Blind Date

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I felt happy sitting in the pub, looking at the pretty girl in front of me. “This drink is delicious,” She said as her pretty lips made an attempt to slurp the straw. I smiled and took a sip from my hot chocolate, the steam moving in the air making the situation hotter. I felt myself breathing heavily as my eyes travelled down her face coming to rest on her wet, glossy lips. She flicked her tongue out and licked her lips, wetting them slightly.

“Care for another drink, Michelle?” I asked.

“No thanks, Jake,” She replied timidly.

I stood up, taking her hands in mine and we left to go to the movie we had planned to watch tonight as part of our date.


“I’m feeling wet, Jake,” She said in a husky whimper as I nibbled at her neck; slowly grazing my tongue over her smooth skin, my teeth making her body shiver with excitement. I rolled her red tank top up slowly, exposing her round smooth breasts covered up by her pretty bra. I let my fingers trail along the deep valley of her cleavage, provoking sweet moans from the girl squirming in my bed.

“Oh…Jake,” She murmured as her hands wrapped around my neck caressing my hair as I bend down planting a wet kiss upon her cleavage. “I never thought our date would get this intimate Michelle,” I said as I moved up to her face, seeing her pretty eyes closed tight. I kissed her eyelids and she opened them, smiling at me. She moved her head up as she bent sideways taking my lips between her soft, smooth lips as she kissed me passionately. I felt her lips part as my tongue filled the space in between.

I drew her into a tight embrace as I felt her sumptuous breasts crushed beneath my chest as she yielded to me. I slowly moved my hands down over her pretty mounds, covered only by her thin, sexy, red bra……….


I felt Michelle ease into my arms as I wrapped them around her and she snuggled into me. I was sure we never came here to see the movie but feel comfort in each other. I stroked her petite shoulder as she snuggled closer, letting me inhale her exotic, feminine scent. I still couldn’t belive I ended up in a blind date as fantastic as this. I fantasized about feeling Michelle in my bed, kissing her all over,feeling my throbbing manhood inside her. I hoped she felt the same way about me, so that we could spend the night together. I felt silly for casino oyna dreaming these things on our first date, realizing that I don’t know much about her.

“Anything wrong Jake?” She asked waking me up from my dreams as I saw my bulge quite visible within my khakis.

“Nothing Michelle,” I murmured.

I felt bad, as though I were taking advantage of her – when I heard her giggling. “Are you feeling comfortable?” She asked, flirting as I slowly dropped my eyes down her front seeing her luscious round breasts and the dollar that had fallen deep within cleavage. I tried not to blush as i smiled back sheepishly. She giggled again.


Snap-Snap! went the tight straps of her bra as they echoed throughout the bedroom. I blinked my eyes and looked back at my angel’s sweet mounds with pink nipples that added to her splendor. I grazed my finger tip below her neck, as my palm encircled her curvaceous breasts and I felt her nipples getting erect under my touch. “Your hands are so warm, baby,” She whispered as I felt her utter a slight gasp. I took her right nipple between in my mouth and started nibbling it slowly, which made her gasp and squeal aloud as I bent it tenderly between my teeth. I kept nibbling was rewarded by her feverish panting. She wrapped her arms around my neck again pulling me close trying to bury me between her cleavage.

“Mmmmm….” She purred as I decreased my pace and took her entire right breast in my mouth, sucking it slowly. She let out low moans when I pulled her right nipple back with my lips as I sucked.

Meanwhile, my hands resting on her flat tummy moved down, probing inside her skirt. I felt her wetness under the lacy panties that she wore. I moved my finger tip over her damp spot as I circled it with my finger tip making her breath heavily as if she were struggling to get air. “Jake…I can’t take it any longer,” she moaned as my fingers over her panty clad pussy was dripping wet under my attention. She let out a shrill gasp followed by a deep grunt as she orgasm. I felt her dripping wet juices flow down her creamy thighs soaking her panties as well as my fingers.


The credits and end music began as the movie came to finish. I almost felt relieved as I could go home now and masturbate myself, thinking about this beautiful girl who was now leaning her head on my shoulder, canlı casino with her hands over my thighs. “Shall we leave, Michelle?”I asked. “Yes, please.” She said. We got up from our seats holding hands and walked down out of the theatre. I held her soft palm in my vice grip, feeling its smoothness under my touch. I felt her lean closer to me as we walked, I sensed that she was happy.

As we came to her doorstep, I felt her blushing slightly and bend her head down. “Would you like to come in for a drink Jake?” She inquired. I felt surprised at first because this is our first date. I wondered what this sweet girl had on her mind. But I consoled myself thinking that she must live with her parents. “Yes, but…do you live alone?” I said rephrasing my question to know whether she lived with her parents are not.

She giggled again which turned into a smile as she opened the lock and we entered her home. “This is my first date Jake,” She said. I became confused about what she was trying to get at. “You’re a nice boy… I’m not a girl who jumps into bed with strangers, but with you….” her sentence broke off, followed by a deep blush that made her cheeks red and her petite figure tremble with anticipation.


I kept caressing her erect nipples as I felt her open her eyes which had been closed from the orgasm she had. She smiled at me as her hands moved down my body; over my boxers and she slipped them off.

My rigid manhood popped out, hard due to the feelings of her silky fingers over it. “Ohhhh….” I moaned softly as she wrapped her fingers one by one around my throbbing manhood and started stroking it up and down so thoroughly that I felt I would cum that moment. I thought she would make me orgasm with her delicate hands which she proved wrong the next moment as I closed my eyes.

“Mmmmm…” She purred as she slowly wrapped her plump, wet lips around my hard cock making me moan and gasp. Soon she was bobbing up and down on my cock showing her willingness to please me and learn more about a man’s pleasure, which made her moves over my cock even more appealing to me. “Honey, please stop,” I blurted out like a jerk, making her face fall.

“Did I do something wrong, Jake?” She asked, licking her lips with a worried expression on her face. “No Michelle, you were doing it very well. But I would like to cum in a kaçak casino part of your body,” I said with a grin on my face. She blushed. “I’m new to this, Jake,” she replied, still blushing. “I’ll take it slow and steady, honey, I promise…” “ok…” She replied tensely as I made her lie on her back, spreading her creamy thighs wide for my next move.


I walked behind her as she opened the door of her bedroom, seeing her gorgeous ass swinging back and forth as she walked over to the bed. II followed her, quite unaware of my next move with this cute virgin girl. I gained confidence as I made the first move walking towards her as I took her face in my palm planting a dry kiss on her lips as she responded quickly. “Let’s get to the bed, Jake,” She said as she eased herself into the sheets of her cosy bed.

I smiled as I joined her and she cuddled into my arms. She closed her eyes and her lips broke open making a slight ‘O’ making her look like a gorgeous angel from heaven. I moved lower taking her upper lip in mine, slowly kissing it, then I moved down kissing her lower lip and tasting her sweetness. As I broke the kiss she parted her lips again speaking her agreement.


I placed my cock in the entrance of her love tunnel and I pushed myself into her. I stroked her inner thighs as I slowly lowered my inches inside her deep tunnel which engulfed my cock with a willingness. “Ahhhhh….” she groaned loudly, and I took her mouth, kissing it tight to muffle her screams as I pushed more of my cock inside her.

I felt her whimper as tears fell down her cheeks and rolled onto the damp pillow. I felt her relax visibly as she parted her thighs wider to accommodate me inside her tight pussy. I started moving inside her at a slower, gentle pace which became faster and harsher as she started bucking her hips back to meet my thrusts. I felt myself about to cum inside this virgin girl as she bit my shoulders, scratching my back with her sharp nails, making a feminine grunt as her juices exploded over my hard cock.

“Yeah, baby,” I grunted as I felt myself unload my cum inside her , filling her up. She smiled at me as my soft cock popped out of her bleeding pussy filled with my cum. I lay on top of her cute round breasts feeling their softness as we both breathed heavily.

“I loved it doing with you, Jake,” Smiling as she said these words.

“I loved it too, my sweet virgin angel,” I replied with a grin on my face.

“Virgin, no more,” she laughed as she hugged me tight before we drifted of into a satisfying slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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