Canal Day

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Chesapeake City, Maryland. The annual mid-summer hedonistic ritual known as canal day. A little bedroom community located right on the water with a couple of marinas and only one real road in or out of town. It’s main attraction is the water.

And canal day.

Canal day started out as a celebration of boating and life on the waters edge, but over the years has morphed into the closest Cecil county could come to Mardi Gras.

The year before I had gone with a couple of friends and been invited to a boat on the pier. That was where all the fun really happened. There were almost no rules there. I had been on the boat drinking at 9 am with everyone else, and being drunk already, none of us had any reservations.

My friend Angel wanted to get in the dingy and ride around the marina, and the dingy was soon packed wit h me and four girls, all of whom had big tits. Angel’s were the biggest, and truth be told, I had wanted to see t hem since the first time I had met her. But, we had become friends and she now had a boyfriend, and oh, by t he way, I was married.

But, our dingy quickly got the name “Boobie Boat”. And all four girls took off their tops. They were all big and t hey were all glorious. Angels tit were what I call heavy hangers. They were huge with enough heft that there was a gorgeous bulge at the bottom, but they were still firm enough that the nipples, all pink and small and perky, pointed skyward.

I was, and always will be a tit man and I was in heaven.

But, that was a year ago and nothing had come of it, other than me, being a 46-year-old man had made a lot of friends with girls in their twenties. None of them liked my wife, so they were always trying to fix me up with their friends.

And now, I had a twenty one year old girlfriend.

We arrived at the Chesapeake Inn at around 9:00 am. I called my friend Angel, whose gorgeous, enormous tits I had the pleasure of seeing the year before. We were going to be on the same boat as the year before, but Heather didn’t know any f these guys.

She was dressed in a pair of Daisy Dukes with a very skimpy bikini bottom underneath them and a matching bikini top. It covered little more than her nipples and provided absolutely no support for her beautiful D cup tits, but that didn’t matter because I didn’t plan on her being dressed for very long.

Angel answered the phone, obviously already buzzed. “Where the hell are you, slacker?” she was almost yelling into the phone.

“We just got here” I said. “We are in line at the gate now.”

“Well, we got a head start on you. We have already had two Hurricanes.” She said. “They sell them at the stand right by the main gate.”

“OK. See you in a bit.” I said as I hung up.

“What’s up?” Heather asked.

“They got a two drink head start on us” I said.

AS soon as we were through the gate, I stopped at the drink stand and bought two hurricanes. Drinking at 9 in the morning, especially having eaten nothing, wasn’t a habit and it felt a bit weird but I had to catch up so I was drinking it as fast as I could while we walked toward the docks.

Heather could barely keep up. Her tits were bouncing as she walked hard to keep up, threatening to pop out of the top.

I finished the first hurricane, almost having guzzled it before we reached the dock, so I got another at the stand at the entrance to the dock. I worked on it as hard as the first and was halfway finished when I saw Angel jumping and waving a little further down dock two.

“You’re late” she said as she came to give me a hug.

I returned the embrace, feeling the wondrousness of her tits press against me. I was hoping to see them again. Hell, I wanted to fuck her, I just didn’t have the balls.

“But this is my second Hurricane” I said as I turned it up to finish it off. “Now I need a beer.”

She reached in the cooler and got me a Miller Light. Nothing I would normally drink, but as hot as it was supposed to be and as much as I was likely to drink, I didn’t complain. She handed a beer to Heather and gave her a hug to say hello.

Looking around, there were a few girls on the docks and in the neighboring boats that had their tops off, but most were still clothed. There would be no lack of encouragement toward Heather to get her to remove her clothes since all the guys from the band and a lot of my friends were on our boat, or were close by. Many of them had already fucked her, and many were just waiting for the opportunity.

Rick, the lead singer and a childhood friend, came over to say hi.

“Hey Jim.” He greeted me. “Sweetheart” he said to Heather as a greeting.

“She needs to have her top off, doesn’t she?” I asked more as an instruction to her because we both knew what his answer would be.

“Absolutely. Those marvelous tits should never be covered.” He said with a grin.

“As you wish” she smiled and pulled her bikini top off. She tossed it in the corner and cupped her breasts, squeezing them together and letting them fall. Rick casino siteleri reached for them and gave each a gentle squeeze, looking around to see if his fiancé was looking, followed by a quick suck on each nipple.

“I never get enough of these beautiful things” he said.

“There’s more where that came from” she said as she ran her fingers inside the string of her barely there bikini bottom.

“You are a lucky man, my friend” he said to me.

“I just like to share with my friends” I replied.

“And a good friend…” He said.

“Go say hi to everyone” I said, sending her away so I could watch the reaction of everyone on the boat. I knew what most of them would be, and I also knew that several of them would fuck her before the day was over.

Rick and I continued to talk as we watcher her mingle. Her beautiful tits were bouncing as she walked across the deck, the sun glistening off them. She said hi to Dan, the other singer and a guitarist in the group, with a big hig that flattened her tits against his chest.

He kissed her on the cheek and smacked her ass playfully.

“I wonder what she said to him” Rick said to me.

“I bet she told him she is going to fuck him today.” I replied.

“I don’t think so. Shiloh is here.”

Shiloh was Dan’s girlfriend. She was cute, although not as attractive or outgoing as Heather had become.

“We’ll see. I bet she fucks you today too.”

“I know that’s not gonna happen” he said. “Christina is here.” Christina was his fiancé.

They had already broken up once because she had said Rick was a whore. He would sleep with any girl that was interested. And, a lot were interested.

He was a classic case of how it isn’t appearance that matters. Rick was a huge guy. Although you wouldn’t really call him fat, he wasn’t muscular either. The best was to describe him was that he looked just like the Dad on The Incredibles. Exactly.

But, he was so outgoing and friendly. Cuddly was how girls described him. And he fucked all of then. And Christina knew it.

But, they had gotten back together, and were once again scheduled to be married in September. Rick had already moved in with her. But he still fucked a lot of women on the side, and although she knew it, she couldn’t prove it. He explained away his flirtatiousness as stage demeanor.

Everyone, including her, knew better, but he was just so lovable that it was impossible to stay angry with him.

After she had made her rounds, her marvelous tits being admired and groped by almost everyone, she returned to me and Rick. I took her hand and pulled her to me, letting her spin so that her ass was against my already hardened cock. She started to, ever so slightly, grind her ass against me as she bounced and talked with a smile one her face. She kept peering back at me to see my reactions as she talked to me and Rick and Dan and Rob who had joined us.

“I’m the boat whore” she said flippantly with a mischievous smile as she continued to bounce and grind her ass on my swollen cock. “I want to fuck all day.”

“Oh, really?” I asked her.

“You know who I want to fuck?” she asked me, knowing I would know the answer.

“Rick” I replied without hesitation. “Because he said it’s not gonna happen.”

“Uh-huh” she said turning to look over her shoulder and kiss me.

“Give me your bottoms” I said with authority. “You can’t fuck with your clothes on”

Obediently, she pulled her bottom down, revealing her pale skin and shaved pussy. She dropped the bikini bottom to the floor and absent-mindedly rubbed her palm over her bare cunt.

“Pick it up” she commanded. “Keep it in your pocket until I need it.”

“OK” I said as I picked it up. She placed her thumb and forefinger on either side of my chin and lifted my face to hers.

“OK?” she asked.

“Yes, me little slut.” I replied.

I loved our domination roles. They would change from moment to moment. Both of us were naturally submissive, but had learned to be dominant sporadically. It was a characteristic of our relationship I had grown to love.

When she was in charge I called her my little slut because that was what she liked. She hated to be called a whore, so that is what I had taken to calling her exclusively when I was being dominant.

She licked up my chin and tweaked my nose as she bounced away, toward Rick.

He couldn’t help himself. He was a whore as much as she was. As soon as she started talking to him, she was kissing him on the neck and he was fondling her tits right there on the boat for everyone to see. It would get back to Christina for sure, and he still couldn’t help himself.

She whispered something in his ear and was stroking

the front of his shorts. He took her hand and led her down to the cabin.

I could see them if I took a step to the left, so, of course, I did. She immediately got on her knees and pulled his cock out. His cock was bigger than mine, but not much. About the same girth.

Heather canlı casino had always professed a preference for cocks with girth rather than length. If they were too long, they hurt when she was pounded, but she loved the feeling of being stretched. But, there wasn’t much danger of that with Rick. He was about the same as me. Average.

She held the base of his cock and licked the end of it as she looked up at him. Her tongue licked the underside of his head and she cupped his balls, pushing it into her mouth. Her mouth slid down on it and with a momentary hesitation as it hit the back of her throat, she thrust it the rest of the way in.

She fucked the head of his cock with the back of her throat. I knew how he felt. She did that constantly, and it felt amazing. It felt ling warm, wet fingers sliding quickly just over the ridge at that back of the head. The stimulation was amazing.

Then she buried her face in his crotch, taking him balls deep. Then slowly, in and out sliding her mouth over the full length of his shaft. Then she was fucking him with her throat. Then taking him deep. She kept changing it up, but it all felt good and he was enjoying it too.

Then, she took her hand and grabbed his. She pulled it to her head and placed it on her hair. When it started to fall away, she took his hand again and held it on the back of her head as she fucked his cock.

He got the hint. He took control and was holding her head while he fucked her mouth. He pounded her, deeper and deeper, and with more and more force. The harder he fucked, the more relaxed and flaccid she became, accepting his cock and his energy within herself.

When he was ready to cum, he let go as his body started to tense, and she replaced his hands and clamped down harder on his cock. He, again, took the hint and held her down on his cock as he shot his load deep into her open throat.

She immediately jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. She looked to me, knowing I had ben watching and smiled as she placed her pinky at the corner of her mouth, feigning innocence.

Rob was standing next to Dan, and of course they had been talking about Heather and Rick and probably Christina, and I saw their face when she kissed me before heading to them. They knew she had sucked Rick’s cock and figured I didn’t. They didn’t know that I had put her up to it.

But, she went to Rob anyway. She got close to him and turned around, grinding her ass into him. Rob had always been shy, painfully shy, and he just stood there. But then she leaned back into him, resting the back of her shoulders against his chest and thrust her hips and legs forward. Her balance was totally supported by rob and her glistening, bald pussy was thrust forward. She was very vulnerable and that was on purpose.

Her arms went up and around Rob’s neck and finally he put out his hands to hold her up. The only place he had to support her was around her chest, and her wonderful big tits were smashed against her chest by his supportive arm.

She began to swirl her exposed pussy to anyone who would look while encouraging Robe to grab a handful. He already had. He was holding her tits and squeezing them as she presented her pussy to everyone on the boat.

Dan reached down and began to rub her pussy with his fingertips and she gyrated faster. I heard her moan as Dan began to rub her clitoris.

I could see all the girls looking at the scene with disgust. I heard the word slut thrown around quite a bit, and they never realized that if she heard them, that would encourage her. She loved being a slut.

Her fingers joined Dan’s as she began to stroke her wet pussy along with him. She was masturbating for all she was worth trying to encourage Rob and Dan to fuck her. Dan was on his way, but Rob was still trepidatiously checking out the waters, wading in slowly for fear of rejection.

She suddenly turned, gained her balance and dropped to her knees in front of Rob, who had the funniest look of shock on his face. She had her face millimeters from the bulge in the front of his shorts. She feigned kissing it and licking it and Dan, who had positioned himself on his knees behind her, was grinding his cock into her ass with her grinding back for all she was worth.

“Fuck it” she said to Dan.

He needed no further encouragement as he pulled down his shorts and began probing for her dripping pussy. She clamped her teeth down of robs cock and began to pull down his shorts.

He grabbed at them to stop her, but she was too fast and he was exposed and in her mouth in no time. Every time Dan thrust into her pussy, she took Rob’s cock deeper in her mouth. Dan kept thrusting while she took Robs cock, which was bigger than Dan’s or Rick’s or mine, almost to the balls with every thrust. She gagged and had saliva drooling from her lips.

She continued.

Dan continued.

Everyone on the boat was watching, as were people on neighboring boats who had a vantage point, and some people from the docks. She was the show kaçak casino and she was performing.

Robs body began to stiffen, and Heather put her arms around his legs, pulling him closer to her and kept his cock buried deep in her throat while Dan continued relentlessly pounding her pussy. Then Rob began to spasm, obviously cumming, and she went balls deep on his cock and stayed there, taking in all his cum.

When he was spent, she pulled off Dan’s cock and turned around to take it in her mouth. Immediately going balls deep and starting to fuck her throat with his cock, she worked it until his body began to twitch.

She worked his cock with her throat. She had done that to me so many times, and she gave the best head I had ever had. She knew it, too. She would tell anybody who asked that she gave amazing head, and she was 100 percent correct.

And, Dan believed it now as he shot his load deep into her throat.

She pulled herself off of his cock, licking the head as it left her mouth.

The guys all around began to applaud, while the girls were almost universally nonplussed by her performance. But, she loved the applause and was smiling as she bounced naked back to me from the deck.

One person who was on the deck watching was Christina. She was standing there with Rick, who had joined her on the dock during the performance. Christina was not amused, and Rick was feigning horror that this was happening.

Rick skated again, but I know he was standing there with his fiancé thinking about his cock i Heathers mouth because he couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she stood on the bow of the boat massaging her beautiful tits for every boat in eye shot, every dingy going by and everyone on the docks.

She cupped them high and licked her lightly colored nipples, which were almost the same hue as her pale skin. She was consistent too. Every time she licked her nipple, it was for someone in particular. She established eye contact and maintained it.

Every time. She was inviting them all to fuck her. And they seemed to be getting the message because there were people, mostly guys, making their way over to our boat. There was a crowd gathering at the stern on the docks, so Heather made her way there.

It was barely 11 o’clock, but everybody was extremely drunk. Booze had been flowing from drink stands, the bar, and coolers on the boats for hours. And, drunk guys with fewer inhibitions mixed with a drunk girl who wants to fuck who is also drunk with no inhibitions makes for a great orgy.

She kept massaging her tits as she walked the boat, saying hi to each and every new guy on the boat. She encouraged them to touch her tits. She kissed a good number of them and most of the time, when she kissed them she rubbed her hand across their cock.

But, none of the guys had the nerve to jump right in, so eventually, she did.

A guy named Mike, who we all knew and kind of held in a bit of disdain because of his bombast was her first. He had wanted to fuck Heather since the first time he had met her and she knew he wouldn’t say no.

She kissed him and didn’t just rub his cock. She grabbed it and started massaging it through his shorts.

“You want me to suck it, don’t you?” she asked as she continued to work his swelling cock with her hands. “You want me to suck it right here. In front of everyone. Don’t you?”

She kissed him again and he still didn’t say anything. I don’t think he was able to.

She dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts and took his cock right into her waiting mouth, holding it with one hand and stroking it as she took it deep in her throat. His cock plunged in and out for what seemed like an eternity, and suddenly she pulled it out of her mouth and gasped for air.

One huge gulp of air and she plunged back onto his cock, still stroking with one hand, but the other was reaching wildly for another cock to fill it.

Jeremy, who had played on the University Of Delaware football team as a punt returner, edged closer and although he didn’t take his cock out of his pants, it was out in short order. Mike was pounding her pussy and driving her deep onto Jeremy’s cock.

She stopped using her hands and just opened her mouth to let his cock slide in. She was ,aking a game out of it, trying new things and being as slutty as she could. Saliva began to run out of her mouth and down her chin and she just let it run, using her hands on Jeremy’s thigs for support and letting his cock assault her face.

Mike began to cum, and Heather pressed herself into him, telling him to cum in her. He arched his back and groaned as he shot his seed deep into her waiting vagina.

She looked up at Jeremy and said “Fuck me”.

She spun around and impaled herself on his cock while reaching for others. Some guy I didn’t know was close by, and she reached for him. He tentatively approached her and she began to fumble with his zipper, getting his cock out after a moment.

He was hard already, and she started sliding his cock down her throat. I had never seen her like this. She always liked to fuck, and had done many gangbangs, but there was a new level of slutiness here. It was like she knew the whore I wanted her to be and was going to be that whore.

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