California Ch. 01

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My college girlfriend Lauren was really horny all the time and she really liked to push it to the edge with our fuck adventures.

A stunning brunette, Lauren was very curvaliscious. Her tits were well into D-cup territory – DOUBLE D if anything; very full and VERY firm – solid the way only a young girls’ tits can be – with fairly large nipples just a few shades darker than her all-over tan. She had a nice round ass, and a nice, shapely pair of legs she liked to wrap around me when we fucked.

Lauren had a terrific pussy, with the fat kind of pussylips that suck the sperm right out of your dick. Looking at her straight on when she was naked, it was like a straight line down there, with just her fat little clitty poking out; her inner lips didn’t protrude at all. And her pussy hair was great – nice and straight; she wasn’t shaved or anything, she didn’t have to; it was like, absolutely minimal – as nice as it gets in the natural department.

Lauren was about 5’8″, slim and to me she was just about the best looking girl in a school that was full of good-lookers; what I’d call 10s. Unlike her counterparts who for the most part had that stuck-up sorority-girl attitude, Lauren was cheerful and friendly and seemed genuinely eager to please; both in and out of the bedroom.

She was willing and able to do anything and everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. By that stage in the game I had been around the block a few times but in my experience, Lauren gave the best blowjobs ever.

Lauren liked sucking cock almost to the exclusion of any and all other sexual pleasure. Not that I had any complaints; I’d simply never had the privilege of being on the receiving end of a true Blowjob Queen and that’s what Lauren was, apparently; more than full-on sex itself she loved having me cum all over those fabulous chest monsters of hers. Lauren sucked cock like she worshiped it.

In between marathon episodes of sucking my tool straight into her mouth, for variation and to give herself some jaw relief Lauren had this routine where she’d run her wet tongue down the underside of my rod to lick one of my balls, then back up to the sweet spot at the base of my shaft, then back down to the other ball, then all the way back up to the top of my cock, nibbling and licking with lips and tongue all the way.

It was pure, sweet, delicious sexual torture for me to endure to the point where she’d start jacking me off all over her outstretched tongue.

Lauren was such a sweet little cocksucker.

* * *

Lauren lived nearby; a couple of towns casino oyna over from college and very soon after we started dating she started taking me over to her house.

When she introduced me to her mother my reaction was ‘Oh, no, here we go, now I’m trapped into something,’ – the typical male reaction. I called her Mrs. Leblanc and was the model gentleman with her daughter whenever she was around. But that didn’t stop us having sex. Sex with Lauren was beyond good it was fantastic and we always had a lot of sex; right under her mother’s roof, right under her mother’s nose in fact.

Lauren and her mom had one of those relationships girls sometimes have with their moms, you know; where they’re “friends”, they borrow each other’s clothes, go out together. Lauren called her mom Shirley half the time, and in many ways they were more like sisters than mother and daughter.

This dynamic sort of fed into a slutty vibe that permuated the place. Lauren seemed to revel in her mother seeing her as sexual a being as possible, and Mrs. Leblanc responded with these knowing looks; like it was an inside joke what a fuckbunny her daughter was.

I put it down to her mother trying to relive a bit of her youth; trying to recapture the flame. At the time I had no idea how close to the truth I was, and when the truth eventually revealed itself to me it totally blew my young mind.

Like I said, Lauren was on some kind of quest to establish herself as the Slut of the Year in her mother’s eyes. In fact the first time I was over to their place, after the introductions were done and everything, Lauren was practically pulling me by the hand downstairs to her room – like many places in California their place was built onto the side of a steep hill with all kinds of levels. Shirley just smiled and gave us this look like she knew exactly where we were going and why; she knew what we were up to and she didn’t have a problem with it.

Later, in the afterglow, I asked Lauren about it. She explained how after her parents split up, and she and her mom had grown closer, especially after she reached sexual maturity. They were comfortable discussing everything about their lives. I assumed this was a result of her Dad not being around.

They’d had the Sex Talk and Lauren’s Mom was very pragmatic and modern in her outlook and everything.

Right around about this time I developed an interest in her nipples and started sucking on them like a baby. A baby with a mouthful of acorns, that is.

Lauren liked that off course; she held my head, smothering me into her ample canlı casino bosoms. I sucked hard on her hard nipples, biting and sending thrills up her spine.

My free hand traveled south and Lauren parted her legs so I could stroke her clam. I buried my finger in her wet folds and started fingerfucking her incessantly until her body was shaking and she was crying, “Oh fuck me Sean! Fuck me now! Please fuck my pussy with your cock RIGHT NOW!”

“Not yet. Suck me first. Make me good and hard.”

WHAM! Lauren’s mouth was around my cock. She swallowed me right down to the root; deep throat.

“Oooh that’s good honey!”

Slurp! Slurp!

“You’re such a good little cocksucker!”

Slurp! Slurp!

“You’re the best cocksucker in the world!”

Slurp! Slurp!

Then, “A-h-h-h-!-!-!” as she pulled off my cock and came up for air.

“Please fuck me now. Stick your hard cock in me and fuck my brains out.”

And so I did . . .

* * *

Well Lauren’s mom Shirley had this boyfriend Leo who hung around the place. Leo was in his fifties I guess; looked like he was in his sixties.

Short, balding, a little pudgy with short arms. In fact you could say he was a living incarnation of the Pillsbury Doughboy. But Leo was rich as shit. He used to roll up in his Mazeratti so it wasn’t hard to see what the attraction was. He was a nice enough guy, he’d crack jokes and wink and nod, then him and Mrs. Leblanc would move to their side of the house – to get it on presumably – and whenever that took place I’d take advantage of the opportunity to throw an extra hard fuck into Lauren wherever we moved to.

We fucked everywhere in the house; Lauren seemed to like pushing the envelope, doing it as close to out in the open as possible. It was like she got off on the risk of getting walked in on. I got a bit nervous about it at first but truth be told I kind of got off on the thrill of it all myself. It’d be like one minute we’re in the living room; me, my absolutely beautiful girlfriend, and her mother and HER drip boyfriend, and the next minute Lauren’s dragging me by the hand around the corner, getting bare-ass naked right there in the hallway, ripping my clothes off, going to her knees and giving me a suck job with her mother and her boyfriend literally right around the corner.

It was during one of these episodes – Lauren was busy raping me in the middle of the afternoon; we were a little deeper in the house this time, not just around the corner, and her mother was supposed to be upstairs taking a nap.

Lauren and I kaçak casino were both fully nude, she was sitting on a little sittee with my cock in her mouth; my back was to the open doorway but behind Lauren was a full mirror and I could see behind me all the way down the hallway. There was another room off the hallway with a sliding glass door to a deck, all kinds of shafts of sunlight crossing the relative darkness of the hall we were in.

You know what happened next; it’s like the Law of Averages finally went into play. I glanced up and in the mirror I saw Lauren’s mom; she glanced our way and she stopped dead in her tracks and looked me right in the eye in that mirror.

Mrs. Leblanc’s eyes glanced down. From the angle I could tell she not only saw my bare ass but also her daughter’s lips wrapped around my pole as her head bobbed up and down over my midsection.

Lauren’s mom seemed fascinated, almost in a trance-like state. Then she looked back up and her eyes locked back on mine. There was no look of shock or outrage, like ‘Oh, you monster, you’re feeding your cock into my sweet baby’s mouth.’ Instead it was a more studied look, a silent acknowledgment, like ‘OK, I see the pair of you have obviously moved to a serious level in your love-play.’

I was close to cumming. Sensing this, Lauren increased the tempo of her mouth on my cock. I closed my eyes and sighed; I was very close. When I opened my eyes again Lauren’s mom was still looking me dead in the eye in the mirror.

“Oh well . . .” I thought, and I released into Lauren’s mouth. Lauren gagged a little, and about half my load slipped out of her lips, ran down her chin and puddled up on her heaving breasts. I glanced in the mirror to check Lauren’s mom’s reaction – Shirley was looking at her daughters face like a hawk watching a rabbit.

Lauren pulled off my cock. Holding my cock in front of her face like a microphone, she smiled up at me; a string of jizz stretched from the snotty end of my love muscle to her smiling lips.

As I reached for Lauren to get up from the chair – I wanted to give her a kiss – I caught a glimpse in the mirror of Mrs. Leblanc stepping back into the hallway.

Lauren and I kissed long, slow and open-mouthed; snowballing my wad.

“Thank you for that, Lauren.”

“You’re welcome, Sweetheart. I love sucking your cock!”

“You for let me cum in your mouth . . .” I said in awe.

“I love it when you cum in my mouth! I love the taste of your cum!”

We stood there together naked in the yellow shafts of sunlight cutting across the hallway. My wet semi-stiff thick cock pressing against her box, her big round tits flattening out against my chest. Hugging and holding and kissing each other; we were so much in love . . .

(To be continued – V.H.)

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