Caught In-Between

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Mandy Collins walked in to her boss’s office and plopped down on the sofa. Nelson Adams looked up, not completely surprised by his paralegal’s appearance.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Julianne wants to have a meeting.” Julianne was Nelson’s wife. He was an attorney, she was a Certified Public Accountant, and while their occupations were different, they operated out of the same office. Mandy was everything from their file clerk to office manager; however, she was skilled enough to handle both of their work loads. She had come to work for Nelson nearly a year ago when the two professionals had separate offices in the same office park. Their marriage had been strained, but Mandy brought them back together to the point that they wanted to work out of a single office with her as their paralegal and administrative assistant.

When he finished what he was writing a few seconds later, Nelson came around from his desk and sat on the sofa beside Mandy. “What about?”

“I don’t know. She said she’d be in shortly,” Mandy advised him.

The ever playful paralegal draped one of her legs over his causing her short skirt to rise nearly to her crotch. He let his fingers dance on her shin.

“I wonder what she could want?” the attorney mused.

“No clue, but I’m ready to start this meeting without her.” And with that, Mandy stood and stripped off all of her clothes.

“As the senior partner, I agree.” So, he stood and did the same.

Kneeling one leg on the sofa, planting the other on the floor and bending over, Mandy remarked, “senior partner in your dreams.”

Nelson stepped up behind her, and with his legs in similar positions, he aimed his cock at her available pussy and drove it home. “You don’t think I’m the senior partner?” He began thrusting.

She giggled, both from being fucked and his question.

“Who signs your paycheck?”

“You both do.” Her voice wavered from his pumping. “Mmmm.” She loved having his cock in her pussy.

“What the fuck?” Julianne said, standing in the doorway. “We’re supposed to have a meeting.”

“We’re are,” Nelson said. “We’re multitasking. What’s on your mind?”

Shaking her head, Julianne walked over to the two naked co-workers and grabbed her husband’s dick on his out-thrust. “Mandy, did you start this?”

“You know I did.”

“It’s amazing we get any work done around here.” Julianne knelt and took Nelson’s cock in her mouth and started sucking. “Tasty with your juices all over it.”

Mandy sat up to watch. She had started having sex independently with both husband and wife within days after starting to work for him. When Nelson caught her and Julianne, Mandy convinced him to join in, and in so doing, basically repaired their marriage. She’d thought neither would have any further use for her, but that was when they decided to get an office together with her as both their assistant and sex partner. She enjoyed watching husband and wife have sex together primarily because under her tutelage they had become much better at it than they were and they were hot. And they liked her participation because she kept their sex life alive and fresh.

Julianne pointed her husband’s penis at Mandy. The paralegal quickly dropped to her knees beside the accountant and took over mouthing the lawyer’s cock. Out of the corner of her eye, Mandy could see Julianne stripping. She kept one eye on the older woman who still had a spectacular body. Once completely naked, Julianne dropped to her knees again. Mandy moved down to suck on Nelson’s balls while his wife went down on his dick again.

Playfully, Julianne let her husband’s cock slip out of her mouth, which caused it to plop down on Mandy’s forehead. Seeing the older woman smirking, the younger female merely returned the grin and adjusted her face to slurp the penis back into her own mouth. The CPA reached out and held Nelson’s dick at the base giving their assistant only half of a shaft to suck. With her other hand, Julianne cupped his balls. Still on her knees, the wife eased behind the girl, pressing her body to the other, wanting to feel the blowjob. Mandy was so good at sucking cock that watching was just as exciting for Julianne. She reached around and cupped the paralegal’s breasts, toying with her nipples. She also kissed Mandy’s shoulders neck and cheeks feeling the indentation of the rod in her mouth.

A minute or so later, the ladies again swapped, but Nelson only allowed it for a few seconds before he pulled his wife to her feet, turned her around and bent her over the sofa. He gently eased his aching hard-on into her waiting pussy and marveled at the wonderful feeling. He never tired of having his cock in either of the women’s pussies, and even to this day, found it difficult to believe he had two vaginas to fuck. It had been and still was the saving grace of his marriage.

Mandy laid down on the sofa and squirmed to a position in which her head was directly underneath Julianne’s casino oyna pussy. It was too high up for her to perform any tongue action, but it was thrilling to watch the woman being fucked from this angle. She did reach up and play with her boss’s clit with one hand while massaging the other boss’s balls with her other hand. She always felt the need to do whatever she could to make their sex more stimulating, more exciting so that it wouldn’t get stale, or worse, so they wouldn’t feel as though they didn’t need her to be a part of it anymore.

Julianne actually loved the girl’s participation because she could always be counted on to add something that would otherwise be missing. Like right now. If it was just husband and wife, no one would be playing with her clit or Nelson’s balls, and that added an extra thrill to what they were doing. Julianne rested her hand on Mandy’s face and the girl sucked in one of her fingers. The woman wouldn’t have thought someone sucking her finger would be erotic, but under these circumstances, it positively was.

Mandy also loved the liquidy sounds that accompanied good sex. Julianne reached out and twisted her nipple, and then went for the girl’s pussy, stroking her clit. Mandy moaned her delight. The extension of Julianne’s arm caused her to pull her body forward and Nelson’s cock popped out. Seeing his juicy, wet shaft, Mandy tugged on his balls for him to squat so she could suck that delicacy off.

These were the little acts that drove Nelson wild when Mandy would do things like suck his cock after it had been in his wife’s pussy. And then, after she’d cleaned him off and re-coated his shaft with her saliva and he stuck it back in Julianne’s pussy was when he could have easily let himself come. But he held back.

Julianne took a step back so she could bend even further down to swap spit with Mandy. Kissing another female had never been a thing for her until the young woman came along. Like everything else Mandy did sexually, she was a fabulous kisser.

Mandy now reached up to play with Julianne’s dangling tits, rubbing and twisting her nipples. The woman had perfect breasts and Mandy loved to touch them.

And it was that final bit of attention that brought Julianne to a quick orgasm. Mandy could see her boss was beginning to have a difficult time holding herself up so she moved out of the way so the older woman could lean more on the sofa. Her moaning and trembling suggested to the others that she was having a great climax. Nelson continued to pump her until she pushed him away.

Mandy was sitting up next to Julianne with her legs spread, rubbing her own pussy. Julianne finally turned around to sit also, pulled Nelson to her to suck her juices off of his cock—something she would have never done before Mandy came along—and reached over to rub Mandy’s pussy. She then arranged Mandy to rest her head in the older woman’s lap, and spread her legs so her husband could kneel on the sofa and give their assistant what she always seemed to crave: cock.

“Oh, yessss,” Mandy cooed as her boss’s dick slid in. Nothing ever felt as good as that. She also liked laying her head on Julianne’s thighs while being fucked. She’d seen a similar position in a non-pornographic film once and thought it was the most erotic sexual scene ever.

This also allowed Julianne to dip her nipple into the young woman’s mouth, Mandy loved her boss’s tits so much she willingly sucked. Julianne also reciprocated by flicking Mandy’s clit as her assistant had done to her. For good measure, the wife also reached up and played with her husband’s nipples, which again until Mandy came along, she had no idea he enjoyed so much.

With a grunt from his wife’s fingers squeezing his nipples, Nelson bent over to kiss her. Julianne then dropped her hands to once again play with Mandy’s clit. She also formed a V with her forefinger and middle finger and rubbed the girl’s labia. Additionally, she squeezed her fingers around her husband’s cock as it slid in and out.

Nelson liked feeling his wife’s fingers on his dick as he pumped their assistant. He even pulled his cock out and rubbed it on the outside of Mandy’s pussy. Julianne gripped it and let him fuck her hand. After a minute or so, he stood up to reposition himself, but Mandy arose also. She maneuvered Julianne around to nearly supine and straddled her abdomen. A wiggle of her ass was Nelson’s clue to enter her again.

From this position, Julianne was staring down at her husband fucking their assistant. She once again reached out to fondle Mandy’s pussy and her husband’s cock and balls. When Mandy felt as though she was about to come, she quickly turned around and sat in Julianne’s lap with her legs spread wide so Nelson could shove his penis back in.

“Faster!” Mandy ordered through clenched teeth. She grabbed Julianne’s hands and brought them to her tits, directing the woman’s fingers to her nipples. Julianne knew the girl liked to have her nipples squeezed canlı casino hard when she climaxed, and the older woman easily obliged. Mandy groaned and shuddered, loving the feel of her boss’s naked body against her own. It enriched her orgasm.

Just as she was winding down Nelson announced that he was ready to come. Mandy yanked his cock from her pussy, slid down Julianne’s body, opened her lips and aimed him at it and jerked him until he filled her mouth. She swallowed some of it and then quickly turned around to share it with Julianne.

The CPA knew when Mandy grabbed her husband’s dick what her plan was. Julianne was still wired enough to accept the cum-filled kiss; however, every time she and Mandy did this, she was still not certain she enjoyed it. Of course, Mandy loved it, and still holding Nelson’s cock, she felt another drop dribble out when he saw what she and his wife were doing.

Finally, everyone settled down. Nelson and Mandy each took a seat on either side of Julianne.

“Now, can we have a meeting?” Julianne asked.

“Isn’t that what we just had?” Nelson remarked with a mischievous grin.

“And don’t make it sound like you didn’t enjoy it,” Mandy said.

The CPA sighed heavily. “Of course, I did. But we need to have a serious discussion. I want us to consider hiring a tax attorney,” she announced.

“What for?” Nelson wanted to know. “Is something wrong with our taxes?” He and Mandy were always playful after a threesome.

Julianne merely shook her head. “Not for our personal taxes. There’s nothing wrong with ours or Mandy’s.” It was actually tax problems that brought Mandy to Julianne in the first place nearly a year ago. “I’m talking about for the firm. I’m starting to do a lot of work that requires one,” Julianne revealed. “I’ve had to use outside counsel.”

“I can represent them,” Nelson said.

“I love you, honey, but this is way above what you can do,” she told him. “Besides, you have enough to do with your own practice.”

Mandy had listened quietly to the exchange. She really had no vote in the matter; she was just an employee, even though they would listen to her opinion. However, one drawback did occur to her, which she couldn’t help mentioning. “What will that do to our . . . breaks?” She was, of course, referring to their sexual interludes.

All three exchanged looks of perplexity.

“Well, our business is growing,” Julianne pointed out. “We need to expand. Besides, we can’t spend all of our time fucking.”

“Why not?” Mandy and Nelson chimed in unison.

With a huff, Julianne shook her head. “You two are incorrigible.”

“So, you really think this is necessary?” Nelson asked, trying to be serious since he could see that his wife was.

“I do. And if we find the right candidate, maybe he can help you, too.”

“What kind of person are you looking for?” Mandy asked.

“I’m thinking someone young, maybe just out or a few years out of college so we wouldn’t be looking at as big a salary or who would want to do everything his way.”

“Male or female?”

“I don’t know if I can handle another woman,” Nelson quipped with a smirk.

“Particularly since you can barely handle the two you have,” Julianne shot back grinning.

He gave her a sneer.

“I’d vote for a guy also,” Mandy agreed.

“Seriously?” Julianne questioned. “You don’t get enough sex already?”

“Is there such a thing as enough?” Mandy posed.

“And by the way, we’re looking for an employee, not another sex partner.” Julianne ignored Mandy’s question and asked her own. “So, do you agree?”

“If you’re sure,” Nelson said.

“I am.”

* * *

It became Mandy’s responsibility to set the wheels in motion to hire the tax attorney. She did so honestly and efficiently even though she had mixed emotions about bringing someone else in to upset their unique arrangement. Over the next few weeks, a half dozen candidates were interviewed, and by the end of the month, Jason Polk occupied the office that had formerly been a junk room. In Mandy’s eyes, he was quite handsome, but also somewhat timid and seemingly straight-laced. Sadly, she didn’t feel that his demeanor would bode well for the office, but despite his plain vanilla persona, he delivered on a professional level.

However, office morale suffered—at least among the three original employees. Their frequent afternoon sex breaks ceased and all they could do was cop feels and steal kisses without Jason seeing. In the beginning, the three would stay after office hours, after the newbie had left for the day. But as he got into his caseload, he stayed late to bring himself up to speed.

So, they switched their trysts to the Adams’ home and Mandy had a standing invitation to come whenever she wanted, which she did. And while it somewhat satisfied her voracious—and their moderate—sexual appetites, it wasn’t the same as when they could spontaneously do kaçak casino it at the office.

Mandy pondered ways to restore the unnatural balance to their office, but it became obvious that as long as Jason was employed, that could not happen unless he became part of the activities. However, based on her initial impression of him, she did not see that happening. Allowing her mind to wander, she recalled how flirtatious she had been with both Nelson, and separately, Julianne, and how they had come around. With that, the bosses out visiting clients, and the fact that she had not had much interaction with Jason, she decided to remedy that.

Mandy generally wore short skirts or dresses and low-cut at the top because she knew it turned her bosses on, and she was just brazen by nature. Standing at her desk, she pulled her skirt up a tad at the waist to make it shorter and tugged her top down a bit to show more cleavage. She wanted to be alluring, but not trashy.

Strolling casually into Jason’s office, Mandy plopped down in one of the side chairs facing his desk. He looked up quickly, then back to the papers on his desk, and then back up sharply. She made an exaggerated show of crossing her legs, making certain to show a lot of thigh in the process. She took his double-take as a good sign.

“Hi, Jason,” Mandy greeted in a sing-song voice. “Whacha doin’?”

“Uh, reviewing this document,” he answered literally, his tone laced with uncertainty, as though he didn’t understand the question. “Doooo you need something?”

Your dick, she thought, but actually said, “I’m a little bored. It’s too quiet when the bosses are out.”


She could hear nervousness in his voice. Did he just not interact well with women or people in general. But then, how could he have become a lawyer? “I thought this might be a good opportunity to get to know each other better.”

After a second’s thought, Jason shrugged with raised eyebrows and said, “Yeah, okay, that’s probably a good idea. Where do we start? I’ve never done this before.”

“Done what?”

“Gotten to know someone better.”

“You don’t have any close friends?” Mandy asked, trying not to make it sound too preposterous.

“Not really.”


Jason shrugged, seemingly with sadness. “Guess I was always too busy with school and work.”

“Not even a girlfriend?”

“I’m not boyfriend material.”

Mandy was somewhat taken aback by that statement. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but do you like girls?”

“I’m not gay,” Jason stated flatly.

“That’s not—”

“I know, but I get that a lot. I’m just not very forward,” he admitted.

“You’re a good-looking guy, on your way to being a successful lawyer; you never get hit on by girls?”

“I don’t really go anywhere for that to happen.” With a nervous chuckle, he added, “Not sure I’d know what to do if it did.”

“Are you interested in meeting a girl?” The more Mandy talked to Jason she thought there was something quite likeable about him. She found his innocence appealing.

Ill-at-ease, he said, “Yeah, I guess.”

“I could help you.”


“Walk you through some scenarios to approach girls or when they approach you, or any other things that might pop up.” She wondered if he’d caught the double-entendre at the end.

“Uh, uh, well, that’s, uh, something to consider. Thanks.”

Their conversation was cut short by the return of Julianne. Mandy excused herself and headed for the boss’s office. The two arrived at her door at the same time and as the ever horny paralegal asked, “How’d it go?” she reached under Julianne’s skirt lifting it so she could finger the woman’s pussy through her underwear.

Julianne gave her a what-are-you-doing frown and glanced past her to Jason’s office. With her hand still between her boss’s legs, Mandy pushed her into her office and planted her lips on Julianne’s. The older woman kissed back just as eagerly, but only briefly before taking her seat at her desk.

“You need anything?” Mandy asked, standing before Julianne’s desk. “Coffee, tea, me.”

Julianne looked up and smiled. Knowing of the girl’s frustration with the new office arrangement, she said, “Of course, I’d like to have you, but it’ll have to wait until later.”

* * *

As though she had broken the ice, Jason started being a little more congenial toward Mandy. He would occasionally pass by her desk and tell her hello. The first couple of times, she regarded this as just friendliness, but the more he did it, she got the impression he was checking her out, stealing glances at her. To test her theory, the next time she heard him approaching, she quickly hiked her dress nearly up to her crotch, pushed her chair back and pretended to be reading something on her phone.

Mandy tried not to let her amusement show when he did another of his double-takes and then attempted to cover it up by stretching his neck as though he had a stiffness. She quickly thought to glance down at his crotch and could see the makings of a stiffness there.

“Need something?” she asked, casually looking up from her phone.

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