Bradley’s BJ Queens

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They owed him one.

Actually, more than one.

A lot.

An infinite number, really.

Bradley remembered that fateful conversation like it was yesterday. He was studying with Carly and Taylor, just like normal, although the two girls were definitely more overwhelmed than usual with their schoolwork.

Brad was a junior in college, and Carly and Taylor were two drop-dead gorgeous roommates he had met in school. The three had become friends, and they formed a small study group together for their calculus class. Bradley had always been a “math guy”, and he didn’t date a lot, so he had plenty of time to get all his work done effectively. Carly and Taylor were incredible to look at – plus remarkably similar-looking.

Both young women were thin and blonde, with petite figures and amazing butts. Bradley was never quite sure if he was an ass man or tit man, but these girls’ explosive bottoms knocked him out every time he saw them. They each sported large, perfectly-rounded posteriors (which appeared phenomenal on their slender frames), which were often shown off tantalizingly in skin-tight jeans or stretchy yoga pants. Sometimes, Brad wondered how he managed to get any studying done when one of the girls bent over to pick up a pencil or had to tie their shoes.

In terms of differences, Carly had a rounder face and rosier cheeks, plus her hair was generally shorter, in contrast with Taylor’s long blond locks. However, they were each totally gorgeous, and Brad never figured he had any shot with them.

Until now.

The study sessions helped Carly and Taylor a great deal, and they had obviously taken a shine to Brad for the benefit he provided their grades. Unfortunately, their grades before the three began studying together were so horrific, that on this particular day, they revealed to Brad that they would have to fail the class anyway. Neither girl could afford to fail this class – they needed it for their degrees and had no realistic means of retaking it before they were slated to graduate. Carly and Taylor were in utter panic…or at least they must have been before proposing a potential deal to our friend Bradley.

He remembered the exact words that floated from their lips.

“Bradley…” Taylor had broached, placing a hand on his knee, “We need you to do all of our homework assignments and projects for the rest of the semester.”

Bradley had been taken aback – he was happy to help the young bombshells, but doing all their coursework seemed insane – if not impossible.

“What? How am I supposed to do that?” Brad had wondered, utterly confused.

“You’re so smart; you’ll figure it out!” Carly cooed, stroking his hair.

Meanwhile, Taylor was still rubbing his knee. The girls were also sitting closer to him – as if they were closing in. Bradley gulped.

“Listen. We’ve thought about it…and we’re prepared to offer you a deal.” Taylor breathed.

“A…deal?” Brad had stammered.

“You do all of our work for the whole semester, so we pass this class in time to graduate…” Carly began.

“And in exchange…” Taylor whispered.

They spoke their next few words in complete unison, right into his ear.

“…unlimited blowjobs.”

“W-wha-what?” Brad said shakily, his erection now at full mast.

“You heard us.” Carly smiled demurely, “If you keep our grades up, then we’ll suck your dick any time you want. Day or night.”

“This is an all-access pass, Brad.” Taylor winked, “We’ll wake up in the middle of the night and come over to your apartment just to give you head. We promise.”

“Two girls at your beck and call…” Carly whispered, licking Bradley’s ear.

“Our mouths at your disposal 24/7…” Taylor cooed in his other ear.

“We’re offering you Blowjob Heaven here, Bradley.” Carly said softly, “And all you have to do is keep our grades up.”

Needless to say, Bradley had agreed.


It is worth mentioning at this point that the deal was not retroactive. Carly and Taylor would start their duties the following Friday, as long as Bradley started his on the previous Monday, just so they could verify that he was indeed putting in the work. Brad had never worked so hard on calculus as he did that week, but by Thursday he had begun adjusting to the increased workload. He kept telling himself that it would be worth it – that any amount of assignments was doable if it meant having the dual tongues of those two beauties slip and slide all over his manhood whenever he chose.

At last, it was noon on Friday.

That was the exact date and time the girls agreed to be “on the clock” (“on the cock,” as Brad preferred to say). As long as he kept this workload up, he could have unlimited blowjobs from these two flawless, tight-bodied blondes for the rest of the semester.

Our hero made it until about 12:04 PM before he needed to exercise this newfound power. Brad had texted Carly:

“Hey casino siteleri – want to cash in”

“OK! Do u want one of us or both of us?”


“Be there soon 🙂 “

That was it. He officially had a double blowjob on the way.


Bradley’s hands shook as he opened the door to his apartment. His heart pounded, threatening to burst from his chest at any moment. The door slowly swung open to reveal his prize: Carly and Taylor, ready for action.

Taylor was smiling, but Carly was not. This was of particular interest to our hero Bradley because it forced him to acknowledge that the girls were doing this as part of an agreement – not out of any discernible sense of attraction to him. Sure, maybe they would have gone out with him if he had asked. However, it was obvious from Carly’s expression that they were not exactly nuts about the idea of stopping whatever they were doing to come perform a degrading double blowjob for some dude from their math class. Regardless, Bradley found the situation just as arousing – if not more so.

Brad’s girls both sported skin-tight jeans that hugged their long legs and luscious behinds snugly. Up top, they wore cute little crop tops that exposed their tight, toned midriffs. It even appeared that they were wearing their hair the same way – identical ponytails. This stiffened Bradley’s already-hardening member; the girls had put their hair up in preparation for sucking dick. They were really going to do this.

“Hello, there.” Brad finally managed to utter. He was attempting to be suave, but it did not exactly come naturally to him.

“Hi.” Carly greeted him.

“Hey, Brad!” Taylor replied brightly.

“Please come in.”

Bradley led them inside to the living room of his one-bedroom apartment. He had cleaned it especially thoroughly in preparation for this moment. At last, they turned to face one another. Brad and the girls. His girls.

He gulped. They looked at him expectantly.

“So…” Taylor began.

“How do you want us?” Carly shrugged.

Our hero summoned enough energy to gesture to the couch, and he rasped out a barely-coherent offering to them.

“I, uh, put pillows on the floor for your knees, and…uh – I have a couple glasses of water there, as well.”

At this, Carly actually broke into a sweet smile just like the one on Taylor’s gorgeous face. His study buddies clearly appreciated it.

“Thank you. That’s so nice.” Carly cooed.

“And, uh – you both look…you know…” Brad was starting to sweat.

“Look what?” Taylor giggled, amused by his nervousness.

“Really hot.” Bradley blurted out.

Taylor and Carly looked like he had just touched their hearts. The compliment seemed to go a long way.

“You are so sweet!” Carly cooed.

“Thanks, Brad!” Taylor blushed.

Bradley nodded. The room quieted down again. It was time.

He took a breath, and then – without breaking eye contact with the girls – he sat down on the couch. Next to his feet on the floor were two small throw pillows, one for each young lady as she feasted on his throbbing cock.

Also without breaking eye contact, Carly and Taylor knelt down simultaneously, taking their new place on either side of Brad’s throne.

“Ready?” they asked him at the exact same second (which he found impressive).

“Ready.” Brad answered.

And right then and there, he was indeed ready. Brad had never been the cutest guy, the most athletic guy, the smoothest guy, or really any big hit with the fairer sex. He knew rejection; he knew what it was like to be a geek/nerd/call-it-what-you-will. But now, on this couch, he was about to stake his claim to Blowjob Heaven.

And it felt oh so right.

By the time he had finished with all of these thoughts, he realized that the girls were just releasing his dick. Brad had a nice 7-incher, and he was proud of its girth.

“Mmm…” Carly remarked mutely, gazing at its pink head.

“Mmm…” Taylor echoed, breathing on his veiny shaft.

Already, Bradley loved the attention they were paying to his dick, and they had not even placed their mouths on it yet. He figured that they were planning to do whatever would get him off the fastest, and he was fine with that. He could call them back in 45 minutes if he wanted to.

“Who first?” Taylor inquired.

All four beautiful eyes glowed up at him, and he smirked a bit before answering.


Carly nodded subtly and leaned forward. Brad had chosen her because she seemed the more reluctant at first. He wanted them to be excited. He wanted them to love his dick, and for not doing so, she would be going first.

Watching Carly’s mouth open was like watching the Pearly Gates swing forth to reveal his new Kingdom. A few small trails of saliva connected her top and bottom lips like stalactites in a cave. It sure looked nice and warm and moist in canlı casino there…

Well, guess what?

It was.

Carly’s nice, soft lips wrapped tenderly around Bradley’s pole for the first time ever. The girls sat between his knees, so they could not see Brad’s toes curl intensely in his socks. It had been forever since he had enjoyed a blowjob, and he had forgotten how much he savored the sensations coursing through his bloodstream and nervous system. Fortunately, he didn’t plan on forgetting again for a long, long time.

The girl at work commenced her suction, and she slid her tongue around his thick, magenta cockhead as she started slurping. Carly was sucking Bradley’s dick for a good grade in math – it was like a porn scenario come to life before his eyes. He decided to exacerbate the experience with a bit of dirty talk.

“What do you girls think of your new friend?” he asked boldly, looking down at them.

“We like it…a lot.” Taylor whispered, knowing that she needed to be sexy if she wanted to get this over with.

“What about you, Carly?” Brad inquired, gripping his current oral sex partner by her ponytail.

“Kuh – kuh – kuh – mmmph!” Carly gargled out, gazing up at Bradley with huge eyes reddened by the prolonged ministrations on his aching rod. He decided it was time for a switch, anyway.

Brad whipped his cock out of Carly’s warm, slick mouth, allowing the poor girl to catch her breath. He pivoted slightly to aim his shaft toward Taylor’s waiting face. She winced a bit, but she did not back away. She simply knelt there, with her lips slightly parted, preparing for the inevitable – her turn.

“So, Taylor.” Bradley began.


“You said unlimited blowjobs for the rest of the semester, is that correct?”

Taylor’s face soured – he was totally getting off on this.

“Yes, Brad.” she said, quiet and defeated.

“So, I guess that kind of means…this mouth of yours…”

He punctuated his musings by prodding her lips with his cockhead. She did not open wide for him, because she figured he wanted her to answer his question. However, she did not object to his dragging his stiff dick all over her face.

“…it kind of belongs to me now, doesn’t it?”

Carly and Taylor looked up at Brad upon hearing this. They had agreed to blowjobs, but this degrading talk was downright appalling – and especially from Bradley, who had always been a sweet and seemingly innocent classmate of theirs.

“…yes, sir.”

Bradley was actually kind of startled to hear such an encouraging response, and as a matter of fact, he was unsure who it came from. He looked down at his girls for a moment before determining that it did not matter. He had his permission. It was now time to stake his claim. He slid his dick toward Taylor’s waiting jaw, and she locked eyes with him as she opened wide to receive his package.

“Well, Carly.” Brad said, turning slightly to the girl on his other side, “I suppose these pretty faces of yours are just my two brand-new cock sheaths, aren’t they?”

Taylor threw Carly a look, but they both knew what needed to be done.

“Yes, sir.” Carly rasped.

As soon as she uttered these submissive little words, Brad shoved his cock into Taylor’s mouth. She gagged and sputtered, but he gripped her by the ponytail and began to fuck her face with passion and vigor. Carly merely crouched there in mute acceptance.

“Yeah, that’s right!” Brad growled, raising his voice somewhat. “Taking what’s MINE!”

Taylor’s eyes teared up from all the fellatio, but this was her job now. The Unlimited Blowjob Pass was her idea, and here she was, reaping the benefits.

“Good girl, Taylor. See? I hold up my end of the deal, and you hold up yours. I’ll get you girls through our math class, but I want exclusive rights to you for the whole semester.”

“What does that mean?” Carly asked, already afraid of the answer.

“It means…”

He swung his dick back out of a gasping Taylor’s mouth and guided it like a heat-seeking missile to Carly’s. He plunged inward, staring down at her watery eyes and stressed facial features – a face that was stretched around his big cock at this very moment.

“It means no boyfriends. No dates with other guys. And I want you girls hanging on me while we’re in class and on campus. I want it to look like you’re my girlfriends. All that, in addition to on-demand blowjobs 24 hours a day.”

If Carly’s eyes could get any wider, this is where they would.

“Do you know how that would make us look?” Taylor snapped, momentarily forgetting her position.

At this, she expected for Brad to swing his cock back over to her for a particularly punitive throat-fucking…and that’s exactly what our hero did. He growled down at her as he grabbed her ponytail with both hands, using her entire head to jerk himself off like a fleshlight.

“Probably not any worse than not being able to graduate kaçak casino on time, and costing your family all the remaining tuition because your scholarships are only good for eight semesters.”

Any hope the girls had of declining Brad’s advancements was shot down as soon as he uttered those words. He had them right where he wanted them. The bottom line was that they needed this deal more than he did. He had the upper hand…and right now, that hand was gliding Taylor’s plush, sucking mouth interior all over his yearning penis.

“Get in here, Carly.” he rasped to his other concubine.

Carly shuffled forward on her knees until she was elbow-to-elbow with her partner in crime.

“Open up.” Brad said curtly. “I want a finish to remember.”

Once again, Taylor and her roommate locked eyes. Finish? They had not even contemplated what they would do when Brad finished. Did one of them have to swallow it? If so, which one? Did they have to get it on their faces?

Before those thoughts could even finish crossing their minds, the girls witnessed from close range as Bradley slipped his still-dripping cock from Taylor’s oral cavity and began to cram it into Carly’s beautiful face. As if this weren’t all bad enough, Bradley was still staring down at them, groaning out objectifying epithets about his plans for the future.

“I think I’ll start off every morning with a nice blowjob in bed, girls…” he sighed, totally lost in fantasy, “And then after my first class of the day, I’ll stop by your apartment for another one. We’ll play it by ear from there, but I’ll want you every few hours. Alright?”

The girls simply nodded, defeated, as Bradley whipped his cock back and forth between them. He would give a few thrusts into Carly’s mouth, and then another few between Taylor’s supple pink lips. He was settling into a rhythm.

“One before dinner, one after dinner…”

“Kuh – kuh – kuhhh!”

“Maybe one during dinner. What do you girls think?”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say. Okay, get ready.”

And just like that, Bradley was getting ready to cum. He stood up, gripped his cock with one hand and began to pump it up and down. Carly and Taylor noticed that what got him this far was not just their cock sucking abilities (which weren’t exactly stellar or experienced), but their willingness to submit to him and agree to whatever he said. It was the sense of power that was about to get him off. Which reminded them, by the way, that they were about to have a fleshy volcano erupt all over them in a matter of seconds.

“I hope you girls like the taste of my cum, because you’re gonna be getting a lot of it.”

His rotation from one girl to her roommate was getting quicker and quicker in its pacing, and they had both just taken to kneeling with their mouths open so Bradley could do as he pleased.

“That’s right. That’s fucking right. Now, lick my balls.”

Yet another thing the girls had not exactly considered. They both eyed Brad’s scrotum with equal reluctance, but they were well aware that this was probably their ticket out. If only it didn’t feel so degrading.

Carly and Taylor set to work, slobbering all over Bradley’s testicles with a vengeance. He was shocked at the sudden level of enthusiasm. His gorgeous classmates showered loving kisses and sweet, tender licks all over his balls and the underside of his pulsating manhood.

“Oh, SHIT!” Bradley moaned loudly, which only encouraged the ladies further.

“You like that?” Carly cooed, sucking attentively on a testicle.

“Yes…” Brad said, feeling himself begin to sweat profusely.

“Cum for us, Brad.” Taylor whispered as she French-kissed the tip of his dick.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK! HERE IT COMES!” Brad bellowed.

The gooey onslaught launched into being, with pump after pump of thick, white semen firing out of Bradley’s eager glans. A few drops landed on the girls’ faces, which was probably what Brad wanted all along. Some of it got into their hair, and the rest oozed gently down the slope of his cock and onto his stomach and groin.

“We’ll do a proper facial later on.” he promised, wiping his brow after a phenomenal orgasm. He motioned for the girls to stop their ball-worshiping (for the time being) and pointed at the cum on his own body.

“Go ahead and clean me up.”

Their eyes were now totally betraying frustration and disapproval, but Bradley had given them a direct order, and they were not the ones in control here. He was the Blowjob King, and they were his loyal subjects and cock-servants. Taylor and Carly leaned forward and began to lick and kiss every inch of Bradley’s genitals. He sat back down, legs spread so his new concubines could do their job properly. Their supple skin, luscious lips and deep pink tongues tingled him to the bone.

“Aaaah…” Brad exhaled, savoring the moment, “I could get used to this.”

Taylor and Carly threw each other a look of desperation, but they knew they were officially in over their heads. And in that moment, they were thinking the exact same thing as Bradley himself. He vocalized it for all three of them.

“I think this semester is going to be one to remember.”

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