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There’s something intensely arousing about sensory deprivation. In complete darkness, every touch is magnified a thousand times, every scent more concentrated, every sound echoes. It was my girlfriend’s idea to try it, to blindfold each other and fumble through the velvet dark towards ecstasy.

When my nails grazed her skin, she giggled. My fingers skated over the delicate ridge of bone, exploring until I could identify this mysterious body part. Her ankle, smooth hard round of bone, the tender flexible tendon, leading into the soft upwards curve of her calf. She shivered, and it was my turn to laugh, inching up the bed so I could nip at the backs of her knees, feeling the quiver and strain in her muscles as she tried not to move. My nipples dragged against the rough softness of the comforter, tingling. I pressed my thighs together to trap the warm weight of excitement.

I smoothed my palms up the outside of her hips, marveling at how soft her skin was, how good it felt under my hands. Little things that I’d never noticed with my eyes, my fingers found- the whisper of stubble güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri over her smooth knees, slowing my touch to explore the tender flesh of her thighs. I touched my lips to the throbbing pulse under her skin, felt it quicken and jump when I blew softly up the long satin length. I bypassed her pussy with the lightest brush of nails and my own long hair against her flesh. She whimpered and arched upwards and I just smiled, letting my mouth linger on her taut belly, my tongue delve and lap at her navel, mimicking the wicked things I planned to do to her.

Her skin tasted clean, and faintly of salt. I breathed in the soft, warm scent that was all her, sunshine and flowers and the sweet, feminine musk. Her skin was so soft, I rubbed my face against her breasts like a kitten until she squirmed, her hands coming up to cup her own flesh, lift breasts as ripe and firm as peaches to my lips. I flicked my tongue across her nipples and she gasped, then moaned when I took them into my mouth and sucked, slow and hard, the way I knew she loved, rolling güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my tongue over the hard tip that swelled so invitingly between my lips.

“Don’t tease,” she begged. The breathless pleading in her voice sent and answering thrill of pleasure down my spine. I slid down her body until my lips grazed the smooth skin of her mound, my tongue snaking out to drag slowly up the silken labia and circle lightly over her clit. Her fingers caught in my hair, tugging lightly as I stroked her clit again with my tongue, lapping the sweet slick juices up and over her clit. I pressed my tongue against it and felt it throb, ripening against my mouth as blood rushed to fill it. I nibbled at it, my nostrils filling with the warm, humid fragrance of her pussy, my mouth drowned in her salt-sweet taste. I didn’t have to see to know she was kneading and massaging her own breasts, tugging on the pretty pink buds of her nipples.

I couldn’t help a satisfied hum of pleasure as her breathing grew more ragged, each little gasp ending with a sobbing moan as güvenilir bahis şirketleri my fingers slid past the slick lips and into the scalding heat of her. My fingertips found the sweet spot that would turn those moans into screams and rubbed teasingly over it, back and forth. Her hips arched with the first light pressure and she writhed against me, trembling when my tongue found her again, coupling that tormenting fingerplay with slow, firm circles across her clit.

Her body clutched and grabbed at my hand, the first little convulsion that would turn her into a boneless puddle of pleasure in moments. I sucked on her clit, using my other hand to nudge her thighs wider, and flicked my fingertips fast and firm against that spot. The first ripple of orgasm ran through her in waves, dragging a wordless wail from her throat. She rocked against my hand, my lips and tongue sucking and stroking more of those beautiful sounds from her as her pussy spasmed around my fingers, soaking my hand and the comforter. Only when her cries had become whimpers and her body could do no more than tremble did I slide up her body to reach for her, our mouths fusing in a long, sated kiss. Her hand trailed over my breast, down the curve of my waist, to rest on my hip.

“My turn,” I said, shivering with anticipation.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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