Birds of a Feather, Chapter 8

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Birds of a Father, Chapter 8 (a new life begins)

I knew it early when I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was about an hour before the alarm would go off. I looked around and realized I was alone in the bedroom. The sexy taste from the night before was a little stale now and my body begged for a shower.

I opened the bedroom door first… I could smell the coffee and something cooking but I couldn’t make it out just what it was. I could hear Kathy and Gail talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I made my way to the bathroom, shaved, and brushed my teeth, showered from head to foot then headed to the kitchen. I could still hear the girls talking.

Just before I entered the kitchen, I heard Kathy ask, “Gail, do you know many people like us?” There was a few seconds of silence. Then I heard Gail say, “When you say, like us, do you mean like you and Frank. Anyone can see you two are soul mates and NO; there are not a lot of you around. It you are talking about your new sexual adventure, I would have to say YES, probably more that you could imagine.

Kathy said, “I’m not sure how all this come about, it seem be something Frank and I both wanted to do together. Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll go too far and up-set him. I sure don’t want to do that. I have really enjoyed sharing this with him but I don’t want to lose him over it. I know that I could stop this sexual adventure and live the rest of my life with him alone.”

“Kathy, I can tell you Frank didn’t do anything last night he didn’t want to do. If and when the time comes for you to stop having sex with other people, you both will know it and it will not be a problem. Until then, doors will continue to open and more people will be involved. You’ll find singles like me, ranging in ages from eighteen and up, couples of all ages, and open families like those Frank mentioned before. Just keep in mind; always together and always keep some time for yourselves.”

I thought, now would be a good to make my appearance. “Good morning Ladies, I see we’re up early this morning… What is that wonderful smell coming from the oven?”

“Gail has made us a nice sausage and egg casserole, it should just about cool enough to eat now,” Kathy said as she moved the dish to the table.

Kathy served up the casserole and we had just set down to eat when Gail said, “Frank, Kathy seems to have some concerns about you two fucking other people, how do you feel about it?”

I brain was a muddle trying to come up with the right words. Saved by the bell, the phone startled the three of us.

I wondered who would be calling this early in the morning. It was Dan, “Hey Buddy, sorry to call so early but I had a couple of questions I needed answered today. NO, I’m not going to ask if you three had a great time, I already no the answer to that. First, can we use the pictures? Second, if things go the way I think they will all this will be settled today, would you and Kathy agree for ass and ass to keep the cars they have now.”

I had him hold while I talked to Kathy. We were okay on using the pictures but Kathy said she would be will the exchange cars with Jerry. If she didn’t want that, she would take both of them.

I told Dam what Kathy said about the cars and the sooner it was over with the better. He told me, “Thomas is gonna make them pay the cost, they have don something to piss him off and he is out for blood.” “Thomas” I ask. “Oh yes, I sorry, he’s the attorney handling this. He will go with this and you should hear something soon.

When I return to the table I looked at Gail, smiled and told her, “I love it and will go as far with it and continue it as long as Kathy is excited about it.

Gail and Kathy both give me a questing look. I laughed, “Fucking other people, is that not what you ask me?” The three of us laughed as we continued eating our breakfast.

Gail told us her appointment was not until mid-morning and if we didn’t mind she would clean the kitchen and hang out for a while.

We told her we had plenty of time before we had to get ready for work but that would be fine with us. She asks if we would mind if the three of us took another shower together. We both agreed and headed to the bathroom.

The water was nice and warm as I backed into the shower. Gail backed in next and Kathy walked in facing Gail. We each soaped up a sponge, I washed Gail’s back as Gail, and Kathy washed each other’s front.

When I got the small of Gail’s back, she moved her feet further apart and pushed her ass back toward me. I pulled the soapy sponge up the crack of her ass then slid my other hand between her slick, soapy ass, massing her little rosebud.

Kathy put her arms around Gail, pulled their bodies together and rubbed their soapy tits together. Both women were breathing heavy and I knew they were getting hotter by the second.

I replaced my hand with my hard cock between Gail’s cheeks. She reached back with her soapy hand, took my cock and pulled it down until the head was pushing against her asshole.

“Do it Honey, fuck my ass good and hard. I pushed hard, slipping past her sphincter, into her anal passage. She groaned with pleasure as I went ball deep and held it there for just a second before I pull almost all the way out. Then I slowly pushed it back in.

Each thrust was a little harder and faster. Gail was rotating her hips around, tightening then relaxing her sphincter. While I was fucking her asshole, she was using her anal skills to fuck me back.

I was holding Gail’s hip and fucking her hard. I was surprised when I felt a tongue lick my scrotum as I shoved my cock to the hilt.

I looked around Gail to see Kathy with her face buried between Gail’s legs. I could tell Gail was getting close. I jammed my cock into her and starting taking shorter, quicker stokes.

Gail’s whole body was trembling as she laid her head back against my chest. “WWWOOOO, AAAAHHHH, FUUU, FFUUCCKK, EAT, EAT MY FUCKING TWAT BABY, AAAAHHHHH, PUMP MY ASS HAAARRRDDD.”

I could hear Kathy licking and sucking on Gail’s pussy and knew she was getting a face full of Gail’s hot cum. I could feel some of the overflow running down my scrotum

Gail started to collapse so I grabbed her around the waist and held my hard cock buried in her shit hole. I could hear Kathy moving around, when I looked, she had turned around and slipped further under Gail.

Just as I wondered what she was up to, I felt her tongue touch my cock at the base, next to Gail’s ass then lick about half way down. Then she sucked one of my balls into her mouth, licking her tongue around it as she did so.

“Oh shit, Kathy’s gonna make me cum in Gail’s ass.” She changed and sucked my other ball in her mouth, gently rolling it around and licking her tongue around the bottom.

She moved back a little more, pulled my ass cheeks apart and licked up the back of my scrotum then on up across my asshole.

My balls were tingling and I knew I was about to cum. When I told these two sexy ladies of my pending condition, Gail shouted, “NO, HELL NO YOU DON’T.” Gail pulled forward a little, reached back and tightly warped her hand around my cock and pulled it out of her ass.

Kathy moved back a little and Gail dropped to her casino oyna knees beside her. Gail pushed me back a little so I wouldn’t be under the water.

Gail still had a firm grip on my cock as she smiled up at me, “This is our treat Honeybunch. We’re gonna share the hot load between us.”

Gail spit on the head of my cock the used her hand to spread it over the head and shaft. Gail moved her hand up until she was holding the head in her open hand. Kathy lean over and spit on my shaft, over Gail’s hand.

As Gail moved her hand down the shaft, spreading Kathy’s spit, Kathy took my cock head in her mouth, adding more of her salvia before she pulled back

Gail then took my cock head loosely in her mouth. As she moved her hand up and down the shaft, she was licking the undersize of the head.

I could feel my balls tighten, my cock was very sensitive and I know I was about to shoot my load into Gail’s mouth

Gail sensed it also and she pulled my cock out of her mouth, stuck out her tongue. She continued pumping my cock as she reached and pulled Kathy’s face next to hers.

The first shot of cum shoot out, most of it landing in Gail’s open mouth. Part of it her upper lip and part landed on her chin. She squeezed on my cock and pointed it toward Kathy’s open mouth. When Gail relaxed her grip two quickly shot our. The first one landed about half on her cheek and half in her mouth.

The second shot went mostly over her tongue and into her mouth. Gail continued to jack me off. The next shot was not quite as much cum but it shot past Kathy’s tongue and into her throat.

She swallowed, and then licked across my cock heat. Gail used her finger to spread the cum on Kathy’s cheek then asked, “Honey, will you be upset if I finished him off?” Kathy didn’t say a word; she just placed her hand over Gail’s and pushed my cock back toward her mouth.

In one quick move, Gail took my cock all the way into her throat. She was running her tongue along the base of my cock and top of my scrotum. Her throat muscles were massaging my cock as the last few drops of my cum run down her throat.

My legs were so weak I was afraid I was going to fall. I leaned against the back of the shower to support myself. I was completely drained and my cock was so sensitive I had to push Gail away.

Both women stood and started licking the little splashes of cum off each other’s face, and then locked in a passionate tongue-battling kiss. I looked on as I attempted to calm down and catch my breath.

When they broke the kiss, Gail grabbed the sponge and Kathy took the hand held showerhead. The quickly washed and rinsed each of us then we quickly dried off and Kathy and I started dressing for work.

I thought for sure we had taken too much time in the shower and we would be late for work. When I looked at the clock, we were still about thirty minutes ahead of our usual time.

As we dressed Gail left the bedroom, she was back in a couple of minutes with three glasses filled with ice water and a slice of lemon. “You need to try this; it’s so refreshing after a hot round of sex.

Gail did not attempt to dress; instead, she helped Kathy by brushing her hair and me by buttoning my shirt while I drank my water. All the while we were talking and sharing little butterfly kisses.

When we were dressed, the three of us walked to the front door. Kathy and I both embraced Gail in a full body, loving hug and a wet, passionate kiss.

As we started out the door Gail said, “I have just one question, would it be possible for us to get together again. Kathy and I looked at each other and smiled. I leaned back and kissed Gail again, “My Dear Lady, like it or not you are part of the family. The door is always open.” Gail’s eyes watered up and she said, “Get the Hell out of here you two. I’ll call you tonight to see how things are going. We all three said at the same time, “Love You”

As we rode to work, Kathy was setting close to me whit her hand resting on my thigh. I was thinking about the night before and started smiling.

Kathy saw the smile and punched me in the side, “You love it don’t you ASS?” I glanced at her with a pretended shocked looked, “What are you talking about” She punched me again and with a big grin said, “You love being a pussy eating, ass licking and fucking, cum eating, dirty little pervert don’t you?”

I smiled, “Yeah, I guess I do but you sure don’t have any room to talk, you’re just as bad as I am and maybe more so.” She just smiled her agreement.

We were almost to the parking lot when she said, “Frank, you know this thing of us being with others may reach a peak of one of us one day.” I placed my hand on hers and squeezed it, “Honey, if that time does come it will not be for one of us but both of us.”

She turned her hand over and held mine as she said in a trembling voice, I Love So Much.” We were sharing one of those moment that went beyond sex, it was true love, something neither one of us has experienced much of before.

I parked the car and as we walked across the lot, we noticed Cindy’s car pulling in. We waited for her and Beth then we walked on the plant entrance. Cindy asks if we could work it out for the four of us to do lunch. We need to talk with you both. We greed we would try to make it happen.

We stopped just inside the door, Kathy give me a big hug and kiss before she headed to the other plant. Beth and Cindy had walked on ahead of me. As I turned to walk down the aisle toward my office the first three workers were smiling and make complementary remarks about Kathy’s hug and kiss. As I walked on toward my office Gus, one of the older employees met me with a big smile on his face, “You damn well better be glad I’m not twenty years younger, I would take that fine looking lady away from you”, he said as he slapped me on the back

When I started into my office, I glanced over to see Allison Moore looking at me with a big smile on her face. I smiled back then walked into the office.

I grabbed my clipboard and started making my first round. Shortly after I got back to my office, the phone rang.

My boss, Mr. Horton said, “Morning Frank, would it be possible to step up over here to my off. I‘ve got a couple of things I need to talk with you about“

“Sure Boss, I can come over right now, I said. I called Cindy and told her I was transferring the phone to her station then headed for Mr. Horton’s office.

When I walked in, I was surprised to see Kathy. She gave me a little nervous smile and I smiled back. Lorie told us; go right on in, they are waiting for us.

I noticed the THEY, wondering who else was in the office. When we walked in Mr. Horton was setting on the corner of his desk and a young man, maybe early thirties, was setting behind the desk.

Mr. Horton greeted us then introduced us to the young man, “Frank, Kathy, this is Henry B. Stroud Jr. His family is the ones buying the company and he’ll be replacing me in the next couple of weeks.

The man walked around the desk and while we were shaking hands he said, “Good to meet you both. Just call me Hank and as far as taking Mr. Horton’s place, that will not happen. He’s like my Dad, you don’t replace them, and you just do the best you can to follow canlı casino in their footsteps.”

The four of us talked for about, mostly about work. Then Hank finally got to what was really on his mind. “Mr. Horton tells me you may know of a house for rent.”

Kathy smiled at me and said, “Yes, will have one in the next week or so. It’s the house I was living in but Frank and I will be living together from now own.”

Hank told us his wife would be with him for the next few days and would like to see the house before she left to go home.

He asks if we could meet after work, have a look at the house and maybe go out to dinner. Before I could answer Mr. Horton spoke up, “Hank, don’t you think tomorrow would be better?” Hank looked a little confused for just a second, “Oh, OH, YES, tomorrow would be great.

I suggested I give him directions to the Kathy‘s house, we could meet them there about 6:30 PM. That would give us time to get home, shower, change clothes them meet them in time for Hank and his wife to see the house before dark.

I told him there was a small locally owned restaurant near by that had great food. We all agreed and Kathy and I were about to leave the office. Hank shook hands with both of us then said, “It’s been a pleasure to meet you both and I really hope we get to see more off you.”

“YES, YES, and hope it will be soon,” Mr. Horton said with a big smile. After we walked out of the office Kathy ask, “Did you get the felling there was something going on there that we didn’t know about?”

I laughed, “Yes, but I have no idea what it was. On my way, back to my office Cindy stopped to tell me there had been a little problem on the line while I was gone but they pitched in and had everything going again. I thanked her for handling it. She smiled, “All in a day work Big Boss man. See you at lunch”

When I set down at my desk, I had problems concentrating on work. My thoughts were bouncing around like a ping-pong ball.

I thought we had hit it off well with Hank but there seem to be something going on that he and Mr. Horton were not talking about. Then I thought about Cindy, why was she so insistent about meeting for lunch.

Finally, lunch time, I met Kathy at the cafeteria door and as we went through the line I looked around for Cindy and Beth. They were not setting at our usual table. Instead, they were at a table along the back wall. As we turned to walk toward them, I noticed Allison walking in the cafeteria. She smiled at me and I smiled back then followed Kathy over to the table with Cary and Beth.

We were engaged in small as we eat. Cindy looked around to be sure no one was close to overhear us. Then in almost a whisper she said, “I know you two have a lot going on at the present but we wanted to talk with you and see if you might be interested at a later date.”

“Cindy, this is our lunch break and we don‘t have a lot of time, what‘s on your mind.” Cindy was smiling big when she told us, “We know you like group sex, and the question is how big of a group and do you have restrictions on age.”

I looked at Kathy and she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I assumed from that it was up to me, “Okay Cindy, lets say legal age and the number don’t matter as long as every as everyone is discreet and safe.”

“Okay, so here’s the deal. Beth, the guys and I have been invited to a weekend outing. About 12 couples will be there this weekend and it’s by invitation only. It’s a very secluded place, lake with pool, hot tub, everyone naked and sex with anyone as long as each one agrees.

Kathy was setting there with and excited curious look on her face. “Why us, why not Allison or some of your other friends,” I asked while I was still trying to get my mind wrapped around all Cindy had just told me.

Cindy and Beth looked at each other and Beth said, “Go ahead, tell him, she said you could.” Cindy looked across the room to Allison’s table. I turned just in time to see Allison smile and nod.

“Because Allison invited me and Shawn and had a friend of hers invite Beth and Paul. If we are accepted into the group, next time we can invite a couple ourselves,” Cindy said, then seem to relax.

Kathy reached over and took my hand in hers, “Just one time Baby, just to see what it is like.” I guess I was as curious and Kathy, “Okay Cindy, if it works out and you area allowed to invite us we will give it a try. We all had big smiles on our faces as we left the cafeteria, all looking to a new adventure in the future.

The afternoon pasted quickly. Cindy, Beth and I walked to the parking lot and waited for Kathy. When Kathy comes out of the building, Allison was walking with her. They were talking and laughing as they approached us.

Allison kissed me on the cheek, “Kathy tells me we may be able to share that nice mushroom of yours in the near future. I smiled, “Who am I to argue wit two good looking women.” We all laughed and headed our separate ways.

We never locked our car doors when we are in the paring lot. As I opened the door, I noticed a folded peace of paper on the seat. I picked it up and opened it.

It was a note from Amie. She asks if we could stop by the store for a few minutes, she needed to talk with both of us.

There were several people in the store when we arrived. Amie motioned for us to go to the far corner at the front of the store. We looked through some of the sexy outfits while we waited for Amie to wait on one of the customers.

When Amie come over she pretended to be helping Kathy with some of the outfits while we talked. In a very low voice, Amie told she had some questions she needs to ask us. We both nodded our agreement.

“I think I already know most of the answers but Dad wanted me to ask you to be sure. Would you both of you be will to join the family for some sexual play this weekend?” We both nodded. “Would you still come if we had other friends there, some older and some younger?” Again, we nodded, yes.

Amie had to return to the counter to wait on a customer. When she return she ask, “If some of the other people happen to be several years older, someone that one or both of you may be involved with business wise at some time, do you think you could indulge in the kind of sex the three of us had, then be discreet and maintain a professional relationship afterward?”

“WOW, that’s a lot to consider. I try to cover all your questions and if Kathy disagrees, she can let us know. Older is not a problem, we understand the effects of age and gravity but the desire is still there. We know you can’t mention names but you and your family wouldn’t be inviting us it these people were not okay. As for being discreet, we understand just what a slippery slope we’re on in this life style. What we do in private stays private, just as it does with your family.”

Amie smiled and asks, “Could you come on Saturday morning and if all goes well stay the night?” WE both replied, “YES” Amie lifted both our hands to her mouth and kissed them, “That would mean a really nice cocktail for us to share. We all laughed in agreement as we headed for the door.

Amie gave us an envelope, tell us it contained directions to their house, phone numbers and a couple of suggestions on things we might want to bring kaçak casino with us

On the way home, Kathy asks if I had any idea who the other people might be. I told her I had some names in mind but it was hard for me to believe they would be asking us to spend a weekend of wild anything goes sex with them.

I was a little surprised when Kathy mention Mr. Horton pushing for us not to meet with Hank and his wife today, then find the not in the car from Amie.

I ask if she noticed what Hank said when we started to leave the office. She laughed, “You mean the way he said HOPE TO SEE MORE OF YOU LATER? I felt like he was talking about seeing me naked.

We were still discussing to possibilities when I pulled in our driveway. I could hear the phone ringing when we got to the door. I unlocked the door, rushed over, picked up the phone, “Hello”

When I heard Peggy screaming obscenities I pushed the speakerphone so Kathy could hear what Peggy was saying.


Kathy was smiling the whole time Peggy was shouting at me. Kathy was also undressing, slowly and seductively removing a peace at the time. My cock was rock hard long before she got to her panties.

Whit all her clothes in a pile at her feet, she moved over, dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants and fished my hard cock out and took the head in her mouth. Then she pulled back and spit on the head then used her hand to spread it down my shaft. She didn’t put it back in her mouth. Instead, she moved the head back and forth across her lips as she pumped up and down on the shaft.

We could still hear Peggy raving on the phone and it was hard not to laugh qt the situation. Kathy kneeling before me toying with my cock while Peggy on the phone shouting at me.


I had to stop Kathy before I shoot my load down her throat. She stood up and whispered in my ear, “Will you merry me.” I responded with a passionate kiss, I could taste my pre cum on her lips.

Peggy shouted, “ASSHOLE, ARE YOU STILL THERE, TALK TO ME.” In a very calm, I said, “Peggy, listen to me. This is something you brought on yourself. Now here’s the deal, I’m not going to bother you ever and if you do the same, the pictures will remain our little secret.

I could hear her heavy breathing but not a word. “Kathy’s house is only about 15 minutes from here so I’ll go tell her to call Jerry. Give me a number for her to call.”

Every thing was quite for second, and then Peggy said, “Here, she can call here.” She gave me the number, then without another work, hung up the phone.

I told Kathy she should wait about an hour before she called Jerry. She smiled, took me by the hand and headed to the bathroom.

We took enamel, Kathy took a douche then we enjoyed our shower. Kathy took the harness out and fitted it with the hole in one dildo. She strapped it on me with the toy on top and my cock through the hole on the bottom.

She pushed me back on the bed the climbed over me in a 69 position. Her pussy was dripping wet as she lowered it to my waiting mouth.

I started at of the bottom of her pussy and licked slowly up, savoring every drop of her wetness as I went. At the same time, I could feel the coolness as she spit on the head of my cock, wrapped her hand around the head then moved it about half way down my shaft She sucked my cock into her very wet mouth until her lips were pushing against her hand.

While I was licking the full length of her pussy, taking time to gently suck on her inner and outer labia Kathy was moving her hand and mouth up and down my hard throbbing shift.

When she had my cock-soaking wet with her saliva, he rose up and announced, “Okay, that’s enough of that. I want you in my ass and pussy now.

She turned around and places the side of her face and shoulders on the bed, leaving her ass high in air. She reached with both hand and pulled the cheeks of her ass so far apart I sure it had to cause some pain.

“Wet me, lick me, spit on my ass and pussy or anything else you want to do because all that you see belongs to you.

First, I licked from her clit, down through her pussy and up across her ass. I spit on her asshole and used two fingers to spread it around.

I pushed one finger against her sphincter and she pushed back until the finger slipped into her shit hold. She moaned softly, ’MORE, I need more. Please fuck my holes Baby.”

I moved up behind her, aligned the dildo and my cock and pushed forward hard until the harness was hitting against her ass cheeks.

She cried out, I think as much in pleasure as pain. She was still holding her cheeks apart and she pushed her ass back against me.

I just stayed there for a few seconds while I enjoyed Kathy massaging my cock with her inter muscles. Then she said, “Ride me hard Baby, fuck my ass and pussy and fill me full of you hot baby juice.”

I started slow but pick up speed with each thrust. Soon I was shaming into her as hard and fast as I could.

Kathy was meeting my thrust and grunted every time I hit bottom. I could feel the tightening in my balls and I know I was about to fill her pussy full of my hot cum.

Kathy was so wet I could hear the sound the sound of her pussy every time I shoved my cock into her.

My first shot of cum filled her pussy and I could feel it as it run out of her pussy and down across my balls.

Kathy pulled forward causing my cock and the dildo to pull out of her pussy and ass. She pulled me down on the bed and straddled my head. She moved her pussy just over my mouth. She was so wet with our juices that her pubic hair was all matted and both her thighs were wet almost to her knees.

Her juice was dripping from her pussy so I opened my mouth to catch it. Kathy used two finger to spread her pussy lips apart and as she pushed down a long stream of cum shot out and into my mouth.

Kathy shouted, “Don’t swallow, hold the cum in your mouth so we can share it. I did as she told me,

She turned around and pressed her lips to mine, then pushed her rigid tongue into my mouth, swirling it around until it was well coated with cum…

When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth I followed by pushing my cum coated tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it as if it was a cock until it was completely clean of our juices.

We both swallowed then kissed each other softly on the lips, “Can we do a shower in the morning, my ass and everything else about me is worn out,” Kathy said as she starched out on the bed.

That’s fine with me Baby, as I lay out in the middle of the bed. Kathy moved over and wrapper her arm around me and cuddled so close it was as if we were one person.

I thought she was asleep when I heard a little giggle. “What’s so funny Honey?” Nothing Baby, I’m just so happy some time I just can’t hold it in. I remember smiling just before I dropped off to sleep.

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