Brian Ch. 05

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Wendy woke lying on her back still dressed in her tennis outfit. She suddenly sat up in the bed and looked around as if to see if her attackers were still there. She looked to the side of the bed and stared at the naked back of Dylan speaking into the phone.

“…. just have the card say ‘Look forward to another set’. Yes, ma’am, charge to my room. I will take care of it when we check out. Thank you, ma’am.” Dylan set the phone down in the receiver and absent-mindedly rubbed his sore ribs. He took the punches okay, but he was still tender.

He turned to look at his mother as she was sitting there staring in disbelief at him. He gave her a tender smile, the smile of a son looking at his mother after she had been in an ordeal.

“How are you feeling, mom? I hope you are okay, you had me worried there for a while,” he asked her. He reached out and touched her hand feeling the softness under his touch.

“I am fine, baby. How are you doing?” she replied.

“I am doing great mom. I am getting hungry. I didn’t have any lunch. You wouldn’t happen to have a Power bar in your bag or anything, would ya’”, he asked.

“Honey, that is not what I meant. What you did was a noble thing. I can’t believe those guys were such jerks. If it had not been for….”, she began to tear up in her eyes but she was cut off by Dylan before she could finish.

“Mom, everything is okay. Don’t worry. I am just happy I was there for you. I told you that I loved you and there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for you,” he stated.

They sat there and talked about what Wendy had done before the incident happen. She explained to Dylan about the flirting. She was speaking to him not as mother to son, but to an equal. She told him how she didn’t mean for it to go that far but she was always that way. She was a flirt and she knew it. It was just this time it went too far. She then told Dylan about the events in the locker room office and how she tried to get away. She began to tear up again as she told him about the way she looked up and there was Dylan standing in the door. She shook with fear and rage as she recounted how the fight went from her perspective of her view on the floor and how Dylan and utterly destroyed her two attackers.

By the time Wendy had finished her story, Dylan had wrapped his arms around his mother and was holding her close. She was slightly sobbing in his arms as she finished her story. He could feel her hot tears on his bare chest as he held her. Her chest was rising and falling against him and he could feel the material of her outfit rubbing against his bare nipples.

He gently kissed his mother on the top of her head as he let her cry to the details of her near rape. Occasionally, he would look down and he got an unobstructed view down the top of his mother’s top and could see the tanned swell of her breasts. He would try to look away when he realized that he was staring at his mom’s tits. These were the same breasts that nursed him and his sisters. Even though he was trying to console his crying mom, he kept looking down her top at her magnificent breasts. When he realized he was starting to get hard he tried to think of anything and everything he could to take his mind off his mother and her breasts. He went through his martial arts forms from white belt to black belt, his sparring drills, even his wrestling moves to take his mind off. It wasn’t working as his mother continued to sob lightly in his arms.

Wendy was uncomfortable in the position she was sitting. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy the warmth of her son; it was just the angle her body was in that made it difficult. Dylan laid back on the bed to let her finish crying in somewhat comfort. She shifted her body around until she was leaning on Dylan’s chest and took one arm and placed it behind him. This allowed her to turn and face Dylan but kept her head buried on his strong chest. She placed her leg on his thigh and snuggled closer to him and closed her eyes again.

Her other hand had crept to Dylan’s abdomen and absently ran along his defined muscles. She opened her eyes and saw the rippled muscles under the skin. She again closed her eyes and snuggled closer to her strong son. Wendy was a slut through and through but she was having feelings for her son without her head being involved. She knew she was wrong but Dylan had saved her like his father had done many years ago and she knew how that ended. She was addicted to strong and rough men. After the fight she saw her son in a different light than before. He was no longer a boy and her son, he was a man. A ruggedly handsome man, strong and rough when needed and tender when required.

Running her hand along his stomach was having a different reaction to her body than she intended. She knew in her mind it was wrong but her body failed to recognize the wrongness of what she was doing. Wendy was beginning to get turned on lying against her sexy son. Even with what she had been through, nearly raped and then in a fight to casino oyna save herself and her son, she could feel the telltale beginning of arousal. Her pussy was beginning to cream as she felt the warmth and raw muscles of the man, not her son, under her body.

She continued to run her hand along his stomach and to his chest and back again. As she unconsciously moved her body to snuggle closer to her son, her hand pushed against his thigh. As she brought her hand up to his stomach she accidentally grazed his swollen cock. She felt him slightly jerk as her finger gently touched his cock. Without making Dylan realize that she was looking, out of the corner of her eye she looked down and had to fight from gawking at the hardened cock in his Speedo swim suit.

He hadn’t changed from his pool sitting and had only taken off his shirt once he got his mother back to the room. His bulge was not very well hidden inside his tight suit. She could tell that he was not as wide as his father but she could tell that he was nearly as long. Eyeing his cock made her pussy start to cream even more.

When she realized that her own son was turning her on, she tried to figure out ways to get the thoughts out of her mind. She started going through mental drills in her mind, anything to get this hardening cock out of her mind. She was going over all the details of how to make Brian’s favorite dish. She was working out her grocery list that she would need to get when they returned home. She knew where everything was in the grocery store, where the flour was, what time of meat she needed. When thought of that she thought of the piece of meat not six inches from her face. She tried to get back onto the grocery list and thought of the cheese that she needed, “yes”, she thought, “the cheese, they are right next to the bratwursts.” She thought of the bratwursts and how they were long and hard and BIG, just like the piece of sausage lying under her. She was getting hotter every second. Her pussy was creaming and if she wasn’t sure, she thought she could smell her arousal. With all the cream she was flowing, she knew that Dylan must be able to smell it. She didn’t want to embarrass her son, what she was thinking was wrong. She was just thinking about how his dad had come to her rescue once and what had happened. That must have been it she thought.

She hugged Dylan tightly with her hands right over where Dylan had taken those hard shots from her coach. As her hand rubbed him, she heard him moan. It was not a moan of pleasure or concern; it was a moan of pain. She pushed herself up and looked at Dylan. She realized then that he had been hurt, more than he had let on. She looked him in the face and for the first time saw the red swelling on his face and could see the remnant of a cut lip. Then she looked down to where her hand had rested. There she saw the beginning of bruising coming up under the skin.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me you were hurt? Here I was sobbing and you were the one injured.” She got up and pushed herself off the bed heading to the bathroom. As she did, Dylan could see that her nipples were sticking out plainly against the taunt fabric of her outfit. He also got a glimpse of the crotch of her tennis suit. He could tell that there was the forming of a wet spot there.

“I’m okay, mom. It is just a little tender. I have had worse. I was worried about you,” he replied as she got up.

She looked at him with a different look than she usually did, “let me get something to clean you up and make you feel better.” She turned and walked into the bathroom. She somehow knew he was watching her walk away and she added more hip to her walk than she meant to, but the look of the man sitting nearly naked on her bed made think differently. The fact that she could tell that he had a nice size cock showing in his pants didn’t help the fact either.

‘Had she been getting hot lying next to me? I shouldn’t be thinking such things. But she has great tits and her ass is gorgeous. I don’t care if she is my mom, she is a hot woman,’ he thought as she walked away.

When she got into the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. She could see that no damage had been done to her in the fight. She straightened her hair a little and quickly wiped her face to get rid of the sweat and tears and then looked at her outfit. Her nipples were making hard points in her outfit. You could clearly see her breasts in almost perfect detail. She didn’t really realize just how revealing her outfit was until that moment. But the suit was supposed to look that way; it was a suit that was supposed to turn heads. The fact that it turned her son’s head was something she didn’t expect. But he was a male and a stiff dick has a mind of its own. And a hot pussy does too.

She walked back into the bedroom and found Dylan leaning against the headboard of the bed staring into nothing. As Wendy approached he watched her walk toward him. She had freshened up herself some, brushing her hair a little and he canlı casino could tell she had wiped her eyes. For some reason she looked absolutely radiant. She moved to his side of the queen size bed and he moved over with some difficulty. His ribs were beginning to hurt.

Wendy sat beside him and placed a cool washrag on his abdomen on the bruising. Dylan jumped slightly at the coolness of the rag. Wendy held the rag gently against his chest and looked into his eyes. She was looking at him differently than before. Before the altercation she looked at Dylan as her son, the little boy that she watch play with his trucks as a baby. Now she looked at him as a man, a very sexy and masculine man. This started to cause her pussy to go back into overdrive.

She took another rag and gently dabbed his face and cut lip. All the while she never stopped looking into his eyes. She gently wiped the dried blood from the corner of this mouth but never stopped her look into his eyes. Dylan brought his hand over to hers and touched it gently. Wendy took his hand and brought it to her lips and gently kissed his fingers. Dylan’s cock jumped and Wendy’s nipple hardened and her pussy creamed hotly.

She brought Dylan’s hand down to his ribs and used it to hold the cool rag in place. She continued to wipe away the dried blood with the other. The hand from his ribs moved until she placed it on his warm thigh several inches below the material of his suit. Dylan gently moaned at his mother’s touch.

“I never really said thank you, baby, for coming to my rescue. You put yourself in jeopardy for me. You were my knight on horse back.”

“Mom, …” Dylan started to speak but Wendy placed her fingers across his lips to quiet him with a “shhhh”. Her hand slowly made small circles on his thigh and she could feel the skin go to goose bumps as she touched him. Slowly her fingers worked their way up his thigh until they were just below his suit. She leaned into him and gently kissed him on his lips.

She pulled back from the kiss and looked him in the eyes. Then she leaned in again and kissed him harder, her tongue barely touching his closed lips. His hands moved to her head and brought her lips harder into his as he opened his lips and slid his tongue into her waiting mouth. As his tongue slid into her mouth, her hand slid the final inches until she rested it on his very hard cock. When her hand gently grasped his cock through the suit he moaned into her mouth.

As their kiss became more passionate their hands began to roam. Dylan brought his hand from her head down and began to lift and caress his mother’s ample breasts. He placed his other hand on her thigh and slowly moved it towards her ass. When he hand reached the material of her pantied shorts, he glided them over her butt cheeks. Their kiss lasted a time and he hands continued to fondle her breasts and gently pinch her extended nipples. She arched her back as she felt his hands enter to top of her shirt as his hands moved to cup her bare breast. She moaned into his mouth and pushed her tongue into his mouth as his fingers caressed her bosom and tenderly squeezed her erect nipples. She shifted her legs as his hands moved from her ass to the front of her skirt and lowered themselves until he was cupping her mound. They both moaned as one as his fingers slid along her spread lips inside her shorts and his fingers found the hard nubs of her tits.

Her hand was also busy. She had started to rub his cock through his swimsuit. She then lifted the top of his suit and placed her hand inside his suit to fully grasp his erect cock. Gently she stroked his cock and felt it pulse under her grip. She released it only long enough to take the material and pull it away from his cock and released it under his swollen balls. His cock was standing up away from his body as she started to stroke him again, slowly and with a gentle touch. He was producing large amounts of precum that she used her fingers to run around the end of his cock.

She broke the kiss and pulled back from him. She looked him in the eyes and then pushed herself off the bed. She was standing before him when she lowered the shoulder straps slowly until her tanned tits sprang into view. She continued to look into his eyes as she continued to work the material down her body until she was naked before her son. She placed her hands under breasts and slightly lifted them and ran her fingers over here nipples to make them more erect.

She looked at her son and bit her lip as he reached down and placed his hands on his swimsuit and started to lower it down his body. With a pained look in his face he raised his hips to get the suit past and then continued to push the suit until he was able to kick it off and it disappeared at edge of the bed. His eyes never left his mother’s as he watched her crawl back onto the bed and swing her leg over his.

She placed her hands on the headboard behind his shoulders and leaned forward until her breasts were in her son’s face. She thrust kaçak casino them into his face, her huge mounds pressing to the sides of his head. She moved her chest side to side causing her tits to move across his lips and mouth.

Dylan reached up and brought his hands to her breasts and started to gently knead them with his fingers. Wendy arched her back and leaned her head back and pushed her chest into her son. Soon she felt the warm wetness of a mouth kissing her tender flesh. She took one hand off the headboard and brought it to the back of her son’s head gently forcing his mouth more to her aching tits. She was wanted her son, no this man, to kiss and fondle her tits.

She looked down and saw Dylan’s eyes closed as he wrapped his lips around her extended nipples. She felt her body ached sweetly as his teeth added firm pressure on her nipples as he kissed them causing her to emit a low moan of excitement. She placed her hand back on the headboard and leaned back allowing her hands to stop her backward momentum to give her son access to her tits.

Dylan began switching between each breast as he kissed his mother’s warm titflesh. His hands were gently kneading them because he was unsure of what was happening. All he knew was this was not his mother, but a hot sensuous woman, desirable and beautiful, placing her tits at his disposal. He wanted to make her feel good as much as he wanted to enjoy her wonderful breasts.

Wendy inched her body closer to her son’s chest as he continued to kiss and fondle her breasts. She moved until her bare pussy was touching her son’s chest. Once her chest was on his chest, she sought out his nipples with her pussy. When her extended clit touched his hardened nub of nipple her body gave a shiver. She began to gently rub her clit back and forth over his nipple bringing small shocks of pleasure as it rubbed hard and then eased over the end of his nipple. Her chest was getting wet with the juices flowing from her hot pussy. Soon his chest was covered with her pussy lube, so much that it ran in small trickles down his body. He could feel the coolness of the wet liquid as the breeze from the open window blew through.

Outside the weather was beginning to form a storm. Off in the distance, storm clouds were forming and the air smelled of a system coming in. Inside Wendy’s suite another storm was forming and she knew what it was going to rain down on her and her young lover. As the cool wind blew in the window, it did nothing to cool the temperature inside her body or cool the sensations of her hot womanhood.

As Dylan continued to suck and kiss her engorged nipples, Wendy rubbed her swollen across his masculine chest. Wendy was beginning to have small tingles of a building orgasm as her clit moved along his chest. Dylan dropped his hands and began to run them up her legs as she kneeled straddling him. Her body shivered was his hands tenderly ran over her asscheeks and back down.

Not a word was being sad between them, just the occasional “oohhhhs” and “aaahhhs” as a feeling brought a sensation to their bodies. Dylan’s hands were running gently up his mother’s thighs as she was rubbing her pussy and clit across his chest. His lips and tongue had returned to the breasts that once fed him sustenance many years ago. It was this sustenance that he was seeking now to quench the thirst he now felt.

Wendy’s body jerk and she moaned as Dylan’s fingers slipped from behind to gently probe her pussy. He easily slipped one finger and then two into her pussy as she opened he sex to him. The river of cream easily lubricated his fingers for easy access to her hot pussy. His fingers slid deep inside her pussy until he could feel the hard cervix at the end of her tunnel. Once his fingers were deep inside her, he moved her fingers side to side if making them walk inside her pussy. Wendy emitted a deep moan as the first orgasm hit her. She never said a word just moaned in her chest and moved her ass back towards his wiggling fingers, leaving a trail of pussy cream from his nipple to her wet clit.

Wendy pushed herself back until he was no longer kissing her. The approaching storm brought a cool breeze in through the window and blew across her wet nipples and clit. The breeze felt like a gentle kiss upon them that caused her body to get goose bumps on the exposed wet skin.

As the angle his fingers changed he was no longer able to keep his fingers inside her pussy. As his fingers left her pussy they traveled across her anus and caused another shiver in her body. Dylan sensed she enjoyed the feeling and from the angle he was in, he was able to keep his fingertips right at the opening to her ass. He gently probed her opening and with the copious amounts of juice coming from her pussy and coating his hands, he easily slid his finger in her ass to the first knuckle. Her body moaned again as she brought her lips to his and kissed him. He continued to gently push his finger in and out of her type ass.

Wendy pulled her kiss away from him and looked into his eyes. “Baby, can I put your sweet cock in me? I want you so bad, I need you more than you know,” she pleaded with him. He looked into her eyes and slowly nodding his head.

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