Blackmailed: Morning Fuck

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I was bent over, leaned against a wall. My shorts and underwear was around my ankles. I was covered in sweat from recently mowing his lawn. My shoes were grass stained and my shirt was plastered to me by sweat. But all I could think about was my neighbor as he fucked my asshole yet again. My asshole was quivering around his hard cock as it punished my insides. He had a hold of my hips and was fucking me hard and fast. Apparently he woke up horny, and why jerk off when you can fuck your blackmailed lawn-boy?

I was on my third lawn of the day, which was his. I had woken up early to get as many done as I could. I will admit, I was a little worried about making too much noise and getting his attention. But I knew if he wanted me, he would just tell me so. I knew I would do what he said. He had three different recordings of me now: one of me jerking off as I stared into his window, one of him as he used my asshole for the first time, and one of him and his friend turning my into a cock slut. I had almost completed his lawn, before I saw him standing on his porch watching me. I stopped mowing and froze for a second, before dropped my head and continued mowing.

I just kept my eyes on my work and tried not to notice him as he watched me like a predator. I had finally finished and turned off the mower, when I heard him call to me. I looked up and saw him holding a bottle of water. I said I was fine, and lied and said I had a few more lawn to do before I could call it quits. He smirked, casino oyna then looked my right in the eyes, and pointed to his porch right in front of him. As if to say, come here, right now. I knew I really didn’t have a choice and I was thirsty, so I walked up and took the bottle. I made sure to say thank you, before started drinking. I could see him looking me up and down, and paying close attention to my butt.

He was wearing a pair of light pajama bottoms, and I could tell he was getting hard. I finished the water and again said thanks, but that I had to go. He smirked and said, “Why don’t you come inside and cool down for a bit? You look like you can use a break.” I said thanks, but that I had get going. I turned to go, when he cleared his throat. I turned back around and he said, “Maybe I wasn’t clear. So now I’ll just make it clear. I am horny. You are going to come inside and I am going to fill your tight asshole with my cock until I cum. After that, you can leave and mow as many lawns you want. You can even keep my cum buried in your ass as a reminder of who it belongs to. Now get in the house bitch.” I lowered my head and did as I was told.

He walked behind me and shut the door. He then pushed me up against the wall. I grunted at the suddenness of his push. He then pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. Luckily I was covered in sweat already, so my asshole was already a little slick. He then shoved every inch of his massively hard cock up my tight asshole. canlı casino I whimpered and jumped at the intrusion. He grabbed my hips and slammed hard. My face was pushed against the wall and my legs were spread apart. My hands were holding the wall for support. He thrusted his hard cock deep into my asshole and started to work me over with a fast speed.

“I woke up horny, kid. And here you are. My little lawn-boy, always ready to take my cock. It’s so nice to have a little bitch living so close to me. It really is convenient to just be able to pull you inside for a good pounding of your asshole. Don’t you think, bitch? Isn’t it great that you don’t have a choice? Aren’t you lucky to have a big strong guy like me, who has you at his mercy? I even give you time to recuperate after every time I use your asshole. No sense letting your tight ass get too stretched out, is there? That would defeat the purpose of having a bitch boy at my beck and call.”

I don’t say anything. He apparently doesn’t like that. He plunges his cock into me deep and hard a few times and smacks my ass cheeks as he say, “Answer me when I talk to you, bitch. Or I swear to god I will use your asshole every night. I will make you suck my cock at least twice a day. When I am done with you, you won’t feel happy without a cock in your mouth or up your ass.”

I gasp and say, “Yes sir. It’s great that I don’t have a choice. I am very lucky to be at your mercy. Thank you for keep my asshole tight, sir.” kaçak casino

He keeps fucking my asshole and says, “That’s better. That wasn’t so hard to admit now was it?” I take what he gives me and say, “No sir.”

He apparently has things to do today, and is just looking to unload his seed, because he doesn’t slow down at all. He is just using my asshole to get himself off. I am breathing hard at this point. My whole body is being wracked by his thrusts up my tight ass. He picks up more speed and grips my hips tighter. I know he is getting close to cumming. I clinch my asshole and hope he cums soon. He yells out, “Oh yeah. Tighten that asshole on my cock, you whore. Take my cum. Here it comes bitch. Here comes my man seed, all in your ass.” At this he plunges his cock deeper into my hole, and sprays his hot cum deep inside my asshole. I can feel his cock jump as it squirts his seed into my used hole.

He pumps my asshole a few more times to milk his cock. Then he pulls out and pulls up his pants. He smacks my ass and says, “Ok, bitch. You can go now. I’ll call you next time I need to fuck something.” He then leans in and roughly grabs my balls. I have not cum during this whole episode, so my balls are sore and full of cum. He knows this and hisses in my ear, “And the next time I ask you a question, you better answer. And when tell you do something, you better not give me any excuses.” He squeezes my balls roughly again, causing me to whimper. He says to me, “You got that, bitch?” I nod and say, “Yes sir.”

He lets my balls go and says, “Good boy. You can go now.” With that I pull up my underwear and shorts and leave. My asshole still quivering and his cum buried deep in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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