Camping Ch. 01

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My family has always had a sort of tradition at least that’s what my dad says. Every summer we go camping for two weeks, no mater what else we do, two weeks out of the summer are devoted to camping.

The summer after my twin brother and I turned 18 we decided that because it was likely to be our last for a while that we would go camping for a whole two months. Eight weeks in the semi-wild wilderness. Campfires, and clean air, fresh caught fish, and the joy of the outdoors. We decided early on that we would head for our favorite camp spot high in the mountains were winter never really goes away for more than a week at a time.

We arrived late in the day and as each of us knew what to do to get camp set up we went about our chores and in sort order had the basics of our temporary home set up, that’s when disaster struck. My brother who after setting up the stove and the wash stand had been digging in the supplies for his tent, a two man dome tent, that is honestly ancient compared to my cutting edge self erecting four person dome tent. His cry had alerted us to something bad and when he emerged from the truck we could see that bad was not the word for it, his tent, or more appropriately what was left of his tent was in shreds. The bag and tent itself were little more than scraps of discolored fabric and though the poles were still intact the elastic holding them together had also gone the direction of the tent fabric.

While dad tried to find some way to fix the tent so that I was usable, I set up my own tent. After about an hour dad gave up and the remains of the tent went in the local trash can. Now it needed to be decided where my brother would sleep. It was immediately obvious that a new tent could not be gotten as the nearest camping store was a hundred miles away down a long winding mountain road that no sane person would take in the dark. So, in the spirit of cooperation I volunteered to let him sleep with me in my tent. Our parents agreed, believing at that time correctly, that their children were mature enough not to get into any mischief if left alone together.

So that night as we settled down to sleep our parents in one tent on one side of the camp, my brother and I in my tent on the other side of camp. The night passed peacefully enough though I had some of the most erotic dreams that I had ever had. The next morning as the sun rose over the hills and woke us I found out the reason for my erotic dreams.

During the night my brother and I had closed the distance between us and ended up spooned together with his arm draped over my shoulder and his very large well muscled hand cupping my left breast. Trying very hard not to laugh I carefully lifted his paw off me and rolled out from under his arm. Reaching my side of the tent I unzipped myself from my bag and exited from the tent. Sitting down at the camp table I became aware of a tickling sensation between my legs and reaching down to scratch it my hand came away damp with my sweet smelling juices. Quickly glancing down I saw that the dark material of my sweats around my crotch was even darker and that what I had taken for one of the myriad wilderness smells was in fact the heady aroma of my own arousal.

I got up from the bench just in time to watch my brother emerge from the tent. If anything he had a bigger stain on the crotch of his sweats than I did. He did not see me and I didn’t say anything but I knew then that as long as he and I were sleeping in the same tent we were in for some interesting times. The day passed well enough, hiking and swimming, neither of us mentioned to our parents or to each other what had happened the previous night.

That night we again climbed into our tents and went to sleep, the next morning was almost and exact copy of the previous one with one exception, I found that I woke up extremely horny and that it casino oyna took two sessions with my vibrator in the camp showers to satisfy me. I knew I would have to do something about the situation.

That afternoon I took a long walk by myself casually tossing off my families inquires as to where I was going and why as the need to be alone because of PMS. This was a valid explanation; as my mother knew that I was due to have a period within the next week. As I walked along the stream leading to the camps enormous natural swimming hole I thought about the last two nights that I and my brother had spent together in my tent, I call it my tent because what boy is going to have a hot pink and emerald green with neon orange trim dome tent. I recalled with a quiet burst of lust the feel of his hand as it cupped my breast the last two mornings. The hot insatiable lust that had nearly consumed me at the feel of his body pressed front to back against mine, even through the sleeping bags. The almost primal urge to rip his clothes from his body when I had seen him emerge from the tent on both mornings with a huge spreading stain on the bulging crotch of his sweats.

I passed the swimming hole and stopped at a calm pool further down and in the still water examined my reflection. What I saw looking back at me in calm cool reflective examination was not the girl that I had thought I still was. Nor was it the woman who was inside waiting for time to bring her to the fore. What I saw was me, all six feet one hundred and ten pounds of woman/child who at 18 had yet to taste anything of the opposite sex not made by machine. Auburn hair grown to the waist and braided in a hip length tail, gray green eyes flashing in the lowering sun, tan skin smooth as silk, breasts that stretched the front of the button down flannel cutoff shirt until it threatened with every breath to burst. A flat tight belly sleek and smooth as a hunting cats pelt, hips that my mother always said meant I could have as many children as I wanted but that I always felt until now were too broad. Legs tan and slim, runner’s legs that could out distance even my brother who ran cross-country for fun. All in all a picture of a woman not quite a girl anymore but not yet a full grown woman.

I don’t know how long I stood there nor how long he was standing behind me but as the last rays of the setting sun glinted on the calm pool I saw him standing there just off to the side. I looked up with a start not recognizing him for a moment and then relaxing with a whooshing sigh. He looked up a smile coming to his lips. He did not move, he just stood there with his hands in his pockets not looking down but at the same time not looking up. I felt a puckish smile coming to my lips as I stepped lightly across the mossy ground and came to stand next to him. “So” I said “did mom send you to find me or are you on your own little soul search?”

The smile that came to his lips was almost and exact mirror of mine. “No” he said “mom didn’t send me, though she would have if I hadn’t taken my own little walk after you left, and yes I am on my own little soul search. Though it seems to me kind of strange that we should end up at the same pool. Don’t you think?” His eyes slid up my body to look directly into mine. His piercing gaze was like cool water over hot skin, soothing, refreshing taking away the guilty heat that been heating my blood and boiling my brain and conscience into the fervor that had brought me to this pool in search of answers that I hadn’t really found.

He reached out his hand, that big strong well-muscled hand that for the last two mornings had cupped my breast. He reached out his hand and lightly grasped my upper arm. It was the kind of grasp that demanded nothing and yet encouraged everything.

My breath quickened, I could feel the material of my shirt pull tighter against breasts. canlı casino The feeling was electric it flashed through my heart in a jolt and spread with tingling warmth and cool electricity through my breasts and belly. I reached up with that same hand and grasped his arm letting his strength draw me in. Letting his eyes take me, and the touch of his body as I kissed his lips hold me as our bodies pressed together.

Regretfully we parted breaking our kiss before we could taste of each other but now there was a promise in our eyes a promise to each other of things to come in the night, in our tent, together our bodies as one.

Hand in hand we returned to our camp as the sun in all its golden glory set behind the mountains. Dinner passed in a blur of commonplace things and food that had only one purpose for me. As we ate our eyes met and a secret glee passed between us, if our parents noticed then is was just that their children were happy and nothing more.

The night deepened and though my body urged me I restrained myself and could see that with and effort he did the same until our parents went off to their tent on the far side of camp. It was all we could do to restrain ourselves enough to climb into the tent one at a time. We knelt in the darkness face to face our passions building with every second of restraint. I could see his eyes glinting in the last of the light coming through the thin fabric of the tent the challenge in his gaze.

I reached up and with deft fingers unbuttoned the straining fabric of my shirt slowly peeling it off like a second skin to reveal my tan breasts in their prison of white cotton and lace. He knelt there his eyes drinking in every detail my skin glowing in the last light of the campfire coming through the fabric of the tent the almost surreal glow of the pure white cotton as it cupped my full heavy breasts.

I could see his hands twitch their need to trace the line of my bust and cup the full globes of my breasts was evident with every straining muscle of his body. Slowly his hand did rise but rather than reaching out to caress my breasts in their cotton chalices they began to unbutton his own shirt with quivering and unsteady motions from the top of his collar bone down to the waist of his pants he fumbled and flicked the buttons of his shirt until at last it was undone. With a jerk as if to tear the garment in two he pulled it off his body and knelt there panting as if he had just run a marathon.

Smiling I reached out with one hand and traced the muscles of his abdomen my fingers feeling cool against his hot skin. At my touch his entire body jumped as if shocked by electricity. Slowly almost as if frightened he to reached out and with gentle fingers traced the line of my breasts through my bra. The lightness of his touch so gentle and delicate as if he feared I might break. I giggled and he drew back as if afraid.

Smiling demurely my eyes coyly downcast I raised my hands to my breasts letting my fingers trail seductively over my flat belly curving my fingers up over the cups of my bra as if each digit were alive in it own right. Cupping my breasts I pressed them together as if to list them up to him and with deft and practiced fingertips released the clever catches that held the two halves of the cotton prison together. Catching the cloth halves between my thumb and finger I peeled the back and let them slip from my shoulders to join my shirt as if a discarded skin. I could feel the weight of my breasts and for once in my 18 years did not regret that genetic had endowed me as they had endowed all the women of my family with breasts the size of ripe melons.

I could see his erection already full and straining against his pants twitch mightily as my naked breasts were reveal. The cooling air and the heat of my passion warred upon the skin of my breasts and finally kaçak casino settled into and uneasy truce upon my aroused and hardened nipples. I tilted my head back for a moment rolling my shoulders to ease the strain of the bra. It was a natural motion thrusting my hips forward to balance my body as I leaned back pushing my breast out pulling my shoulders back shaking my head and rolling my shoulders as I came forward again. It was and unconscious motion, one that I did every night or afternoon without fail when my breasts gained their freedom from the cotton prison that I confined them to. The previous two nights it had been done in the privacy of the women bathroom.

His groan was the sound of wet tissue paper being torn, of desire and lust and need heated to the boiling point and then overflowing. As I looked once again into his eyes his hands that had resumed their place by his side jerked up as if on wires and with a life of their own began to trace the curves of my body. From the waist of my pants up to the bottom of my ribs is fingers traced lines of fire in my skin. From my ribs to the tops of my breasts his hands traced rivers of molten iron. From the tops of my breasts to the line of my jaw his fingers traced novas burning light. It filled my brain and washed away the last of my reservations and doubts.

With unsteady hands I reached out and unbuttoned his pants pealing them back like the wrapper of some exotic candy. His hands still cupping my jaw drew me closer and with infinite slowness he kissed me our lips meeting burning I could feel his bulge pressing against me it iron hot length begging to be let in.

I broke away with a gasp and like an animal madden by mating heat I tore off my pants and pressed him back against the pile of our sleeping bags. Quickly sensing the moment was upon him he shed his pants as I struggled to rid myself of my last article of clothing my now sopping juice laden panties the clung to my body as if they were an unwelcome leach. His erect member rising thick and long from his body beat in time to his heart. Taking it into my hand my lust stayed for a moment as curiosity won momentarily over animalistic need, I felt its length the hard thickness of the shaft rising to its dark swollen crown that was topped by a clear bead of fluid leaking from its tip. Feeling the tautness of the skin straining to contain the swollen membranes within.

Raising myself level with him again I let the swollen tip of his cock trail down my neck and over my collarbone into the cleavage of my breasts over my belly to the smooth shaven V of my crotch. Spreading my legs I straddle his hips and with gentle fingers guided his massive cock into the opening of my body. To say he was huge was an understatement as the swollen cap of his head pressed against my inner lips I could feel the hardness of his shaft begin to spread me as I let my weight slowly press me down upon him. I impaled myself with his massive member, groaning and clenching, pulling back and the pushing forward I took him all the way into my body until that swollen cap rested against the entrance to my womb.

Groaning “Oh… Oh god brother, mmmmm, ahhhh!!!” I was incoherent and I knew it but I could feel the beat of his heart in my belly as his massive member tried to twitch with in the tight confines of my body. Then I felt something else, a more powerful twitch from deeper in his body yet closer at hand than his heart. Through ears ringing with animal lust and white noise I heard him groan and felt his body stiffen beneath me. With a gasp and a moan the sounded from the very depth of his body his member erupted into a fountain buried deep within my body. I felt every pulse ever twitch as his balls emptied themselves into my pussy forcing his hot potent seed deep into my womb.

I felt myself open clenching at him around the base of his shaft my pussy pressed inward at its opening and outward at its top opening my womb to his seed filling me with orgasmic light that overflowed my body and crashed back onto my soul like the breakers of a great wa

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