Charlie’s Summer Cabin Ch. 02

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This chapter is primarily M-M. We’ll return to M-M-F-F (and all the variations and combinations that implies) in the next chapters. If you are not in to M-M, consider yourself warned.

Chapter 2.


The next morning, at breakfast, the mood had definitely changed. We had all experienced a deep physical intimacy with each other and as we sat around the breakfast table, there was no need for idle chit-chat. The four of us just sat quietly, one with the other, enjoying the peaceful morning.

We entered the day slowly, taking our time with our morning routines. It was mid-morning before I stepped out onto the porch for the first time that day. The air was warm and dry, but not hot. There was just a bit of snow at the peaks of the mountains across the lake. We had reached high summer in the mountains and everything was perfect.

Ryan joined me wordlessly on the porch. We quietly finished the rest of our coffee and watched the day advance.

Finally, without looking at me or moving at all, he asked, “Hot tub or lake?”

I knew what he meant. “Lake, I think.”

“Me too.”

He walked back into the cabin. I followed him a moment later and got ready to head down to the lake. This summer had so far been an unexpected sexual journey, and I was about to take a big leap. I had never considered myself sexually attracted to men, but there was something about Ryan that was undeniable. I wondered, as I tried to figure out what to wear, if someone was bisexual if they were only interested in being with one particular guy.

Perhaps I was over-thinking this. Screw it. ‘Let’s just go down by the lake and have some fun.’ I thought to myself.

Ryan and I headed out just before noon. The quiet peacefulness of the morning had given way to conversation. I think we were both a little nervous about what was about to happen, or maybe it was just that we were both looking forward to it and neither of us wanted to spoil it. Whatever it was, we made funny small-talk that people do when they both know there is something much bigger they should be talking about but aren’t.

The path we were following took us first past the hot tub. Eva and Jenn were both sitting on the deck beside it, lounging in the nude and sipping something that looked fruity and alcoholic. Their bodies looked firm and supple, glistening in the warm summer sun. The last traces of tan lines were gone and I had to stop for a moment to relish the view.

“Join us later for a swim?” Jenn asked.

“Yeah…in a while.” Ryan replied.

“You boys have fun.” she casino oyna replied, knowing full well what we were heading off to do.

We walked for some way along the path down towards the lake. I wanted to revel in the isolation and feel that Ryan and I were truly alone together. We finally stopped in a small meadow that ran down to the water’s edge. We spread a blanket and each of us took a beer from the small cooler we had brought along.

“I’m not really sure how this is supposed to go.” I said.

“Just let it happen. Tell me what you want and we’ll just relax and have a good time.” His tone and posture put me totally at ease. There was no reason to be nervous or anxious. This was going to be a fun experience.

“Ok. Well, what I want right now is to see your body in the sun.” The words flowed easily out of me. Though a few weeks ago, I could never have imagined myself saying words or thinking thoughts like this about a guy, with Ryan I felt able to express my hopes and feelings.

He sat up on the blanket, and in an easy motion, slipped his t-shirt off and tossed it casually aside. I watched his body carefully, studying how the light and gentle breeze played off his smooth, tight skin. He started to lower his swimming trunks.

“Wait. Let me do it. Stand up.”

He stood up in the middle of the blanket, facing the sun with his eyes closed. I kneeled in front of him and placed my hand on his hard lower belly, brushing the fine hair there with my fingertips. I leaned in close and saw little goosebumps rise as my fingers passed over his skin. He shivered a little in the anticipation we both shared. I could smell his clean, masculine scent in the mountain air. I wanted him.

I moved my hand down to the waistband of his trunks. I stopped there for just a moment, then slid my fingertips inside, pulling them slowly down.

One of the most erotic moments for me in any sexual encounter is that moment when inhibitions are released and the clothes come off. The first look, the first unencumbered touch is an arousing and sensual moment. It confirms that your partner trusts and wants you to feel their private pleasures.

So the act of slipping his trunks slowly down, controlling the revealing of his smooth skin and handsome cock was overpowering. I was only inches from his beautiful, powerful manhood. I was riveted on his body, watching in fascination as his muscles moved under his tight skin and he stepped out of his trunks.

I studied him for a moment, standing fully exposed in the bright midday sun. I was conscious of his trim canlı casino waist, his smooth hips, his firm ass just around the corner. Adjectives washed through my mind, but the one that stuck was that this is what ancient Greek Olympians must have looked like when they competed in the nude, their bodies lithe and powerful, completely masculine and fully desirable.

I reached up and gently took his cock in my hand, pulling it towards my lips. He had fucked me a few nights before, but now it was my turn. I took his hardening cock into my mouth and began to suck. I didn’t really know what I was doing but let instinct and desire take over. I knew I wanted to take as much of him in as I could. I knew I wanted to taste him.

I slowly worked my tongue around his cock, feeling it grow to full hardness in my mouth. It turned out I could take most of it and when we both moved just right, I could press my nose into his skin for a moment. I wanted more.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from his cock and began to work his balls with my mouth, licking and sucking. I tasted the faint sheen of sweat that had begun to build and loved it.

I took his hand and motioned him to lay down on the blanket. As he was laying down, I pulled off my t-shirt. I had not forgotten the sensuality of our skin touching, feeling his powerful body moving against mine. I moved back to his crotch, this time hovering above it, maneuvering his cock and balls around with my hand and licking, flickering my tongue wherever it could reach.

After what seemed like a happy eternity, Ryan stopped me and rolled me over. “I can’t wait any more,” he said. “I want some, too.”

I lay on my back as he moved down to where my shorts were being seriously tested by my erection. I had chosen to wear a pair of regular shorts and boxers that I hoped he would enjoy, but as he undid the button and slowly undid the zipper, I knew he wouldn’t even see the boxers.

I hitched my hips up and he slid my shorts and boxers down to my ankles where I quickly flicked them aside. Just like I liked removing my partner’s clothing, I also found it erotic and liberating when I was naked and exposed to them.

Ryan wasted no time taking my neglected cock into his warm, wet mouth. He was an experienced cock-sucker and moved with considerable skill. He would not let me come, not yet, but he brought me towards the edge several times, then walked me slowly back, never letting me swing too far in either direction. He mouth on my cock was intoxicating.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said.

I nodded and moaned. kaçak casino Words were just too difficult to form at that moment. I wasn’t going to be able to tell him what I wanted. I would just have to show him.

I pulled my legs up, and for the second time that summer, got lost in the sensation of a large cock entering my ass. It was pure bliss. Even the pain of it was arousing. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. My arms and legs were wrapped around Ryan and I pulled him as deep into me as I could get him.

He came, filling me again with his hot semen. I froze for a moment, focused on the way it coated my insides. I clenched my ass ring around his cock, pulling him into me as his orgasm subsided. I was quickly moving towards my own climax when Ryan stopped me.

“Wait,” he said. “I want you inside of me. I want you to come in of me.”

It seemed the natural thing to do and I wanted it, too. He pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty but partially satisfied. We traded positions. I wanted to watch his face as I fucked him.

My cock was slick with precum and saliva. I positioned it right at his small anal opening, taking a moment to look at his body, exposed and ready for me. And then I entered him.

I moved slowly but steadily, pushing, pushing. He pushed back, drawing me in. Willing me to fill his ass. He felt different from the women I had fucked. Perhaps it was the strength in his ass cheeks. Perhaps it was his experience. Whatever it was, I focused my attention on my cock and the sensation of his ass wrapped tightly around it.

We started thrusting and pumping together. I wanted this to last. I had to close my eyes. I loved watching his body move, his cock twitch, his abs contract, his chest flex and heave as we locked in erotic combat. The visual sensation was too much, so I closed my eyes and tried to think of nothing as we ground our bodies together. It didn’t really work. I could still smell him and hear him.

I could feel my semen beginning to well up. There was no stopping now. No sense fighting it. I grabbed his cock and began stroking it in rhythm with our fucking. I began thrusting with greater enthusiasm, pushing deeper into his ass. He could tell what was coming and encouraged me with his body, pushing his ass onto my cock as far as it would go.

I erupted inside of him. His cock, hard in my hand, flexed and pumped again, coating my hand with his semen. In that moment, I felt closer to him than to any man ever before. I felt emotionally open, naked and exposed. It was a great feeling.

His body slowly relaxed under mine. I rolled off him and lay next to him in the sun, my hand resting on his belly just above his cock. We lay there for some time, just enjoying the sun and relaxing in our post-orgasmic bliss.

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