Blackmailed By My Brother – Part 2

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Chapter Five

Carrie started to turn and run back out but before she did, Jack spoke to her.

“Stop. Close the door, then come here.”

Carrie froze at that tone and turned back toward her brother, then walked next to him.

Jack leaned closed and sniffed at Carrie’s coated face.

“That’s pussy!” he exclaimed.

Carrie blushed furiously.

“A-A-Angel is here,” she said, her eyes averted.

Jack just looked at her.

“Get on your knees,” he said, turning towards his younger sister. She did what he said. Jack took his cock, still hard, and rubbed it over her face, gettin it wet with Angel’s outburst, and then put the head up against Carrie’s mouth.

“Suck it.”

Carrie resignedly opened her mouth and took the head inside.

Jack knew that he wouldn’t have much time if Angel was in the house, so he took hold of Carrie’s ears and immediately started pumping back and forth in her mouth, face fucking his younger sister.

Carrie’s eyes got big as saucers as she felt Jack’s cock bang into the back of her mouth once, twice, three times then again and again as he carried out the mouth rape. She could taste Angel’s pussy on his cock and in her haste and confusion over the taste and events taking place, she was licking Jack’s cock.

‘God,’ thought Jack to himself, ‘she’s really getting into sucking my cock!’

He felt a rumbling in his balls and knew that he was going to shoot soon so he increased his pace until he felt the orgasm start. That’s when he pushed deep, deeper than before, and felt the head of his cock pop into his younger sister’s throat.

Carrie panicked when her brother pressed his belly up against her nose as the cock in her throat cut off her air supply. She felt him shooting his sperm directly into her gullet and was swallowing reflexively to clear the air passage, her hands trying in vain to push him away.

When Jack finishing draining his balls he pulled back and then out of his sister’s mouth.

“Thanks sis…now, go clean yourself up.”

Jack put his cock away and walked out, leaving his sister a bit stunned on her knees, the taste of cum and pussy resident in her mouth. He walked over to her room and peered inside. He could see Angel laying on his sister’s casino oyna bed, eye’s closed, her shorts off and on the floor. Angel was playing with her pussy, more teasing herself than seriously going for it.

Jack felt his semi-soft cock starting to rise again. He walked into the room.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he said, looking directly at Angel’s eyes, which now fluttered open.

“Wh-what the hell…”

“Listen up. I have a video of you and my sister last night, getting high and sexing it up. I have the coke that you left behind. I have her admitting on video that you sold her the coke. Unless you want me to totally fuck up your life…”

Angel just blinked at him. She never before had felt quite this exposed.

“What do you want?”

Jack walked over to the bed and then dropped his shorts, revealing his semi-hard cock.

“I wanna’ fuck.”

Chapter Six

‘Well that’s not so terrible’ thought Angel.


“You need to get me harder.”

Angel smirked and then slid around on the bed so that her head was hanging off the side of the bed, her mouth opened in silent invite.

Jack moved forward, allowed Angel’s hand to guide his cock inside her mouth. When he felt her suck hard, he knew that unlike his younger sister, Angel had had some experience sucking cocks.

Just then Carrie walked into the room.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, surprised to see her brother in her room, and getting head from Angel.

“Come over here, Carrie. Get behind me on your knees and lick my ass.”

As Carrie moved into position, Angel had moved one of her hands down to her pussy and was now rubbing her clit, knowing that it would further excite Jack. She could look and partially see Carrie behind Jack, and knew that the young submissive was now starting to lick his crack.

“Feels good, Carrie…get it all nice and wet.”

A minute or so later Jack told them both to stop. He didn’t want yet another blowjob finish, but instead wanted pussy.

He pulled Angel around into position, putting her legs up onto his shoulders while he was standing on the side of the bed.

“Hey, go easy, you’re kinda’ bi…”

Jack didn’t heed her request, but instead sunk his cock completely inside her canlı casino exposed pussy, bottoming out against her cervix.

“Owwwwwww….fuckkkkk!” cried Angel, not used to such a big cock from a high school kid.

“Jesus, you’re tight,” said Jack as he started fucking in and out of the younger girl, her saliva around his cock providing the necessary lubrication to allow the fast pace.

“Carrie? Get on the bed.” Carrie climbed up onto the bed and was watching his cock go deep inside her friend’s cunt.

“Get over her face and let her lick your pussy,” said Jack, tightening his grip on Angel’s legs to allow him better thrust.

“Waaaaait…I d-do-don’t eat…”

“You do now,” interrupted Jack, as Carrie settled her pussy down on Angel’s face, taking some satisfaction in getting someone to service her. When she didn’t feel Angel’s tongue she reach down with both hands and tweaked both the girl’s nipples hard. That got a response, and soon she felt Angel’s tongue and mouth against her slit.

Jack had one more trick up his sleeve. He’d never fucked a girl in the ass, but as he was looking at Angel on her back, covered up by his younger sister, and bent around by his arms, he decided to go for broke. He leaned forward and whispered to his sister.

“She going to try and push you off and get away. Don’t let her.”

Carrie lustfully nodded.

Jack slowed his pace and then stopped and pulled out. For a moment, Angel thought he might be tired or something and just concentrated on the pussy that she was licking, which she admitted to herself tasted pretty sweet.

Angel then felt Jack adjusting her legs and bending her a bit more. She thought he was just trying to get even deeper inside. Then she felt his cock press up against her asshole but before her brain could really register what was happening, it had happened. Jack’s cock was wet enough with her pussy juice, and she was angled just perfectly so that when he pushed, she couldn’t budge. His cockhead just popped into her cherry asshole and then he kept on pushing, figuring he had to get balls deep in order to hold her in place.

For Angel it felt like her ass was on fire. She yelled but of course her yell was muffled by the pussy on top of her face. She tried to push kaçak casino away but Jack just grabbed her hands and brought them to her legs which he gripped tighter, not moving within her ass, but resting balls deep.

Then he pulled out, just halfway, and then pushed back inside. He heard more cries from Angel, and this turned Carrie on. She wiggled her pussy and asshole against Angel’s mouth and nose and ground against her, trying to reach orgasm.

Jack pulled out again, this time until just the head was within. He held it there for a full five seconds…giving Angel time to think about it. Angel tried tightening her ass muscles by squeezing down, but, it still wasn’t enough. It just provided Jack with a more exquisite grip around his cock was now pushing back into the depth’s of Angel’s plundered ass.

She screamed again into Carrie’s pussy, and the vibrations against Carrie’s pussy lips, plus just the whole situation of watching her brother assfuck her friend, was enough to drive Carrie’s pussy into orgasm. She came over Angel’s face, and Angel just gave up, relaxing her arms and muscles and surrendering to the assfucking.

Jack felt this relaxation and began stroking steadily in and out of Angel’s ass, making deep strokes, not pounding hard to hurt the girl, but long, steady strokes to ignite the fire within his balls one more time.

Carrie was out of it and moved off of Angel’s face and lay down on the bed. Angel, her face covered with Carrie’s secretions, looked up at Jack with a mask of slight discomfort and passion melded into one.

“Gonna’…cum…in…you…ass…” said Jack to Angel, his thrusting increasing now.

Angel reached down with one of her hands and began rubbing her clit. Jack saw this and smiled and then shot a load of hot cum into her ass, pumping four, five, then six jets before collapsing himself on the bed.

Angel hadn’t quite cum yet, and was still masturbating.

“Carrie…get over between her legs and lick my cum out of her ass.”

Carrie moaned but didn’t want Jack getting mad so she moved, with Angel spreading her legs as she felt the young girl’s tongue licking her well-fucked starfish.

“Ohhhgawwwddddddd………” Angel crested and came, her body bouncing on the bed like she was having a seizure and then she settled down, almost passing out, just cooing quietly, closing her legs to stop Carrie from licking her asshole further.

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