Breaking My Girl Ch. 05

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The next morning I woke, greeted by the relentless Greek heat and the echo of a beautiful wet dream, one which I’d been masturbating to for years – that of Lisa, my sweet babygirl daughter – sucking my cock and getting fucked by Daddy’s big thick dick. I had a straining case of morning glory because of it – or so I thought.

As the haze of awakening faded, I saw my daughter in the bed beside me and realised the dream had really happened. It was too hot for bed covers, she lay naked on the sheet, her long dark hair splashed across her shoulders. “Oh, my God,” I thought. “I fucked my daughter. I really fucked her.” It made me scared for a moment, then filled me with pride and lust, knowing her young tight pussy was still full of Daddy’s dirty semen. It’s what all Daddy’s want to do – empty their aching balls deep inside their daughter’s fresh young vagina.

Lisa lay in a foetal position, legs together, knees up. Her long black lashes lay on her cheeks, eyes closed, bee-stung lips dry and parted, taking slight breaths. I’d cum in that mouth, my daughter’s mouth – and she’d swallowed my cum down into her tummy that was moving back and forth with each sleeping breath. I pushed a few errant strands of hair from her pretty face and ran my fingers across her soft skin, over her shoulder and down her arm and along the slim fingers of her hands. I didn’t want to wake her, just fawn over her teen beauty, her firm body and her silken skin. I kissed her hip and licked it and ran my mouth down her thigh – and my fingers along the back of it.

She groaned faintly in her sleep as I lay beside her, my knees toward her shoulders, my face down by her ass. It smelled of ass, too, hot and sweaty after a hot night and the love we made. I parted a cheek and licked her salty crack, the tip of my tongue tasting her virgin asshole. If there are any Daddy’s reading this, let me tell you, squeaky clean or flavoured with girl-sweat, there’s no greater sense of molestation than licking your daughter’s anus. Oh, fuck, it made my cock rage.

Licking Lisa’s ass made her stir, one leg sliding up higher than the other as if to tell me, “Don’t forget my pussy, Daddy.” Never ever, babygirl, I thought, taking a sniff of it. It was torrid, a mixture of sweat and cunt and cock and the cum I’d filled her with. Her pussy lips were a little puffy, from the heat and the sex. Her usually pursed slit was splayed slightly, showing off a glimpse of her pink flower. I licked her petals and I heard her groan again. It felt like I was raping her, which let me tell you, made my cock pulsate and jerk in mid-air in the search of a wet hole to fuck. I took a little precum off the end of it and basted her thickened labia, then proceded to lick it off. She didn’t make a sound for a minute or two while I lapped at her closed cunt, but when I slid my finger into her slit, she moaned and let out a long, unconscious breath.

Gently, very gently, I hooked the tip of my finger inside her vagina, which casino siteleri seemed forever wet, even while she slept. I wondered what fevered dreams she was having as I pulled one of her lips aside with my other hand. I licked the pink glistening skin there, tenderly cleaning her dirty fucked pussy. She’s my daughter and I am her Daddy, molesting her pretty pussy as she sleeps. It felt so fucking good to be so bad and I couldn’t restrain my hunger. I lapped at her, my flat wide tongue parting her soft lips, straight through her pink. In order to get to her clit, I pushed her leg higher, and when my tongue circled her little bud, she woke.

Her brow furrowed, then she gasped, and as her sleepy eyes opened, she realised what was happening. In that same moment, before she could say anything, I sucked her clit and her pussy gushed out some wetness onto my face. “Daddy?” she said. Then, “Oh, God” as I lapped at her clit. Lisa rolled onto her back, her leg swinging over my head, and as her knees spread apart I buried my face into her snatch. “Wait,” she hissed, not yet quite awake and feeling out of control. “Daddy,” she growled. I ignored her completely, in rapture myself, running my tongue round and round and round and round her swelling clit, while pushing my greasy finger into her, into her, into her. Lisa bit her bottom lip hard, both hands grabbing a fistful of the bedsheet. My tongue was relentless, my finger unstoppable, her hands tugging hard at the sheet.

I did not show mercy, this orgasm was a non-stop rocket to the crest of an electric wave without any pit-stops. As her knees started to flap and her head swung left and right and back again across the pillow, her sweet young cunt soaked my mouth and face. “Daddy!” she wailed. I heard the sheet rip and she almost bit through her lip, and when her cunt exploded in my mouth, her thighs clattered my ears, trapping me down onto her sopping hairless twat until she couldn’t take another lick.

I felt her fingers in my hair and she pulled my head off her throbbing box. The hood of her clit stayed open and her cumming cherry pulsated like it was panting. When I looked up to her face, her hair was stuck to her cheeks, her mouth was open, her little tits heaving. She had a look on her face that was a mixture of shock, ecstacy and annoyance.

“Good morning, Babygirl,” I said, my face matted in her sugary cum.

She smiled wildly and collapsed back into the pillow and lay there panting, looking down her shiny brown body, over her wet hairless mound. Her eyes tracked me as I got to my knees, diverting the second she saw my cock. I was so hard, so bloated, foreskin back, my engorged head slathered in pale precum. Her hands slid down her tummy and between her legs and her fingers played with her flooded pink flower.

She said, “I need a pee before you fuck me.”

Just her honest words made me want to get on top of her and plant my yearning length deep inside her – but I had something else in canlı casino mind. Ignoring her words I started to lather my shaft with the precum leaking from my head. Lisa watched. I looked at her and she looked at me, into my eyes, then to my cock in my fist. As I drew my hand back and forth, back and forth along the length of my rigid prick, I noticed her pussy play centre on her clit.

“You like that?” I said nervously, in almost a whisper.

Lisa nodded and licked her lips, leaving it in the corner of her mouth.

“You’ve got such a big strong cock, Daddy?” she said, breathless with nerves and lust.

She opened her legs so I could see her fingers spread her pussy wide open. She blushed as pink as her tender flower, pinker when she looked into my eyes. I watched her strum her aching clit as she swooned in view of my beating fist, both of us overcoming any shyness, breaking through a bashful threshold of trust.

“That’s so hot,” she said, “watching you jack-off.”

“I’ve been doing this for years, thinking of you.”

“Yeah?” she said.

“Every day,” I said.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, at the knowledge of it, at the tingle in her clit. “Are you going to cum on me?”

“Would you like that, babygirl?”

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “I wanna see you cum, Daddy. I wanna see it shoot out.”

Her words made me work my cock faster, my masturbation making her strum her little trigger harder. I was about ready to burst and she could tell by my straining expression and my rabid gaze and my flaring nostrils. So was she, two fingers back and through her slit, grinding her clit round and round and over and over and down to her dripping hole – and back with wetness for her burning bud.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said.

Lisa took a gulp of air as her own orgasm started to break. As the waves began to crash through her cunt, I edged toward her, my cock looming over her. In that moment I made a leap of faith and lifted her head forward from the pillow – and as I did I saw in her eyes the realisation of where I was about ejaculate. Her expression seemed unsure and I felt her pull away a little, but as her cunt came she made the same leap of faith and opened her mouth to show me her flat red tongue. She could see my apologetic gaze as her eyes filled with her usual orgasmic tears.

Recognising my heartfelt desire, she gasped, “It’s okay, Daddy, I want you too.”

And I did. Her eyes closed and tears spilled down her shiny cheeks and I ejaculated onto her pretty face. The first shot made her flinch – a thick spurt of semen splashed onto her nose and down across her lips and tongue. It took her breath away and made her little tits heave. Right away, there was much more. Jerk after jerk, she felt my hot cum demean her. Her tongue retreated into her mouth and she swallowed and opened her eyes, then flinched again as the final shot burst across her forehead and into her hair.

Again her eyes opened and she gulped and licked the kaçak casino cum off her lips. Her wet eyes appeared doeful, like she’d done something wrong, but it was just the emotional trauma of taking her first facial. She smiled to reassure my guilty expression, then took it upon herself to take my leaking cockhead in her mouth. She looked up at me as she suckled the last drops of cum from me – semen running down her chin and her neck.

“Wow,” she remarked, slowly jacking my softening length. “I think you needed that. That’s a lot of cum, Daddy.”

I was overjoyed that my desires hadn’t disgusted her. To the contrary, Lisa seemed inspired by it. She looked at me and held my spent dick against her face, transferring my cum to it then cleaning it off with her tongue. From the head she squeezed a pearl bead onto her pout and licked her lips, endeavouring to show me how sticky they were. I watched, my dreams coming true. We said nothing, but her eyes were telling me everything, her actions leaving no doubt – as I watched her scoop the cum from her neck and tits with her fingers, then suck the length of them. “Mmm,” she hummed, so I knew how delicious it tasted to her.

She smiled up at me and said with deliberate coyness, “Thank you, Daddy.”

Then she giggled and I pounced on her and we rolled around kissing and cuddling and declaring our love for one another. We were lovers. The previous night may have just been that, one night, but when a Daddy cums on his daughter’s face, it makes them lovers forever. She reassured me it was okay to cum on her face like a porn whore. She was blunt about how good it felt to be treated like a slut. She confessed that until yesterday she was just a little girl and that from now on, all she wanted was to be made a woman by her adoring Daddy. For me to take my time. She promised she wouldn’t be afraid if I wasn’t afraid.

After that I didn’t fuck her for a good two hours. We showered and packed and raced against the clock, having forgotten what time our plane left the island. We hurried, filling suitcases, wishing the holiday wouldn’t end, yet craving the cooler climate of England and the comforts of home. It was then, as we waiting on the porch for the taxi, when I fucked her again. She was wearing flip-flops, a tank top and an old, worn denim miniskirt. Sunglasses, her hair braided back by Daddy.

“How long did the taxi guy say he was going to be?” I said, as I allowed myself to be teased by that little mall-girl skirt.

“Ten minutes,” said her pink lipgloss lips.

“Greek’s are always late,” I said, wanting to be up her skirt.

Lisa knew what I was thinking, she was thinking the same thing. The hem of her denim skirt against her firm golden thighs was making me simmer. She could tell by my covetous gaze how crazy her little skirt was making me – and by the straining material in my pants. My letching made her wet and she knew damn well one flash of her red panties would be enough induce another bout of fucking and sucking and cumming. We read one another’s minds – my lust versus her excitement at being centre of that lust.

Lisa sighed, took her sunglasses off and said, “You better fuck me quick, then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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