Brian’s Mom

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I was just out of high school when it happened. I stopped by Brian’s to see if he wanted to go fishing. I knocked but no one answered. It wasn’t unusual for me to walk on in and head up to Brian’s room if no one answered so that’s what I did. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw a light coming from his mom’s room. I was going to head on past to Brian’s room but something made me stop in the hall outside her room. The door was open just enough for me to see inside.

I know it was wrong but I had never seen a woman anywhere near naked and here stood his mom. It looked like she just got out of the shower because her hair was still wet. She had her back to me and I could see the string of her thong disappearing down the crack of her ass. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Without even realizing, my hand went to my crotch to rub my already swollen cock.

As she turned to walk across the room I noticed her garters hanging against her thigh. I knew what it was from my mom but had never actually seen one. My excitement mounted as she pulled a pair of black stockings from a drawer. She came back and sat on the edge of the bed. She crossed her legs and proceeded to pull one of the stockings up over her calf. I thought I was going to explode. My hand rubbed slowly over the bulge in my jeans. I watched entranced as she inched the stocking up past her knee. I followed her fingers with my eyes as she crept higher and higher. I leaned forward to get a better look and that’s when I bumped the door.

The door fell open and there I stood with my hand on my fly, looking directly at Brian’s mom. I stood frozen. I didn’t know what to say or do. Running occurred to me but my feet were glued to that spot.

“Jimmy,” she purred. “What on earth are you doing lurking in the hall outside my door?”

I couldn’t speak. I was busted and embarrassed. I wanted a hole to open up in the floor so I could disappear into it. No such Luck. Brian’s mom stood up and walked towards me. I was sure she was going to beat the living daylights out of me.

I had never really checked out Brian’s mom before but now, standing here almost naked in front of me, I got a good look. I couldn’t take my eyes off the black stocking that was encasing her long, sexy leg. She had killer legs. For that matter she was killer from head to toe. Her tits were snuggled inside a nice black bra. They weren’t real big but they looked like heaven to me. She had a beautiful flat stomach even after giving birth to Brian and his two older brothers.

I was snapped back to reality when she said, “Were you enjoying the show?”

I couldn’t believe myself but I nodded that casino oyna I was enjoying the show. I had no idea what kind of trouble I was in but my hard virgin cock was doing all the thinking. I was hoping to see more of this sexy lady.

She took me by the hand and led me to a chair beside the bed. “Sit here you bad boy,” she scolded.

I sat where she said never once taking my eyes off her beautiful form. She took a seat on the bed facing me. She reached for the other stocking and began to slide it seductively up her leg. “Do you like my legs, Jimmy?”

‘Y-Y-Yes. I like them a lot,” I stammered.

“Do you think they look nice in these sheer black stockings?” she asked as she hooked the garter to her second stocking.

“They look fabulous in the stockings,” I bubbled, getting a little courage back.

“Would you like to see more?” she offered.

“YES!” I exclaimed. I wasn’t really sure what more she intended to show me but I wanted to see anything. My cock ached inside my jeans. I had dropped my hand from my fly and was too self-conscious to start rubbing it again. I could feel the blood rushing through the veins. It felt so hot I was afraid it would burn right through the material.

Brian’s mom stood and turned her back to me. Her nearly naked ass was inches from my face as she bent over the bed. “Do you like my ass, Jimmy?”

“OH God yes!” was all I could manage as I gulped.

“Would you like to touch it?”

“For real?!” I asked stunned and amazed.

“For real,” she giggled back at me.

I stood on shaky legs and approached what had to be the most perfect ass in the entire world. My palms were drenched with sweat as I reached out to run just my fingertips across her round cheek.

“MMMMMMMMMM, your fingers are so soft Jimmy. Go ahead and touch it. It won’t bite. I promise,” she moaned.

With her encouragement I found more courage and let my whole hand rest on her backside. It was firm and warm. The skin was so soft.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes,” came out as barely more than a whisper.

She started wiggling her hips in an effort to move my hands about. Her movements gave me more courage and I let my hand slide across her rump. I roamed over her whole ass letting my fingers tickle her crack. I followed the thong down to where her leg came up and then followed her leg down to the top of her stocking. The stockings fascinated me. They made her legs so sexy. I dropped to my knees to get a better look.

When she felt my breath on her leg she moaned, “Oh Jimmy, kiss me. Kiss my leg.”

I brought my lips to her thigh and kissed it. The flesh felt so warm canlı casino and soft against my mouth. My tongue snaked out of its own volition and licked the skin above the stocking.

“OH YES Jimmy!! That’s it!! That feels so good. Let your tongue slide higher. All the way up Jimmy.”

As if it had a mind of it’s own my tongue followed her orders. It crept higher and higher. I was watching as it went up. Her ass was right in front of my nose now. I could smell the soap from her shower. She smelled so good. I was intoxicated. My fingers opened her ass cheeks and my tongue slide right down her crack.

“Jimmy!!” she shivered. She stood straight up.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked in my innocence.

“Not at all dear. That was wonderful,” she said as she turned around to face me. “I just have a better idea that’s all.” With that she laid on her back on the bed, one leg on either side of me. I looked down and saw the small triangle of fabric that covered her pussy. She took my hands and rested them one on each thigh. She then reached behind my head and pulled me closer to the vee between her legs. I could smell a musky aroma emanating from her. She took her other hand and ran a finger across the triangle of fabric. My face was so close she almost touched my nose. My hard cock was against the edge of the bed. As I watched her fingers running along the fabric I slowly started rubbing myself along the edge of the bed. I was trying to be very quiet so she would notice I was humping the bed but she was lost in her own thoughts and pleasures.

She soon pulled the material aside and I got my first look at a real live pussy. It had no hair as I had expected it would have. It was all wet from her excitement. She ran her finger down through the valley and it disappeared somewhere inside. Her hips started to wiggle on the bed and soon she was moaning and thrusting upwards.

On one thrust she rubbed against my chin. It must have brought her back to her senses because she looked down at me a little surprised and said, “I’m sorry dear. I got lost in what I was doing.” She pulled her finger from herself and brought it up to her mouth. I thought I was going to shoot off in my jeans when she licked her finger clean.

She looked at me again and asked, “Would you like a taste?”

I couldn’t speak so I just nodded. She slid her finger through her slit again and brought it to my lips. It was wet from her juice and the smell was intoxicating. I opened my mouth as if in a trance. Her finger slid easily inside and I was treated to the most incredible taste I have ever had. It was sweet and creamy. I wanted more.

As kaçak casino if reading my mind she pulled my face closer to her snatch and encouraged, “Go ahead dear. Have all you want.”

My tongue seemed to know what it was doing as I let my face fall into her warm center it darted this way and that. I licked and sucked everything I could find. When I came to her opening I licked all around it before sliding my tongue inside. She rose up off the bed to meet my advances. She was writhing on the bed and her echoes moaned throughout the room. I was really getting into it when she grabbed the back of my head and howled. Moments later my face was drenched in liquid.

A few moments later she pulled me from her crotch and announced, “You made me cum really hard sweetheart.” I smiled a sheepish grin and stood up. It was then that she saw how hard I was. “Oh you poor thing. I have been so selfish. Come over here.”

I stepped closer to the bed and almost jumped out of my skin when she reached over and grabbed my dick through my jeans. “We need to take care of this now,” she said eyeing me devilishly. It was a mere second later that I felt the relief of cool air hitting my straining cock. “You aren’t such a LITTLE boy after all, are you?” she complimented me as she started to stroke my hard cock.

“Did you enjoy our little game?” she asked as she watched my hard cock sliding between her experienced fingers.

“Did I ever?!” I exclaimed as my head was spinning from her ministrations. My eyes were closed to help me concentrate on not cumming too soon. I had jerked my own meat but to have someone else do it was amazing. When I felt a new sensation I opened my eyes to see her tongue sliding around the head of my cock.

“Oh…um…I’m gonna….” I tried to tell her I was about to cum but I couldn’t form a thought.

“It’s ok,” she reassured. “Just let it fire when you are ready.” Those were her last words before my cock disappeared down her throat. That was all I could take. When the head hit the back of her throat I began to cum, one hard spurt after another. It was the most amazing climax of my life. Me legs began to wobble as I finished and she turned me so I could sit on the edge of the bed as my cock slid from her mouth.

I was beyond thinking at that point and I pulled her to me. My lips found hers and we kissed for an eternity. When we finally broke free she looked at me and said, “Now Jimmy, I trust you won’t tell anyone.”

I shook my head slowly. I couldn’t believe it myself. Who could I tell??

“That’s a good boy. Next time Brian is gone I’ll give you a call and you can help me with my stockings again, ok?” she proposed as she helped me from the bed and headed me toward the door.

“Anytime,” I managed to say on my way out. I hoped brain would spend a lot of time this summer away from home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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