Brother’s love- Part 9- Cause baby you’re a firework

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Well, hello guys. I’m finally done with the first half of my year and I can say, It’s been a good one, all A+ grades. ;D
Anyways, I just wanted to say that I will be posting more stories around this and/or next week because I have 2 weeks off and I can get around to writing stores for your pleasure.
Also, I wanted to thank you all for showing support in the comments in my previous parts. Because of your support I am still writing stories and I think I can continue until the next half.
Thank you for supporting me, Aky. 😀

PLEASE NOTE: Since English is not my native language, there might be some spelling or grammar errors in texts. I’m making sure to correct as much of the errors as I can. Thank you.

So, to skip over to the New Year party, that one was funny.

…New Year day…
Me and Ben went to the supermarket to get some more stuff for the night because I called my best friend Andy too.
Ben and Andy got closer because I was inviting him over a lot that fall. I was trying to make them a little closer, and I succeeded. Also, sometimes I’d have some fun with both of them. Sometimes, when no one would be around, we’d masturbate or even manage to suck each other, but never got around the part when we fuck each other. Bummer.
When we came back home, my parents and my sisters were going to the town because there was a New Years concert. Ceca, I don’t know if you heard her music was singing and because my whole family is a huge fan of her they went to the concert.
Me and Ben wanted to go too but we decided to stay and have a party of our own.
At around 8pm, I think, Andy arrived and the party could begin. We listened to some music, ate a little, danced and, although the party was small with only 3 guys, it was a blast.
And we drank too.

…3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR…
It was midnight casino oyna and all of us went outside to watch the fireworks display that was in my town. I live very near the town and you could see it like you were there.
It was a nice fireworks display.
We all wished a good year to each other and hugged and I think we kissed, a peck for a good year.
Then we continued to party.

It got really late I don’t know how late maybe 4-5am I really can’t remember now and we got sleepy.
“I’m tired…” Ben said yawning.
“Same.” I replied.
“I’m getting sleepy too. I should go home.” Andy added.
“Andy, do you really think that you can make it to your home safely tonight ??” I said because I was worried. On New Year there are all kinds of drivers, some drunk, some stoned, and some sober. And a tired boy on a road is not very safe. So I suggested that he stays at my house for the night.
At first he didn’t want to but then I somehow convinced him to stay.
“Come on. Stay for the night. It’ll be fine.”
“OK. But I just need to phone home just so my mom doesn’t worry.” He said.
“Fine….” I replied.

Andy called home and told his parents that he’ll be staying over.
“Hey, dad, happy New Year. Anyway, I’m going to stay at Aky’s house for the night because there are all kinds of drivers tonight.” Andy said.
“OK.” I heard through the phone since I was sitting right next to him.
“Bye then.” Andy said.

-Oh yeaah-
We stayed up for a bit longer and played truth or dare, I actually suggested that because that’s the easiest way to have sex.
What, I got horny…
So we played truth or dare and, surprisingly, Andy, who was not that sober that night, dared me to do a strip dance.
I agreed to do it with only one requirement. They had to do it next. Both of them were fine with it.
I started striping down and soon I was only in my underwear.
“OK. I’m done. Now it’s your turn.” I said pointing at Andy and Ben simontainously.
Both of the boys got up and Andy did a lap dance, on my lap. -you don’t say-
That made me even hornier.
Soon enough we were all only in our boxers. I noticed that Andy was hard too so I made my next move.
“Andy, I dare you to take off your boxers and give them to me.” I ordered, actually.
Andy canlı casino at first didn’t want to but we convinced him to do it. He kind of gave in.
He took off his boxers and gave them to me. His big boy was revealed and he was in his full glory. And he shaved too and his crotch area was just growing back, just the way I like it.
It was Andy’s turn now.
“Ben I dare you to do the same thing.” He said full of himself.
To be honest, I didn’t think he will choose Ben, but then I didn’t really give a fuck. I was surrounded by two beautiful bog cocks and that was a treat to my eyes…
“Aky, you know what to do.” Ben now said,
“OK.” I replied and did the same thing. I took off my boxers and gave them to Ben giving him a soft lick on his crotch.
Ben didn’t waste a second and he jumped on me sending all of us to the floor.
We laughed and Ben got to business. He put moistened his finger and put it in my ass.
“Mmmm…” I managed to growl because Andy’s dick was deep in my mouth.
Then he put his second finger and almost opened up my ass.
It felt good, I’m not gonna lie.
Then came the third, followed by fourth and soon enough his whole fist was engulfed by my ass.
It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was so thick and firm.
I was moaning and on the verge of cumming, but I tried to hold it as best as I could.
Then he started moving his fist in and out of my ass.
“Oh my god !!” I managed to yell out of pleasure and came like nothing before.
“Aky did that feel good ??” Andy asked.
“Oh… Y-yes it did.” I panted out.

Ben slammed his big boner in my ass and literally fucked the living hell out of me. That was one of the best fucks I had with him.
“A-Andy turn over.” I told him while still getting fucked by my bro.
Andy obeyed and turned around exposing his cute round butt.
“Hehe. I’m gonna fuck you hard this time. And you can do nothing about it.” I said full of passion and with a little lust too.
I put my buddy in his ass and he gave off a loud moan. This was his second time and he got screwed real good this time.
I started thrusting more and more and since I was in the middle I couldn’t really do much.
Whenever I’d pull my cock back Ben would push his dick in my ass and kaçak casino vice versa. It was a good feeling though, at least for me. I was getting fucked real good and I was fucking my best friend at the same time. I still get hard whenever I think of that night.
After a bit we started slowing down and finally came. It was awesome.
“Wow. That was good.” Ben said panting.
“Mhm. It was.” I replied also panting.
“Yeah. It felt really good.” Ben said.
“Anyone up for a shower ??” I asked.
“Hell yeah. ” Both of them said.
“Well let’s go then.” I said and we ran upstairs to the bathroom.

We were in a tub and we were fondling with each other’s dicks.
Soon we were both hard and ready for action, again.
This time I let them both fuck my ass.
With Donna, it felt good, but that was a fake dick. Those two were a real thing.
Soon enough both of them were filling up my butt with their beautiful thick, and long too, dicks.
We all came together.
Then we washed all the cum off and then dried each other.
“Crap.” Andy said.
“What. What’s wrong ?” I replied.
“I don’t have any underwear…” He said.
“We’ll fix that.” I replied.

We all went to my room and I gave Andy one of my boxers.
Me and Andy were the same height but his butt was a little bigger, and by bigger I mean more developed or something, than mine so my boxers were a tight fit.
You could clearly see the curves of his butt and his boyhood. Hehe.
Then we put on some boxers and laid on the bed.
The bed was made for two people to sleep and now there were 3 guys on it. We had to cuddle together so that we could all fit.
I was in the middle.
I was a little uncomfortable because Andy’s butt was pressing onto my dick and on my balls too. I found a way around
I squiggled around and rested my penis right on Andy’s butt crack. I felt him rub his butt against my penis over my boxers and after a little we fell asleep.

In the morning, maybe it was around 7am, we were woken up by the loud music.
My parents and sisters came home and started partying.
We got up and dressed up and joined the party.
Although after the second party we slept until the next day we had a very good time.

Well, guys. Here we are at the end of another part of my series of stories. I hope you had a good time and enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed experiencing it and writing this today. Thanks.

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