Brothers Do Love Sisters

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Dan reached up and retrieved his bag from the overhead and turned to leave the plane. As he did, he again noticed the very lovely black haired stewardess that had so conveniently rubbed against his arm every time she walked by and then turned and smiled at him. When he got to her standing by the doorway, he stopped to thank her for her hospitality.

“Too bad you’re not going on to LA” she smiled at him.

“Yes, it’s my loss, I’m sure, but I need to get home.” He replied, “I’ll think about you later you can bank on that!”

“Thank you for flying with us” she replied as he walked past her. Lisa Ann it said on her name tag. He liked that and would not forget it.

As he walked down the corridor and into the terminal he smiled and then turned his thoughts back to the fact that he was home. Dan had not been home since last Christmas and that had only been for a couple days. He had the opportunity to work for a large company in Atlanta that was helping him thru school, and he didn’t want to say no to them, so he had been working straight thru his summer. He had worked nonstop and was now in need of some much deserved time off. It was the first of June and he looked forward to the beautiful Montana summer. He was glad to be home.

Dan grabbed his bags off the luggage carousel and started toward the exit. When he rounded the corner, he was greeted by two of the best looking women in Montana, his beautiful Mother and Sister. Being a 22 year old single male, beautiful women were something Dan noticed immediately. His forty year old mother Deanna could have easily passed for a 25 year old. She sure is an attractive woman, as is his 19 year old sister Jennifer. Jennifer had taken the year off after high school and would be off to college this coming fall. Dan embraced the two women and kissed them both on the cheek as they told him how great it was to see him and that they were glad he was home.

“You look great Daniel” his Mother told him as she looked him over, “I believe you have put on a little weight and have gotten taller. You look marvelous!”

Being six feet two and weighing 185 made Dan a pretty good looking hunk and his Mother knew it. His brown hair was neatly trimmed and combed, he was clean shaven and was just plain good looking!

Jennifer kissed him on the cheek and that was when he realized that she had grown from a skinny kid sister into an incredibly sexy young woman. He stepped back and surveyed her curvy body.

“Man, you have sure grown into a gorgeous young lady” he told her as his eyes took in every inch of her five foot six, 34C-26-36 framework. “Bet you have trouble keeping the guys from chasing you!”

Jennifer just smiled and punched him in the arm like she always did.

They all carried Dan’s bags out to the car and they talked about all the things they would do this summer to make up for lost time. He couldn’t wait.

They drove the forty minute drive to the house and it seemed like it only took a couple minutes as Dan was so glad to be home. Atlanta was a great place and he liked it, but nothing could beat the beautiful Montana countryside. Having been born and raised in the Billings area, he could appreciate the beauty of the area. Their house was basically in the middle of nowhere but in a few minutes, you could be in town. Kind of like the best of both worlds.

His father was a prominent lawyer in the area and had a very successful business. He was well liked by about everyone and had made a good life for his family. Bob and Deanna Bickford had led a good life and raised their two children to be good people. They were extremely proud of Daniel and Jennifer.

Dan carried his bags into the house and to his room. He laughed as he entered his room, nothing had been changed since he left. It was like he had never been gone. He unpacked and went out to the front room and looked out the big windows across the pasture to the mountains. He had really missed this country and he was sure glad to be home. He was even welcomed home by Sam, the handsome black Lab that pretty much ruled the place. The whole family loved Sam and he knew it.

Dan’s Story:

After supper they all sat out on the big covered front porch and had a few drinks and caught up on what had happened since they were last together.

“I suppose you have a girlfriend?” Deanna questioned, “How come we haven’t heard about her or been introduced?”

Chuckling to myself, I replied “No Mom, I don’t have a girlfriend, at least not a steady one. I’m always so busy that I don’t have time for a relationship. There are a couple girls I see once in a while, but nothing serious.”

“A handsome guy like you should have to beat them off with a stick” Bob joked, “That would be a bad way to have to live!”

Deanna punched him in the arm and told him “Don’t laugh, you were the same way when you were that age, remember?”

“Those were the days!” Bob laughed as Deanna slapped him again.

“I would think Dad would casino siteleri be busy fending off all the guys that followed Jenn home every day.” I laughed.

“I never have anyone follow me” Jennifer exclaimed, “It’s almost like they don’t like me. I don’t even get asked out much. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“That’s pretty hard to imagine. I think you are making that up. Either that or the boys around here are all blind and stupid!” I responded. “That will change when you go off to school this fall, you wait and see.”

The whole family sat around and talked and laughed until the wee hours of the morning and then they all called it a night and turned in for the evening.

When I awoke the next morning, I had to piss bad. I stumbled out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom I shared with my sister. I was standing there in my pajama bottoms having a whiz, when in walked Jennifer, still half asleep. Being a single guy living alone, I had forgot to close the bathroom door. Jenn was used to having the bathroom to herself and was dressed in a big t-shirt and nothing else. When she saw me standing there, she let out a scream that scared the shit out of me and caused me to pee all over the toilet and floor.

“Damn, you scared the shit out of me!” I exclaimed.

“Well not every morning do I have a man peeing in my bathroom” she countered, “Why didn’t you close the door?”

“I’m sorry, Sis” I stammered, “I’m used to living alone and just never thought of it. I won’t do that again, I promise.” I stared at my sister and noticed that she was looking at my dick hanging out of my pajamas, about half erect. It was about 8 inches long when at attention, and pretty hefty in size. I had always been proud of it.

I quickly tucked it back inside my pants and she looked up at me and smiled.

“Wow, I can’t believe you have such a big dick!” Jenn chuckled “I’ve never seen one in person up close.”

“You’ve never seen a guy’s cock before? I don’t believe that, you must have had some fun with the guys you hang out with.” I questioned.

“No, I haven’t and I can’t believe you think I’m like that” Jenn cried. “I’m just not like that”.

“I didn’t mean it like that” I comforted her, “It’s just that a girl as hot as you are should have plenty opportunities to have a little fun with the guys and I figured that a woman as good looking as you would have a steady boyfriend taking care of your needs.”

“I guess that I’m just too shy to date anyone and I have never gone out with anyone that interested me enough to do anything” Jenn explained.

She raised her hands to wipe the tears from her face and that was when I saw that her t-shirt had raised up and exposed her neatly trimmed pussy. I looked again and noticed that her nipples were about to poke right thru her shirt. She turned a ran away towards her bedroom and that gave me a perfect view of her great ass.

I stood there in a daze not fully realizing what had just happened. I had let my little sister see my dick and had checked out her body and that was when I realized that I was standing there with an erection like never before.

Neither one, brother or sister, said anything at breakfast. It was like we almost didn’t acknowledge each other being there. After breakfast we both avoided each other for most of the day. Our Father had left for work and our mother had gone to town for a shopping trip to get groceries and that left us in the big house alone. That was when I figured I had better have a talk with my little sister and get things straightened out between us.

I found Jennifer sitting in the front room staring out the big window. She looked like she was lost in thought and didn’t see her brother come into the room behind her. When I spoke, it startled her and she jumped.

“Jenn, I…” I stopped as I saw her jump, “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I just thought we needed to talk about what happened and I have been feeling really bad all morning. I want to get things right between us.”

Jenn turned and looked at me standing there with my hands in my pockets and looking at her. She got up and walked to me and hugged me and began crying. This was not the response I was looking for. I wrapped my arms around my sis and squeezed her and said “Don’t cry, it’s not the end of the world. We can work this out, I promise you.”

Jennifer let go of her brother and backed up and sat down on the couch. “You don’t understand” she stammered, “I have tried, but I am too scared to date any guys and I don’t know what to do. I can’t bring myself to trust any of them. Why can’t I find a guy like you?” The tears streamed down her face as she looked at her brother and explained, “You always treated me and all the other girls with respect and courtesy. I was never afraid to go anywhere or do anything with you because I knew I could trust you and you would look out for me. All the girls always said you were hot and that they would line up for a chance to canlı casino date you. When you went away to school, it left me alone and I was scared to try to find someone to take your place. I have been this way ever since and I don’t know what to do.”

I took my hand and wiped the tears from her beautiful face and sat down next to her. “I promise you that by the end of the summer I will have you ready to go off to school and tackle the world. My little sister will be ready to take on anyone and everything she encounters. I promise.”

She looked at me and smiled and rubbed her eyes. “I hope you’re right” she said as she hugged me.

The next couple days were not too eventful and we didn’t get much time to spend together. Then Mom came to us and asked if we would mind if her and Dad took off and went away for the weekend. She said that Dad had been given some theater tickets in Denver and they really wanted to go. Both Jenn and I figured that it would be great for them to get away and good for us to be able to spend time together. It was agreed that our parents would leave on Thursday and return late Sunday. It looked like we would have the whole weekend to spend together and I couldn’t wait.

It seemed like Thursday would never come, but it did and I drove Mom and Dad to the airport and watched as they boarded the plane and took off for Denver. I was thinking about what I was going to do to help my sister overcome her fears and shyness. I figured I would just talk to her and see what see feared the most and go from there.

When I got home, Jennifer was in the front room on the couch reading a book. As I looked at her sitting there in that big over-sized t-shirt and a pair of short shorts, I realized just how attractive my little sister had become. She had all the stuff any red blooded young man could want. Her long black hair was about six inches below her shoulders and was always perfect no matter how she had it done. Like I said before she was 5′ 6″ tall and at 34C – 26 – 36 her figure was perfect and the fact that we lived out in the country meant that she had no tan lines. If I were an artist and was drawing my idea of the perfect woman, she would look just like Jenn. I don’t think I would change anything.

She finally saw me standing there and said “Hey you’re back already. I figured you would stop in town for a while.”

“There’s plenty of time for that. I’m more concerned about you.” I told her as I sat down next to her. “I think I need to talk to my sister and get her straightened out first. Then I can see about my social life.”

She smiled at me and touched my face. I looked her in the eyes and asked her what worried her and why she was so shy. I explained to her that there was nothing she couldn’t tell me and that anything she told me was between us and that I was intent on doing whatever had to be done to get her ready to go off into the world and make her way.

She looked at me and started. “When I was 16, I was with one of the boys from school, Terry, and we were alone in the gym one night after a basketball game. We sat up in the bleachers in the back and no one could see us if they came in the gym. We were kissing and talking and he kept trying to get his hand up my shirt to feel my breasts. I told him I didn’t like that and he said that if I didn’t do it, nobody would ever like me. Those words stuck in my mind and I got up and ran off and never talked to him again. He told everyone that I was afraid to do anything and that I thought I was better than him. This really hurt me and I just ignored everyone and concentrated on my studies. I never had any need to date after that and so I didn’t. I never even thought about sex.”

“Well not every man is like Terry and I am going to prove to you that you are better than that and we will overcome your shyness.” I told her as I held her hand.

As I started to talk to my sister, I could see that she was in another world and probably didn’t hear a thing I was telling her.

“Are you listening to me?” I asked her, “Jenn do you hear me?” as I shook her arm.

She looked at me and said “What? I guess I was thinking of something else.”

“What were you thinking about?” was my response.

“Your dick” Jenn stammered as she blushed and looked at me crinkling up her pretty nose. “I haven’t thought of anything else since the episode in the bathroom. I even catch myself daydreaming about it and I want to masturbate when I do.”

Now it was my turn to blush. My younger sister just told me she wants to jack off thinking about my dick. Now that will get your attention!

“I started thinking about sex a couple years ago and I didn’t know anything so I got on the internet and did some research. You know how much you can find out about sex and I started to masturbate a lot. I would look at some great looking well hung guys and that was all I needed to make myself happy. I didn’t need any physical contact. I was happy with that and I never would get in kaçak casino any trouble. Then the other day I see your dick up close in person and now I am lusting after a real cock to see what I have been missing. But where do I go and what do I do?”

Needless to say, I was wondering what in the world I was going to do, when Jenn looked at me and said “Dan, teach me about sex so I don’t get into trouble and show me what to do to make a man happy without him thinking I’m a whore. I don’t want people to think I’m a whore.”

“No one will think of you as a whore, ever. Just get that out of your mind. I guess that you have learned about sex and what happens, you just have never done it. So, I think we will start off by finding out how it starts off between a couple. Come with me” I said as I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. I could feel her hand shaking as I led her down the hall. When we got into her room, I sat her down on the bed and explained. “what we are about to do is considered illegal in a lot of places. I think that I love you enough as my sister to want to do this to help you. If at any time, you feel like you want to stop or don’t want to do something, you simply tell me to stop, and I will. I will never do anything to you that you don’t want me to. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand and I want you to know that I have dreamed about this for a long time. Please be my teacher and show me how to be a woman.” Jennifer cried as she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

I turned her head and kissed her on the lips. She was hesitant at first so I backed off. She looked me in the eyes and pulled my face to hers and gave me the most passionate kiss this guy had ever had. We kissed for several minutes before our tongues started to explore each other’s mouths. I started to nibble on her ear and she whispered in mine “I think I love you.”

I looked her straight in the eye and said, “You know I love you, Sis.”

With that over with she grabbed my hand and moved it to her left breast. She began to kiss me again and I played with her breast. It was soft but firm and the nipple grew hard and long as I pulled and squeezed it. I thought it was time to extend our learning so I stepped back and pulled my shirt up and over my head and threw it on the chair. Not to be outdone, Jennifer pulled her night shirt up and over her head and I got my first look at her magnificent tits. They were perfect! Round and soft but still firm to the touch, they stood out and the big nipples pointed slightly to the sky. God, they were great. She caught me staring at them and she covered them up and said, “What’s the matter, what is wrong, you’re staring at them like something is wrong?” she complained.

“Nothing’s wrong”, I laughed, “Those are the greatest tits I have ever seen!”

“You scared me” she said as she pulled me towards her breasts. I responded by taking the nipple of her left breast into my mouth and sucking on it, I took it between my teeth and gently pulled on it with my teeth. She got goose bumps on her arms as I continued to work over the tit in my mouth and massaged the other one with my hand, working over the nipple with my fingers. I switched tits and gave the second one the same treatment as I had the first one. Jenn began to shake uncontrollably and I know she had an orgasm just by me working over her breasts. When her breathing started to calm down, I looked at her and smiled.

“Wow did that feel great” she giggled. “I think I just had an orgasm!”

“Get used to that because I intend on showing you what that’s like and it will only get better, I promise.” I told her as I looked at the big wet spot on the small panties she was wearing.

She caught me looking at her crotch and she started laughing when she saw the wet spot. “I guess I had better get these things off before they make a stain on the bed.” She laughed as she stood up on the bed next to me. She looked down at me lying there and got this real sexy smile on her face as she slowly peeled her panties off as she watched the expression on my face as I intently stared at her crotch. I got my first look at what I had imagined as the perfect vagina. She had trimmed the black hair so that there was about a 2″ long landing strip about ½” wide and trimmed neatly short. All around her vagina was clean shaven and smooth as could be. When she got her panties down to her knees, she let them fall and put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself as she stepped out of them.

I reached down and took them and held them to my nose. They smelled great and I inhaled the smell of my sister and knew I would never forget that smell. As I looked up at Jenn, she moved her hand to her pussy and began to rub it in small slow circles. Then she pulled open the lips and I could see her clitoris, like a hard little button, ready to be worked over. As she rubbed her pussy lips and massaged her clit, I could see that she was looking at the bulge beginning to grow in my pants. The things I had been watching were causing my cock to grow big time.

“I think you better let that thing out before it causes any damage!” she giggled as she pointed at my crotch. “It’s only fair that you show me yours after I showed you mine.”

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