Cheerleader’s Dilemma

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My whole world was in a mess. My Dad decided to leave my mother. He told my Mom that he wanted to live with his girlfriend instead. That left my Mom and older brother Jess and me to live alone in our house. I was planning on going to go to college soon. I didn’t know if there was going to be any money for that. For right now I was just an eighteen year old senior in high school.

I was also a cheerleader and tonight was a big basketball game. We managed to beat our biggest rival and that meant a party afterwards. Normally a group of us would go out and get some food after the game. I was out of sorts and tired. I asked my friend Amber if she would just drive me home.

Amber drove me to my house and I got out and went up to the front door. I went inside and took off my jacket. Something funny was going on. Normally my brother would be watching television but the set was off. I started to walk down the hallway when I heard voices. It sounded like my mother and brother were in my Mom’s bedroom. I got closer and I pushed the door open.

There was my brother on top of my mother and they were having sex. I saw my brother’s ass going up and down as he was fucking my mother on the bed. I was totally in shock. Something weird had been going on between those two and now I knew what was it was. I didn’t know what to do. Amber had already left. I couldn’t just leave the house. I guess I lost it and I spoke up.

“What are you two doing?” I cried out.

Both my Mom and Jess turned around to look. I wish you could have seen their faces. My brother got off my Mom and they were trying to scramble around. I just turned around and went to my bedroom and shut the door. I could hear their voices as I sat on my bed. I was still in my cheerleading uniform. Maybe a half hour passed when I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t have time to say anything before my brother barged in.

There was Jess standing naked at the doorway. He walked closer to the bed. I was going to say something when Jess put a finger to his mouth telling me to be quiet. I could see my brother’s long cock dangling between his legs. canlı bahis It still looked wet from the sex he was having with my Mom.

I guess I was still in shock. Jess climbed onto my bed. I wanted to tell him to stop but Jess pushed me onto my back. He took hold of my cheerleading skirt and he pulled it up. His hands went to the panties we wear and he yanked them down. I was totally exposed to my naked brother. I didn’t know what to do. I could hardly call out to my mother. Jess pulled my legs apart and he climbed in between them.

Just like that Jess took his cock in his hand and he began to rub his mushroom across my folds. My face must have been red. I hated to admit it but I hadn’t had sex before. The only thing I had done was to suck one guy’s cock from school. He was on the basketball team and he wanted me to go down on him. I took his cock in my mouth. This guy held my head down and forced me to take him.

All this barely lasted five minutes. Johnny shot his cum down my throat and I had to swallow it all down. That was the last time I went out with him. I felt Jess position his fat cock head at my pussy lips and he pushed into me. At least he tried to. He was getting resistance when it dawned on him.

“Sally, you’re still a virgin!”

It was more a statement than a question. My brother got this big smile on his face. He kept trying to push into me until he finally broke my hymen. I looked down and saw some blood seeping from my slit. Jess pushed all the way into me now. I can tell you it hurt like hell. My brother’s cock was so long. Somehow he managed to get all it into me. That was when the fucking began.

Jess placed his arms on either side of me and he began to stroke my pussy. It hurt and it was also exciting. Jess’ cock seemed to be hitting this one spot. I started to moan as my brother buried his dick in my pussy. It seemed strange. There I was with my uniform still on. My skirt was hiked up and my brother was mounting me.

I guess I just gave into Jess. I put my hands on his waist and Jess fed me his thick rod. My brother was going hard into my belly. I must bahis siteleri have had some small orgasms as I took my first cock. It was hard to say how long all this lasted. My brother was making these noises like he was getting close.

“Pull out Jess, I’m not on birth control!” I cried out.

I guess my brother figured it was best not to cum in me. He withdrew his cock and shot his load all over my uniform. His stream must have shot a couple of feet. It even reached up to my face. Jess probably squirted a few minutes before he finally calmed down. Just like that, Jess got up from the bed. He told me that this was our secret and then he walked out of my room.

It took me awhile to get calmed down. My pussy ached from the fucking I took. I reached down and ran my fingers over my gash. There was some blood there. I stripped out of my cum stained uniform. I was going to have to wash all that seed out as soon as I could. I wiped my face of my brother’s cum and then I got into my bathrobe. I climbed onto my back and replayed everything that happened that night. I was still in shock.

When I woke up I went into the kitchen to make my morning cereal. Eventually my Mom came out and got the coffee pot going. Jess walked into the kitchen later. At least he had a pair of shorts on. He kissed my mother and he squeezed my shoulders. It was quiet that morning in the kitchen. I got showered and dressed and then I put my cum stained clothes in the washer. I went back upstairs.

Maybe I thought that was the end of it. I was wrong. In the afternoon Jess and my Mom were back at it. I could hear their love cries from my bedroom. I don’t know what came over me. I undressed and I walked over to my mother’s bedroom. I opened the door and walked in. Mom was on top of Jess. She was riding his big cock. I watched them fuck for a few minutes before I walked over to the bed.

There was no stopping this time. My brother motioned for me to join them. In just a few moments my mother and I were on our backs. Jess was now going back and forth, fucking each of us. I guess my mother didn’t care any longer. Jess bahis şirketleri pulled out of my Mom and he got in between my thighs. He slid his juicy cock into me a second time. I gave into my brother that afternoon. He pushed my legs towards my chest and then gave me the fucking of a lifetime.

I turned into a slut it seems. I was begging my brother to fuck me hard. That is exactly what he did. My Mom looked on as Jess went in and out of my pussy with his long pecker. I never knew anything like this could feel so good. Jess took me and used my tight hole. Mom watched as Jess brought us both to a climax. I thought he would pull out like last night but he didn’t.

Somehow Jess had more cum to give me. He drove his pecker in all the way and he seeded my belly. All I remember was crying out as I felt his cream entering my body. My pussy went into spasms as I gripped his cock with my pussy muscles. I couldn’t believe that my brother could cum this much after last night. I ended up draining Jess of all his hot batter. I looked over and my mother was rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

We all came that day. Once Jess calmed down he pulled out of me. I ran to the bathroom and pushed as much of his cum out as I could. When I came back my Mom said I needed to get to the doctor and get on birth control as soon as possible. That was it for me that weekend. I got to the clinic and I got onto birth control. Luckily there were no accidents from my brother cumming in me.

My whole life turned upside down that weekend. Jess is still having sex with my Mom. He oftentimes steals into my room late at night. I have been sucking his cock and making him hard so he can fuck me. Jess likes it when I mount him. I will slide down onto his hard shaft and he brings his ass up and fills me with cock.

Jess loves to reach up and play with my small tits. He will pinch my nipples and make them hard. I know I sometimes scream out loud as he stretches my pussy with his hard bone. I have also found out that I love when Jess cums in my belly. I can feel his hot seed hitting my insides and it brings me to an orgasm.

There are just a few months left until I graduate. I still don’t know if I will have money in order to go to college. I think that Jess hopes I will stay around home. That way he can have both my Mom and me to fuck each night.

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