Brother and Sister

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I could feel my sister’s tongue circling around the head of my cock. Then she took it in her mouth. I knew she was deep throating me because I could feel her lips far down on my shaft. It felt so good to be with her again. We had showered together before we moved to the bed in a six nine position. My tongue was going up and down her slit stopping now and then to suck her clit. At very close range, I could see her pussy and cute puckered ass. I could feel her butt movements beginning to become a little frantic and knew an orgasm was building in her body. My own sperm was preparing to spurt in her mouth as she was more vigorously going up and down. As her body tensed and began to sexual shudder, my cock started jerking and shooting cum in her lovely mouth and throat. It seemed as if our orgasms continued for a long time before our bodies relaxed.

I said, “Sis, you are the sexiest girl I’ve ever known. You do that so much better than my wife.”

She responded, “I’m glad you like it. My husband isn’t near as good a sex partner as you are. He rarely wants sex. I want more. I can’t blame him too much because he comes home tired at the end of the day from his construction job. He works overtime and makes a very good income, but our sex life is lacking. As long as you and I can meet like this, I’ll be alright. I’m not going out looking for another lover.” We usually met at the family cottage on the lake about twenty miles from town. Rarely does any family member go to the cottage during the week. We feel as if we have privacy there. If any family member should arrive, it would seem alright for a brother and sister to be together, as long as we were dressed.

I thought my sister was a very attractive girl after being married to Mike for fifteen years and giving birth to two delightful children.

I said, “OK. We’d better get dressed and get out of here before Mike comes home looking for you, and my wife will be expecting me for dinner. I would like to stay a little longer, but we’ll try to get together again next week.”

“Don’t go just yet, Mike won’t be home for another couple of hours. Let me help you get it up.”

After she took my cock in her mouth again, I soon had another erection, although it wasn’t as hard as before. I laid on my back to allow her to sit on my cock. She held it to aim at her hole, then slowly lowered herself all the way down allowing me to be fully buried in her. She knew I would have no problem holding back to allow us plenty of time while she moved around on my cock.

Again I complemented her, “Sis, you do this so erotically. I like to be here with you.”

“Yes, I’m glad you were able to meet me today because I know Mike won’t want sex tonight.”

We took our time before we both had very satisfactory orgasms. She slumped forward with her full breasts pressed into my chest to relax. When we were ready to get up, she used tissues to plug her pussy so she could get to the bathroom. We dressed and prepared to leave.

Once we were outside at our cars, I said, “I think I can have some time off from work next Tuesday if you could be available.”

“That’s fine with me. I’ll let you know if there is a change in plan.”

While I was driving home, I began reminiscing. My sister and I are twins, born the same day. While we were growing up, I often saw my sister in her panties and bra and sometimes less than that. Of course, we were brother and sister and I had no intention of any sexual overtures with her. While we were dating others during the later years of high school, we often secretly talked about the boys and girls we dated and how sexy they looked.

It was when we celebrated our eighteenth birthday together, our lives were changed. Our friends had a big birthday bash for us. We met at a friend’s home while his parents were on a trip. Someone brought the booze. Sister had a date with her steady, Mike. When the party was over, Mike called a cab to take us home. We knew we had too much to drink and could not drive home. Our parents were sound asleep down stairs in the master bedroom. I went on upstairs where our two bedrooms were located. Sister stayed down in the living room a few minutes to say goodnight to Mike. When Mike left, she came upstairs to prepare for bed. We took turns using the bathroom and changed into our night clothing. I saw my sister come out of the bathroom wearing only a short thin nighty. Her breasts were pushing out the thin material and I could easily see her nipples. I instantly got an erection in my pajamas. I wasn’t wearing a top.

She whispered, “You look so handsome with your bare chest.”

Then I saw her glance down to see my erection pushing out my pajamas.

She continued, “Did I do that to you?”, as she smiled and continued to look.

I was embarrassed, but had enough booze to respond, “Yes, you are very sexy.”

She moved her hand to clasp my erection.

I didn’t want to wake our parents, but I whispered rather loud, “Wow, that feels good.”

She continued to smile at me and squeezed my cock. I reacted by moving one hand to feel canlı bahis her ample breast, then said, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

She didn’t object and continued to squeeze my cock and jack it a little.

We were still in the hallway. I knew we had better get out of the hall, so I took her hand and led her into my bedroom, then shut the door.

I said, “Let’s be quite so we won’t wake mom and dad.”

I was brazen enough to take the hem of her short nighty and began lifting it up. She didn’t object, so I continued to lift it off over her head.

She said, “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh boy, Sis, you are beautiful.”

“I’ve seen you peek at me and I’ve wondered if I had the nerve to do this. I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe I had to get a little drunk to let you see me naked.”

I could only repeat what I had already said as I looked her up and down, “Sis, you are beautiful.”

“Thanks. But what do you have in your pajamas. I see something protruding.”

I lowered my pajama bottoms to let my very hard cock pop straight out.

She quickly responded, “Wow, you are beautiful, too.”

She reached to squeeze it with her hand.

I then took the opportunity to feel her pussy with one hand. Then I asked, “Do you let Mike do this?”

She grinned rather timid like and said, “Yes, ever since we decided to get married after graduation. No other boy has done this.”

“So, you’re going to get married. When?”

“Mike is going to work in the construction business with his dad, then we will get married.”

While she was telling me this, I was feeling her pussy and was about to insert a finger. She didn’t object to what I was doing.

She was still squeezing my cock as my finger was beginning to enter.

I asked, “Do you and Mike have sex?”

Again she look a little embarrassed, but said, “About a month ago we did it for the first time.”

“Are you on the pill?”

“No, he uses a condom, but I’ve talked privately with mom and she has made arrangements for me to get pills.”

That rather surprised me that mom would agree to that before sister was married. Guess she thought it was better so she wouldn’t get pregnant before marriage.

Since she was still holding my cock, I moved closer allowing the head to touch her body. She started rubbing my cock against her skin. Then she moved the head down between her legs. My cock really started going crazy as if I could cum right away.

“Sis, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Oh, am I? Well, isn’t that interesting.” She acted as if she liked to tease me.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to put a condom on.”

“That’s also interesting. Mike always puts his on in the dark while we’re in the back seat of the car and I can’t see what he is doing. Put one on here in the light and show me how it’s done.”

I quickly retrieved a condom from my dresser drawer and peeled off the protective cover. She was intently watching me. I started rolling it on my rock hard erection.

She said, “Let me finish rolling it the rest of the way.”

Once it was on, I said, “Now what do you want to do?”

“Let’s play around a little, but you know we can’t have sex.”

“True, we are brother and sister, but there is nothing wrong with playing and teasing.”

We sat on the bed and started kissing. Our kisses developed into long, sexy, tongue searching kisses. I realized she had plenty of experience to be able to kiss like that.

I had one hand on a breast while she was holding my condom encased erection.

I moved my hand down to her pussy to find it very juicy. I then kissed and sucked on a nipple. Her breathing became a little more labored.

She said, “That feels so good.”

By now we had moved from a sitting position to lying on the bed. Our naked bodies were meshed while we were, “Playing around”.

Our lips blended some more as she was holding my cock and I was alternating between having a finger in her pussy and rubbing her clit. We were lying on our sides with our legs intertwined. She had removed her hand from my cock as there wasn’t room between our bodies for her hand in that part of my body. Now my cock was between her legs rubbing up against her pussy.

I pulled back a little to allow the head to rub against her hole. She said, “No, we can’t let it slip in.”

My body movements allowed my cock head to move back and forth over her hole and clit. With our continued sexy kissing and my head rubbing between her legs, it was obvious that sooner or later my cock would penetrate her very juicy hole.

Once the protruding head found the opening, we both pushed together to let it slip in. We both groaned with sexual joy. She was so juicy I had no problem pushing all the way in. We were locked in sexual bliss with a long kiss and my cock fully in her. I felt as if I was going to blast cum right away. After a couple of back and forth movements I was filling the condom as she was gasping for air having an orgasm. I had no idea she could have an orgasm this quick. I knew I couldn’t bahis siteleri wait, but since she had an orgasm, I didn’t feel so bad.

We laid in each other’s arms without talking. We each had our own thoughts. I knew we shouldn’t have started playing around because it was likely to end like it did. I was so sexually turned on I didn’t really care at the time. Now I was wondering what to do.

We both got up from the bed without saying anything. I went to the bathroom to take off the condom.

She followed me into the bathroom and said, “So this is what it looks like after you have filled it up.” She sort of laughed and I looked at her with a grin. That broke the silence and started us talking again.

We sat and talked for awhile. She noticed I had another hard on right away. We decided what we had done wasn’t so bad. It was very sexy for both of us and we should not feel bad. We both had immensely enjoyed it. We liked it so much, we decided I should put on another condom. This time we took our time kissing and fondling with all the preliminaries of sex. She laid on her back while I moved on top of her. She aimed my cock allowing me to enter her again. She was still juicy enough that the dry condom slipped right in. This time I could hold it longer allowing us to be in this position for a longer time before I shot spurt after spurt. She seemed to be able to have orgasms rather quickly. This time when we went to the bathroom, she wanted to pull the condom off my now limber cock. She laughed as it plopped into the commode.

We decided we had better go to bed in our own bedrooms and get a little sleep before the sun came up. I laid in bed quite a while thinking about what we did and what the future would bring. I hoped we could keep the affair going during the following days before she married Mike and moved out.

I didn’t have an opportunity for a repeat sexual visit with her until about a week later. She had been busy studying with a girl friend and some other nights she was out with Mike. I suspected she was having more sex with him in their car or somewhere else. Then one night she stayed home and went up early to her bedroom. Mom and Dad had gone out with friends.

I wanted sex with her, but I wasn’t sure how she was feeling about us. I decided to masturbate while reminiscing about what we did last week. That satisfied me for a short time, but then I got to thinking about going into her room for sex. Maybe she would like a repeat of last week. The only way to find out is go talk to her.

She invited me into her room after I knocked.

“You have been a very busy girl lately.”

“Yes, I have been. I’m not trying to ignore you, but there hasn’t been time with all the studying and dating Mike. Mike and I are very much in love and want to get married this summer after graduation.”

“Are you and Mike still having sex?”

“Yes, nearly every night when we go out. Tonight he had other business to attend to.”

“Well, Mom and Dad are gone and we are alone. What about us? Are you on the pill as yet?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill, but I just started taking them and don’t trust having sex without a condom as yet.”

I bluntly said, “If you are about ready to prepare for bed, we could take a shower togther.”

She looked at me rather sweet and said, “Now that is an offer that would be hard to refuse.”

We both stripped off in the bathroom and stepped in the shower together. This was the first time either of us had showered together with the opposite sex. We enjoyed soaping and rubbing against each other. We dried off and went into her room.

I said, “I’ve read a book about different positions. Why don’t we try them.”

“I would like to learn more. What do you want to do?”

After kissing and some feeling around, she wanted to roll the condom on my erection. We looked at the pictures of different positions in the book. She saw the one where the man was on top and the girl had her legs pulled way up until her knees were near her breasts. The man’s arms were pushing her legs even harder against her breasts. Another view of this position showed a cock fully buried in the pussy with his balls resting on her ass.

I moved on top of her as she aimed my cock at her hole. I continued to make back and forth movements causing us both to groan. Since I had just recently masturbated, I was able to hold back without cumming too soon. She was quickly building up to an orgasm. I started groaning as I blasted cum in the condom which was deeply buried in her pussy. As we both came down from our high, I removed my arms from her legs to let them stretch out.

We relaxed and looked some more at the book. She saw a picture of a couple in a six nine position but she didn’t wanted to try it. We tried a couple more positions. The last ended with me filling another condom fully buried in her pussy.

We decided the next time we got together, I would not use a condom. She was going to let Mike do it without a condom very soon.

The Senior Prom day was approaching. Mike was taking sister and I had bahis şirketleri a date. We were all dressed up as we arrived at the prom. The evening progressed as planned and everyone had a good time. After returning my date to her home, I drove home and prepared for bed. It was much later when Mike brought her home. She was still fully dressed as she came into my room.

She was very happy and jubilant. I wondered if she was on drugs or booze.

“Mike and I are planning our wedding about the middle of July. I’m going to be married.”

“You seemed to be very happy. It took you a long time to come home. You had so many nice clothes on that you couldn’t have had sex in the car.”

She responded, “No, not in the car. Mike rented a very nice motel room so that we could undress and get dressed again to go home. We had sex without a condom for the first time. It was great. I think I am still oozing. I’m going to be married and do it all the time.”

Just the thought of fucking her without a condom gave me an erection.

I said, “Tell me about it. Why did you like it better?”

“Oh! It was just great. Sometime we will do it that way.”

I responded, “Come over here by the bedside and let me feel you. Maybe I can feel Mike’s cum in you.”

She lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties and off her feet. I could see they were wet.

I moved my hand up her leg until I could feel her pussy. I inserted a finger to feel the slickness.

“Yes, you still have some of his cum in you. Why don’t you take off that pretty dress and get in bed with me.”

“Do you think I should? It’s getting very late.”

“Come on, I’ll get out of bed to help you out of your clothes. I want to see what it’s like to have sex when someone else’s cum is in you.”

After I helped her undress, she crawled in bed with me. Our lips became meshed in a very sexual long kiss. She reached for my very hard erection.

“I think your cock is bigger than Mike’s. Although I don’t know if that makes much difference to me. I like both.”

I asked, “What position did you and Mike have tonight?”

“I sat on his cock and rode him. I like it that way because I can have better control of what I want.”

“Good, get up and sit down on mine.”

With Mike’s cum giving her lubrication, she easily settled down on mine. No condom this time.

She was really riding me and I started cumming in her. I couldn’t hold back any longer. While my cock was still hard and shooting the last spurts, she had a very good orgasm and collapsed on my chest.

Graduation day had come and gone. The wedding date was approaching as the days went by. Sister was out with Mike nearly every night, but on certain occasions, I could visit her in her bedroom after she had sex with Mike. Her appetite for sex seemed to grow now that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. The night before the marriage, I attended the stag party for Mike. Also, several of the girls were together with Sister for their own party. The stag party got rather wild when the stripper shed her last item of clothing. She came over to Mike to sit on his lap. Mike grabbed a breast as she erotically moved her butt on his lap. She straddled him which allowed her pussy to rub up against his crotch. Mike then reached down to try to find his zipper. She jumped up at the very last before he could get his cock out. I was glad she did because I didn’t want him to insert his unprotected cock. If he had contacted a disease from her, he would give it to Sister and I could have caught it from her.

I was feeling rather high when I came home from the party. Sister was already home, but when she heard me come in, she came to my room. She was wearing the skimpy see through nighty which immediately gave me an erection.

She reluctantly said, “This is my last night here.”

“Yes, I know. I’m going to miss you, in more than one way.”

I hesitated, but then continued, “Let me get undressed.”

By the time I had undressed, she started to weep. I gave her a tissue to wipe away the tears. She got in bed with me and I held her close as I felt her naked body.

I said, “This is not a goodby; you are still my sister and part of the family.”

She whimpered, “I want to get married, but I’ll be moving out of our home.”

Her tears finally ceased. I lightly kissed her, then our kisses became more sexy. It wasn’t long before my cock was deeply embedded in her pussy. We laid that way for awhile without moving. We both relished the feeling of being together in our house for the last time.

She broke the silence, “I’m going to be married and live with Mike. I love him very much. I like to be with you too like this, but I think it is best that we stop having sex after tonight. I want to be a good wife for Mike. Please understand my feelings.”

That didn’t surprise me too much, but I was disappointed that this would be the last night of sex for us. We stayed in bed together for a long time while we had sex in different positions. After I had cum in her pussy, she used her mouth and tongue to help me get it hard again. She had at least five or six orgasms while I had cum three times before she left to go to her own room. It was a very hot and steamy session for our last time. I knew I would miss it in the future.

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