Breast Friend Ch. 11

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They got an apartment.

Peter had fulfilled many a fantasy with his Breast Friends (now all sporting basketball-sized JJ cup boobs), but if he was being totally honest with himself, he oved the idea of living with all twenty of his gorgeous, busty playmates. They found a large one-bedroom apartment near the edge of town (one where the landlord quietly allowed 21 occupants, since Peter slipped him a healthy tip) and bought two king-sized bed frames to squeeze inside, and settled in. Peter asked that girls cover all of the rent and utilities, and since there were twenty of them, it was not too difficult.

There were some concerns about space, even with the two giant beds, but Peter really did not mind. Worst case scenario, they would all have to snuggle a little closer at night—that is, once they finally made time to sleep after several hours of Titty Time. Each girl brought a duffel bag of her own materials, and the bathroom was spacious enough to accommodate them…complete with a huge, glass-door shower that excited Peter a great deal.

Now, of course, with all 21 of them living together, there had to be ground rules, all of which Peter compiled himself. First of all, he was in charge; there could be no doubt of that. His authority was not to be challenged, and he revealed to the girls that he had captured many of their previous interactions on discreet cameras placed in their various houses and apartments. Lest he release that footage, the girls had best do as he said. It was just an added level of insurance.

Next, Peter would never sleep alone or wash himself. Ever. No sponges existed in the apartment except for the ladies to use on themselves. He was invited to view every shower through the glass casino oyna door, and when he himself partook in one, at least two women were required to be there to bathe him. Needless to say, this bathing was to be done entirely with their huge, soapy jugs. Peter loved that rule. Also, Peter would not use pillows. Whether he was in bed for the night or simply taking a nap, he would have at least one pair of soft, warm breasts under his head and face whenever he slept.

Furthermore, there would be uniforms. He liked the collars the triplets an Lexi had worn, so he decided to keep those, but instead of being black leather, they would be hot pink. It was more becoming of their femininity, he thought. This hot pink matched three other things they would wear: their stiletto heels, their tiny booty shorts, and their thick coats of shiny lipstick. He had Chelsea and Gia model these outfits for him, and his straining erection told him that they were perfect. Of course, each girl would be required to be topless while in the apartment, and their hair was to be done up in two symmetrical pigtails unless otherwise noted.

Finally, there were positions. Twenty girls under Peter’s thumb could not just wander around the apartment willy-nilly. He had designated tasks for all of them (this was his favorite part). When he was lounging and no one was busy or at work, there were certain tasks that needed to be performed. Granted, the girls would rotate, but this was the general order of it…

Two girls were to be cleaning the apartment, if it was necessary. He started with Lexi and Vera in these positions. They would scrub the floors, maintain the bathroom, and wipe the windows down to keep their home in excellent condition.

Three girls canlı casino were cooking. Not just for Peter, obviously; there were 21 people in the apartment, so Lizzy, Kelly and Paige would take the groceries and turn them into lovely meals. He planned to have Lizzy and Kelly teach Paige how he preferred to be served dessert, too, as they knew perfectly well.

Five were on standby. When the other fifteen were busy, Peter liked to have some at his beck and call to do whatever was necessary, including swap out with the active girls when they required a break. He began by placing Faith, Amber, Cat, Chelsea and Gia in this position.

Peter himself would sit in his armchair, which he thought of as his “throne”, surveying his Kingdom. On either side of him would be one girl, her chest thrust out proudly in his direction, allowing him to squeeze and grope them to his heart’s content. Here, he stationed Janine and Bridget.

Of course, for some additional visual pleasure, he had two women stationed on either side in front of him. These two would do jumping jacks or simply bounce in place, whichever they preferred, and Peter would gaze contentedly at their jiggly jugs. He had each girl jump up and down for him braless so as to assess which ones he wanted to begin in this rotation, and he selected Marie and Molly. These two were most likely to need breaks, since it was a vigorous position, but Peter cherished every second that he watched them jump for his enjoyment.

That is, when his eyes were free. At all leisure times, Peter had a girl straddling him, shoving her tits in his face and smothering him as thoroughly as she could. With JJ cups, he found he had to go 30 seconds to a minute at a time without breathing, so he was getting kaçak casino good at holding his breath and basking in the copious flesh all over his nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, chin and even ears. Ellie would start in this position.

Ellie was flanked by two girls tasked with feeding Peter their nipples. He loved sucking on boobs, and he did not ever want to be denied that pleasure. For this reason, Nicole and Kelsey stood between the Janine/Bridget duo and the Marie/Molly duo, sticking their breasts as far into his mouth as they would go. Peter moaned in delight as he nursed on both pairs, Ellie’s rack only occasionally allowing him to watch Marie and Molly bounce for him. All the while, he reveled in the sensation of touching Bridget and Janine’s funbags, which heaved eagerly on either side of him, although he could rarely actually see their supple tenderness.

However, that was not all. Oh, no. How could his cock go unattended? The double-titfuck was not just a treat for Peter; it was a constant state of reality. He stationed the triplets Lauren and Tori on their knees before him, squishing their huge racks around his dick and jerking him into oblivion. Of course, lubricant was necessary, and he had Jennie on hand to provide it liberally, along with the occasional suck or kiss on his cockhead when he called for it.

And there it was.

Tits. Tits in his face, tits in his mouth, tits in his hands. Tits around his dick, tits bouncing up and down for him, and tits on standby, waiting for his orders. Tits as far as the eye could see. Not just any tits, mind you. Not even just “big tits”. No. Massive, wobbling, unreasonably large JJ cup breasts. Forty of them.

Peter began his routine as the happiest man alive. He had invented a drug, a magical drug, and it had made his wildest dreams come true. He was the King, drowning in a sea of tits at long last. He was their Breast Friend, and they were his.

It was absolute perfection.

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