Car Ride With Friend’s Mom Ch. 02

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This is the second part of my story “Car Ride with friend’s Mom”. This is the true story of an affair I had with an older lady while still in college. I will continue to write about our relationship if my audience wants to know more. As always, I only write about true stories with names changed to protect the guilty.

The last 45 minutes of our ride back consisted of Mrs. James slugging more bourbon and coke and me nursing the biggest hard on of my young life. My mind was racing with thoughts of what she meant by “I may be a lot of things but I am not a tease”. When we neared her house she told Matt to pull in the driveway and take her car to take his girlfriend home. I did the math in my head and realized that Matt would be gone for over an hour even if he just dropped her off and returned straight home.

“Tim and I will unpack while you are gone.” She said. I was both excited and intimidated by the idea of being alone with her.

Matt pulled in, unloaded his girlfriend’s stuff into his Mom’s car and left me and Mrs. James unloading the rest of the gear. Mrs. James took one load in and disappeared upstairs.

Her parting instructions were yelled as she went up the stairs. “Makes us a couple of more drinks and bring them upstairs.”

I hurriedly made the drinks and walked up the stairs. Mrs. James was in her bathroom brushing her hair. She was casino oyna wearing a white terry cloth bath robe. She told me to come in as she grabbed her drink and took another long pull. I was amazed at how much she was drinking but was not about to tell her to stop.

“Did you enjoy yourself in the car?” she asked.

“Uh-huh.” I stammered.

“Well, I probably let things go a little far.” She said. “Can I trust that you will not tell anyone?”

“I won’t tell a soul.” I responded

“If you do it would crush Matt and I will deny everything. Do you understand?” She said while turning to look straight at me.

“Mrs. James, I am not going to say a word. Not now and not ever.” I replied even as it began to dawn on me that she had crossed a line that put me in a position of real power. Even in my state of intoxication I realized that I had something on her that might be useful at some point.

“OK then. I suppose I left you in need of some relief.” She said as she reached out for my hand. I gave it to her and she led me into her bedroom. “We have to make this quick since Matt will be home soon.”

I spoke the truth when I responded, “I don’t think it will take very long at all.”

I had not lost my erection for close to 3 hours and my boxer shorts were soaked with pre-cum. She bent down and unbuckled my belt before unsnapping my jeans and canlı casino lowering my pants to my knees. My cock is about seven inches long but it is unusually thick. She was bent at the waist with her head only a few inches from my erection. As I leaned back against her bed she began studying and stroking my cock. I think she sensed how close I was to blowing my load because she suddenly stopped.

“Do you want me to put my mouth on it?” She asked. It was clear that she wanted to suck it.

Before I could even answer she took me in her mouth and began to lick my head and upper shaft. I took the opportunity to reach up under her bath robe as she leaned into me. I pulled the hem of the robe on to her lower back exposing her panty covered ass. I quickly ran my hand over her ass and caressed her pussy through her panties. Once again I was about to come.

“Do you want me to come in your mouth?” I asked making sure she knew I was on the verge.

With that she stood up and slurred, “No, I want you to come inside me.”

She opened her robe revealing that she was wearing only her white nylon panties. They were full cut but could not hide the outline of her bush which prominently bulged from her lower stomach. As she sat on the bed I was struck by the smoothness of her skin and how muscular she was. Her legs were especially thick and strong. Her boobs hung toward kaçak casino her sides but were still firm enough to keep a nice shape. I noticed that her nipples were very dark and erect. She lay back and wiggled herself into position with her knees up and her ass on the very edge of the bed. She reached down and pulled her panties to the side. In the full light of the room I could see her pussy and I instinctively put my hand to it. Her wetness caused my middle fingers to slide into her. I moved them in and out until she grabbed my cock and pulled it to her opening. She placed it on her slit and rubbed my cock head up and down lubricating it with her juices.

“Put it inside me.” She said.

I pushed against her and slid the head of my cock inside her. With a few thrusts I was buried to the hilt and my orgasm was now unstoppable. Mrs. James groaned with pleasure as my cock spasmed spewing load after load inside her. My cum was literally pumping back around my cock and pulsing out of her pussy. Her orgasm started as mine ended. She threw her head back while gripping my hips to hold me deep inside her. For minutes her pussy walls contracted around my cock as each wave caused her to make noises I had never heard. Eventually, she relaxed and fell back on the bed. She pushed herself off my cock and pulled her panties back over her pussy.

As I pulled my pants up she sat up and said in an almost business like tone, “I guess we better get the car unpacked. Get started and I will be down in a minute.” With that she stood up and slowly walked into the bathroom.

I did as I was told.

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