Center of Attention Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 18 years or older, and all names are ficticious.

Eighteen year old Debbie Ross walked into Jake’s corner grocery store to pick up a few things for her mother. The stunning beauty was fresh out of high school and ready to take on the world. And Jake was well aware of the sexy blonde girl, as she often would stop in and chat with him. For years he had watched her grow into a fine woman, and although married, he often felt his cock harden whenever he saw her. And her tits, they were overly large for her age. He would daydream about sucking on them, after she would visit lately.

The young lady walked up to the meat counter and said, “Hi Mr. Collins. How are you today?”

“I’m fine Debbie. Always good to see you. How is your mother?”

“Oh, she’s really great. She told me to say hi for her. I need a pound of sliced ham please,” she told him.

He walked back to the grinder, and began to slice some ham for her. He was glad that the meat counter was high, otherwise she’d catch a glimpse of his own meat. Jake was in his mid-fifties, and he sure wasn’t getting much at home. His wife Julie had been busy going to bingo and shopping, while sex was an after-thought to her. All though he loved her, a man needed sex. So what was the harm if he had lusty thoughts about this young vixen and dreaming about her sucking his cock.

“So tell me Debbie, did you find a job yet? I know you must want to go to the mall with some spending money. Every young lady loves that,” he said.

“I really haven’t thought about it Mr. Collins. I don’t know what I’d really be good at.”

He handed her the wrapped meat and said, “Have you ever thought about being a hostess? You could get some spending money that way. Anything else for your mom?”

“Mom wants some potato salad. I never really thought about a job yet. But the money would sure come in handy. I have no idea what a hostess does,” she said.

He scooped out some potato salad into a container, and told her, “Well, my older friends have get-togethers weekly at each of our homes. It’s an all guy thing where our wives and girlfriends go out for the night, allowing us to to meet to talk and play pool and poker. It’s just a bunch of longtime buddies having a night out each week. We could always use a hostess. It pays $100 a night, plus we tip well. It would just be a few hours once a week.”

Debbie’s eyes opened wide when she heard the $100 and tips. She thought to herself that there were a lot of things she could buy for a $100. But she wasn’t sure. She really liked Mr. Collins and thought he was handsome for his mature age, but being around men that age would be a first for her. She wasn’t naive to know that mature men were always ogling her when she pretended to not notice. She was well aware of the guys her age, and she knew they were always trying to get into her pants. But older men, well they were lecherous, but never impolite like the crude guys she went to school with or dated.

“I don’t know Mr. Collins, what would I have to do?”

He handed her the container of potato salad and said, “You would serve the guys drinks and food. Plus, you would be eye candy for guys who really don’t get to see young, pretty things like you. Just dress sexy, and you would be surprised how easily you can earn some money. Is there anything else your mom wants?”

“Mom wants some bread and potato chips. Your offer sounds like fun. And I could really use the money. Would there be all guys there? I’m just curious,” she said.

Jake walked with her to get the groceries her mom wanted and told her, “Yeah Debbie. There are four of us. They all are about my age. Would that be a problem?”

“I guess not Mr. Collins. Sounds like lots of fun. What do you think I should wear?

“He led her to the counter to pay for the groceries. He did his best to hide his rigid hardon. He couldn’t believe that this hot woman could possibly be their entertainment tonight. And knowing his buddies, she could be their plaything if everything worked in their favor. As he rung up her groceries, he adjusted his cock behind the counter, which was getting increasingly uncomfortable.

He told her, “The party is tonight at my house. The sexier you look and the less you wear, the more money you could earn. All these men are businessmen with financial wealth. What they don’t have is a pretty lady around to make them feel younger. Are you interested?”

Debbie was excited. She definitely wasn’t a virgin, and the thought of turning these mature men on made her panties wet. But the idea that four mature men like Mr. Collins lusting after her all at once, was thrilling to her. She always fantasized about being an exhibitionist, and this could make her fantasies come true.

“You have yourself a hostess, Mr. Collins. Where is your place?”

Grinning from ear to ear, Jake wrote down his address and handed it to her, along with her groceries.

“I don’t know if your mother would casino oyna approve, so I think it would be best if this stays between us. My buddies and I will definitely not say a word to anybody. The groceries are on me, and here is $50 to go buy something very sexy. Come over about 8 o’clock. And please call me Jake. This will be pleasure, not business, Debbie,” he laughingly told her.

“I’ll see you tonight, Mr. Col….errrr Jake. I promise I won’t tell my mother. Thanks for the money, and I better get to the mall as soon as I can,” she said.

And then she was gone. As an elderly lady customer walked into the store, he gazed at the young woman’s sexy ass and hoped to kiss it soon as it faded away.

Standing at her mirror in her bedroom, she looked at herself. She thought to herself, “Damn, I look good enough to eat.” She giggled to herself at that thought.

The sexy siren had a hard time deciding what to buy to wear tonight. She finally came across a cheerleader’s uniform complete with pom-poms. She picked up a half bra and decided that panties would only get in the way. While she was surprised at Jake’s offer for her to be a hostess, all day she was excited thinking about the possiblities of actually teasing these older men and seeing their hard cocks. She had always loved her father, and when he left her mother after having an affair with his secretary, she was heartbroken. So the last few years she hadn’t had a father figure in her life, and her friendship with Jake actually filled the void, somewhat.

She smiled to herself as she looked back at the reflection in the mirror. Her aroused nipples were uncovered over the bra, and poked through the blouse invitingly. She had several of her buttons undone, showing off the creamy expanse of her large breasts. She swished her short, plaid skirt and she saw her shaved cunt relecting back at her. She wore knee-high white socks and black buckled sandles, and she could feel her pussy seeping down her inner thighs. She realized that soon, she would not be the only one getting to view this erotic sight.

After applying some lipstick and makeup, she was ready. She walked the few blocks, and when she heard the whistles from several guys in a sportscar, she just gave them a dirty look and headed up the sidewalk to Mr. Collin’s door. She rang the doorbell, and was greeted by Jake.

“Oh my God Debbie! I guess the $50 I gave you was well spent. My buddies are sure going to love you. Come on in,” he beckoned her as his cock lurched painfully to attention.

Without any obstructions like counters, Debbie took notice of his predicament. She smiled as she knew she was the cause of his condition. And she intended to see if she could help him with it, as she hated to see him in such distress.

After following him into the house, she was greeted by three men, all in their fifties or sixties. Their eyes were riveted to her body, and she made sure to sashay into the room, keeping their attention on her.

“Debbie, this is Bob, Dave, and Bill. Guys this is Debbie. She agreed to be our hostess tonight.” Then turning towards the girl, he handed her an envelope saying,” this is the agreed upon amount for you being our hostess. Whatever you earn the rest of the night is up to you.”

She stuttered out, “Ummm, thank you Jake. So, when do I start?”

“Let me show you around, and come with me to the kitchen. Guys, you go set up the poker table in the den. We’ll be there shortly,” he said.

They headed for the kitchen after she set her pom-poms down, with Jake taking frequent glances at the sexy blonde. His cock was so hard her gave up trying to hide it. Her milky tits were begging to be unleashed. But, first he had to conduct the business, and tell her of her duties.

“Beer and soda is in the fridge. We have sandwiches and pretzels and chips. We’ll be playing poker, and your duty will be to serve us. Now remember, these guys are sex-starved, so it’s up to you how daring you want to be. Whatever happens here doesn’t leave these doors. I trust my buddies with my life. But I have to warn you, we are four very horny guys!”

She giggled as she said, “Don’t worry about me, Jake. I wouldn’t be here if I was afraid. Do you like my outfit?”

She looked down and saw his cock trying to burst from his shorts. She made sure that he noticed her staring at his crotch. She wanted to tease these guys, and then she wanted to get fucked. All day her pussy was steaming as she thought about her first multiple male encounter. And the thought that these older men had her more turned on than any guy her age ever did, made her happy that she decided to come.

“Damn girl, you are so hot in that uniform. I am sure there are three horny men with raging cocks out in the den thinking about you right now,” he moaned out.

She laughed as she said, “Yeah, and you are quite happy to see me too. Go out with the guys, I’ll get the beer and snacks and be out in a minute.”

He quickly left as she gathered canlı casino up the food and beverages and put them on a tray that was on the counter. She opened another button, and grabbed the tray and headed into the other room. When she got there, four lusty sets of eyes followed her as she entered the den.

She studied the older men before her, as they began to deal out cards and try to concentrate on their poker game. Jake was the handsomest of the four, with slightly graying hair in places, and slim in build. She already knew he was packing quite a bulge from seeing it outlined in his shorts earlier.

Her eyes moved to Bob. Bob was a bit overweight, but seemed like a lot of fun. He was the joker, as she listened to him telling jokes as she walked to the card table. He still had dark hair, and she imagined he dyed it to look younger.

Dave was directly across from her and looked to be the oldest, as he had all gray hair. He also was the tallest, and looked to be over 6′ tall. He wasn’t fat, but he did have a small beer belly.

Then the final guy was Bill. She realized she knew him. He was the handyman that her mom hired sometimes to do work on their house. He pretended not to know her, as she guessed that he didn’t want his wife to know that he knew her. His wife Betty often accompanied her mother and was a friend of the family. He was almost as handsome as Jake, and had a well-toned body. He did have silver hair, which just made him look sexier. But as their eyes met, she knew she had to let him know that she wouldn’t let his wife know that he was there.

“Hi guys. Here is some beer and sandwiches. Don’t eat too much though, just so you have some room for dessert later, “she told them while she teasingly winked at them.

They played their hands as she walked around. She made sure to bend over and give each of them a view of her deep cleavage. When she got to Bob, she felt a hand sliding up her thigh, and she just wiggled and pulled away before he could find out that she was naked underneath her skirt. She wanted to tease a little more first.

When she got to Bill, she leaned over and saw his eyes staring at her creamy breasts and she whispered to him, “This is our little secret. I want you to have fun tonight without worrying. By the way, you look sexy.”

They soon were playing poker and placing big bets on the table. But they would frequently eye her as she kept them well stocked up on beer and food. She would take every opportunity to tease, but not quite showing everything. She would feel hands rubbing her butt or legs, but she always slipped away before they could touch her naked pussy or ass.

Bob yelled out, “I won! You guys suck at poker. Must be over $50 in the pot. But I got an idea. If Debbie does a sexy cheer for us in her uniform, the pot is hers. What do you think guys?”

The other three guys looked over at me, with pleading eyes.

“The pot is mine? Well, then I guess I owe you a sexy routine,” she teased them.

Debbie knew it was time. She went and got her pom-poms, and walked over to the poker table. She reached up in the air, shaking her pom-poms and also her large breasts. All of the guys watched with rapt attention as she shook and wiggled but not enough for her pussy to be exposed yet. She danced around the table, shaking and wiggling her body for each of their benefits. Another button popped during her routine, and now just one held her blouse together, while more of her creamy white breasts were exposed. Her nipples were hard as she finally finished her routine.

Jake moaned out, “Shit Debbie. How are we supposed to concentrate on our game with you strutting around like that?”

Bob yelled out, “Who cares about the game?”

Debbie was also getting turned on, and decided to tease them even more. She walked over by Jake, and bent over, flipping her skirt up. Her naked ass was flashed, and all four men groaned at the sight. She grabbed her ankles, and looked back at them with a wicked grin. They could see her shaved pussy which was seeping her juices down her thighs. Then she spread her legs slowly, as her asshole was revealed to the four lusting guys, while stretching her legs wider as she fell to the floor. Her cunt was open with a quick flash, and then she sat on the floor with legs spread and giggled, before standing back up and clapping.

Bill said, “Maybe whomever wins the next hand, Debbie could sit on their lap. Is that okay with you, Debbie?”

She just giggled and walked over to the table saying, “Sounds like fun to me!”

“Hell with it! I’m giving her all my money I have on the table. If we all give her the pot, she will sit on all our laps,” said Jake.

The guys quickly played another hand, and lucky Jake won. Debbie walked over to him, and sat on his lap. While the other older men watched intently, she ground her ass on her friend’s cock. She loved the feel of it with only the material of his shorts separating it’s entry into her sopping wet pussy. When Jake reached kaçak casino around and opened her last button, her blouse fell away to the sides of her sloping breasts, and her perky nipples were bared over her bra. His fingers teased her nipples, tweaking them as she continued to squirm on his lap.

“Damn Jake, she is a firecracker. If I was in your place, I’d have her naked in no time! She’s hot,” Dave told the him.

The girl just giggled, and quickly climbed off of Jake’s lap and told them, “Okay, who is gonna win the next hand? I’ll run out and get everyone some more beer and chips.”

The men watched her as she left the room. She ran to the refrigerator and opened a bunch of beers. Meanwhile, the guys at the poker table decided it was time to push the issue.

Bill said, “Let’s get naked guys. That way, the next lap she sits on will be really exciting. I want to fuck her so damn bad!”

All of them nodded in agreement and quickly shirts, shoes, socks, and shorts were removed and thrown on the floor. Quickly underwear joined the pile. Four raging, hard cocks were unveiled, before they sat down at the table to hide them temporarily. Moments later, the hot girl in the cheerleader outfit returned with their snacks.

She looked around the table, and her eyes got big. Bob’s cock was visible, and it must have been at least 8 inches. It definitely was the biggest prick she had ever laid eyes on. She couldn’t see the other cocks, but she knew the stakes were now raised much higher. She figured she was going to have to suck and fuck them, and she knew she wanted to, very badly.

“I see everyone wants to play harder. Well, I am ready if you are. Whose lap is next?”

The guys quickly played another hand, as they watched Debbie unsnapping her skirt. It soon slid around her ankles, and her bare cunt was on display. She kicked it off and reached between her soaked lips, and stroked it for their viewing pleasure. Then she whipped off her half-bra, and just stood there in the white socks and black shoes. She looked so damn fuckable, and it was which guy would be the first to fill her cunt up.

“I won, I won! Damn, come over here woman, and sit on my cock….ummmm lap,” said Bob.

Debbie skipped over to the burly man, and taking notice that Jake, Bill, and Dave’s cocks were all very nice looking. But Bob definitely had them beat, and she really didn’t care whose lap she was on, but was glad he was the first one. She would get them all eventually. She felt Bob grab her waist, and lifted the lightweight girl, and as he let her down on his lap, she felt the cockhead bump her clit. She groaned as her pussy was highly sensitive, and it sent shivers throughout her body. Then his hands reached up and pawed her tits, and the sudden jolt sent her cunt down over his cock. The sudden drop took her breath away, and she was glad she was very wet. When she hit bottom, she never felt so full of cock in her life.

“Oh God Bob! Shit, it feels like a log inside of me,” cried out Debbie.

He said, “Do you want to get off?”

“Yeah, I want to get off, but not off of your cock. Fuck me, you bastard!”

Then she began to move up and down, moaning as every inch of his cock filled her to capacity. Her cunt was hot and flowing over his cock and balls. She grimaced a little in tortured pleasure as he fucked her good. Screw them young guys she used to date, they were mere boys to Bob. He may have been overweight, but he knew how to give her intense pleasure. Bill and Dave sat on either side of the fucking duo, and the lure of her breasts was too much for them. Soon each felt her tits up, giving her an intense orgasm.

“I’m cumming! Damn guys, I want to fuck every one of you tonight! Don’t stop Bob,” she moaned out.

Bob on the other hand, had never felt a pussy that was so very tight around his raging prick. He tried hard to hold back, but when Debbie bucked hard on him in yet another orgasm while yelling out obscenities, he felt his cock shoot hard inside of her.

“Take my cum Debbie. Ahhhh shit!”

Debbie could feel the jets of hot sperm shooting into the very depths of her womb. She just continued to shake and wiggle as her orgasm seemed to never end. Her cunt was so tight that not much was escaping their juncture of pleasure. After a few more moments, both finally slowed to a stop. She turned around to kiss Bob on the cheek, but he was too quick and his tongue shot into her mouth. Despite the surprise invasion, she accepted it as if they were intended to be kissing each other all along.

Jake finally said, “Quit hogging all the pussy Bob. We want her too. Debbie, have you ever sucked a cock?

“Not really. The guys I was with, just wanted to fuck me. Would you teach me Jake?”

“By the time we are done with her, all her holes will be sore,”

Bill piped in non-chalantly.

Debbie finally pulled off of Bob’s dwindling cock. It definitely was quite a weapon he had, and she imagined many a woman wanted to ride that masterpiece. With a wet suction sound, she felt it slip from her depths, and mixed juices flowed out onto his cock and legs. If she hung around these guys long enough, her pussy would be damn loose and very sore.

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