you in your pursuit of greater pleasure. What pleases you pleases me. Let me know when and where.”

She said, “Tonight. In the den on the loveseat. I can lay down with my legs over your lap. You can rub my legs. It should be really nice. Don’t forget I go very slow and let it build up. Usually I have to do that but now it gets that way faster so I have to go even slower to enjoy it before an orgasm. I can get ready later and come back down after your shows.”

Chelsey was about to graduate from high school. She was 18 and a half and about 5ft7. She went to school in the mornings and worked in the afternoons. She had maybe ten extra pounds but had a beautiful figure. Her breasts and maybe some of her buns were the extra weight I think. If she tried she could ooze sex. She mostly kept to herself outside the house. I heard her coming down but she stopped at the door to the den.

She said, “Turn your head.” I did and felt her getting on the sofa. She took a little time to get settled and I felt her legs across my lap. She said, “Ok. You can look.”

I looked around and she was on her stomach on a pillow slanted up the other arm. Her knees were almost at my thighs. Her backend was up in the air like before, on her sex pillow, and she was completely nude from head to toe. It was an erotic exciting sight to behold. Her buns were closed and she was not moving. I think she was letting me get a look.

I said, “Chelsey, you are absolutely beautiful and your body is exciting to look at. Thank you. I’ll always treasure this.”

She was quiet for a moment then she said, “Thanks dad. I’m going to slide down a little more so I’m closer and give it a try.”

She slid down and got her arms around her pillow which was big and soft and thrust her hips a couple of times. She said, “Not enough room. Could you lean forward and I’ll put my leg behind you.” I did and she did. Her buns opened almost clear down in but not quite. She thrust a couple of more times and her butt crack opened up fully and I could see the most beautiful butt swirl and her ridges on either side of her vagina pushed back and up and opened slightly and closed when she went down.

She must have read my mind. She said, “Dad, I know you can see some of me but that’s what I want. That’s what excites me I think and you can play with me back there if you want. I think that does it too. I’m going to start. If you want to turn your light out I don’t mind.”

There was another light over beside her chair that was reasonable bright so I turned mine out. I could still see her ridges very clearly open a little and close when she was going. I looked down at her legs across my lap and got my hand on just above her knee and let my fingers drop over on the inside. She slid down a little more and her knees were up on my leg but with the pillow under her they weren’t bent up hardly at all. Her buns were only about a hand span away. I lightly rubbed in between her legs and worked up and back. She got out a few moans and slowly swiveled her hips down into her clit pillow and back.

My fingers got to her buns and I went across about at her perineum and rubbed along the inside of her other thigh then up on her buns and let my fingers drop in her butt crack as she swiveled down and back. She was squeezing my fingers each time and I eventually got down to her butt button and got a finger on and let her rise up against my finger. That got more moans and some serious thrusts backwards. I let my fingers drop on down to her ridges and held a couple right along the divide and let her thrust backwards into those. She started swallowing them inside her ridges. I let them drop in a small amount each time until I felt softer tissue and the opening. That got some moans. I left them there a long time.

She was coming back and pushing a little extra a few times. I thought she was going to orgasm so I let them work themselves out and back to her butt button. Her pillow was a harder one with a particular type of ridge around the edge for her clit. I caressed from the top of her buns all over down to her knees and back, everywhere I could reach. Lightly and smoothly. About twenty minutes later she got her head up and forehead down so she could breath and had an orgasm. It was very active and she jerked it out longer than a few seconds. It seemed like a very good one, very erotic. I think maybe she was right about this.

After a while she said, “Could you turn my light off please.”

I turned her light off and sat back down. She pulled her pillow out and sat up and moved over beside me and got under my arm and curled her feet back around. I was so hard I could be a jackhammer. I could see her enough to see her full breasts and nipples sticking out and my hand around her shoulder wasn’t all that far away. I caught her scent a few times along the way and maybe she caught mine. It was supposed illegal bahis siteleri to work that way. What do I know? If you have a hard on something caused it.

She was still breathing more than normal. After a bit she said, “That was the best I’ve ever had. I think I’m starting to get in range with everybody else. Did you get to play with your dick? I loved your fingers playing with me. I was really surprised at how good that felt. I could lay back and enjoy that for hours. I appreciate you not giving up on me. It was so something, I don’t know. Strangely I feel a lot calmer about it. Thank you. Would you like to kiss a nude girl goodnight?”

I hadn’t gotten a word in edgewise so I said, “Absolutely I would.”

She stood up and I did too. My daughter moved right in on me with full body on and gave me a kiss way too sexy and erotic. I thought maybe I should give her the talk before it was too late. She let go of my neck and went towards the kitchen. I watched her breasts get out of sight and then her buns bouncing up and down and her hips dipping on one side then the other all the way across to the fridge then she turned with her soda and started back this way with her breasts and nipples bounding left and right and her dark pubes spearheading down to a point and turned for the stairs with her hips still doing that. I didn’t get to watch her going up the stairs. I could only imagine.

For sexual adventures I was appropriately stunned. It’s amazing how you can do something like that and the rest of the time act like a normal person. The next day and the next were wonderfully normal.


I was making my favorite biscuits with raisins. Chelsey got home and came in and we had tea and sat at the kitchen counter.

After our normal daily chatting she said, “Dad, that last one was even better. I’m kind of trying to find the high limits. I’ve thought of all the various things involved and I would like for you to give something a try with me. I want to get like the first time you saw me and I won’t look and you can take your clothes off and get on top. All the warm skin will be great and you can let your dick do what your fingers did before. If you orgasm it’ll just dribble down on the pillow or be in me somewhere. I’ll take care of that. I really hope you do. Could we? I have a reason I’ll tell you about later.”

She certainly felt my dick when she kissed me while nude so nothing new there. I didn’t know about letting my dick do what my fingers did but I’d have to leave that to her or something. I said. “I can do that. Think about it a little more and if you’re sure give me a high five or something and let me know when.” I smiled through that so she would relax and she seemed to.

She said, “There’s one more thing and I should have said this before the sofa thing. I know it already is but all this has to be super-secret. I need your most serious family promise and you have mine. If we both have that we can do whatever we both like if it’s agreeable. It has to work that way.”

“Chelsey,” I said. “You have my most serious family promise that our privacy will never be divulged, ever, and I trust you explicitly.”

She got right up off her chair and got me around the neck and held on for a few moments. I think she was very relieved about it. I was still thinking about the reason she had for doing all this. We flittered around each other going and coming in the house like normal for a Saturday and about 7 that evening she said, “If tonight is ok I’ll be in bed around 8.” I said that was good for me. I heard her showering a little later. I did earlier. Saturdays are like that.

I went over at 8 with just my briefs on. Chelsey was on her side looking at the door. She was wildly beautiful and sexy. She didn’t hide anything from me anymore and I wasn’t going to either. I stopped beside the bed and slipped my briefs off. I was starting to get hard and she looked right at it and watched it come up. The foreskin folded down the head. I was about 8 inches long but not excessively fat around but way more than adequate. Being on top of her back I wouldn’t go in the requisite amount with her buns holding me back. It’s one of the reasons I agreed.

I got on beside her and she kissed me and we sort of did some nude to nude touching. Her breathing changed and her nose flared and our toes mingled. She reached her arms around me and her nipples got in my chest and her pubes and mine got together and I let her soak it up as long as she wanted before we got started. Her lips moved around and her eyes were all over my face. I think she thought everything through ok but wouldn’t really know until it happened. She reached back and got her pillow and I got up on my knees and she got in position. She moved around and swiveled her hips down and back until she was satisfied then her legs moved out with her knees bent a little.

She was ready. I lifted over on top and rested my upper half on my elbows. My hands and fingers weren’t that far from her nipples. canlı bahis siteleri My balls were hanging down and my dick was touching the top of her butt crack. I had my middle up in the air with my own knees out a little for independent suspension.

She said, “Don’t forget, I usually go slow.”

She started rubbing tilting her clit into the pillow. She had full pubes so there was a hair buffer there. I waited a few thrusts feeling my dick head ride up and back and tilted back and let the head drop down in her butt crack, I hoped at the right place. It got squeezed and I let her open and close and get me down and I knew I was right on, she let me know.

She pushed back more and I pushed down a little so it was good for her without having to come back too much. A few extraordinarily erotic minutes later I felt her up a little on the head. My pre-cum must be working overtime. I couldn’t help but push a little each time she came back. We both got some moans out over the next thrusts. I didn’t want to get in too far, and I think I was in about half way and getting near my ridge, so I let it come out and moved down a little at a time. I let my head touch every now and then until I was clear and tilted back and got up under.

The next time she thrust I timed it so I could get right on her ridges right above her vagina and it worked. She opened a little and I found a way to keep it right there while she went up and down. She felt it and started working me and I soon dropped in between her ridges. It felt just like I was in her vagina, warmer and pressure on all sides. She kept working me in and I knew I was past the entrance.

She said, “Dad, you can thrust if you want. I kind of expected you to. Have a good time. You can’t go forever without enjoying yourself like this. It’s ok. I’m enjoying it very much and it’ll just be better.”

I was probably the luckiest man in the world at that moment because she loved to go slow otherwise I’d be history by now and I would have ruined it for her. The angle was just perfect. I started thrusting at her speed and kept going. She was squeezing my dick every time she squeezed her buns going back down. It was some of the best sex I can remember. We were both on a sexual high but we were just cruising along. She liked to do this more than orgasms.

“I have a friend at work,” she said. “He’s an assistant supervisor. I developed a new accounting system for our parts stream which takes care of a lot of old problems and we’ve been working together on it since before the holidays. We’ve been working together a lot so I see him a lot. We’ve gone out to lunch several times and dinner a few times. He’s the owner’s son but he started in shipping and worked his way up. He earned it the hard way and he’s getting a good education.”

Her distraction was great. It eased me down a little and I could go longer. I about had my orgasm locked away for a while. I didn’t want one. This was too good to spoil. Her bare skin on her buns in between my hips each time was to die for and her muscles working were too. She didn’t lift up and down and her chest didn’t lift up and down. She swiveled her hips down under and back up in an arc. She was fucking me in a most masterful way, getting me right in where she wanted me. She could come back and up more and get me in more but she found her place and stayed with it. My dick slid in so smoothly with just the right pressure I could almost swoon.

She said, “His name is Bobby. We were sitting close at dinner once and he asked what I liked about him. I said his muscles and movements. He was surprised and I said when he moves a part of his body, I can feel another part move. That I liked he was so alive all over and it was great to be near him and feel him. He holds my hand, sometimes on his thigh and sometimes on mine. Not on the side. About where our hips bend. After that dinner we seemed to be more personal.”

I kissed her neck and shoulders and hair and ear lobe and everywhere I could get to. A couple of times I let my hands play with the side of her breasts and she tilted up a little so I reached under and stayed there a little while and later did the other one. I loved a hand on the side of her hip while she was thrusting. She was right about a body moving.

She said, “I’m trying to get good enough to invite him over. To spend the night, like that. I want it to be good and I don’t want to be surprised. You’ll really like him. I guess I’m telling you so you can think about if it’s ok.”

“You can invite him over to spend the night anytime you would like,” I said, “and I’ll do everything I can to help you be comfortable with whatever you want to do. He will have a very good time and you will too and you’ll have all the privacy you want.”

She found my hand and held it and said, “We can do this the next time if you want but think about you on top with me turned over and spending the night together. I can get used to being with a man overnight and what we can do the whole night and how to get up and dressed and have breakfast together after. You’ll be there at breakfast and know what we did. I feel my orgasm starting. You can go faster if you want and have one with me. It can be your first one with me.”

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