Camilla Ch. 016

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Camilla slept over at Phillips’s apartment and went back to hers early the next morning. She felt a little uncomfortable from the after-effects of the MDMA, but two aspirin helped her enough to function effectively for Wednesday, her last day of school before the final exams.

During her free period at school, after studying for her oral test for Mr. Leroy’s French class, she went through the halls looking for Mr. Grisham. She saw him–with his back to her. She’d written a small note for him (immediately after learning from her boss’s wife at Luvlee’s that their electrical problems were over), and when she got behind her teacher she put it in his back pants pocket. The hall was empty of people at the time, so she could get away with that, as well as with caressing his behind before walking away. He pulled out the note: it read, “Come to Luvlee’s tonight and I’ll give you a blow job. You can do anal with me in the private room, too. Love, Camilla.”


That night at Luvlee’s, Camilla could only think of Grisham coming over. She so wanted to revive her passion with her English teacher that she did her floor shows and lap-dances most absent-mindedly. Indeed, there would be some sexual fire between her and her school’s faculty that night, but not with Grisham.

Mr. Leroy walked into the strip-tease bar at about 7 PM after hearing rumours about Camilla working there. (Earlier that day, standing by his desk in French class, she’d given him the same cleavage display she’d given Fulson; she’d even ‘accidentally’ displayed a bit of her panties while lifting up her skirt to scratch her hip. As with Fulson, she also played the role of ‘ditzy blonde’, a persona she privately called ‘Dolly’, because she knew it excited him.)

When she saw him walking across the bar looking for a table, she went up to him and they hugged. He may not have been Grisham, but at least he was a man in whom she had a sexual interest. “Hi, sir!” she said with ‘Dolly’s’ high-pitched voice and girlie giggle. True to the character of ‘Dolly’, with wide-open eyes and a grin from ear to ear, she asked, “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

He refrained from saying that he did expect to see her–all of her–there. Instead, he said, “That’s a lovely bikini you’re wearing.”

“Thank you!” she said. “But it’s not a bikini; it’s my underwear–do you like it?” She pushed out her breasts and behind, and turned around, bending over so he could see her bra and panties from all angles. Now bent all the way over, and with her behind pointed straight at him, she swayed her bottom left to right while looking back at him to see if she was pleasing him.

“It’s beautiful,” he said. “But it’s not what you had on at school today. That underwear is light blue; you were wearing white panties at school today.”

Straightening up and turning around, she feigned wide-eyed surprise and asked, “How did you know I wore white underwear at school?” With her chest pushed out, she fidgeted like a little girl, her hips moving side to side.

“In French class today, you pulled up your skirt to scratch your hip, and some of your panties were showing. Some people might think you meant to do that.” She giggled in pretend embarrassment.

“You wanna see me naked?” she asked, as if ‘Dolly’ were a six-year-old innocently asking a new girl canlı bahis friend if she wanted to play hopscotch with her.

“Yes, I do,” he said bluntly and with a touch of sexual aggression in his voice.

“OK,” she said nonchalantly, and without even waiting till they’d gone into a private room, she casually removed her lace brassiere and panties in front of him and every staring man in the bar, and kicked off her high heels, all as though she were alone in her bedroom. When the bra came off, she wiggled her breasts and had her eyes and mouth wide open, as if getting naked in front of so many leering men were nothing for a young girl to be nervous about. Her boldness, all done with an affected naivete, inspired a big bulge in his pants. She then turned around so he could see all of her. “So, do I look good naked?” she asked, as if she were asking his opinion of a new dress.

“Let me put it to you this way,” he said as he looked up and down in amazement at her large breasts, round buttocks and trim pubic hair (which had been growing back rather quickly since Monday morning’s shaving). “There should be a law against you ever wearing clothes.”

“Thank you,” she said while standing with her legs wide apart. Her back was to him, and she bent over to pick up her underwear and heels. She said, “Let’s find a private room. Twenty dollars a song; I’ll lap-dance you, and you can touch every part of my body–even inside. Just be gentle, OK?” He stared with hungry eyes at her anus and vulva, respectively a tiny chocolate candy atop a strawberry eclair. Looking back up at him and noticing his lustful daze, she stayed bent over so he could continue enjoying a free peak.

After a few seconds more, he snapped out of his lecherous stupor and asked, “Well, are we going?”

“Do you wanna look some more first?” she offered. “I don’t mind. You seem interested in what you see.” Sweet ‘Dolly’ wanted to show her ogler some consideration.

“OK, for a few more seconds.” He studied every wrinkle and fold on both holes. “OK,” he said, she straightened up, and they went in a private room. A new song began, and she sat on his lap, grinding on his erection as he fondled her soft breasts. She accurately estimated his erection at about six and a half inches in length. She was quite fortunate to go to a school with so many well-endowed men.

“Do you like how my body feels, sir?” she asked, always in ‘Dolly’s’ ditzy voice, even though it was obvious to her that he did like it.

“Oh, yeah,” he groaned with delight. He knew she was much smarter than she was acting, but he appreciated how she pretended to be slow-witted to enhance his fantasy: it made her seem easier to seduce, even though it was actually she who was slowly seducing him. Williams was right! She seemed to have a sixth sense about how to know a man’s exact fantasy and be it, right in front of him.

She got up and bent over with wide-open legs so her anus and vulva were clearly exposed. She stroked his erection as he fingered her anus, opening and closing it over and over again. Pretending to be naively unaware of the pleasure a man can get from anal sex, she said, “That’s what I poop through, sir,” in ‘Dolly’s’ high-pitched girlie voice.

“That’s right, sweetheart,” he panted.

“But men put their thing in here,” she ‘corrected’, opening her vagina. “Don’t they?” bahis siteleri She looked back at him upside-down from between her legs, with ‘confused’ eyes and pursed lips.

“And in here, sometimes,” he said, opening her anus again. He loved how she pretended not to know anything about his lecherous hopes, and how she acted as though there was no reason to disapprove morally of how she showed herself off and indulged his groping. “Why’d you become a stripper?”

“Because all the men I know are always trying to take my clothes off,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Imagine that,” he said as she straightened up and pushed her buttocks against his face. He opened them up and wrapped their softness around his face while pressing kisses on her anus and all over her anal cleft. He loved how she completely allowed him to do that.

“If men always want to see me bare-naked,” she said as he continued to kiss and lick her anus and vulva, “I got to thinking: hmmm–why not become a lap-dancer? I’ll make lots of money, and it’s so easy: getting paid just to take off all of my clothes and show men what all of my body looks like. Anyone can take off their clothes and show people their body,” she said with a feigned naivete that only got him more excited.

“You think taking your clothes off in front of horny men is easy?” he asked incredulously.

“Sure. Most men here are really nice to me. When the bad ones come, the bouncers take care of ’em.” She turned around, spread her legs, and wrapped them around his neck. He licked her vulva to orgasm. Giggling as he licked her come off his face, ‘Dolly’ said, “Your face is all gooey.”

When he ran out of money, they left the private room and went towards the front door outside. She was still naked, having put her purse in a safe place before following him outside.

“You’re really uninhibited, aren’t you?” he asked the insouciantly nude girl as they stood together on the street by the door.

“This is good for business,” she explained. “The men see me naked, and come in the bar. As long as the police don’t see me, I’m okay.” Many men walking by were smiling at her; ‘Dolly’ smiled back.

“Do you wanna come home with me?” he asked. Going along with the fantasy that she naively didn’t know what he really wanted to do with her, he said, “You can practice with me for your oral test tomorrow.”

“Sorry, I’m waiting for someone tonight,” she said, still hoping Grisham would come. “We can talk about getting together when I do my oral on you…my oral test with you tomorrow. Bye.”

He said goodbye and left, and she walked back into Luvlee’s, followed by some eager men as she’d expected. She did some lap-dances for them, then it was her turn to go onstage. She put her underwear and shoes back on and started her floorshow. Her first song was Trampauline’s ‘Gang-banged.’ With no Grisham to dance for, she didn’t show the same joie de vivre for the song that her teachers had seen her show when she sang it in their classes. Her second song was ‘Baby Got Back’, by Sir Mix-a-Lot. The bra and panties came off, yet had Grisham been there, she would have shaken that healthy butt much more. Her heels came off, and her last song, “Inside My Love,” by Minnie Riperton, began. Again, with her back to the audience, she was dejected from the lack of male faculty from her school.

Little did bahis şirketleri she know, though, that her school’s male faculty had come, even if not Grisham. Among those twelve teachers who’d drunk together at Chuckie’s, two quiet teachers sat and listened eagerly as the others gossiped about Camilla: Mr. Rudolph, who taught computers, and Mr. Matotek, who taught accounting and business. They’d also heard of Camilla stripping in Luvlee’s, and couldn’t contain their curiosity. These two teachers came into the strip-tease bar and approached the tip rail, looking up at the beautiful naked blonde girl on the stage, with her back to them as her third song began.

“Please be Camilla,” Matotek said to himself as he watched her slowly turn around.

Facing them now, she saw them…and they saw their student…every lovely inch of her. They looked in lustful awe at her perfect nakedness. She smiled and giggled in surprise and embarrassment at the shock of suddenly realizing two of her teachers were studying her nudity, having not expected that they’d know she was even stripping there, let alone come there to see her naked. Though blushing at first, she quickly started to breathe heavily with sexual excitement, and she got her exhibitionistic enthusiasm back. She joyfully got down on the floor and spread her legs before the men, who were now sitting at the tip rail. Mr. Rudolph salivated at the sight of her pretty pink vulva; when she turned around and got on all fours with her legs still spread wide open and her behind pointing at her teachers, Mr. Matotek drooled at the sight of her bronze-coloured anus.


Fortunately for all three lovers-to-be, Rudolph and Matotek shared an apartment.

Several hours later, having quickly grabbed a small, thin pink dress, she went with them to their home. Though she was disappointed by Grisham’s not showing up, she was cheered up by the prospect of getting her first double-penetration.

They tore her dress off violently as if to rape her (though you cannot rape the willing, can you?), and she kicked off her high heels. She wasn’t wearing her underwear, so all the men had to do now was unzip their pants and pull out their hardening phalluses. Camilla took her anal lube out of her purse and gave it to eager Matotek. Rudolph lay on the living room floor on his back. Camilla, crawling on all fours, went over him and aimed his now fully-erect penis at her wet vagina. Matotek got behind her as she had Rudolph’s knob pushing against her vaginal opening; Matotek started lubricating her anus and rectum. Rudolph slid his member inside, and she moaned from that penetration as well as that of Matotek’s finger pushing deep inside her rectum. After lubricating his phallus, Matotek was ready, and he carefully slid inside her rectum, synchronizing his entry with Rudolph’s pushing inside her vagina. Both men now were going in her at the same time and out of her at the same time, in a perfectly coordinated rhythm. It was somewhat awkward, but they all loved it: the men were moaning, and she was screaming with a pleasure of an intensity she’d never experienced before. Finally, after about ten minutes of her holes being thoroughly probed, she squealed in the whistle register and came all over Rudolph’s penis and pants. Not quite satisfied yet, the men then pulled out of her holes and masturbated over her face. She made glugging sounds as she felt their come drench her face.

They sat in silence for several minutes to regain their breath.

At last, Camilla weakly sang, “I wanna get gang-banged.”

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